Dawn Butler (5)

A twittertastic cunting for the intellectual colossus coming at ya from the constituency of Brent North.
Ladies and gentleman, meine Damen und Herren, mesdames et messieurs I give you Ms. Dawn Butler.
Let me see:
1) An absolute tonking in the 2019 General Election
2) Great swathes of your ‘kommun-i-ee’ copping the full force of the bat flu.
3) A catastrophic economic meltdown across the whole globe is brewing up nicely.
4) General unrest about Brexit being delayed again.
Etc. Etc.
As an elected state official our Dawnee has the capacity to deal with these and many more issues…..but she decides to spit in the face of her constituents and the rest of us paying her £82k a year by deciding that microagressions expressed in WhatsApp chat rooms (me neither) are the pressing issue of the day.
Have a look at the original tweet:

Even I felt compelled to tweet a response to this utter bollocks.
So there you have it: This is a person who wanted to represent this country on the world stage.
I can only weep into my cup of Horlicks.

Nominated by SimmyJavill

66 thoughts on “Dawn Butler (5)

  1. Isn’t micro aggression simply picking on a minority group…like bitchism, benderism or BAMEism ? Daft cow. CUNTS!

    • No micro-aggression on ISAC. This site shows major aggression towards cunts like Dawn Butler, and deservedly so.

  2. Very unfair I think. Very unfair on me because I can’t be arsed to write out the whole catalogue of hypocrisy from this race baiting bitch …….from her second home swindle, her whirlpool expenses con to her “cultural appropriation” of her Asian constituents style of dress.
    I believe Dawn is of Nigerian extraction and , fuck me, does it show.
    Every day this money grabbing bitch was on the telly, sitting on Jezza’s right elbow with her tongue up the commie bastard’s arsehole.
    I have no idea what “micro aggressions” are but if it involves kicking her in the cunt i’m up for it!

    • Disagreeing with Dawn Butler
      Criticizing Dawn Butler
      Questioning Dawn Butler
      All of those are “micro agressions” and must be stamped out presumably…

    • I woke up this morning on what is the most important day of the year for me (Twin brother took his own life some years ago and it’s my birthday today), to a picture of this, I watched Predator last night too, croist! So, I decided to write a ‘micro’ story to cheer me up…

      Once upon a time, there was a white-hating commie-loving bastard called Dawn, who was going for a walk to get some water from the well, when she met a man called Terry, who was carrying a rather large sack…

      The End

      • Happy Birthday Insignificunt!🎈🎂
        Dawn will be round shortly for a birthday treat for you!

        Have a good day!👍

        • Aww thanks MNC, means a lot! I hope it’s a cake she’s bringing! White chocolate of course. I’ll be up the cemetery later on then over to the woods for a braii after (wind permitting), hopefully the police don’t turn up this time!

      • It must be a day of extraordinary mixed emotions. I hope you are able to enjoy it and that you have someone nice to share it with.

  3. What she really meant was:

    Good morning,

    I’m thinking of writing an article about racism in WhatsApp groups. I’m just wondering if others have any racist stories they would like to share?

    This would be David Lammy if he ever transitioned, in fact have they ever been seen in the same room together?

  4. I am surprised that when this ugly cunt lost her seat in 2010 that she didn’t go to work for the BBC (after all Vicki Pryce and other criminals often do). By now Butler could be the producer of Wimmins Hour, where she could spout her why-am-I-treated-so-bad? horseshit six days a week. She could get up Jenni Murray’s arsehole like she did Corbyn’s – there must be more room up “Dame” Jenni’s ringpiece, given the width of her seat.

  5. Cinema buffs will recognise Thulsa Doom from the first “Conan” film
    (with apologies to James Earl Jones)

    • Id be lieing if I said I knew what a ‘micro aggression’ was, but would stress they dont make good pets and kids shouldnt take them to school as other kids might steal them.
      Must say Dawn looks lovely ever time I see her!
      Smiling away,
      Like her hair, like a nest of bootlaces, sets off her lovely smile.
      Shes a peach isnt she?
      Or some sort of fruit thats a nut inside.

    • Indeed, RTC.
      Why can there be just one black politician who’s not a nasty, thick, anti-honky traitor?
      We need a decent representative from the black community. Like Candace Owens (pro Trump, anti Black Lives Matter) in the US. A staunch conservative and reasonably easy on the eye to boot.

  6. Got to be Titania McGrath blacked up. No other reason for such crass stupidity.

  7. That Brent and Cricklewood in London love a lefty, but love a black lefty loony most!
    Walked through there once years ago, what a shithole.

  8. She claims to be confused with other black MP’s at least three times a week. Getting called Lammy all the time must be a right bind.

    • The only difference between them is that she did not have a friend in Grendel although I suspect that it is only a matter of time before she discovers one.

  9. Lardbutt is another numerically challenged Labour fuckwit a la Flabbott. Just prior to the 2019 election she mistakenly thought (or more likely lied) that there were 3,000 cunts sleeping rough in her constituency… in fact the figure was 248.


    Obese slug sounds like she’s on elephant tranquilliser.

    • TT RTC@8:56 – they were not rough sleepers – they were tinkers and knife cutters! 😀

  10. Hold on a sec – anybody who has ever dabbled in the political side of YouTube knows that the three parentheses are used as a kind of antisemitic slur. She happens to have the three parentheses in her profile name. Hmm…

  11. I am surprised Micro anything is in the Butler vocabulary, down in the local chigun shop the only word is SUPERSIZE init.

    She just needs to read Noms and Posts on ISAC and she will have shit loads of material, all of which has been checked and verified as being accurate.

  12. This site is great for many things. Probably the best one is introducing me to the term ‘peaceful’ when describing our hirsute and binbag clad brothers and sisters.
    Another is the chance to get my opinions out into the wider world and asking myself if I really do think that after I see them in black and white.
    I’ve just read my nom and, yes, I do think little Tulip is a complete waste of space; however this can be said about the whole of the Labour Party.
    I grew up in an enriched part of England, my dad worked as a labourer in a factory, my mom worked in low paid part-time jobs, they lived in the same council house for 45 years, I have a number of family members who are openly gay and when we get together for a family piss up it’s like looking at a Dulux paint chart. So, on the face of it, I should be an ideal Labour voter but I am not because I refuse to be part of their victim mentality dogma and so do the more diverse members of my family.
    I want to thank Dawn for forcing me to put into words what I hate about what the Labour Party has become.
    By the way, have you written your article about hurty words yet?

    • This website has been a blessing during this period of enforced idleness.
      Sick to death of the mainstream news outlets and the constant bullshit.
      All my news and current affairs are now at my fingertips. (All thoroughly unbiased! I may add).
      Thank fuck for being so bored I googled Graham Norton is a Cunt.

      How do you think so many women got on to MUMSNET, found it much the same way I imagine.


        • I’d like to think that’s the only majority vote that greasy turd would get these days.
          Pop a cross in the box next to cunt for that fucker.

        • I think it was David Beckham or Dave Gorman for me but I can’t fully remember. All I do know is that this site is providing a vital public service.

      • No doubt true. But looking in the supermarket freezers at all the processed shit with “Mumsnet Approved” stamped on it, I’d like to believe they were just looking up which brand of shitty fishfingers to feed their cunty offspring that evening. Rather that cunting the main bread winner in the household.
        I stand corrected and eternally thankful.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how many cunts there are in the Labour Party these days.

      • It really isn’t the Labour party anymore. The name suggests those who take part in “meaningful work”.
        Unless dinghy paddling now has that classification. Seafaring cunts.

  13. Just had a message arrive:
    LGBTQ month.
    Let’s Go Bully The Queers.

    I’m offended.
    Dawn Butler, this is your life.

  14. Useless cunt only interested in BAME issues, Bame to be precise. She’s a shit advocate so a pointless MP even for the black people who think she’s one of them.

  15. Microagression? Load of cobblers. Just a term invented by a black (naturally) psychiatrist to add gravy to the chips on the shoulders of the perpetually offended who always find fault where none exists e.g. snowflakes, pôôfs, därkies, etc. For example, rather than being seen as simple good manners, offering to help a wheelchair user struggling to get an item off the top shelf in a supermarket could be interpreted as microaggression since it implies, intentionally or unintentionally, that the wheelchair user is an inferior human being.

  16. Fucking help us all, a 20k majority for the constituency of Brent South. What is the electorate there made up of? Experimental genetic engineered life form from Red Dwarf !!! Ms Butler looks very similar.
    It’s been said before, many times but I’ll say it again we are all doomed fucking doomed with thick cunts like this in parliament.. What are people thinking? when voting for this fucking idiotic cunt. She actually believes people can identify as “non-binary” (haven’t a clue).
    Shadow secretary for women and equalities why the fuck does such a position even exist in 2020 ?? Women are equal have been for fucking ages, my last boss woman , young attractive woman even, Thatcher more than equal to the rest of her cabinet, the Queen better than all the fucking kings before .. The only thing I can see that discriminates against women today are the fucking gender bender fellas competing in women sports.
    Dawn Butler AKA Gelf you are a massive stupid cunt.. Almost as big a cunt as the Gelfs that voted for you.

    • My issue with these cunts is the fact they only have one agenda once in office.
      What about the rest of your constituents?
      One trick fucking pony.
      Last time I heard of politicians like these, they all wore a gold party badge and an Iron Cross to dinner.

  17. Micro aggression, I like that.
    To me a Micro aggression is the first sound out of anyone’s mouth when they address me, My brain goes into light speed calculations selecting the correct response.
    1, ignore
    2, smile feign interest
    3, listen
    4, tell them to fuck off

    I suppose micro harassment will be the next irrelevance to be explored.

    • Morning Lord B.

      Are you going to arrange a street party for all your neighbours when “lockdown” is lifted?

      🙂 .

      • Quite simply NO, an idea of my demography.
        Council flats between terraces of Private property, a good 50/50 of haves and have not’s.
        8pm thursday Haves come out and clap, 70% Have not’s don’t.
        Want a food bank delivery? Need the police or an ambulance or a fucking social worker? all here stuck in the middle with me, The have not’s are the largest service users and the lowest contributors.
        They are I hate to say massive cunts, but like annoying little yappy dogs they all have their own personality.
        Mind you I am not a “People person” at the best of times.

  18. Butler? At it again? Wait while I tell Blakey! We have a Country and a generation of brainwashed fluffy clouds and teddy bears piss wet snowflake perpetually offended cwybabies and truly evil opportunists.
    The lunatics have taken over the taxpayer funded asylum – and if Butler the beast is not happy with all the horrid racist whiteys in the awful UK feel free to take any method of transport you wish and fuck off to the well known bastion of democracy and honesty that is Nigeria – but not a jet aircraft (invented by “whitey” Sir Frank whittle), not a hovercraft (invented by “whitey” Christopher Cockerell), not a train (jointly invented by “whiteys” George Stevenson and John Trevithick) – because cultural appropriation is micro aggression and cultural appropriation is racism.
    How long can we stand this before the people rise?

  19. It’s a blatant failure to understand humanity written large, micro aggression is a normal function of human discourse. In any conversation there will be different emotions displayed, some willingly and some subconsciously.

    When dealing with a cunt who’s totally unsuitable for their role some disdain is to be expected.

    These cunts are trying to overrule natural human expression.

    If Dawns electorate paused to think for a moment they would realise the payload that comes from electing the likes of Dawn purely on identity grounds.

    These people hate humanity

  20. Why are these professional hard done to cunts always so fucking thick?
    Corbyn loved her, seems Kweer not so much.

    • Thank goodness Butler’s no longer in the Shadow Cabinet so I won’t have to see her sneering face on the front benches when Parliament properly resumes. However, I see Starmer has put Lammy in as the bloody shadow Lord Chancellor and he’s replaced Butler with some cross-eyed person who looks like the village idiot (Marsha De Cordova.)


      • If cunts were apples the Palace of Westminster would be an orchard.
        Rotten, diseased fruit.

  21. Remember the so called ‘Windrush Scandal’.

    This race baiting bitch along with Hammy were jumping up and down like a bunch of demented Baboons, well let’s just see if they act the same when Priti Patel publishes the paper into what is without question the biggest scandal/coverup in a lifetime.

    It’s about time someone gave her a taste of her own medicine and reported her for hate speech.

    • The report confirming what we already know about muslim sexual exploitation of children will never get published.
      Democracy is dead.
      Truth is dying.

  22. First time I noticed this person, I dubbed her ‘fart sniffer’ because that was the perpetual sneering look she gave whilst sat next to Corbyn in the Commons. Without a doubt she has the most repulsive sneer face I have ever seen. Caught Butler on some tv piece during the Maybot’s reign where she was saying “if you want Brexit then there’s something wrong with you.”

    If life was fair she would be employed as a toilet cleaner but she’s been promoted far above her limited intellect. I apologise for being unfair on professional toilet cleaners, perhaps Butler would be better employed as a toilet cleaner assistant in training then she can use that fart sniffing talent to check if the toilets are actually clean.

  23. If I understand this correctly, the fucking thick twat should have tweeted the word microaggressions rather than micro aggressions which suggests something extremely small like the size of this stupid cunt’s brain. Good luck with that article you dozy fucking bitch.

  24. If she wants a ‘micro aggression’, then someone send her a reply to “fuck off back to her tyre swing before she gets Harambe’d” in font size 1.

    Politics is for metaphorical, not actual shit-slingers love.

  25. Dawn Butler? The result of feeding steroids to faeces.
    And if she is a butler perhaps RTC could make use of her – the last I heard WS had escaped his dungeon at RTC towers, avoided the land mines and machine gun nests and headed for the hills! 😀

  26. ” I’m just wondering if others have any stories they would like to share?”



  27. Micro-agressions like me looking at her and going ” “? What has she read into that, I wonder.

  28. Hate this horrible hypocrite with a vengeance Just remember Butler this Country is ours We are not changing it just to suit you Don’t like it move somewhere else 🇬🇧 👍👍

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