John Mason

John Mason is a cunt, isn’t he?

As if being an SNP MP isn’t loopy enough, this wingnut has condemned a church for cancelling services amid the Chinavirus pandemic. With thousands infected and the death toll at over 200, Mason said, “Surely we should be bold, take risks, and trust in Jesus?”

Well John, I would ask you why your God allowed the virus in the first place? Why create people if only to torture them with pestilence, disability, cancer, disease, etc, especially in children?

Mason has also said that Creationism should be taught in schools as an alternative theory to evolution. Furthermore, he has also criticised gay people saying, “The Bible’s teaching is that a follower of Jesus should not have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex.” In fact, he’s so anti-homo, it’s almost as if he’s hiding something.

This is the same wacko cunt who compared the IRA, that murdered three Scottish soldiers, to “freedom fighters” then initially refused to withdraw his comments. Even arch Britain-hater Nicola Sturgeon thought that was off and apologised on his behalf.

Mason is a fruitnut. He recently wrote, “I believe that the Bible is the word of God and its teachings are God’s direction as to how I should live my life.” Presumably that includes Noah’s Ark, parted seas, talking snakes, voices in his head, desert shrubs suddenly alighting, people turning into salt, and all of Jesus’s Magic Circle sleight of hand tricks.


God wasn’t available for comment as he doesn’t exist.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

66 thoughts on “John Mason

    • Captain,
      I do, and he is a Cunt, I am also not that keen on the human race as you continually fuck things up.

  1. What a plank. Needs the same smashed at high speed into his face. Gormless looking twat.

  2. An Iranian cleric was telling the world that corona virus was Allahs punishment on China for their treatment of the Allah fan club in China. The cleric has now contracted corona virus, obviously Allah thinks he’s a cunt.

    The Iranians are now saying the Americans have genetically altered corona so it is more dangerous to Iranians. I have heard that the US had experimented with bio weapons that would be race specific but I doubt they ever managed to engineer something just to infest mad cunts.

    • As deluded as the fat, housing association slapped that was behind me in Morrison’s, yesterday! When not bellowing at her snot nosed, lice ridden offspring, she found the time to share with us the benefit of her vast knowledge of Covid-19. ‘It’s fuckin’ Brexit what’s been an’ caused all this!’ I peered at her over my varifocals and was just about to ask how she came to this conclusion, when it dawned on me that someone cunt enough to voice such fucking shite, should not be given any attention, whatsoever!

  3. I had never heard of the cunt until this nomination so had to do some investigation. Not only is he a very stupid cunt, he’s a very dangerous cunt as well. It would be laughingly ironic if he dies a painful death from coronavirus. Hopefully, the rest of the arseholes in the SNP too. Bunch of cunts.

  4. Ignore this arse , he’s clearly not playing with a full deck.
    With any luck this twat will help get the SNP cunts dumped . Their party is full of nitwits and low life trash .
    Deluded puddle drinker.

  5. Apparently the cunt Geldof was on TV today giving us his wisdom.
    No doubt that when this virus rips its way across Africa he’ll suggest a fundraiser, maybe release a single….
    ‘Do They Know It’s Covid’…..

    • Ffs is that cunt Geldof still at it.
      When’s he going to fuck off to the dark continent he loves so much?

    • He was on this morning, being softly interviewed by Prick Morgan, earlier in the program when someone questioned why Morgan wasn’t at home, he came back with we are essential workers, we need to bring the news and ask questions.
      Fuck off Piers, you cunt, we don’t need every fucking journalist on the box, one Channel of news would be more that enough!

      • Piers Morgan is a deluded loudmouthed 3 chinned wanker that caused half the panic buying recently.

      • Ideally, one channel that just told the truth, no fucking judgements, half-arsed opinions or cunts with a left-wing agenda. Sadly, I don’t know of one.

  6. I was aware that the SNP’s mentor Hitler and the Nazi Party were heavily into the occult and pseudoscience, but this fuckwit has left me lost for words…

    A cunting of monumental proportions herr Captain!

          • If God is everywhere he’s having a right laugh, is he not?
            March every year it pisses down or even snows. Except this year when we’re all in quarantine. Sunny days.

          • That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

  7. It is indeed fortuitous that these people are allowed to hold office. When you consider the likes of Abbot, Mcdonnel et Al you couldn’t ask for a better example of moron, the opposition must be rubbing their bat dung infested hands with glee. Look how it panned out for Magic Grandpa?
    PS: China is still a massive cunt but I have rum 🥃 🎺 so all is good here in Dingley Dell.

    • Isnt jesus dead?
      Whats he on about?
      As a last minute emergency replacement may i suggest David Blaine?
      Hes a Jewish sleight of hand merchant who talks pseudo mystical bollocks?

      • I thought that was Urine Geller.
        I may be drunk though, exciting times.
        Little yellow bastards.

        • Urine could only bend spoons,not forks, not knives, spoons only.
          As superpowers go thats pretty shite, not useful at all.
          Made fuckin millions.
          Th3 dodgy little twat was mates with wack jacko too.
          Neverland ranch must have bodies buried all over the grounds.

      • Blaine was self isolating in a box before it was even fashionable, hopefully his next period of self isolation will be longer and in a box made of wood!

  8. Fucking lunatic.

    Yes, let’s all congregate en masse in a church and pray, as that is REALLY going to help slow the spread of the Cuntvirus, isn’t it?

    With or without a faith, any fucking idiot could tell you that is inadvisable at this present time. And why is that all of these God Squad types look the same? – speccy, pale and uninteresting and a grin that screams sociopath?

    Just fuck off. We’ve got enough madness in the world right now without you lot telling us all to come to Jesus and that’ll solve the problem.

  9. My powers are far greater than Jesus’s.
    He can only walk on water whereas I can stagger on beer.

  10. If Saint John is so convinced of his miraculous virus beating powers perhaps he would like to fuck off to Wuhan province and preach his shite there?
    No, I didn’t think so either.
    Good nom Captain, for this Man is a c*nt!

  11. If religion is your thing and you can restrain from cutting off people’s heads or blowing up airplanes because some people have a different opinion fair enough, personally I’m not a believer for a multitude of reasons many of which previous posters have already highlighted,
    Mason is undoubtably a fucking mentalist and his opinions should carry no weight, nor should they be given serious consideration by anybody with an average IQ , unfortunately there’s a lot of gullible cunts around with whom masons words will resonate , I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to cure them Masons a cunt but the bigger cunts are people that listen to him…….

  12. If there is a God, I can understand the torturing, pestilence etc, if he had restricted it to the Welsh only.

  13. This fucker has the same surname as that communist party cunt Paul “Mao” Mason

  14. My overall lack of a comment with any substance demonstrates how reading about people like this actually shuts down a significant portion of my brain for a short period.

    Clearly he’s an utter utter cunt. What may be more concerning though, is that even in knowing this, people must have voted for him. That might be more worrying.

    • That’s what I thought. It’s bad enough for this fanatic to vomit his beliefs and opinions but for idiots to vote fir him…? Absolute shit-birds. It shows the state of desperation there. These people disgust me.

  15. Must read the Apocalypse (book of revelation) again. Find out if a tsunami of wankery heralds the opening of the fifth seal or something. We live in interesting times!!

  16. I don’t believe it! This loon is the product of a semi decent university; indeed the same one Andrew Neil attended.

    • Add another P to your PE and your fellow cunters will despise you sine die. Just showing off that last bit- sorry.

    • I think there was a comedian who used to do a sketch on “My search for God, and why he is hiding from me.”
      Am sure the comedian was a Scot…

      My mother, anglo-scot, said that the Scots were more fucked-up on religion than the Oirish.

      • The bible mentions something about Christians needing to be united, make me wonder why there are so many different christian denominations.

        Big fan of “United Reformed churches” myself

        • I dont take much interest in god botherers, but I think the christian ones should put aside any differences and unite, they all worship the same ‘god’.

      • Just go to a Celtic v Rangers match; it will answer all of your questions and leave you totally confused.

        • I always wondered about ‘Non-Demoninational’ churches. I dont know what their belief is but they are not Baptists or Methodists (by definition they have names) so they are Non-Demoninational denominations in a sense.
          Similar to the ‘Non Conformists’. They must have strong beliefs-the Non-Conformist Conformists.

  17. Good idea, rid us of all of them at once. However, they’ve learnt from past experiences that their God won’t protect them from disease so are mainly keeping under the radar except for raving madmen like Mason.

    As we can tell from Cap’n Magnanimous’s sublime cunting, this dead-eyed lunatic will hold forth on anything.

  18. ‘So I say to those who aren’t married and to widows – it’s better to stay unmarried, just as I am. But if they can’t control themselves, they should go ahead and marry. It’s better to marry than to burn with lust.’ Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 7, verse 9. So, any christian who says ‘you have to get married’ is a cunt. Off-topic, I know, but wanted to share this as its NEVER mentioned in church. I am not a christian…

    • Book of benny, chapter 3 (getting your end away) verse 12.
      “Tis better to knock one out in the fetid toilets at your local, than to shag sweaty Sharon in an act of desperation, for come the morning ye shall be shamed either to yourself or to the wider public for she will tell all and you must visit the clinic”

  19. If this cunt at ants to catch Chinky bat flu, that is his problem. I would drop him off in Iran or over Iran (no parachute). Jock cunt

  20. Odd that he’s in the SNP but is also homophobic. I think the SNP is the most rainbow party out there after a pride march.

  21. I’m surprised the SNP has someone of independent mind in their ranks. Maybe there’s hope for our frugal half-pints after all.

  22. Having read the nomination, the bit about the talking snake, wasn’t there one in The Jungle Book?

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