Novlett Robyn Williams and Leroy Logan

A senior police officer, Supt. Novlett Robyn Williams, has just been sacked because she was in possession of a child abuse video which for some fucking reason I’ve not heard, was sent to her by her sister, as well as to seventeen other cunts on WhatsApp. The hearing accepted there wasn’t a sexual motive to Williams possessing the video, but that she knew she had it and so has been fired and put on the register.

Perhaps a bigger cunt in this story though is former chair of the Black Police Association and Met Supt. Leroy Logan. This fucking prick is defending this woman’s right to posses child abuse images and keep her job calling it ‘a tragedy’. The shite coming from this cunt’s mouth along the lines of, ‘This will harm the black communities faith in the police’ and make it harder to recruit BAMEs…and get this: ‘It hasn’t happened to a white officer, but if it did, they’d probably get let off – the police are racist’.

Williams is being described as highly decorated, but the only thing I can see that she’s achieved in policing is comforting victims of Grenfell – glittering career! The cunt Leroy Logan seems to think black people only care about law enforcement being the same colour as them, rather than actually arresting cunts, which I doubt Williams has done much of in 30+ years and not breaking the fucking law by doing such a thing as, oh, I don’t know, having videos of kids being raped? You can see Logan on Piers Morgan defending the Met’s suspension of white police officers for crashing their car while racing to an Islamic terror incident – funny that.

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43 thoughts on “Novlett Robyn Williams and Leroy Logan

  1. Such statements do bugger all to reassure the right thinking members of society that ‘Diversity is Our Strength ‘.

    • Diversity is division so fuck that.
      You need a common identity and national affiliation otherwise we’re a landmass of strangers.
      These cunts just love to play the victimhood race card. Moaning faced anti white woke twats .

    • I doubt it, I know there is a gay one, a black one and a run off the mill one but a white one would be racist.

    • It’s a given that whats left after the other police associations is the white police association, just not in name. There, solved that for you 😉

    • I don’t think there is JR but wouldn’t it be interesting to see if White Officers could join their little hateful society?

      I bet there’s not a cop out there brave enough to try it though.

      Be fucking slaughtered.

  2. Leroy Logan sounds like he has been indulging in a bit too much of the Rasta Ganja. People like him are never happy unless they are whipping up shit into a frenzy.

    Silly old cunt should keep his piehole closed.

    Novlett? Sounds like one of those characters in the Nutty Professor that Eddie Murphy dragged up for.

  3. Black or white a copper in position of child porn needs to be fucking sacked end of story and to then have the nerve to say its a racist choice is just exactly what every black person and their fucking dog says when they get caught, good enough for the cunt, and the other guy is also banging the race card, yawn that old chestnut again, its the only reason these cunts are so high up in the police, ethnic or gay and ps nobody gives a fuck about Grenfall towers and all its hangers on….

  4. I’m not sure about this one. From what I’ve read there’s a lot of holes in this story and a lot of shit that doesn’t make sense.
    All you get is what the media give you but there’s a smell about this case that doesn’t sit well with me.

    • My question is, how big of a moron do you have to be to send something highly illegal to a senior police officer, even if it is your sister?

    • It was a couple of weeks ago so I can’t remember the details but I just remember that I felt uneasy about it. As I said you can only go on the media version which I tend to be sceptical of anyway.

  5. If someone sent me kiddie porn I’d report them, they deserve to questioned and I’d want to declare I’d received it and the reason it had ever been on my device.

    She must be fired for failure to comply and enforce the law and for the secondary offence of suspected corruption for not applying the letter of the law to her family.

    • if someone sent me kiddie porn, I might have an accident with them (run them over when I pop round to visit them or a nasty accident with a pop of hot food when they came round to dinner) and then I would report them.

    • Are you perhaps a disgruntled former chef? dismissed for burning banquets, or do you have an oven fetish?
      (or work in a crematorium)

  6. I’m not sure if I believe that a high ranking female Police officer would be in possession of Child Porn . Or anyone would send it to her especially family. Perhaps I am being naive . Something smells of stitch up here. As Freddie said were only getting the Media’s take on this who have lost all credibility over the last few years.
    As for Ganga Leroy , I want whatever he’s on.

    • She was Spoon, she was a Social Worker and lost her job too.

      I think the video came from her husband / partner who can you believe it was a bus driver.

      From what I know / read her crime was she was clearly trying to protect her sister, she was caught between a rock and a hard place in some respects, report it and her sister loses her job as she distributed explicit content, stay shtum, don’t watch it, hope it goes away and plead ignorance if it doesn’t.

      She took the latter option and it backfired.

  7. Ha-ha, weedy tyke Suckdick Khunt just told James O’Shithead that he used to be a labourer on a building site!

    Naturally not a murmur of scepticism from O’Shit-For-Brains.

    Someone call me an ambulance, my sides have split open. 🤣

    • Perhaps instead of ‘Labourer building site’ he meant to say “Labour…er…bloody shite.” It might be his clipped vowels.

    • The little cunt’s about 17″ feet tall, it would take him a fortnight to carry a single brick to the top of a ladder!

      Hope you’re well RTC, and all you other cunters of old. And the new faces. Not much chance to comment of late. Annoying real life stuff and, of course, this corona bollocks.

  8. Looking at this from another angle, it illustrates how fucked British justice is . . . . .
    Police woman covers up paêdophilia. Result – prosecuted and sacked.
    Politician ((David Steele) covers up paêdophilia ( Cyril Smith). Result – no action taken.

    PS don’t get me started on Salmond.

      • “Alex, I’ve come to the age when I can no longer respond to your daily needs. I’ve no objection to us continuing with a very open marriage. Just be discrete.

  9. Gary lineker is still a cunt of epic proportions taking to twaater to tell whoever’s listening that his son has lost his sense of smell etc.
    Don’t worry Jug lugs noone is the slightest bothered

    • My dog has no nose !
      How does he smell…
      Wasnt setting up for a punchline was he?

    • I think you used too many words there toxic. Let me just précis that.
      ‘Gary Lineker is a cunt of epic proportions’
      No problem, the pleasure is mine.

  10. Shouldn’t that read ‘Noglet’ as in the diminutive?
    Shome mishtake shurely?
    Miss Moneypenny.

      • Child abuse is vile. These two are vile. Sack them both, and imprison the Woman who possessed it and the Woman who sent her it – how f*cking stupid do you have to be not to realise doing things like this are wrong – or how arrogant do you have to be to have it and think f*ck it, I will just play the race card.
        Over to Unkle Terry with this one, and I’m off to carry on in the garden.
        Then renovating a tiger oak table, it’s an antique so I have to be careful – the online side of the business is dead so I am doing all the jobs I can to get the refurb stuff done and out, clear some space for the machine gun nest in the bunker!
        Dig for victory and mug for bread! 😃👍

      • Finished work sat in garden sunbathing an eating a hotdog Foxy.
        It was the best of times…
        It was the worst of times.

      • Beautiful gardening day today,got the veg in, did everything I have not had the time for – and now as I drag my weary bones slowly in (pass me the Worlds smallest violin 😄) the good lady has decided that painting is the order of the day tomorrow!
        Succumbing to overwork is no good for a slacker like me!

  11. Makes you wonder if the person/persons who made that video were black , if they were it makes sense why she never said anything , i mean they don’t wanna hurt the black communities.I’m guessing if they were white they would have jumped at the chance to report it.
    I think there is more to this story than meets the eye as it’s to shady , i mean why would a sister send her that for fucks sake and it being sent to 17 others , dodgy as fuck. When Gary Glitter got sent down the first time it was just for possessing images but she is a high ranking officer , fair enough she said she didn’t watch it but fuck me possessing it knowing what it is and keeping quite and your a copper of that rank!. She should have been jailed no questions asked , along with her sister and her sisters husband but we know only to well because they are black they get leniency. Me i’d run them through the shower block before the furnace , Logan he’s just a cunt who wants gassing along with these sick and twisted perverted spear chuckers.

  12. In 2001 I joined the MET and went part time in the NHS. The Black Police Association actually helped me out once,they are not all bad. Novelette Williams was touted as a poster girl and wheeled out whenever an um bongo was needed. Logan was always trouble and got £170,000 compensation over a botched investigation over being accused of double diddling a £10 taxi fare.

    Yes, more darker than Newgate’s knockers get sacked but this is because they do very naughty things.

  13. *Inches. Obviously I meant inches. I’m doing a 4/5 hour commute a day at the moment so you’ll not get much sense out of me at this time of the day.

  14. That Desmond is just upset he wasn’t in the Met’s whatsapp kiddy club. He looks teed off.

    • It took about six minutes of “we are the pigs” tonight or whatever the BBC lack of reality show is called before Pavel Dooshka was whining about waaycism, took me just under a second to turn over.
      Do the BBC really want to snowflake themselves out of business?
      (I live in hope!).
      Don’t like the “racist ” English mate? Then f*ckoff OUT of my Country and see if you can get away with it anywhere else in the World.

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