BBC News Coronavirus Sob Stories

The BBC’s Coronavirus sob stories, more proof the BBC are a set of cunts.

Thousands of people worldwide are dying of the Chinese bat sniffles, whole industries face collapsing and our over 70’s face months of house arrest. Yet, the BBC have decided to report on some bint and her Jap boyfriends wedding being cancelled in April!

I want news on the NHS, international flights, potential cures, event cancellations…not this deserter’s wedding plans being ruined. They don’t even live in the UK, they live in fucking Tokyo.

The BBC really do need to fuck off sharpish, the cunts.

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125 thoughts on “BBC News Coronavirus Sob Stories

  1. The BBC have announced that they are retaining the 400 odd tit swinging cunts they were back scuttling to help with “news output”

    You mean more scare stories, pictures of people in DIY sanding masks standing in empty shops and endless panic mongering?

    Hopefully more reason to be rid of this shower sooner rather than later.

  2. Typical snowflake cunts. Fair enough, it must be a pain in the arse to cancel your wedding but talk about getting a perspective….
    I was in the shop the other day to get a basket of supplies before the lockdown. No bread, fair enough. There was some woman moaning to her husband about the bread shortage… “I cant cope with this!”
    The fucking rack next to it was full of brioche rolls… that’ll do won’t it?
    Makes you realise just what soft cunts people are when they think that having brioche instead of bread is some kind of hardship….
    Lucky there’s not a world war again on or we’d be fucked.

    • Sausage, I had a croissant the other day, choked it down while openly sobbing.
      Never knew id suffer hardship like this, whats next?
      If it gets to the stage im having to eat ryvita im sucking on a shotgun.
      Cant take it.😁

      • 🤣😂🤣 I know what you mean… the shop was out of beer the other day so I’m gonna have to get pissed on fruit cider and prosecco….
        And whisky. Got some vodka in the cupboard too I think…
        OH THE HARDSHIP *swoon*

      • A bloke I know phoned me the other day and in the course of our conversation, told me (in all seriousness) that he was appalled to find out that Waitrose has run out of taramasalata and salmon en croute.
        Daft cunt.

        • Ron I don’t associate you with this kind of food or this kind of fellow. Is there something you’re not telling us? Are you really a secret toff epicure?

        • The horror!!! The horror!!!
          Tarantula an salmon soup, the filthy fucker.
          Not Chinese was he Ron?

          • Skropion and Wuhan river flied saramander, and wuhhan bat cave floor guano living clockloaches. Lummy!

      • Watch out for the rice cakes MNC – the good lady eats them as she is convinced she is fat, tried one once – tasted like a combination of dust and an arid open grave.

        • Tried em once Foxy!!
          The halfwit daughter gave me one.
          Told her straight once she regained consciousness.
          I DO NOT eat Styrofoam food, im a Englishman.

        • Yep triple-no-fun food those lice cakes. Barely more than a platform to support something actually edible/nutritious

      • Lol, fucking brilliant… Ryvita is a no go area, it’s basically extremely thick sandpaper.

      • Ryvita you have Ryvita? Fuck me I have to make do with Aldis poor man’s alternative
        You ain’t half a posh knob MNC

    • If they blocked Twitter, cancelled Love Island and there was a national shortage of avocados and soy milk, I think that might see off most millennials if the Russians or North Koreans came knocking.

    • How do you know war won’t come out if this? Let’s face it the chinks may have created this virus in an institute of virology in Wuhan. I’m not convinced the cunts haven’t released this on purpose to fuck us all up. Isn’t it odd how they have all but recovered in China but the rest are in a mess. Russia,not badly affected but Europe and the USA in chaos .
      This is the fourth time a nasty virus has come from these cunts. Coincidence?

      • More than four MAC – pretty much all of them for a Century now.
        Sneaky dirty little rats (no, actually if they were rats they would have f*cking eaten each other alive and raw!)
        Me and MNC are hunting their leader Judi Dench – MNC will look most fetching in that black mask as he swings down with the axe! 😃👍

      • I’m no conspiracy theorist Mac but I have been wondering if this is the case.
        It’s the easiest way to fuck up western economy and let us all turn on our selves.
        One virus coming out of China is bad but this is the 3rd time it’s happened ?

        • Check out the economic crises in the 20th Century FF – all come after an “accidental” virus from China.

        • On the other hand the West is China’s biggest customer and debtor.

          Not very good business acümen, wiping out your customer base with a virus.

          Shouldn’t come as any surprise though. Being Socialists they know fuck all about the reality of running a business.

          • Unless loaning more money to create more debt and a western society beholden to you and afraid of you is the agenda…

      • China claim to be on the mend but would you trust the fuckers after their initial lies? I don’t,.
        Little yellow bastards.

        • Never trusted the Chinese, never will. I used to work with them in design and engineering, one of them was given a job to design a new chainsaw – he went out, bought a Stihl, copied it entirely apart from one different area in the plastic covers, and the sneaky thieving little f*ckers claimed not to be breaching copyright.
          And the next time you want to buy a “Qualcast” lawnmower don’t bother – if you look carefully you will see “manufactured in China by Sumec” – and they are s*ite – a UK Qualcast would literally last a lifetime, this junk lasts 3 Months.

      • There are a couple of conspiracy theories I’ve noted:

        a) the US created the virus and released it in China so they can start a war with China.
        b) the deep state/illuminati did it to enter a cashless society with totalitarian control. (See the Rockefeller Foundation Lock Step ‘script’

        Potentially a war might come out of this, who knows. It might not be a troops on the ground affair but a complete economic embargo on the Chinese. Possible but no idea how likely. Perhaps if Trump starts the war then the USA will love him for taking the Chinese to task over what they have done, if they actually did it, and he will get his re-election.

        I have reconsidered my thoughts on this virus and think that given at least 80% of people will be Ok, we shouldn’t have done anything, just like Sweden who have kept everything open. Yes its tragic and beyond sadness that the weak will die but surely we do what is best for the greater good and not shut down society for the sake of the few.

        • This is one weird virus thingy. Most seem to be asymptomatic. Others get it but with mild symptoms. Others life- threatengly severe. Now more evidence that it can take the young. It’s not like the common cold or flu or others of the Covid group.
          Makes me think it imight be man made. That someone has been monkeying around. Artificially created somehow.
          At least with the Spanish Flu it was the flu only more severe. Yes once again the superiority of the white man (well Dagoman). We spread honest healthy pandemics.

        • A couple of scientists have come out and said this virus has the hallmarks of being man made. Something like ‘extra proteins’ have been added that are highly unlikely to come about in nature.

          And yes it affects people very differently. How convenient.

        • The Chinks are wiping out their lucrative, loyal customer base.

          Typical socialists, zero business acümen.

    • I had a dream the other night that actually had a brioche shop, I’d left my my new bike in front and went in. There was no angst about the lack of bread choices just pissed off that some chav stole me fucking bike. All this in a dream.

      • I had a dream I got a new bike – someone left it unlocked outside a brioche shop! 😁

        • In my dream I left a note on the bike “if you steal this you’re a cahnt”. Was that the bike in your dream?

  3. Meanwhile staff at the NHS continue to fight the good fight despite the huge risks to to their own personal safety;

    Add to that food workers on the supplier chain, the farmers, the drivers transporting food up and down the country, the staff in local shops and supermarkets doing their best against impossible odds to serve the nation

    Add to that the emergency services, the utility services, volunteers, neighbours all doing their bit to keep others safe.

    But the BBC choose to overlook all that and focus on this attention-seeking selfish cunts.

    Fuck them and their fucking weddings!

    • I see a couple of Iceland delivery vans were torched yesterday.
      There’s a perfect reason to impose marshal Law and shoot any fucking piece of useless shit that does that.

    • This is the perfect time to cancel your BBC tax-grab (if you haven’t already). No fuckers will be coming around to check if you’re watching telly until this bug is beaten.
      So let’s fuck the EU’s propaganda merchants where it hurts while we can!

  4. Sadly, ITV News also produced one or two toe-curling videos of “personal stories”; one was fucking unintelligible because the woman was blubbing so much, the other was Oirish and ranting (’nuff said).

    I expect in a few years’ time there’ll be an Ant & Dec Special blubbathon…

    • Was the Orish one saying, “Eet’s joost loike de potayta famine. De bloody British baaastids.’?

  5. Expect the country to covered in snow when these delicate snowflakes start to fall apart big time!

  6. Too right.

    “Ooohh we can’t get married yet.”

    Boo fucking hoo. People are losing everything, folks dropping dead, no vaccine yet (get the fuck on with it eggheads) and these twats put a story out like that?


  7. Just look at these two flakey londonistan dwellers.
    Well hen it’ll all go tits up eventually. Bet her parents are gutted at her destruction of their family bloodline. Fuck, marrying a nip!?
    I wonder if this dopy cow will live in Japan with her new husband or stay in multiethnic London? Gee let me think 🤔

  8. Meanwhile, north of the border … The Incredible Salmond hulk is preparing to take over the country (the Scotch country) and free the poor natives from under the jackboot of the Anglish while cutting a swathe through all women under forty, raping and groping like a suped-up version of Rob Roy. (Or Sean Connery on steroids)

    Meanwhile, over the pond, Markle is wanted by the producers of The Simpsons to voice a character. Who? Wallace, I guess. It’s not clear if Grommit has been offered anything.

        • He’s been acquitted on all charges. Eh?
          All these women lied!?
          Wtf is going on?
          Was he set up?
          Well whatever the SNP party is in a mess.

          • from what i glean behind the scenes he was set up. he says he is going to expose the whole drama. snp are kacking it and they should be very worried. cunts

        • I think if Meghan was asked about the current situation she would reply with the words Jim Callaghan used at the beginning of the Winter of Discontent-‘Crisis, what crisis?’. It wont have entered her pretty little head.

          • “Is Harvey Nichols and Harrods like, closed”?
            “Harry! Get your bitch ars here now”!

  9. My Nephew has had his wedding due to take place on Saturday cancelled, holiday gone, thousands lost – he didn’t feel the need to contact the 666Beeb to bitch about it.
    My business in all probability will be gone by the time this is over – shall I contact the BBC to whine – it’s all about me you know!
    Whining needy c*nts.

    • My sympathies Vernon.
      My sons Brewery which he’s worked his bollocks off to build up will be out of business by Friday.
      Government cash, my arse.

      • An announcement about assistance for the self employed is supposed to be coming on Thursday FF – expect nothing, but delivered in a posh accent.

        • It’s all very well vernon the Government promising cash hand outs even if they mean it. But companies need it now and theirs no way they can implement it in time.

          • Think of how much red tape and bureaucracy is gonna be involved before a penny is handed over

      • Yes, however all is not lost as the arts have been handed 160 million nicker to tide the luvvies over. Oh good, more modern art.
        We are truly blessed.
        You cunt.

  10. My brother-in-law married a Jap bird. Fuck me, she don’t half give me the fucking horn.

    • Hey RTC, yes they have that effect. A few years ago a shared student accommodation with a bunch of girls from different countries and one was Japanese.

      We had a shared bathroom that had louvre windows that you could rotate open or closed and lock in position on the inside… well, I found an ingenious way to rotate them from the outside…

      Spent the best 15 minutres of my life ogling her whilst she showered, she had the most beautiful minge I’ve ever seen – never looked at her the same way again at breakfast I can tell you that.

      Does this make me a no good pervy cunt ?

        • Moggs, is that a euphemism?

          ‘Slats’ is a bit racist. You’ll have to nip that in the bud.

          • That reminds me of my dearly departed mum Capt. Used to remark: “there’s a nasty nip in the air tonight” whenever she spied a Japanese person on the telly.

    • You should consider bromide rather than marmalade, its making your blood too ‘french’.
      Have a libido suppressing breakfast.
      Dryvita while looking at photos of merkel.

        • Hey Ruff, remember ages ago we talked about Annabella Lwin? From Bow wow wow, think we agreed we’d go Bwc on her?
          Just seen some footage of her getting stroppy with B A Robertson,
          Remember him ‘bang bang’
          Looked like a teenage Tommy Cooper?!

          • So that was her surname – I wonder what it was about that incredibly attractive and naive 16 Year old girls musical ability that so excited Malcolm McLaren..

          • She was ace wasnt she?
            Had a crush on her at the time!
            She puts that BA Robertson in his place,
            Can’t do links Foxy youd have to watch it on youtube, he comes the cunt an shes having none of it!😁😁

          • Hehee, thats the one.
            Wonder why he was such a dick to her at the beginning?
            Id of given her flowers!
            Think shes great 💘

  11. Poor girl, if she needs a comfort shag I am available.
    The BBC are cunts, people extremely ill, people dying and they think people actually give a shit if someone has to cancel a wedding!

  12. BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Norris has been exposed to the Corona Virus.

    The Corona Virus has gone into self isolation for the next 3 weeks!

    • Chuck is so ‘ard that inside his beard is a fist – I saw it on a documentary called “Family Guy”! 😃

      • Chuck Norris has a bearskin rug in his lounge.
        The bear isn’t dead, it’s just afraid to move…

    • Very well spotted Seymour.

      After being an ISAC regular for just over two years I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake as only noticed it for the first time last week.

      And gone already.

  13. Its the stupid dumb fucks who thought it was a good idea to go abroad in the last couple of weeks knowing there was potentially a massive problem looming ,but though fuck it im gonna go anyway.
    Case in point fuckmonkeys in Peru and Phuket crying about the cost of airline tickets and whinging that the government are not doing enough to help these retards, like fhey dont have their hands full already….
    I say fuck you dummies, you brought it on yourselves, good luck assholes….

  14. Worse than the sob stories are all the cunts acting like total cunts on social media then the presenters fawning all over their hilarious antics. Louise minching wets herself because someone’s dog licked the screen when Carole was on, the fucking dog was only licking the screen because it’s norrel cunt owners were doing it before him.

    Fucking BBC, as for keeping the 40 millions worth of news coverage you were going to cut.

    Kill eastenders permanently
    Dump the BBC Asian network
    Let Doctor Who die of Corona

    The are some of the cunts I’ve spent my entire life trying to avoid.

    • I can’t imagine back in the day when people had some decorum, whilst thousands of people are dying around the county and doctors and nurses are frantically trying to save lives, national broadcasters having a laugh about what pathetic thing some pathetic cunt did on their balcony.

  15. Jeff Bezos, world’s richest man, asks public to donate to Amazon relief fund following the Coronavirus pandemic.

    The fund will go towards the company’s partner employees, such as delivery drivers.

    Is he having a laugh or what? For himself he rakes in a paltry $150,000 a MINUTE so why the fuck doesn’t he pay his workers more out of his own money.

    Fucking tight fisted spam-head cunt.

    • It’s alright though, he offloaded all his shares before the pandemic affected the stock market. He’s like a bald Yank Bono telling everybody else to contribute.

    • Multi millionaires like asking for other peoples money at the moment dont they?
      Jeff Bezos is a bit of a cheeky cunt isnt he?

      • Hello MNC. I wasn’t aware you’d had to shut up shop. That’s fucking bad news. I hope you get things sorted ASAP.
        Never give in.
        Never give up.
        Best wishes to you and yours.

        • Yeah mate, im in an out of peoples houses, different one each day.
          Thought it was best thing to do an see what happens over next couple of weeks.
          Be gutted if i caused someone to get ill.
          Or god forbid dead.
          Not used to being sensible, leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.☺

          • The Chinks have got a lot to answer for, thousands dead,economies wrecked.

  16. I wonder if when all this virus shit is over, done and dusted, we’ll be seeing “sweet and sour bat” and “Pangolin chow mein” on the menu at the local chinky take away.

  17. It’s an interracial marriage, the sort of thing the BBC are desperate to promote. Never mind old cunts dying in Britain, they all voted Brexit anyway. They know who their enemies are at Jimmy Savile House.

  18. I think there’s two points here.

    1st – I reckon they give their sob stories to Aunty beeb in hope some soppy cunt will dig into their pocket – don’t worry darlings I’ll give you £10K

    2nd point – jap eye looks like a batty boy. Are they really getting married as husband as wife?

    That’s all I have to say

    • I couldn’t tell whos shoes were whos, probably a shirtlifter the BBC have roped in for an interracial storyline

  19. My eighty five year old mate has booked a flight to Thailand so he can fuck one of those ladyboys before he dies.
    It’s on his Phuket list….

  20. I reckon all the companies which have profitted from this shite should have the money taken off them and put directly back into sorting this clusterfuck out. Its a cunt and it has really brought out the cunt in to many people and companies.

  21. Good cunting, the BBC are total cunts.
    It’s hard to listen to LBC or news channels without hearing abaaaaaht ‘Poor me, my wedding is cancelled’ ‘Poor me I’m stranded in Peru on my gap yah’.
    Well people are dying you selfish cunts and I’m sure they would love to have your ‘problems’.
    Like Brexit showed the traitors amongst us this Coronavirus has shon a light on the cunts amongst us and the media are cunts for giving the cunts airtime.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • ‘shone a light on cunts’

      I expect you need a light when you go ‘exploring’ with your tongue B&W? Like a Davy Lamp on top of your head? It’s dark down there I would imagine. I mean up there.

      • for the correction MP, it’s been so long since I had the pleasure of giving a deserving lady a good tonguing I have forgotten to get a new lamp. 😁

  22. Some good news guys.

    The UK has had just 187 new cases in the last 24 hours. We had almost 1,500 in the previous day (worldometers). It had been going up every day by quite a bit beforehand.

    Not good news for anyone that died of course (13 down from 87 the day before), but less deaths is a good thing.

    Hopefully our amazing staff at the NHS are starting to kick the fuck out of this coronavirus cunt. Repeat. New cases down from 1,427 to 187. Hopefully, it’s not a typo on that website.

    Rule Britannia!

    • And on the same day, the death total for seasonal Influenza was over 113,000 dead. ( fucking useful tool that Worldometer )

  23. If Prince Charlie the Chimpboy has got this shit who’s going to put the shoes on his feet and the toothpaste on his brush? I hope he’s not expecting Camilla the Horselady to do it.
    Cheeky cunt.

  24. Most timely cunting as I have just seen the first Great British Menu and the mercury is at boiling point in my urinary tract. Now, I realise I’m a cunt for watching this in the first place but I used to get a degree of amusement from it and have been fortunate enough to dine at some of these chefs establishments where the food is actually fucking amazing. So, what do the cunts do to a winning / acceptable / watchable formula that clearly need updating? Well, I suspect the production team had a meeting along the lines of ‘ well, this seems to be popular how can we fuck it up / make it more woke?’ Silence.
    ‘How about shoehorning in an anonymous scotch dwarf lezza who adds nothing to the format but just irritates everybody?’
    Silence. Then standing ovation.
    Cunts, the lot of em.

    • My Mrs and I enjoy it, unfortunately when that dwarf, sweetie, lezza comes on I can’t resist doing a poor impression of her. ‘ I have a vagina, I am a minge muncher’ in a Scottish accent. The Mrs and I then fall out.
      I can’t believe how condescending she is to the waiters never allease or thank you to be heard but obsequious the chefs. An obnoxious bitch who has ruined a decent programme.

  25. Some don’t have sex until they’re married.

    I think that this may be the case here. Perhaps a marriage delay is a good thing for the crumpet in the photo?

    Because I’m guessing she hasn’t seen his cock yet? If she hasn’t, it’ll be the quickest divorce on record when he gets his nipple sized todger out.

  26. How’s the servant going to wipe Prince Charles’s arse from two metres away or shake off the drops after he’s had a piss? I for one will not be able to sleep until I know. By the way, just watching Casino Royale for the tenth time, but my god I wouldn’t mind self isolating with Vesper Lynd for a fortnight.

  27. Apparently the bloke who invented the TV remote has died.

    Police say they found his body down the back of the sofa….

  28. That gap toothed slaphead gets on my tits, so she sang or jigged about in a 3rd rate ‘band’ nobody’s heard of and she’s got a restaurant serving yam and bush meat stew, well whoopee fucking doo, instant expert. You’re not in it for diversity reasons are you love?
    As for that other thing with a cunt (and I don’t mean Camilla), WTF is it?

  29. The real reason that story about the English woman and Japanese guy getting is really note because of two things – 1: It’s a white woman marrying an Asian man, and that is ridiculously rare, as it’s ALWAYS the other way around, and 2: both parties are ridiculously attractive, as with white Asian couples, it is a 99% chance it is an ugly white man married to a gorgeous Asian woman.

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