Owen Jones (16)

Oh dear, what can the matter be? Little Owen’s no longer at the fair. Yes I know, cunters. It’s that man again, but I make no apologies for being unable to resist punting the ball into an open goal.

Spewing his usual bile in arsewipe comic ‘The Groaniad’ at the turn of the year, the shitweasel rants on that *gulp* ‘the Tories plan an assault on progressive Britain’! It seems that ‘for the Tory right, Brexit was a blunt instrument to remodel society in its own image… an authoritarian power grab beckons…assault on our institutions and human rights… Johnson’s refusal to apologise for his back catalogue of racism and homophobia… the far right threat against minorities and the left will heighten, the latter will be portrayed as a dangerous rabble…’ *burble blah*.

Be very afraid, cunters: Big Bad Boris the Bogey Man is coming to get us all! Er, not quite Owen. You’re experiencing what is known in psychiatric circles as ‘paranoid delusions’; in layman’s terms, you’ve flipped out, you’ve lost the plot. Take your meds, have a lie down, and ponder the reality of the situation. In December 2019, the electorate had a cold, hard look at what your loony left ‘dangerous rabble’ had to offer, and decided in their millions that they weren’t having it. You got your arses handed to you on a plate.

As far as you personally are concerned, more and more people are becoming sick and tired of the sight and sound of you, relentlessly gobbing off about your so-called ‘progressive’ agenda while sneering your right little know-all smirk. It’s hard for a self-regarding little cunt like you to grasp I know, but we just don’t like you. Now fuck off over there and for heaven’s sake shut up, there’s a good chap.

Nominated by Ron Knee

79 thoughts on “Owen Jones (16)

    • Since this little bent shit house likes things up his arse he should be put in trafalger square and given the medieval torture the Judas cradle while everyone watches .

      I believe it was the pear

  1. Well said, Ronald. Cunts like Jones just don’t know when to shut the fuck up –

    You’ve been told, many times – It’s over, you’re in the minority. We are leaving the EU.

    I’d say get behind the winning team but that’d probably mean something entirely different to you

  2. We had secret Santa at Christmas and some cunt thought it appropriate to give me a copy of little Owen’s book. My niece also lent me a copy of Greta thundercunt’s booklet to read, a collection of her speeches. I read two of them (there are about a dozen) If I had handed them in at school, aged 15 I think I would have been marked C- for lack of effort.
    Why does anyone take any notice of these twats?

    • Have you ever noticed that you don’t see little Owen and little Greta Thunderguts together?

      My guess is that “Greta” is “Owen” in drag and an improbable accent.

  3. Splendid cunting Mr Knee. To be honest, Jones is such an unutterable cunt it’s difficult for me to actually discuss him/her without doing irreparable damage to my nervous system.

    He really is ‘the cunt’s cunt’.

    • Indeed Ghee, and truly deserving of the ultimate accolade of ‘National Cunt’, I would argue. He is the cunt that just keeps on giving.

  4. This little worm and his pungent politics were thoroughly rejected a month ago and now he has nothing to do but throw stones from the sidelines until 2024. He is irrelevant and should re-train as a hairdresser or crawl back under his dingy duvet with Grieve.

  5. Again I have mixed feelings about this person, I abhor torture and prolonged death.
    However in this case I might be sorely tempted to get cracking on the little fuck with a crash team on hand in case the little fuck dies prematurely

    Wow you are having a “Happy new year” First chemical genocide and now a bit of torture to death.

    • I am a big admirer of Owen Jones – inspired by watching Lady Peter Tatchell kicking fuck out of those nine Russian toughs using just a lipstick little Owen uses his martial arts skills to give those seventeen evil white right wing n*zi bwexiteers a good “seeing to” without disturbing the gel and modelling clay on his hair and not a ripped stitch on his pwincess outfit, shouting “no shades of Jessie Smollett about this one luvvy”! – Not that the good people of IsAC would cast asperations of course!

      Owen Jones encapsulates in a nutshell the ongoing perversion and undermining of white British Men – Owen and his ilk are noisy aggressive fools with no argument, logic or facts trying to stamp a little pink jackboot down on anyone who disagrees with his r*cist f*scist agenda and h*ate speech (there, I have used the revolting words this evil little turd pukes out at every dissenting voice).

      Our right to freedom of speech is being eroded every day, and any individual challenging this get the usual labels – “waaycist, thick, under educated gammon boomer isl*mophobe bigot f*scist h*mophobe Northern middle aged monkey etc – because abuse is the only weapon an idiot has when their argument is destroyed by truth.

      I have paid my way (f*ck have I!), always done the right thing, kept (mostly!) on the right side of the law and have the right to express my opinion in a free and democratic society without abuse and false accusations, the right to practice my lawful private day to day life without abuse, suspicion or criticism and am just sick of being told I am a useless middle aged irrelevance by brainwashed snowflake soy boy bitches who, as the expression goes “know fuck all”.

      However, the jolly good news is my formal complaint to the DG of AL-Beeb regarding the age discrimination and breach of my Human rights pertaining to a recent Question Time episode where over thirties were barred is “causing waves”! (I am engaged in holding Channel Snowflake over the PC barrel they have made for themselves, enjoying this one!).

      And, as I walked by a cat that may have seen a picture of the Queen recently I clearly deserve compensation as I believe the cat may have been a republican so I need a couple of hundred of grand, in cash, to compensate the cat – who is now self identifying as an LGBT Dog who may be disabled.

      Kill them all.

      Brings this song to mind


    • I wish Owen a long , bitter life. As the years go by it might dawn on him what a fool he has been and regret wasting so many years.

      • Don’t hold your breath GG. He’s completely brainwashed and won’t be able to see the faults in the Let’s arguments all the time he’s got a massive reamed-out hole in his arse.

        • Owen Jones will be forty one day – and will realise that nobody loves a moany whiney fag hag – and if he doesn’t get it I am sure Aunty Peter will give him the “heads up”

          • Did you guys know that somebody proclaimed (something like) ‘#owenjonesisacuntday’ recently, to much amusement. Bravo to that lady or gent!

          • #owenjonesisacunteveryfeckinday.

            Scraped through Initial Verification, Inspection & Teating this pm, and a bastard it were too.

  6. “An assault on progressive Britain”…… erm, good and about fucking time spring to mind?

  7. He is displaying the classic symptoms of “I cannot believe we lost syndrome” this frightening disease caused by a mutation of the I’m a cunt rotavirus has swept through the libtard/lefty ranks. The main cause of death when affected is asphyxiation caused by the dogma toxin paralysing the major motor muscles thus the ability to pull their head out of their arse is fatally compromised. This is true cos I was an aspiring doctor.

    • Was? I hope you’re not aspiring to be an architect now! We’ve all seen the results of that, sometimes on an almost daily basis.

      • It’s spread to Leamington Spa.

        Sir John Betjeman foresaw this, he wrote a poem !!
        Although I don’t think today’s death was in the upstairs bedroom (unless it was in Tachbrook Rd, that is).
        Oh chintzy chintzy cheeriness, half dead and half alive.
        Betjeman was the bollox.

  8. I had hoped these cunts would go away and think about the election result and realise people are not buying their progressive bulllshit.

    Nope they redouble their efforts, Jones is still obsessed with progressive arse invasion, the independent yesterday stated 52% of people want to remain in the EU despite the one party that would of given the remain majority what they wanted losing their leader and not gaining a thing in the election.

    I’m sick of triggered leftists making outrageous claims about the right, we respond with dignity and restraint. I do enjoy watching leftist activists attacking the wrong people and getting sparked out though.

    I’d never physically attack Owen Jones or the like but if one of them so much as laid hands on me I’d make damn sure my self defence would be life changing for the cunts. This also goes for vegans attempting to prevent me entering a steak bar or spoiling my enjoyment of eating steak.


    • “progressive arse invasion”.

      Ooh-eerr this seems to suggest a UK-wide program of enforced buggery, irrespective of the recipient being heterosexual or homosexual.

      Spearheaded by the Crown Prince of Poovery, Jones.

      I’ll invest in some butt plugs just to be on the safe side.

      • We are being metaphorically arse raped by these cunts PM. Whatever the progressive left deems acceptable becomes the new norm, speak out against it and you’re a fascist, you’re a racist, you’re a deplorable. Debate isn’t possible in the current work climate.

        The silent majority have allowed themselves to be gagged permanently. The biggest platforms are eliminating even mild conservative opinion. The MSM and the main social media platforms have so much influence they now control the narrative. You tube for instance has removed so much alternative content you can’t even find alternative views on most subjects. We are entering the digital dark age. People our age at least had access to alternative views to help form their opinions, Young people don’t have this, they are overwhelmingly presented woke progressive opinions as fact.

      • I recall a joke from the 1970s. A bloke boarding an aircraft at Heathrow was asked why he was emigrating. He replied ‘ 50 years ago sodomy was illegal. Today it is legal. I am getting out before it is compulsory. ‘
        It doesn’t seem funny these days.

    • Brilliant and most worthy cunting
      There’s only certain things that you can never tire of cunting along with the bbc Jones is one of them , a gossamer skinned fucking crybaby bigot who Is completely unable to listen to anybody with a differing opinion ,when challenged instantly resorts to name calling , racist, fascist , xenophobic, far right , amongst others . a supremely intolerant cunt masquerading as a liberal………

      And that 52% bollocks in the “ not so” independent is more remain magical thinking, they make the incorrect assumption that all labour voters who actually voted labour were remainers?
      It’s simply not true , for example Jess Phillips was re-elected but her constituency voted 60.9% leave EU in 2016 , many leave labour voters simply wouldn’t vote for Boris or Brexit party….

      • I see Bulldyke Phillips has appointed one of the Remainer Poofers in her party to *mastermind* her election campaign – Wes Streeting, who along with Russell-Moyle and Ben Bradshaw form the Parliamentary Tribute to The Beverley Sisters act at Westminster.

        Rentagob 1 meets Rentagob 2 – what could possibly go wrong?

  9. No no no, they didn’t actually lose. What happened was they didn’t get their message across, mainly due to subversive interference by Trump, Putin, the Chinese, the Far Right, the Man in the Moon, blah blah woof woof.
    The answer is for Jonesy and his middle class, rag tag champagne socialist army to get out an even bigger megaphone.
    They WILL tell us and we WILL listen…….and learn!

    • All the pathetic excuses they come out with. Someone should tell Owen that he is clutching more straws than a wanking scarecrow. (He probably would too).

    • Not forgetting marching against Boris/Trump/the far right etc.
      Little fucking twat.

    • My trisers were interfered with by a small meerkat-sounding thing standing behind me at Berlin airport. Its mum kept saying “Ollie, don’t do that” (a bit Joyce Grenfell-like).
      At least Ollie was Olga, and not bad looking, if about 20 years too young…
      Sadly, they grow up too fast, and develop more “specialised” tastes, usually centred on an overdeveloped wallet.

  10. Take the little fucker, put him in a nice dress, a bit of lippy and drop him into the middle of Nigeria with a massive arrow pointing at his arse and then see how he’d get out of that.
    Though the cunt would probably enjoy it!
    Utter, totally, complete, oily heap of shit,CUNT!

    • Christ on a BMX. His ringpiece would resemble a mangled blood orange after days of sustained buggering from a queue of sex-crazed troop of local Umbongos.

      Hang on though, I don’t think Umbongos understand the concept of queuing, so it would be a multiple, simultaneous buggering – the status of his arse would be Defcon1 – completely Lubbocked.

  11. I have yet to see an interview with this little arse wipe where he doesn’t mention Tommy R, racism and homophobia.
    If Tommy R is the only ‘far right’ name he knows there can’t be much of a threat, his repeated narrative is so predictable there is no point in anyone actually interviewing him.
    ‘Boris Johnson refers to people like me as bum boys, referring to Muslim women as letterboxes’
    Fuck off Jones you Muslim loving bum boy, go out and find a huge black cock to stick up your arse and that will really make you SCWEEEEM!

  12. This cunt, along with other lefty libtard asswipes like Yasmin Allergy Browncunt and that other slut, Trash Sarka, need chucking on a bonfire. Cunts.

    • I meant Trash Sarkar. Sorry for getting her last name wrong. At least I got her first name right.

    • These pair of retards need a good slapping
      That immigrant Yasmin Brown you will never be British you are a foreigner this Country gave you sanctuary so belt up if you don’t like it go back to Uganda where you were booted out from .
      English people are sick to death of immigrants telling us how to run our Country and lefties like Jones spouting complete shite The General Election told us two things people voted to leave the EU and didn’t want a Leftie Communist Labour Party running the Country 👎

      • Alibaba Brown is an insufferable, whining, hypocritical, Remoaning, anti-white bigot, forever slagging off the country that gave her shelter, opportunity and prosperity.
        After the election she was on the box raving about how we now have ‘an elected dictatorship’. Translation into English;’boo hoo my side lost’. Naturally we would never have heard those words pass out of her vomit-inducing, gerbil like face if the result had gone the other way. Fuck off you harpy, I’m sure you’d be welcomed back with open arms in Uganda.

        • All three write for the fucking guardian, like some Libby reacharound. Sneering pricks like this helped labour lose the election, so they can spout off all the race hate, transphobic bullshit they want, not enough give a fuck about their lies to make a difference, thank fuck.

  13. This cunt embodies everything rotten within the UK.
    No backbone no morals just a bullshitting whining rat.
    Head on a pike.
    Get fucked.

  14. I’m looking forward to the day when Owen Jones’ arsehole rejects him and makes its own way in the world. It’ll probably stand for leader of the Labour party.
    Unfortunately, there are some really stupid Left wing cunts to stand in for him in tv interviews. People like…

    Jon Lansman, Paul Mason, Shami Chakrabarti, Polly Toynbee, Ash Sarkar, Laurie Penny, Yasmin Alabhai-Brown, Caroline Lucas, Andy Burnham, Kevin Maguire, Ellie Mae O’Hagan, Alastair Campbell, Ayesha Hazirika, Richard Burgon, Faiza Shaheen, Aaron Bastani, Leanne Wood, , Nicola Sturgeon, Stormzy.

    A bunch of cunts, to be absolutely clear.

  15. I cannot understand all these hatred towards Owen. I’m sure he means well, it’s just that he’s misunderstood. I would like to take him down the pub and have a nice quiet one-on-one conversation with him where we can air our differences in an adult and civilised manner and when my pint is empty, glass the fucker.

  16. Once again the left resort to attacking the family of a right wing figure in their own home. This was due to Jones being unable to take criticism and firing up his triggered yob following. Note Jones complains about how the left are represented in the media. What would the coverage of been like if followers of a right ring figure had turned up outside your house Owen?

    Owen slags off Tommy Robinson but there’s a lot of similarities, both journalists, both have some dubious followers who are fanatical and cross lines of what’s acceptable, both claim they are not responsible for the actions of people that follow them. Tommy can throw a punch and defend himself, Tommy has been subject to multiple attacks by left wing thugs and is constantly under watch by the authorities. I’ve not seen any media hit pieces by the media on you Owen. You’d like us to believe that’s because you are on the right side, we know the same masters are pulling your strings that own the media.

    Why is Tommy Robinson any worse than you Owen?


    • More typos than usual today, apologies to cunters having to decipher this cunts substandard output.

  17. I am only aware of this little boy because of ISAC.
    If you avoid the Grauniad (which surely wont survive much longer) and whatever radio shit show he is on, he doesn’t come into consideration any more than the views of an Islington artisan, organic quinoa chef would in say Scunny ot Hull.

  18. According to The Grauniad (whose news feed Google rather unkindly funnel into my phone against my will) yank actor Vince Vaughan recently greeted Donald Trump at a football game and shook his hand.
    The Grauniad, I kid you not, described this as an “incident” 😆😆😆

    • The Independant is doing the same shit now. Anyone would think Vaughn had entered a puppy-crushing contest.

      How do I turn these cunts off? 😝

  19. Liberal bum boy and rent an arse Jones writing absolute tosh in his begging bowl of a newspaper the Guardian.

    Absolutely bricked his little y fronts when confronted with the general public last year, would crowdfund a fish slap to the face all day long.

    Wet lettuce cunt

  20. Acts like a petulant child when they can’t get their own way.

    An obnoxious lefty cry baby faggot who likes to dish it out to others but just cannot take it. Notice I refrained from making a cheap shot about Owen taking it in any particular place.

    Fuck off Owen, nobody cares what you or your comrades have to say. Only need to look at the ejection result. You lost. By fucking miles. Clearly deluded by refusing to acknowledge or accept the result, a bad loser and pathetic excuse for a human being.

    This posting comes from an individual who voted for Brexit, considers themselves to be logical, fair minded, relatively intelligent (although this is subject to question) and who cares passionately about the future of this country.

    In other words someone who you would generally categorise and refer to as being far right and even a racist.

    Just fuck off you worthless irrelevant piece of shit.

  21. The biggest revelation here, for me, is that this simpering little arse pirate has only had 15 previous cuntings in our esteemed parish.

    Still, that pretty much puts him in Blair and Bono territory.

  22. Jones is the product of a liberal millenial generation that has been given everything since day one so they expect more and more.
    When they don’t get what they want tantrums occur.

    Coupled with a Soros funded leftist, globalist education we get one hell of a mix of spoilt child meets political zealot.
    In Jones’s case we have a Leftist, millenial, ‘peaceful’ Lover and gayness all in one big shit-mix. Couldn’t get any fucking worse could it?

    Jones has never had to struggle for anything in the UK and has been given everything.
    The spoilt little cunt is a millionaire. Why doesn’t he just stop lecturing common folk who are only trying to survive and get the best for their kids future and country?

    Do us all a favour Jones and fuck off to Thailand with your money and hatred of Britain and buggèr away those barely legal Lady boys you so desperately crave.


  23. Boris needs to crack on with the remodelling. Tories are coming up to a decade in power and the blairite/common purpose zealots are still in control of all the public institutions. That’s what little Owen is afraid of; not a right-wing power grab but the insane liberal left and his bumchum trans-Islam guardianoids losing their stranglehold on polite opinion and identity politics being thrown out with his marxist claptrap.

  24. A couple of days suspended by the wrists in a pool of human waste (a la Rambo II) would clear this hand wringing fuckwits metaphorical `Woke’ sinuses.

    Sounds like he’s been on the `E’ and is now feeling tired and emotional on the big downslope. Cunt.

  25. I hate this slimy wanker!

    Can we not just add a few extra quid to the Big Ben crowd funding appeal to buy some gaffer tape, strap this fucker to the clapper with his face at the business end and just pop the twats head at 11pm on 31st Jan?

    Utter Cunt!

      • Sounds like the sort of thing Stalin would have dreamt up.
        I agree with the idea entirely.
        Moaning Owen’s head explodes the day we leave the Fourth Reich.

    • That’s because he’s always been given everything since day one and never tasted defeat!
      Shoe is on the other foot now as far as the left is concerned. Their days are numbered including Uber Cunt Jones.
      Cry baby Jones is starting to wake up and smell the coffee. The silent majority have had Enough of him and his Labour bum-chums nonsense!
      It’s time to flush these cunts away from main stream politics and their evil slant on it!
      Laters Wanker-Jones. Bye Bye.

  26. If there was ever a cunt that deserved wasting, it’s this little cunt. In Korean Society, he would be the model of perfection. Too shit scared to procrastinate. A good working with a burp gun would soon fix this twat.

    • Sounds a bit like overkill to me, I reckon you could take him out with one of those pistols that fires rubber suckers.

  27. I fear that if I ever met this pencil necked cunt I would go Medieval on him, think the Finale in the Day of the Locust, where Donald Sutherland jumps up and down on the annoying kid until he crushes him, then if I had any energy left I would kick him until he came apart.!

  28. Why do they always look so weak? Perhaps not enough meat in the diet (although he gets plenty through the back door). He looks like if you slapped him with a wet noodle he’d cry like a little ponce.

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