American Dialect Society

I feel it’s no less than my civic duty to nominate the American Dialect Society. These are the twats who announce the annual “Word Of The Year” – now it’s always some irrelevant bullshit, but this year they have excelled themselves. What’s the word of the year this time you ask? Is it “Muslim”, or “Invasion”, or “Genocide” perhaps? “Media Bias”?

Nope, it’s “THEY”. Yes, the most on-point and relevant word for humanity over the last 12 months is THEY, replacing those awful outdated horrors “he” and “she”.

So we now get articles like this – and I quote – “In September 2019, Sam Smith announced their decision to use gender-neutral pronouns. The singer, who identifies as non-binary, shared their news on Twitter, writing: “Today is a good day so here goes. I’ve decided to change my pronouns to THEY/THEM.”

Not really much else to be said in the way of cunting this one, is there? Pretty much a self-cunting prophecy.

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

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  1. Woke cunts pandering to wokeness. Sam Smith, I don’t have to use a pronoun to refer to you when cunt fits you so well.

    American Dialect Society, pull yourself head out of your arses, English won’t be the primary language of the U.S in a few decades due to previous woke cunts selling out your nation to appease leftists, too late to really wake up and realise wokeness is weaponised destruction of culture and society.

    América es nuestra ahora coños

  2. They do sound like a bunch of cunts, Most languages have male and female nouns and an inanimate, so this is pretty unique to the English language.

    • If I am in the (admittedly somewhat unlikely position) of owing “They” money I will send a cheque made out to “Sam Smith” – of course “They” wouldn’t cash it, I assume.

  3. Completely fed up of this force-fed diet of bollocks.

    I feel I am now living in a world so remote from the balanced one I grew up in.

    I watched 3 series of the original Porridge last night on ITV4. They saw fit to issue a warning before the screening “This program contains out of date language”.

    “Out of date language”? What the fuckity fuck? Ronnie Barker’s character, Fletcher turned to the black character, Jock and said,” I call a spade a spade; if you pardon the pun”. This would horrify today’s “woke” millenial wankers and older lefty cunts. Back then it was an irrelevance and I suspect race relations were actually better, having the benefit of freedom of speech. Today’s speech and mind control laws have set back race relations years, if not decades with the weaponisation of words.


    • I’ve noticed that too PM. Mrs likes the old carry on films (as I’ve pointed out in the past I find it odd she likes the jokes about filthy, innuendo-riddled activities, yet these days not so much the activities themselves… I digress) and over Christmas they were preceded with some shite like “and a now a film from 1974 which contains humour from that time” – I fucking despair

      • Wasn’t real racism pretty much dead in this country anyway, before being resurrected for political gain by some of the world’s biggest cunts?

      • About 5 years ago I was sent to see a company by a customer of mine. My customer said you will know the bloke Bajul Singh, No never heard of him says I. I go around there and I am sitting in the waiting room when a chap I hadn’t seen for years comes out and we greet each other like the old friends we are. ‘WTF are you doing here Billy? ‘ I said , ‘Well Wanksock I own the place’ replies Billy ‘what are you doing here?’ ‘I have come to see one of your punkah-wallahs Bajul Singh’ I replied. ‘Wanksock you are a cunt says Billy that’s me’
        The point of the story being everyone who came here tried to assimilate in the 1970’s now it is fall into line with the newcomers.

    • YES. Spot-on. While everyone was trembling in fear that freedom of speech would be removed by (insert autocratic political grouping here) it was being softly and silently eroded by the trembling classes themselves. And the Orwellian/Huxleyan premiss that if the words can be made to disappear, what they express will disappear with them is proved to be absolutely right.

      Freedom of speech, as every cunter here well knows, means freedom to speak whether or not your audience likes what you’re saying. Including using the (biologically) correct pronouns.

      Still, no need for ‘out of date language’ warnings on R4’s forthcoming (Sunday) bastardisation of Oliver Twist. No warnings at all, in fact. In which Oliver becomes “a Nigerian orphan in search of family and home” I fucking kid you not.

      WARNING: ‘Updated’ classic.

    • Talking Pictures TV show some good old films, but always precede them with the same announcement. They were particularly triggered into a mega-warning about that well-known racist/fascist/homophobic/mysoginistic film Kind Hearts and Coronets. They went as far as issuing the warnings, and then actually dubbing out the offending words. The crimethink?——Dennis Price and Joan Greenwood (phwooarr) reciting “eeny meeny miney mo”.
      Fucking cunts.

  4. “They/Them” makes it sound like they believe that there’s two of them in one body… used to be called Nutters,now called “Non-Binary”.

      • Not to me,Spoonington….” Nutters” has always been the way I classify any and all cases of mental-illness.
        The Gays are all mentally-ill too….not a lot of people are aware of that fact.

      • You’d be on quite a payday were you to take on my extensive list of “phobias”.

    • Wouldn’t ‘non-binary’ describe the exact opposite of two in the same body?

      Non-Binary = Falling apart?

      • You may well have a point,Moggie….best to just stick to “Nutters” and be on the safe side….I’d hate to cause offence by mislabelling he/she/it/they/them/Uncle Tom Cobley etc.

      • ‘Oi, nutter!’ is also much easier to shout at somebody than ‘Oi, non-binary cunt!’, and less likely to be misinterpreted.

      • More likely Rastus and Jamaal….Smith looks like he’d prefer getting spit-roasted by a couple of de bruvvas rather than wicked,white Wang-Bangers.


      • Afternoon Mr F.
        Yeah those Tories some of them have weird internal ‘identies’. Ian and Duncan. Even the great Maggie could say -‘WE have become a grandmother’. There was David Willetts as well. His nickname- ‘two brains’ he was so intelligent. Remind you of anyone?

    • I quite like the American Dalek society!
      I like the Daleks for Trump movement,
      “Build that wall! EXTERMINATE!”
      They go well together, as daleks an yanks struggle to climb stairs.

  5. I had an imaginary friend when I was a child. I dare not tell him he’s imaginary, he might get upset.

  6. Wow. What an important organisation. I bet they put some hours in, grafting for the common good.

  7. And in other news:

    Stephen King is being twattered for daring to say he judges on merit not diversity.
    He is rich enough to fuck them all off. Let’s hope he does.

    • I really am sick of this shit. These are the same cunts who 400 years ago would have been sticking their nose in people’s windows and shouting “burn the witch!!!!” Mob mentality simpletons.

      • King has sadly become a bit more of a wet liberal over the past decade, and bleats on about Trump endlessly. The overall quality of his writing has also declined sharply in tandem. Plus he signs his name to any old shit like the Under the Dome TV series which was fucking dreadful.
        Anyrhing for a fat cheque eh, Mr King?
        Genuinely very sad to see…

      • Or 1000 years ago…
        We have found a witch may we burn they?
        “How do you know they is a witch”
        “They look like one”

  8. Stupid cunts. The idea of Yanks, most of whom can barely speak English, pontificating on the English language is a joke.

    Fuck off.

  9. New acronym for American Dialect Society
    Colonial Utterings Need Severely Terminating

  10. Read the Headline, piss boiled. Went back read the whole piece … I have a scalded winkle for sure.

    1. Who the fuck are the Americans to decide what English word is most popular? Silly cunts can barely speak it properly.

    2. Read line one above.

    3. It wouldn’t happen in Iran …

  11. All I can say regarding that Brain-in-Neutral cunt, Sam Smith, is that THEY IS A CUNT & that I have the urge to kick them in they’s gender-fluid filled raisin sized bollocks. Fed up with this whining, me, Me, MEEEEEE , shit from these narcissistic personality free cunts. Is there a volcanic island we can send them to where they can be coated in ash and lava, making them gender solid.

    A FARTWA on the bastards….

  12. It will get a lot worse before it gets better (if ever) , last night on look north, some fucking university (may have been Sheffield, but no matter they are all the same woke cunts) want to clamp down on ‘micro’ racism.
    What the fuck are these idiots on about, can’t take the piss out foreigners even in jest.
    What a load of complete wank!!

    • Yes, apparently, you can’t even attempt to compliment a non white person now without being accused of Racial Microaggression such as . . . . . . .
      1) “You speak good English!” ( Real meaning- you are a foreigner )
      2) “You are a credit to your race.” ( Real meaning- People of colour are not as intelligent as whites. )
      3) “ I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” (Real
      meaning-people of colour receive unfair advantages because of their race. )

      All designed to shut down any discussion. We’re all heading to the point where all conversation will be futile and pointless.

      • excellent point well made. To quote Orwell “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”

        Speaking of Micro-aggression, these cretinous Americans raping the English language doesn’t count? No doubt this lot were the originators of the concept of cultural appropriation, but then the yanks lack the subtlety or depth to appreciate irony don’t they.

        Either way; what a bunch of cunts.

  13. ‘Striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time his next leap will be the leap home.’
    #Da da-da-da da-da-da-da-da do-da da-da-da-da-da-da#
    “Oh boy!”

  14. Kenny Everetts masterful “Potato , potato, tomato tomato” (look it up), shows the English are the superior arbiters of words. This obviously needs to be taken away from academe and handed over to Canning town man.

  15. Micro-racism is the same as micro-aggression. Over-sensitivity to the bleedin obvious, this is predicated upon the notion that race and body language do feature as part of our personal identities and the way we interact with each other based on those differences, whether we like it or not, and or think the person we are interacting with is a right cunt … or not.

    There is, of course, a way to deal with both issues: the Kolinahr.

    By purging ourselves of emotion and living by logic alone all these issues will disappear …. and if we are lucky we’ll all get pointy ears. And have the benefit of looking at someone through the cold eye of logic and still thinking … you’re a right cunt.

    Win win.

  16. I can’t get my head round this….if someone identifies themselves as non-binary doesn’t that mean they aren’t actually a person at all and should be more accurately referred to as ‘it’? And if ‘they’ want to be called ‘they’ surely that means ‘they’ are suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and should be immediately put in a straitjacket, locked up in the nearest loony bin and the key thrown away. That’ll learn’em!

  17. Listen ADS you fuckwitts

    The singular third-person non-gender specific pronoun is “it”. So to use they or them in its place fucks up the basic grammar as well.

    fucking useless felchers.

  18. We self-identify as royalty. When discussing us, you may refer to us, and to no-one else, as they. We deeply resent commoners demanding to be addressed in the plural. We have no more to say on the matter.

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