Vijay Mahendran

A cynic might suggest that Cunters here are seeking-out doctors of a certain minority group accused of sex offences working in the NHS deliberately, but it’s just the case that every news story of this type I click on seems to feature men fitting the same profile.

Dr Vijay Mahendran was today found guilty of groping nurses seven times at work. Seems to think it’s OK, apparently, and still doesn’t admit he did anything wrong. Got away with it for a period, despite the hospital knowing what was going on and preferring a ‘quiet word’ than to do the right thing and report him to the police (I wonder if regular people are allowed to grope their staff, or just cunts like this and sons of Shadow Home Secretaries). In one instance he was even groping a nurse while she and a colleague were explaining a dying patients condition to relatives at their bedside:

Naturally, the cunt won’t do a day in prison. Don’t know if he’s even going to be struck off. With all these cases of dodgy doctors I think patients are perfectly entitled to refuse to be left alone with some of these people as it’s justifiable not to believe it to be safe. At the very least it’s not out of line to ask to see the doctors disciplinary record, because with all these guys being allowed to keep working, you can’t have any confidence that they will have been struck off, even if they have been guilty of sex-offences.

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  1. What the fuck is this cunt’s brief going on about? ‘He still denies the offences but was guilty at the very least of a terrible error of judgement…’.

    • I think he/she/it/they are angling at ‘cultural differences’ like it’s perfectly normal for nurses to be sexually assaulted by the men at work where he’s from so isn’t an offence but is offensive?

  2. In a world of minimal compassion, some say we ought to forgive small misdemeanours though if this brown fellow had groped me, I’d have kneed him in his small bollocks. Hard.

    • You would have given him an erection if you got him in the bullocks. See that Jazz Jennings nomination.

    • Bean flickers love a good ruck, they are worse than blokes half the time. And what is it with the fucking Tintin look? They fucking love that. And the fat rockabilly in a tracksuit style, it’s like a fucking uniform. Stereotypes be fucked.

      • I am glad my son wasn’t taught by these pervy lesbo types. I am not saying there wasn’t any, but they had the deceny to keep their “lifestyles” out of the classroom in those days (ditto the poofs). No wonder so many kids are fucked up these days. That said when I was at school one of our teachers got caught being naughty in the public bog at the railway station. Got in the local paper. Read all about it….

      • Indeed they’re the worst offenders for domestic violence.

  3. If chaps like this want to grope, they should attend fetish clubs that have play areas and queue up next to the groping box, where willingly unwilling submissives are interred for periods of time for gropers to grope.

    So many wins in this one.

    Adding Asian diversity to fetish clubs.
    Having a doctor in the house.
    Gropees get groped by a professional (in a medical field … as opposed to the Chief Constable).
    Groper might get a bit of a shock if the gropee is a geezer with rampant wood, thus `killing the mood’ … maybe.

    It’s the 21st Century if you’re kinky there are a million and one outlets that don’t involve being prosecuted … silly cunt.

  4. I know him!
    He stood in for my doctor!!
    He did a check for laryngitis, i had to drop my pants and he put a thermometer up my bum!
    Took him a few goes, anyway hes always sweaty and breathless,
    Must be out of shape?
    Seemed ok to me.

  5. Going to try and be neutral here. He’s not the first doctor to grope a nurse or a patient and there have been doctors of all ethnic backgrounds guilty of sexual misconduct, assault and abuse. Neutrality is key here, the law must make no distinction between race, religion or colour either.

    Cultural differences are void, you abide by the culture of the country you reside in, you are sentenced under the laws of the country you live in. If cultural differences are an acceptable defence under law multiculturalism is a provable failure. If ethnic background means the law is applied according to culture rather than purely on the actions of the individual concerned there is no equality under law, this ultimately means there is no law or by extension citizenship.

    I don’t give a fuck what his race or religion is, he must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law exactly as I would be if guilty of the same crime. If this is not the case, there is no law.

    • Got to add, he has been working in the UK since 1993. Not like he has not had time to adapt is it?

    • When I worked for the local authority, there was mandatory diversity training, to better understand the multicultural differences of some of the tenants. Would it be so wrong for the reverse? Rights without responsibilities are recipe for disaster.

    • 30 years ago my wife told me not to be waycist when I pointed out the shared ethnicity of most medical sexual predators. He’s just keeping up a long and proud tradition. Should have divorced her then but that’s hindsight for you.
      Slightly off topic but considering heading to parliament square for the party on the 31st. If you’re threre do say hello. I’ll be the chap waving a Union flag shouting “Fuck off!” at any passing remainers.

  6. Chop the pricks balls off. He should be struck off the medical register and put on another one. Doubt it’ll happen though

  7. If he was a mere Asian taxi driver he would have been nailed to the floor. It would appear that these fuckers have some sort of stature in society today. Now where did I put that boot polish ?

  8. I once was forced to go and visit a distant relative in hospital who was cracking on to croak ( heard he might leave me something in the will)…anyhow,as he was droning on,my eyes were fixed on a cracking-looking Asian Doctor as she bent over to speak to the old fella in the bed next door. It was all I could do not to reach out and grab a handful of that sweet,sweet arse….beautiful it was,like a ripe peach ready for the plucking.

    How the Fuck more Medics aren’t done for sexual harassment is a mystery to me,tbh..I’d be struck off within seconds if all the medical staff looked like that lovely little Gook Quack….(I know that they don’t in reality,most are bruisers).

    Fuck Off.

      • You ever get offered “payment in kind” on any of your jobs,MNC ? I fucking haven’t.

      • Naw, not nowadays Dick,
        My dad did few times!
        Chatted up a bit when younger and better looking but not now.
        Its not like how it was portrayed by Robin askwith eh?
        “Confessions of a removalman”😠
        “Confessions of a tree surgeon”…

      • Wasn’t there that time when you cleared Katie Prices place Miserable, after one of her many divorces? She offered you one of those bite suits worn to train attack dogs that she wore when feeding Harvey.

      • Nearest I got was when I had to grab hold of an old biddy as she fainted at the sight of a limb off a beech tree poking out of the top of her garden shed which was now standing at a very jaunty angle….fine set of tits on the Old Dear,I thought,as she quietly (temporarily) collapsed into my manly arms.

      • Years ago when labouring for my dad we were moving a ‘party’ girl type she was talking to me, an when i turned round she was sat on the khazi having a piss!
        My old dad came up the stairs and clocked it, he wouldnt shut up about for weeks, haha
        “Could see her fanny couldnt you?”
        “I seen her fanny! Sat on the bog!”
        “Fuckin dirty bitch!”
        He loved it ! Mock outrage! 😀

      • Farmer Palmer: Oi Fiddler cut that gorse, prune those firs, fix the fence and put the rams through the sheep dip. And if you feel like a slap and tickle bonus see me in the boudoir.

  9. I recently asked a nursed if she had tried the rectal examination she was giving me herself. I was on morphine at the time but I’m with Sid James on this one.

    • Jesus smug!
      Dont say that to Nurse Cunty!
      She’d rip you a new arsehole!
      Not been a docs in years, an touch wood won’t do!
      No checkups or owt! If only got weeks to live id rather it was a surprise.

    • Few years ago I had to have an endoscope up the old japs eye and into the bladder, rancid old cunt of a nurse kept telling me to “stop being silly, it doesn’t hurt at all”. If I hadn’t had a camera slowly working it’s way down my urethra I’d have kicked her right in the tits. Bitch.

  10. It is a cultural problem. The camel jockeys think that western women, because they don’t cover up from head to toe, are all whores with yo-yo knickers (if only). Therefore they treat them like whores.
    They need diversity training courses (normally reserved for the white British) to civilise these savages.
    Better still, put them back on the banana boat, stick a fiver in their pockets and they can fuck off back where they belong.

      • Forgiven, your trying to be goodhearted Fred, but theyll take advantage of your good nature,
        Charge em a fiver =admin,
        Theyll respect that.

        Hey admin!
        Whats the crack?
        I was only one to post on your luvvies vote thing an its deleted?
        Am i being discriminated against?
        If so i warn you im the sort to seek legal recompense.

  11. A wonder none of the nurses offended by this cunt didn’t tell their husbands about it when they got home.
    I suppose life isn’t like that and nurses aren’t married to vindictive hard men.
    Shame really,I would like to have read some angry chap had smashed this cunts face right in.
    Oh well!
    Fuck him to Alabama.

    • Should have asked that lezza mentioned in the thread to drop the nut on him, like she did with the theatre staff. I don’t even remember it being that aggressive an environment in the Royal Marines😂

      Who knew that weedy looking lesbian teachers were so nails.

  12. Maybe somebody asked him how he wanted his coffee.
    A small skinny flat white.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  13. Every fucking person convicted and done time for a similar offence of a lighter skin persuasion should be tapping up a decent claims lawyer and going for the race card on this. What a cunt.

  14. The issue I have with this cunt is that he’s a Hind Doo, not a peaceful. It pains me as I’m of his stock. He is a cunt of the highest order.

  15. When I did my training, we had to do a mandatory self-defence course in case of ‘unruly patients or visitors’…..

    Nobody ever mentioned cunt doctors like this, but rest assured that if this sleazy lump of turd had tried having a fondle of my nether regions, I would have Hong Kong Phooey-ed his knackers into the MRSA-infested air conditioning unit loitering in the ceiling above him.

    Fucking bald creep.

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