A first class, bloody typical of the lying cheating sand dwellers, cunting for Iran and its stinking Islamic regime.

This bunch of absolute bastards must have known from the minute the passenger aircraft hit the ground in a ball of flame that it was their fucking missile that had killed all the passengers and crew. For days they kept quiet. Why? It was a mistake so just apologise, take it on the chin and say they will do everything to ensure it never happens again. It’s the fucking culture, they cannot be wrong, they cannot do anything wrong, they are perfect, trustworthy, good people.

All this shows they cannot be trusted. For all of Trump’s faults he was right to say the Iran nuclear deal was shite and he was right to wipe out the warmongering general.

Fuck off Iran, not because you shot the plane down, but because you wouldn’t admit it until you had no choice, you sand dwelling CUNTS!

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  1. If there is one good thing to come out of this mess is that the opposition in Iran has found some courage (and they need courage) and taken to the streets. I am really hoping it might be the end of this foul & vile regime.
    Even the BBCunts, who until the last day or two have sounded like Press TV, only just able to restrain themselves from playing martial music after the death of General Sunshine.are reporting trouble in Tehran.

  2. Iran, it’s a funny old place. Legally they must have Jewish MP’s who I assume say nothing when the mullahs are threatening to wipe Israel of the map.

    You can get punished for dancing with the opposite sex, provocative dancing, putting on a beard to go see a football match if you’re a girl! “Any women here?

    Whatever they do inside their own borders is fine with me but I’d not trust the cunts with a nuke.

    Once upon the time they had a democratically elected president who was a bit too lefty for Washington so the CIA engineered a coup to replace him with the Shah, this in turn resulted in Alice Shagnasty aha Ayatollah Kumonme leading the coup that overthrew the Shat and establishing the Ishite regime now in control.

    Gotta feel for the average Iranian who probably just wants a shit in peace.

    Probably be a fat wah put on me now, I assume that’s an overweight Ho?

    • Quite fascinating if you look at pictures of how Iran looked before the crazy gang took over.
      It looked just like America to be honest , and the ladies were FAF.
      I noticed the ALBBC didn’t show the crowds refusing to walk on the giant U.S and Israeli flags that the mullahs put on the ground.

      • Under the Shah, Iran was very westernised. The streets were full of nightclubs and cabarets.They embraced western culture and pop music. Indeed, one of the last British groups to appear there were Quran, Quran.

      • So called educated fuckwits like Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe think that it is ok to go to a fundamentalist shithole like Iran and come home safely. It merely illustrates the stupidity of the residents of Iran who live in a country with primitive beliefs and culture but expect a 21st Century response when they find themselves in deep shit. Sadly, the CUNTS deserve what they get.

        • The number of times her husband features on the news is depressing. Anyone who goes to shitholes cannot be surprised if they run into trouble. They should not be surprised when HM Government feigns interest in their case.

          • Ive nomd nazinine ziggyzaggy ratface and her foppish husband twice, ..
            Fuck all.
            Hes untouchable.
            Such a little metropolitan puff, hope his jailbird missus dumps him for a prison guard.
            Oh an get your fuckin haircut!!
            Its not 96, you Hugh Grant wannabe twat.

  3. If I’d shot down a plane with 176 people on board,I probably wouldn’t rush to let on about it either.

      • Have you still got that 40mm flak gun on the roof Fiddler? More for scaring eccentric microlight pilots who venture too close these days I suppose.

        • Oh yes,LL….after watching “Aces High” and “Zeppelin” I had to admit that sitting with my shotgun cooking sausages in a wicker-basket below a hydrogen-filled balloon probably wasn’t the wisest form of home-defence….anyhow,an ack-ack gun is far more use when the geese come flying over…I recently bought a “duck-caller” device…there I sit making “quack,quack” noises before unleashing my Shock and Awe salvos at the feathery illegal immigrants.

          • Dick – Did you have a good goose for Christmas or did you abstain until the New Year?

          • @Bertie.. I did have a good goose at Christmas…the daft mare was just tipsy enough to stray into my grabbing range as she walked past me with a tray of drinks in the pub…don’t know about “goosing”… should probably call it “kippering” judging by the smell on my fingers when she finally managed to unimpale herself .

      • Ssshhhh !!

        Honestly,you’d of thought I was the only one to ever make a slight error while out pigeon shooting with a SAM missile after a bottle and a half of Poteen.
        Those American investigators really were frightfully rude to me…the hounds and I were rather offended tbh.

        • Airliner, pigeon anyone can make a mistake Dick. The Americans have shot down an airliner. Even your name sake dastardly encountered many problems trying to shoot that fucking pigeon.

    • The passengers only got what they deserved. I can’t believe they weren’t aware that we are in the midst of a climate change emergency.

      • Surely this validates Trumps reasoning that the Iranians should never have a nuclear weapon. Some dozy towelhead really could start WW3.

        • Not just Trump. There’s not a country in the civilised world that wants to see Iran armed with nukes.

        • And even after the camelshaggers start WW3 by firing off their nukes and most of the world has been wiped out, you’ll still get in-denial, blame-game cunts like Rose McGowan AlBBC and the Guardian blaming Trump and Brexit

          • On the BBC website one Canadian cunt is on there blaming Trump for the death of his wife, (what the fuck were they doing in Iran anyway you daft cunt?). That’s Leftist logic for you all roads lead back to Tangoman.

      • I am disgusted by that comment, it upsets me that at Greta thundercunt was not on that plane along with the labour party elite and ant and Dec and Robbie Williams, there is no justice in the world

    • I had a negligent discharge with a 12.7mm anti aircraft gun once,
      Fucking stupid thing was blocking the commanders hatch, so I grabbed the fire handle to move it and 3 shots straight into pachetin which fortunately was occupied by the bad guys breaking the cease fire.
      Funny enough we didn’t put our hands up to that either.

  4. Iran had a chance under the old shah. Under the moose limb fundamentalists it has no chance. One day the people will wake up, the plane incident hopefully woke up lots of them.

  5. Pound to a penny that the Mullahs bribed Rentamob to set fire to those flags in front of the conveniently placed camera crews because even the locals must know the Ambassador did fuck all wrong to justify it.

    When I was at college many decades ago I got to know a few of the Iranian students there. Yes they had plenty of Wonga and nicked all the fittest girls surprise surprise but they were on the whole liberal, friendly , generous and reasonable. I can’t help wondering what became of their values after the cunt Khomeni returned. There were also twin Iranian sisters aged 19 who wore the tightest jeans ; thigh high boots etc etc FUCK me they were gorgeous. Seldom attended lectures but certainly embraced the three years freedom. Would love a time machine to whisk me back to those days (sigh!)

    • I listened to ‘From our own correspondent’ (one of few decent programmes left on R4) who said about 50% of the Iranian rentamob are paid or threatened. The other 50% are standard peaceful loonies.

      • Calling Lily Mong, Rose McGowan, Greta Thundercunt and Emma Thompson – can you please fly out to Tehran and demonstrate regarding your hatred for Trump and nasty West please?

        You’re quick enough to slag the UK and USA here, so lets see how you get on over there!

        • I’m not normally a sentimental chap but I did actually shed a tear when I heard that plane had been shot down and 176 people had been killed – not because of the stupid cunts on board but the fact that none of that lot were. However, it did cheer me up to hear that 57 Canadian citizens were which might make that fucking libtard cunt Trudeau actually do something.

          • I believe blackface apologised and offered reparations for their damaged missile.

    • Met a few Iranians in the past, good people. Not all fucking religious dumbfucks. Always felt sorry for them when Khomeini took over, back to the Middle Ages

      • I too have met a few, including a girl working for a customer of mine, the best looking woman I have ever met during all my years on this planet.
        I remember David Frost saying in the ‘80s that he had said if the mullahs ever got hold of Iran then it would be like going back 1,000 years. He said he had been wrong as it had been 2,000 years since people had been last stoned to death and they are doing it now.

    • That was part of the problem in the Shahs days a clique of entitled super rich flaunting it in a mainly conservative society, was always asking to get the boot eventually

  6. Apparently the Shah was a good old boy… Embraced Western society, had an eye for the birds, didn’t impose a fanatical fascist religion on every poor fucker… His people were stupid fucking cunts, they had never had it so good… But they welcomed Khomeini with open arms.. Fanatical strict fundamentalism? They welcomed it, they fucking asked for it…. Are the cunts in Iran the stupidest people in the world?….

    • It’s the name of the game in Islamworld, the Koran and it’s author has a lot to answer for in the sand lands.

      Say no the the word of Mo!

    • They must be stupid because they admitted to shooting the plane down. If it had been Russia, they would have denied that a plane crashed at all (we know naffink abaaaaht it in a Soviet accent), then they would have claimed it was pilot error, then they would have blamed Ukrainian terrorists. They don’t admit to nothing, those cunts. Ever.

      • It’s the old soviet doctrine of maskirovka, where you tell so many lies, your enemies have no idea what the truth is. They are like a child who says he didn’t touch the cake, even though his face is fucking covered in cake. The cunts.

  7. I’ve always felt sorry for Iran. It’s only the thick people who believe all that religion crap, but there are loads of them, and they are fucking nasty. The rest are just hoping that one day, they can go back to normal.

  8. Perhaps some of them are OK but better safe than sorry.
    Nuke it.
    Rather them than us I dare wager.
    The cunts.

  9. Under the Shah women had equality and there was even an Israeli embassy in Tehran!

    Obama started sucking up to mad Mullahs. As soon as Khomani was flown in from Paris in 1979 it went wrong.

    Nuke the fucking cunts but let’s make sure Corbyn is in town first.

    • The Shah’s Savak made Mossad look like pussies, and the regime was no less corrupt than the present one. The Yanks installed him because Mossadeq was acting in Iranian interests rather than theirs. (See also, “oil”.) Rather like Saddam, who, er, had to step down after he threatened to sell his oil in euros rather than dollars. We wouldn’t have the ayatollahs if we hadn’t had the Shah (whose claimed descent from Iranian royalty was fraudulent, incidentally). And we wouldn’t have had the Shah if the Yanks hadn’t offed the only democratically elected president Iran has ever had.

      Iran? Chickens coming back to roost, in classic US style. I like Iranians; they deserve a lot better than this. But the Shah was an unmitigated cunt, for all the westernisation in the cities.

  10. I would love to see all of the western world luvvies, lefty tossers, Alphabet people, trannies, Hollywood Celebricunts, Enviro-Spakkers (Greta Thunderbird), BBCunts, Lily Mong, Linekunt, Keith Vaz, Simon Cowell,
    The whole Labour party, Liberal Democunt party, the IRA, Dale Winton, Nicola ‘Krankie’ Sturgeon, The Beckham’s, Graham Norton, all sex offenders, all current inmates of HM Prisons, Meghan Markle, the EU Parliament (minus Brexit party) Macron, anyone who is gender fluid, Merkel, The Pope, Frankie Boyle and finally Jimmy Somerville (I fucking hate that CUNT!) Get deported to Iran and filmed on their arrivals getting greeted by the local peaceful ones…….

    The pay-per-view ratings would be astronomical!

  11. It’s only a matter of time before Iran is reduced to a shattered territory, like Iraq , Syria and Libya ,squabbled over by competing warlords, unable to present a coherent threat to the West in general and Israel in particular.
    Next up ….. the little fat Cunt with the shit haircut in North Korea.
    Bye bye Cunts.

    • Kim’s haircuts admittedly pretty poor, but them massive pegged flares he wears do look comfy.
      Wouldnt mind a pair of them!
      The waistband just underneath your nipples, everything a pair of strides should be.

    • At which point Israel will have to start bleating about the threat Pakistan, or Mozambique, or Chad presents to its existence in order to qualify for its $3.5Bn (plus exes) annual US aid. No Hizb’ullah, either. Tricky times if the Existential Threat goes tits up, and Netanyahu, having bribed his way out of his current criminal charges, will have to think of some other external enemy to rally the nation against.

  12. Completely off topic, but you’ll all be delighted to know that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop “lifestyle brand” has released a “Vagina” scented candle that, Gwyneth claims, genuinely smells of her minge. No bullshit.
    It’s 75 Dollars US apiece and they’ve sold out already.
    Goodbye Western Civilization… 🤤

    • Perhaps she jams each one up her vag, sort of scratch and sniff job. Alternatively, leave half a tuna cat food pouch in the sun for a day or two, far more realistic.

  13. Admin: any reason why we can’t post to the Humza Yousaf nom this morning? Or is it just me?

  14. A lefty relative of mine posted an article recently of America taking down an Iranian passenger plane. Cunt’s been quiet about this one though…

  15. A mistake. Really ? Any cunt watching a civile airliner take off at night , will delight , as it climbs into the sky lit up by Fairy Lights, and strobes. As it climbs into the sky, it is readily identified for ewhat it really is. The clue ( for these thick cunt sand wallah’s ) being the well lit airport with a beautifullt lit CL5B . And guess what? Lots of planes take off from airports! About one each few minutes.

    If said gunner is not aware of his proximity to the airport, is not aware that hostile bombers would NOT be lit up like a fucking xmas tree, then said gunner should never have been put in charge of a missile battery.

    It was a shootdown! Deliberate and intentional, Why? Coz the Iranians are simply savage cunts. They on ly got cold feet, when Global opinion showed them for what they are.

    A cracking cunting opportunity for a bunch of fuckers who should ( IMO ) be turned into glass vases following a nuke strike!

    Cunts !

    • The regime would probably consider the passengers to be traitors. If any of them were former muslims they would be apostates. Any true believers would go to magic heaven.

  16. Fuckin Dust bowl full of Idiots, crushing each other to Death at a funeral where I’ve seen better behavior at a Millwall V West Ham game in the 70s, I wish Big Don would dump every warhead he has got on this shit hole reducing it to a huge ash tray.!

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