Clive Lewis MP

Labour leadership candidate Clive Lewis has said there should be a referendum on the future of the Royal Family.

Speaking at his campaign launch in London, he said: “A lot of people would like to see the monarchy scaled down. Publicity for my campaign, waffle waffle , court controversy, waffle waffle waffle . I’m a cunt, power to the people! Etc….

The Labour Party: what the fuck is going on? It’s like they have become a gigantic meta-cunt. Politicians are generally a reprehensible bunch of arse, but Labour just seems to be imploding. I wonder if there isn’t some sort of brain disease infecting them with a 1970s Communist cunt virus that’s escaped from a lab in Siberia due to climate change melting the permafrost that they buried their guinea pigs from the gulags in.

Please Labour, get a fucking grip. Without decent opposition, governments however well intentioned get stupid in short order. And right now, with front runners like this fuckwit, we could actually find ourselves without any decent checks and balances, and relying on Nicola Sturgeon to provide that essential opposition. You couldn’t make it up…thank fuck it’s Friday (at the time of writing).

Nominated by GGRF

Clive Lewis: Talk about a stuck fucking record! Thursday night, he was on question time, whining on about how the Sussex woman (I’m not saying her name, I’m sick of hearing it) fucked off to Canada because of all the racism she experienced in the UK, though I don’t think anyone really gave a fuck and I can’t imagine she was actually abused in person. You don’t meet many people when you’re either in a palace, a mansion, or a private jet.

Then on some Sunday politics programme, Labour leader hopeful Clive brings up the subject of racism again, this time implying that the Brexit vote was only successful because Boris and Farage appealed to the racists with their inflammatory rhetoric. He then went on to say that there were many black people that were scared on the morning of the result. Not sure why, because many were probably born here, and those that weren’t probably didn’t come from Europe, so how would leaving the EU make a difference to them more than anybody else?
It seems that with the Labour Party leadership election, there isn’t a candidate that hasn’t called half the electorate racist, sexist or thick.

Didn’t they learn anything from Hilary and her basket of deplorables quote, or their massive failure at the last election?

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Not enough votes to get nominated? Never mind, Clive. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

86 thoughts on “Clive Lewis MP

  1. It was only because Loony Lewis threw in the towel 45 minutes before nominations closed that old Mother Slubberguts Thornberry managed to scrape enough nominations together to take her ugly mug through to Round 2. Another reason to despise Lewis.

    • Just scraping the votes to get through? Sounds depressingly similar to their last leadership contest…

  2. Wierd looking cunt his one almost looks like a Black and White action man.
    What a bellend.

    • Think it’s fair to say most black or white cunts don’t want to admit ownership of Clive, I thought that mixed race people were meant to be the best of best races they stem from?

      This cunt must have a twin brother and Clive is the Danny DeVito half of the pair.

      On a side note the deputy leader candidates are evidence of the lack of quality available. Dawn Butler for fuck sake or Richard Burgon, Angela Rayner and two blokes they found whilst putting the bins out.

      • Gimme 5 Clive!
        Odd looking cunt clive is,
        Always on about racism and black people, but i look more black than him!
        Looks like hes always wearing makeup?
        Not sure what he is, not black, or white, not mixed race, think hes a one off?
        Something made with dna from a tissue from diana Ross bin and a muppet, right moody cunt as well.

  3. Telling some actor to “get on your knees bitch” won’t of helped his cause. Keith Vas enjoyed it but the rest of the Labour party failed to see the joke.

    The next Labour leader will not be my cuppa tea no matter what gender\race or species they choose.

    Emily should fuck off back to whence she came.

  4. Labour lost the fucking plot under Magic Grandpa. Identity bullshit and victim reptiles like this cunt have no meaning outside luvvie London.

    • Haha your right CC, Cuntbyn radicalised the party and there doesn’t seem anyway back.

  5. I expect this went down well oop north:

    “Welcome to Brexit Britain. To be frank I’ve had enough of this reactionary right-wing and racist endeavour. We need to end it now.”


  6. ‘Clive Lewis’ – sounds like a 1970s Butlins or Pontins children’s entertainer.

    “The Regency Hall tonight presents ‘Uncle’ Clive Lewis and his talking cunt!”

    Weird looking fucker. Looks like a tanned version of the bloke who played Isaac in the 1984 Children of the Corn film.

  7. So if I were a Labour voter what are my choices now Clive Lewis has realised no cunt is mad enough to choose him?

    Emily ‘Lady Nugee’ Thornberry hates the working class and the English

    Sir Keir Starmer is a total cunt, you know this before he speaks

    Jess Phillips, are you fucking joking, at least the two above don’t pretend to be working class.

    Rebecca Long Bailey, wrote a lot of Jihadi Jeremy’s manifesto and is a fucking cunt

    Lisa Nandy, most of us know a lot less about her, she was pro brexit but fairly invisible outside that, maybe her secret weapon is to keep her gob shut and the the four remaining contenders talk themselves out of the job.

    Can’t wait to see Thornberry washing her hands and wiping her feet as she leaves a working class area.

    Chuka Umunna has stated he is the ideal candidate but got a little upset when told he was not eligible as he is not a party member or an MP anymore, he has promised to change though.

  8. Why do all half bats go down the is it coz as blick route, your 50% white you cunts, oh yeah whites get fuck all for free , as blick as blick as blick pick me as blick

    • I agree HTB, I always point out to anyone that I am a 50/50 black and white British cunt. I think to say to someone you are black is disrespectful to Black’s as if there is milk in the coffee it ain’t black coffee likewise if you have a tinge of the Dar key you ain’t a whitey.
      I love being who I am and am equally proud of my Black and White ancestors…I also hate blackies and whities equally and see many a fault in both the cunt races.
      However those faults are straightened aaaaht when they mix…as I am a shining example.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I cannot look at this weird-looking cunt without seeing a transgender Tracey Emin in a suit.

  10. What a piece of work this Lewis cunt is……..too shit to get into the wankiest election in history. Two and half months they’ve given these arseholes to make complete cunts of themselves, what a fucking clown show this will be.
    Randy Nandy is the only one who recognises what a vote loser the remoaner position is, the rest of them are unrepentant lovers of the EU convinced that if they could only penetrate our dumb racist, love island brains we would understand how right they were in the first place.
    Starmtrooper is the favourite so they say. Yeah, a rich London lawyer, with a knighthood……that’s going to win back those “red wall” votes comrades.
    Fuck a duck.

  11. The picture looks like he’s recieving pleasure from somewhere.
    “Oooh ducky yessss!”

  12. It’s often those of a lighter hue that kick off about ‘racism.’ You’d think that Clive would be happy that he was “bridging the gap” between black and white.
    Instead he’s a shit stirrer of the highest order. My little mixed race granddaughter
    loves everyone, no matter what their colour. I think you need to take a long, hard look at yourself Mr Lewis, to decide who is really ‘racist’ here.

  13. This Labour TiT looks like that android out of Red Dwarf ‘Kryten’.
    This cunt has the charisma of Enviro-Spakker Greta Thunderbird and a fore head so large that it could easily land a Merlin Helicopter.
    With those shifty eyes and a watermelon smile he looks like he would try and slip you his length whilst your bent over tying up your shoes. Id keep an eye on this Cunt.
    He looks like the sort of bloke your Nan would warn you about when you was a kid……………

  14. He is a disgrace and obviously not a good example of being a mix of the two great races…unlike me.
    Something went wrong with this cunt, now that Nandy birds Dad was/is a Ravi cunt and she should win as like FTF says seems to be the only one who actually gets the Brexit vote and Labour collapse.
    It’ll be Sir Rear Stormer who wins and ‘Launches’ Labour’s rejoin the EU before we actually left.
    What a joke Labour are…3-4 parties within a party.
    I don’t know if I could ever vote for them again.

    • Afternoon B&W. I’m struggling to understand why Clive’s outlook on life is so different from your sunny nature.
      It wasn’t you who used to flush his head down the bog at secondary school was it!

      • Afternoon Bertie, he’s a bitter cunt like Lanny who know they are good or liked enough to get anywhere high up in Labour.
        I wish I had flushed the cunts head in the toilet…might have washed away his delusional outlook on Britain.
        If you get on with life and don’t be a nuisance Britain is the most tolerant country in the world.
        The problem with cunts like Clive and Afua Hirsch is that they want to rewrite history and make Britain something it’s not.
        I can’t stand them cunts, always complaining abaaaht everything.

  15. As stated in the Nom when he was on question time it took him less than 10 seconds to spout racialism regarding the the Harry Hewitt family. Yesterday on the Victoria Cunt show Afua Hirsch (total bitch), ‘the press were racist towards Mrs Hewitt’ these cunts can’t help themselves, total bollocks.
    If you are an HRH and you stick your neck out don’t be surprised if you are a target, doesn’t matter what colour they are, Andy hasn’t had a free ride and he is white!!
    Back in the real world the Manchester police are finally investigating historical abuse from 2004 which had been placed in bin due to racial backgrounds of the perpetrators.
    Time to call a spade a spade and stop pussyfooting around, you would think by now that the penny would have dropped, in the north west from Rochdale to Rotherham every case of grooming, rape and abuse has been committed by P Stanley’s… it’s a fact, it cannot be disputed but the likes Hirsch would say I am being racist. OK guilty as charged!!

    • They see it here
      they see it there
      the cunts see racism

      Lewis is a race card playing cunt, and so is Hirsch. Is she the cunt who wrote that article for the American press about how racist everyone here is?

      • The bitch has no fucking idea, I am originally from Rochdale but haven’t lived there for 40 years, even back in the days when I was there you could see seeds of P Stanleys targeting young white girls.
        They talk about racism, well now all this PC bollocks of not wanting to upset the effnick has started to come back to bite them, but one thing is certain the likes of Lewis and Hirsch will never admit that there is a problem with Asian men!

  16. Remember the singer Roland gift?
    Fine young cannibals?
    Looks like him crossed with mr Bean.

  17. I wouldn’t say a referendum but more of a Swedish system where the core royals are cared for, the further away from the crown the less or no support from the tax payers (hint hewit and megan who would never have ascended to the throne) .
    I would also do away with 90% of the house of lords and set a fucking age limit on them because they are expensive too.
    I am a Royalist and that is my cunty opinion.

    • Admin
      For some reason i cant comment on the next nom ‘personalised reg plates’
      Not sure if its just me?
      Please could you have a look?
      Kind regards

    • Queen? – Quality, pay the Woman. (But make her stop claiming winter fuel allowance, cold weather payments and tell her it’s a bit off a f*cking multi Billionaire pays 3% tax!)
      Big Phil the enforcer – any fucker who has to walk five paces behind Liz for 60 Years has to be permanently worried by “Queeny flatulence” – wouldn’t take many roast peasants to get the back of that skirt billowing – and deserves paying for that if nothing else!
      Prince Charles – owns Cornwall (I kid you not, the entire County and the coastline), makes a fortune every Year selling tins of shit biscuits to dumb fat Americans and is conservatively estimated to have a personal fortune of almost one Billion Pounds – fuck him, he can pay his own way!

      All the rest of the “Royals” – fuck off and get a job.

      But leave those Meghan and Kate types, along with Lady Helen “melons” Windsor – I have a plan involving ordering those fragrant fillies to attend my cave and begin “working their debt off” – just have to pick a day when the good lady is out visiting Family in Mordor or having her broomstick serviced! 😄

  18. Clive Lewis
    To Boldly Go To Find Racism
    Where Racism Has Never Been Found Before.
    David Lammy on a diet.👍

  19. I honestly can’t see Labour getting in for at least another 20 years with cunts like Lammy, Rear Stormer, Long Bailey, Phillips, Lewis, Flabbot, etc etc.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • Afternoon B&W, Wrong-Daily is just another version of the Corbynated Chicken, Dame of Remain Starmer too posh and metropolitan for the north, Philips wants to get us back in at some point in the future and Thornpiggy only just made the cut and will probably get fucked off in the next round of voting. I agree, a democratic society needs a strong opposition but not with any of these clowns leading it.

      • Afternoon LL, I agree we do need a decent opposition as that makes better government but this load of cunts are an embarrassment.
        What a day I’m having over in the west country, storm Brendan they are calling it.
        I’m looking aaaaht my window and watching it piss down and strong winds…had a nice cuppa…lovely.

  20. For those wanting to post on the next nomination, simply click the name ‘Personalised Number plates’ and it will open the cunting with the option to comment.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Sunny Yorkshire is heading underwater! A spot of refreshing rain, may need some Labour leadership candidates to act as sandbags

      • Just use Flabbott the Hutt. Her bodyweight counts as 35,654 normal sandbags.
        That’s if you can pry her fat-ass away from the local chicken wing establishment and get her shipped up north on a specially adapted Railway heavy transport flat wagon.
        You’d need at least two Class 66 Diesel locomotives just to move the fat cunt.
        She could only be moved by Rail. Motor way loading restrictions would fuck the M1 if they tried Lorry haulage.
        That mountain of lard would secure any Northern city from floods, as long as you kept it fed with burgers, fries, wings, bacon, steaks etc etc.
        Human sandbag is all she is good for. Fucking fat Labour pig she is…..

  21. Abolishion of the Monarchy is the one thing Corbyn and the Labour Party believe that I actually agree with………. but I’d still rather spread warm honey on my ring piece and get chowed out by Yogi Bear than vote for the cunts.

  22. There used to be a saying regarding the dirty minded. ‘It’s not the mouth it comes out of, it’s the mind it goes into’. It’s the same thing with these cunts, whatever is said or done, it’s obviously because the person is racist, and they will say it without evidence or excuses, and so few will challenge them on it. It’s inciting racial hatred, but they always get away with it.

  23. Well he sure ain’t human. Or even organic for that matter. Weirdest looking bugger I’ve ever clapped eyes on.

    • Ghee, he’s one of those terminators.
      *Austrian accent* “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”

    • ‘This nom is endemically, structurally, systematically, institutionally racist. Like the whole country. The fact that I am a total, gobshitting cunt is beside the point’.

      Clive Lewis, 14 Jan. 2020.

  24. In other words, let’s become a commie country, under the delusion that Sanders is going to ‘heartily’ win 2020 in the US. Just like when Killary Clit-Off was ‘meant’ to win it in 2016 and IT DIDN’T FUCKING HAPPEN YOU FREAK.

    The people, alas as thick as they are, are wise enough to know they do not want your TYRANNY. So fuck off and take another length of Soros’s Cialis-charged rod up your arse whilst he else how pleasures his living Maddy sex doll that he had custom-bred for him.

  25. The liberal metropolitan political-media class will never admit the real reasons for the overwhelming majority of leave votes; lack of trust in the EU as an institution and rapid demographic changes brought by mass (mainly white) migration.

    Better to stick to the debunked ‘racism, gammons, far-right, Russian-backed,-ddnt-know-what-they -were-voting-for’ guff.

    It hasnt worked for them at all for 3 years, so why stop now?

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