Personalised Number Plates and Owners

Cunts who have number plates on their cars made up to look like their names….

Had a couple of cunts the last few days, and it’s always cars like Mercedes or BMW’s. Now it’s not that I am jealous of the fuckers, but what boils my piss is how the cunts drive too. They all drive like they have all the time in the world getting somewhere, but after a hard day’s graft, I just want to get home as soon as possible, but these self-centered fuckers drive at 20 miles an hour down a country lane, hard braking every time they come to a bend in the road. FFS, and how do they get away with an illegal number plate on their car?

I work in a garage and we make number plates for cars. When one of the scrotes wants a plate made with their name – like letters and numbers (a quasi legal way) I say our plate machine won’t print it.

Fuck them.

Nominated by Sidthesexistsforeskin

71 thoughts on “Personalised Number Plates and Owners

  1. I’ve got a personal plate.
    I just changed my name by deed poll to ABM927L.
    Cheaper than all that other wankery. Plus it confuses the bailiffs……..

    Get fucked.

  2. Anyone with a personalised plate is a cunt. Such low aspirations. If you’ve got some spare cash (and these cunts probably haven’t, maxed out credit etc) buy something nice or God forbid cultural (proper culture, not the enriching type). But no, aspire to having a cunt numberplate. And dream about going on holiday to FUCKING Sharm-El-Sheik or FUCKING Dubai. Cunts.

  3. My plate (bike) says it all: FU(number)(letters – also provocative)

    No, it was on the bike when I got it, and that wasn’t why I bought it. But…
    Downside, every petrolhead I pass decides I’m racing.

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