‘Whataboutery’ usage….

Online and in person, several times I’ve heard the phrase ‘Oh that’s just whataboutery’ or similar.

It’s almost exclusively used by Remoaners and other far left types when their hypocrisy is exposed. Examples?

Owen Jones and others saying “Boris Johnson is an unelected Prime Minister that nobody voted for”. Try saying, “I didn’t hear you say the same thing about Gordon Brown”, and that’s just ‘whataboutery’ to these cunts.

MPs whinge that calling them out for what they are, means that they could be attacked in the street. Meanwhile, if you say that they don’t seem to mind (and even encourage) the ‘milkshaking’ of well known Pro-Brexit types, then that too, is ‘whataboutery’.

‘Whataboutery’ is a leftist cunt’s way of saying that they have no answer to you pointing out their hypocrisy.

It’s cuntery of the highest level, which can be proven by spending an hour or two over at ‘The Guardian’s’ comment sections.

Nominated by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Cunt

46 thoughts on “Whataboutism

  1. Good cunting. I’ve been thinking about nomming whataboutery myself. Some political movements, such as the SNP, are based wholly on whataboutery and not a whole lot else. Irish resentment of the UK is also based on whataboutery. It’s nothing more than petty resentment and intellectual poverty.

    • Whataboutery ?? Whatever…
      When do we want it ? Whenever…

      Fuck OFF !

      Time for an 11pm -ism.

  2. The use the word ‘whataboutery’ is the debating equivalent of ‘I know you are, you said you, but what am I’?

    You can also similarly classify the use of ‘strawman’. It’s as if valid examples highlighting hypocrisy, double standards or otherwise anomalies hitherto the subject at hand are all suddenly invalidated by some quinoa-quaffing knifeable whingeing ‘muh watabowtery’.

    P.S. fucking doing cartwheels that Scotland, famous only for heroin use and being full of obnoxious cuntfucks, have just been knocked out of the Rugby World Cup. Sweetened further by the complete lack of tact shown by the Scottish union, threatening legal fucking action if their match had been postponed due to the typhoon in Japan – a typhoon which has destroyed homes, injured many and actually killed 20+ people, you fucking utter cunts.

    But all’s well that ends well. Another early exit for Scotland from a major tournament. A developing nation like Scotland may well be able to compete with countries like Japan in the next WC. Cunts.

    • Have the Scots delegated their spanking out to the japanese as a result of the new law

    • I guess the British media didn’t get enough time to photoshop him a lighter shade of faeces before the image was released.

    • Maybe it’s a prosthetic leg… I know a dark key Indian bloke with a white prosthetic leg.

      • Why doesnt he just stain it to match?
        He could waterproof it with creosote.

          • Jesus, plastic legs, colour blind, not asthmatic as well is he?
            Not avoiding the draft is he?

          • If he lost the original in HM Services, he wouldn’t be the first cunt whose mind was fucked by his experiences, along with his body. Too many of them, in fact, and after they’ve left, not enough support. Will wait before passing judgement.

  3. Andy Burnham was quick to get his smug fat face on the Baird lantern saying the bloke was a nutter (ie a canal shagger.)

    • Aren’t they all though? I mean to believe any of that shit, not just the stabby bits. Middle Eastern fairy stories, even Aladdin holds more water…

  4. I would make a comment about whatthefuckery, but alas the wife insists we spend the next couple of hours shopping for shite (which means spending 20 minutes in Sainsbury’s for essentials, and the other 100 minutes spent in some fucking clothes or handbag shop while she checks every singe item and asks me “what do you think? And it doesn’t matter what the fuck I say it will be the wrong answer!)

    • I imagine Mrs Techno would sense your pain, “Here’s 20 quid, go to the pub. See you in a bit”, sort of thing.

  5. It’s just another example of how that kind of person believes that they are a bit cleverer than everyone else…in pretty much the same vein as the infuriating ” they didn’t understand what they were voting for”. It’s a cop-out which allows people to dismiss any differing point of view put of hand….only they are clever enough to see past the trivialities and understand the “big picture”.
    Condescending,self-important Cunts…true Guardian contributors.

    Good Cunting and Fuck them.

  6. Usually from the same lot who claim that the sensible people who wanted rid of the 4th Reich (which is now confirmed thanks to Mutty Merkel’s unilateral statement on Brexit talks last week without one iota of dissent from either the EU and EC) didn’t know what they were voting for.

    Well we didn’t win two fucking world wars to be pushed around by krauts!

    Oops, that’s waycist now, and these 5th column “whataboutary” seals would no doubt be clapping at our own’s arrest. Oikophobia indeed!



  7. Whatabout a indicative referendum in England to find out if the ENGLISH are fucking sick of wee Jimmy and her mates banging on and on and on about Scottish Independence.

    There aren’t any sensitive border issues between Berwick and Carlisle (or wherever the fuck it is located) so that old wall could be rebuilt wider and higher and the SNP can indulge themselves as much as they like.

    I mean who would give a flying fuck if Scotland were no longer part of the Union.


    • Jesus Sick of it, youd be ace on Timeteam!
      ‘That old wall’-Hadrians wall
      ‘Some old lizard bones’-complete t rex skeleton
      ‘Scavengers found some shite buried’-
      Metal detectorist found saxon hoard at sutton Hoo…😁

      • How close is Fiddler to the Scottish boarder? Would he have to start baiting the dead falls and punji stakes with haggis and deep-fried Mars Bars on the estate for roaming boarder raiders?

        • Hes pretty close, practically scottish really, as mentioned Northumbria has its own bagpipes, yes laird fiddler is pretty much “oots man, moose loose aboot this hoose’!
          Also Northumbria was ravaged by Rtcs forefathers the vikings,
          Thats why Dicks blonder than Boris!

          • He could cash in with this with any luck with land rover tours of the border.

  8. The left know a lot about whataboutery. They often use it to divert attention away from their failed policies.

  9. Corbyn was on the Sophy Ridge programme this morning with his perfectly sensible ‘plan’ to bring the country together by leaving and staying in the EU. Then voting on almost remaining and remaining in a 2nd feferendum. Anyone who can’t see the sense in this is a far far right NAZI and climate DENIER!!

  10. This time next week we’ll probably have had the big reveal, Treasonous May’s deal reheated and rehashed, it’s name will be Boris’ Bubble and Squeak Brexit. The same but different, a deal with a new twist …. blah, blah, blah …….
    Arlene Foster is probably filling her handbag with snooker balls as I type.
    Kill them all Arlene.

  11. Yes, it all sounds very ominous…….lots of talk of compromise, second referendum……we’re gonna be well stitched up. Fucking cunts.

  12. If the EU are happy and that Irish poof is happy then the bloke in the street is getting fucked up the arse.
    Nailed on.

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