Female Champagne Socialists

I nominate Wimmin Champagne Socialist Remoaners.

I live in a well to do village and I’m proud I worked my nads off to be able to move here. When I go out, I don’t want some fucking Barbie saying most Brexiteers are thick and (ergo) don’t know what they’re talking about. If challenged, they reply that it’s what “Experts” say, so it must be right (separate cunting for experts.)

These are the same Wimmin (for it is usually they) that get a degree, marry and then give up work to sprog, having wasted taxpayers money on a wasted education. Ironically, I reckon Johnny Brexiteer is more often than not the taxpayer who’s footed the bill. Because Nanny looks after the kids, they spend the whole day with like minded Twats regurgitating Grauniad articles and the evenings watching the Biased Broadcasting Cunts in a Prosecco inspired alcoholic haze, believing all the Libtard bollocks.

I am now waiting for the EU to reject Boris’s master plan and for us to leave on 31 October so they all go into meltdown, where I shall have a ring side seat and toast them with a glass of World Beating English Bubbles.

Nominated by Dinger

62 thoughts on “Female Champagne Socialists

  1. Upon seeing this nom, I immediately thought of arch-cunt Emma Thompson.

    I truly detest that hypocrite more than most women. And that’s saying something.

    And remember that bitch on QT who, on the issue of possible Brexit-induced immigration throttling, famously squealed the line ‘Who will serve us our coffee in Pret?’


    • “Who’s going to serve our coffee in Pret? English people won’t do those jobs.” Well they fucking might do if you paid them some decent money instead of importing cheap foreign labour. And if the fucking EU is so great how come they all come here to do shitty low paid jobs? They uproot themselves and come here , a racist society choking with pollution.
      Somebody has got something wrong here. Haven’t they?

      • No, English people might do if their lives were less comfortable on benefits!

        Believe you me, “some” money Vs “no” money is a great motivator because I have worked under this Damoclean sword for almost 20yrs now. I work, I get paid. I don’t work, I get fuck all!

        I am a believer in the welfare state for those unable to work through disability or through having to look after elderly or disabled dependents, and as a short-term stopgap for someone who loses their job through no fault of their own, but it fucks me off seeing able-bodied scumbags using it as a lifestyle choice. No welfare system should be *that* comfortable.

        So they are the cunts who would do the work that “no one” – allegedly – wants to do.

        I’d have the lot of them cleaning public toilets, clearing gutters, as bed pan orderlies in hospitals, cleaning public buildings (instead of paying huge contracts to Mitie, etc.). And for that they would get paid by the state but not for sitting on their arses all day!

        If they don’t like their assigned role then they are free to find another one in the private sector, and that way not only do they remove their burden from the state, they actually contribute to it!

        I imagine knocking out a coffee or butty in Pret is far more palatable than clearing away Ethel’s stool each morning!

        That’s who’d make your coffee in Pret!

      • The reason immigrants do these jobs is no one else wants to, because the wages are shit and the work is meaningless. Maybe if workplaces treated people with respect and made them nice places to be, people might not be on benefit driven lives.

    • Fuck, it’s the end of the world, no one to serve coffee in Pret, how will I survive.
      Can anyone tell me how to make a cup of coffee, and maybe a ham sandwich.

      • The best thing about a lot of these pret-entious wankpuffin snackbar establishments is that some Olivia or Tarquin will die from an undiagnosed allergy to quinoa or mung beans.

        Legendary clip – I new the quote, but had never seen the mong in action. More than a touch of the Caffy Nooman about her.

        Excellent cunting.

      • More than happy to bring a bit of joy into your life, Spoonington !

        Good morning to you.

  2. Sadly thanks to those double cunts Steptoe and Swinson I can’t see us being allowed to leave without a deal, thanks to the Benn Act-of-gross-indecency, and the old wimmin rantings of Grieve and Dame Keir (wouldn’t Hylda Baker have had a field day with that name – “Qu eer Charmers” perhaps?) they will demand and probably get their second fucking referendum, which I expect they would win.

    Corbyn is a total fucking hypocrite. Perhaps he is in the early stages of Alzheimers, since prior to 2016 he was a total Eurosceptic.

    As regards these daft as arseholes wimmin, Labour has far too many of the vacuous bitches – Long Bailey, an ugly streak of shit and Bulldyke Phillips both seem to be after the leadership. Long-Bailey changed her stance yesterday having always been against a 2nd referendum she now wants one.

    • The ONLY legitimate question would be deal or no deal, but there is no way the Remoaning Parliament would ever go for that.

      If that was the scenario the EU would negotiate a fucking good deal to ensure Joe Public voted for the deal.

    • If either Wrong-Daily or Lez Phillips ever become PM, then we may as well just give up and admit this country’s finished!

    • I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Hungary vetoing a deal and an extension. If they do that and we leave on October 31st, it doesn’t matter how many ad hoc laws the Remoaners rush through the system.

  3. I was at a function the other week and met one of these. She was, by her own admission, a Guardian reading BBC watching Corbyn lover.

    Trained as a nurse,paid for by the NHS, then married a rich bloke,gave up nursing and demanded free IVF.


    Good morning.

    • I know what IVF stands for. But in this instance, it should stand for Insane Vacuous Female.

    • The name Stella Creasy sounds like someone who has had a bit too much to drink and has become a bit crazy and greasy.

      “Leave me alone! I’m stella creasy!”

      P.s morning Ruffy.

      • They just make shit up, 12500 messages in 2 days, and 2500 on the first day alone, so what she is saying wow, 2500 in one day but not that much of a wow that there were 10000 on day 2.
        I hate this bitch, I wrote to her once after she had been banging on about some shit to say that she should concentrate on her constituency because it’s full of fucking illegals and she would be better using her time getting shot of them.
        She is a CUNT.

      • That silly cunt has a job for life since she is the MP for Waltham Forest, a piss-poor area full of effnics.

        She is the daft tart who said she was forced to choose between being a politcian or a mother.

        So that she can be both her constituency is paying £50,000 for a “locum MP” who will not sit in Parliament but will do the rest of the cunts work.

  4. In Animal Farm Boxer’s friend or companion is Clover. The thing about Clover she’s not really interested in the Revolution all she wants is a brightly coloured ribbon. Same with women in politics. They like brightly- coloured ideas (whether left or right) in their heads. Always a something new.
    I wonder what our Northumbrian farmer would do if all his animals rebelled against him? He might be overwhelmed like Jones. Peeking through his own parlour window at the pigs drinking his wine, lording it up.

  5. Yes returning from the hunt one evening and there they all are singing,-‘Beasts of England’.

  6. Just been listening to John le Carre on Wireless 4. Remember him? Well, this coffin dodger has written a new book. Rather than talk about that, however, he bemoaned the rise of the Far Right and how Eton and Oxbridge dominates politics. Of course, living in Cornwall on his royalties, he knows all about ordinary people’s lives.

    • With him all the way on the Eton – Oxbridge issue. And he’s a fine writer, whether you like his subjects or not. ” A Small Town in Germany” is based on the resurgence of the genuine far-right in Germany ( it wins) and to my mind is completely valid. Although I think it’s 100% legitimate to object to mass immigration and globalist governance, it’s too easy to play on these issues to obtain a one-party militaristic state.

  7. Emma Thompson is a massive cunt… Gives it the do gooding liberal progressive bullshit, but she is the most materialistic and shallow cunt on earth… What the bitch spends on diamonds alone is obscene, never mind all the other shit she gets up to… She’s nothing more than a white Imelda Marcos…

    • Is she….an actress? All is accounted for. Thespians should be banned by law from expressing their own opinions. Stick to the script, luvvie, and otherwise belt up.

    • That’s because she’s your typical virtue-signalling Left-Wing celebrity hypocrite. She herself is a big fat capitalist. Socialism is only for the “little people”, not her, and ALL Left-Wing celebrities are like that. Complete and utter cunts, the lot of them!

  8. Like you, I have worked my nuts off to move to a nice area. However, the local council nwo seem to be shipping in the scum of the world in council houses. Cunts.

    • I have spent the weekend fitting a CCTV system to my fucking council flat! we have only been there 3 months, I have had to build a 7ft fence, install CCTV and have even considered “Other things”
      So in 3 months, 1 burglery, 1 case of drugs being administered without permission and a possible sexual assault) 1 armed robbery, shit nicked out of the front garden (that I dont give a fuck about).
      Saturday as I was finishing the fence extension I was surprised to find 6 coppers hiding in the back alley ready to grab some one as they jumped from the balcony of a neighbours flat.
      Its all going on, and you know what the common denominator is?
      The downstairs flats are populated with pensioners and the upstairs with young unemployed people (Normally with a drug habit) no fucker works.

      • Broken Britain Lord B. Started back in the sixties/seventies in my view when it became trendy to knock the past history as ‘all bad and wrong’ and to encourage the dropping of standards generally as a ‘positive’ and inclusive thing. This was I believe ( but older Cunters please correct me ) when teachers and lecturers became very political and particularly ‘leftie’ …… the rot started in our classrooms. Anyway please let me have any other insights… I’m only 54 so just starting out in life.

      • It really gathered apace mid 70s. Until then everyone I taught with were quite right wing of the day.

      • There were many lefties in teaching in the 60’s and 70’s. I was certainly more left wing than now. The big difference was that they were old style lefties, many from working class backgrounds with a respect for their country and its history. This contrasts with the cretinous, vacuous, privileged breed you often come across today. These cunts wouldn’t know a member of the working class if they had to mix with them.

  9. This seems to be the only sort of bint one of my mates ever encounters, being involved with the creative industries and living near Brighton.

    As fellow cunters have already pointed out, these all get degrees in performing arts or media studies, play at being a lesbian while at college/university and then get married to a rich sap and jack it all in for raising gender-neurral sprogs and blogging about cupcakes.

    • The cupcakes blogs really got to me on the occasions I was daft enough (ie waiting at GPs) to read some magazine.

      “Oh, I gave up teaching for this dream job of making triple-Belgian chocolate velvet cakes. Of course, it was weally difficult, as husband Tarquin is a hedge-fund manager, so the lack of double-income took some adjusting to.”

      I wonder what da sistahood thinks of them ?? Isn’t retiring to the kitchen and baking cakes a bit, well, female stereotyping ?
      I thought they might do something really edgy, like get in the construction industry (too much like hard work ?) and go and build for that wonderful, diverse future (black cock)… build bridges ?!!
      Nah… stay in the kitchen, permanently glued to being liked on soshul meejah. Stoopid feckin bints.

      • I await, and have awaited for some time, the sight of a binwoman on the local Vulture. If we get one, I’m almost sure she’ll not be a champagne socialist.

    • Went to a foundry in the Midlands recently (yes, there is still industry in the UK, despite the Govts best attempts at getting rid of it). Lady foreman/site manager (not bad looking) – was moaning about cry-baby ladies turning up for work in a factory.

    • All the above activities wrong save for the ‘playing at being lesbians ‘. I think there should be tax breaks for those trying it out …. ( provided they are female biologically).

  10. Women should not be anywhere near politics in my opinion, they are far too emotional and their dear hearts control there heads.
    Of course Mary Hinge and Nurse Cunty are exceptions as they can detect a cunt on the make but most women simply cannot make judgements without asking their heart what to do.
    There was a good reason women didn’t get the vote until that horse fucked it all up by running over that woman.
    Now look at the state of the Labour party, loads of overweight, tramp looking, emotionally unstable women ranting and raving and on the verge of crying during PMQ’s.
    We need to return back to the olden days when women knew how to be a good wife/girlfriend and didn’t get ideas above their ability.
    All that’s needed to make a nice household is for the woman to cook and clean do the washing and ironing, it’s not much to ask is it. If she’s chosen a real man she’ll be rewarded with a good pounding every night and some pocket money to buy dresses and make up.
    It’s no wonder lots of men are turning to Eastern European women who are generally more traditional and know how to be a lady and a slut at the correct times.
    Women listen you are driving us away, you need to sort it aaaaht.
    We need some male only pubs as well, women get far too excited when they’ve had a couple of Prosecco’s.
    Piss off.

    • Quite right B&W..a lot of these people have been brought up to think they are highly intelligent but they are usually the most bigoted cunts you could ever wish to meet. My other half works very long hours and drives a lot so I keep things ticking over at home. I can’t see how this makes me less of a person,its just consideration. I feel sorry for young normal blokes now who want a proper relationship,when there are so many feminazis,munters,activists and other pond life cunts to choose from

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (and I’ll say it ’til the cows come home, because I’m an annoying cunt that way) but it is very easy to be a ‘socialist’, have a social conscience and take it upon yourself to fight for various ‘issues’ – be it remaining in Europe, climate change, the rights of migrants, blah, blah, blah, when you are far removed from reality, sitting on a pile of money out in fucking Gloucestershire, or in the affluent parts of London and the South, where you have nowt better to do with your time except campaign or bitch and moan with your Mummy Chummies whilst having lunch in fucking Pret a Manger, Harvey Nicks or some other wank eatery.

    These cunts have the luxury of embracing the Remain standpoint because the things that irked Leavers and made them want to get out of the EU don’t fucking well effect them, sitting there in their ivory towers.

    They need to stick to worrying about their school run, weight gain, sex life, saggy tits and most uncomfortable thrush infection instead of waxing lyrical about shit they know nothing about.

    • The only time they will see an immigrant will be when they show up for the gardening or to nanny their horrible snotty brats. The kids wont go to a school of 30+ class sizes or where English is relegated to a second language and they wont be waiting months on end to see a dentist or for a GP appointment because the arseholes will go private.

    • These cunts spend a week’s minimum wage on din-dins somewhere nice. They should try having to live on it.

  12. Looking forward to seeing these cunts spontaneously combust, melt, die of shock and rage, explode, regurgitate, prolapse and shoot themselves in the head when we finally leave, preferably without a deal. Cunts.

  13. I work with some of these harridans.

    The worst one is a 20 stone, short arsed ‘Scottish’ feminazi with warts on her face.

    She’s always mentioning that she’s Scottish but she talks like Princess fucking Anne. She’s from near the border somewhere, but she doesn’t sound like she ever lived on a council estate, put it that way.

    Always whining about Brexit (everything turns into Brexit being evil with this bitch) and has an ‘angry feminst’ tatoo on her flabby as fuck arm.

    ‘It was only advisory/Scotland needs independence so it can remain/everyone is sad back home because of Brexit’ and my favourite, ‘I told my dad his generation have stolen my future.’

    If this fat ignorant cunt of a woman was my daughter, I’d tell her that because of my generation she now has a degree and a master’s degree, a good job, a nice home and nice holidays every year. And that back in my day, we had fuck all at her age! And that my generation are more life experienced and have just protected (or tried to at least) their futures by voting Brexit.

    She’s always going on about the expensive wine she had last night and the fancy pizza she ordered (not from the likes of pizza hut, but proper posh Italian places). Oh and hummus. Always on about hummus. I have no idea what the fuck that is, but seeing as she’s on her way to a heart attack in her 20s, I’d avoid the stuff.

    I hope her dad (who must be minted) drops this fat cunt of a bitch from his will.

    I haven’t bitten yet at work, but if I do, I’ll be posting next from the job centre. The rant is building and there are only so many times I can bite my fist and leave the room quickly to go ‘fuck fuckity fuckin bitch cunt whore whale cunt!’ to myself like a madman.

    • The only time I had hummus I decided it was sand in the barest minimum of some sort of flavoured sauce. Never touched it since.

      • Do expand on that, Moggie. I’ve never tasted hummus, some sort of foreign muck, I imagine. And quinoa? Surely only a cunt could even pronounce it. “A pint of quinoa, bar-person?”

    • Scotland needs independence so it can remain

      I think she’s been reading some SNP comic backwards.

      In fact Scotland ( some of it) wants everyone to remain to make it easier to stay in the EU if/when it gets independence and stops sucking on the UK tit. Whut dae we waant? Independence fae the English oppressor! When dae we waant it? As soon as we can shackle oorsels tae Brussels!

      Used to support the cunts, now I couldn’t care less. The killer point for their ilk is: “Let’s see your economic planning.”

    • Give them independence now. Yes I truly support it. Then and only then can we have a nice big fat border no more being forced to hear the broken record that is Ian Blackford and the helmut head Sturgeon.

  14. Fucking Waman, a friend told me about Twitch THOTS (apparently it means That Hottie Over There).
    Apparently waman can now sit on webcam and demand money from soy-boys who believe they are somehow going to marry this slutz.
    I had no idea, Twitch is a gaming streaming service allegedly, and some waman like Amoranth earns $100,000 a month just showing her cleavage and teasing soy-boys.
    It appears waman are still oppressed and sexualized lol.

    I may start my own Twitch stream, I’m sure Ill make 50p in a year based on my looks

  15. Yvette Cooper springs to mind and her fucking husband Ed Balls These two fuckers between them claimed more in expenses than half the Labour Party put together, I don’t think she spent the money on cloths looking at her this morning on the State opening of Parliament a proper scruffy git I wonder what the good people of Wakefield think of this cunt as most of them voted to leave the EU.

  16. Do you think they would change their opinions after a couple of years of living under a Corbyn/McDonnell tax regime,or is life so very comfortable ”daahling” it matters not, vacuous silly condescending cunts the lot of them fuck off

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