Scotland’s Smacking Ban

I’m nominating the smacking ban in Scotland.

Although I don’t live in Scotland and don’t plan to have any children, as someone who has been on the receiving end of a slipper across the arse for being a little shit in my younger years, I think this new law isn’t going to do any good. I mean, I don’t agree with smacking, but if all other methods of disciplining offspring fail, then it should be used as a last resort.

And then I realise who is to blame for this. That filthy fish and her scamming school. I think there are more pressing things than smacking. Much more pressing issues indeed.

Don’t exactly know who the bigger cunt is here. It’s between that Ms. Krankie lady or the lawmakers who voted this through. Either way, they’re cockwombles, vaginaheads and filth spewers.

Nominated by Pissed off Brit

126 thoughts on “Scotland’s Smacking Ban

  1. You’re never too old for a bit of correctional smacking as Mrs B has found out when I take her over my knee after failing to come up with the dinner on time.

  2. It’s to be hoped that the ban only applies to children, Alex Salmond has enough legal trouble on his hands already and you just know that there’ll be nothing that he enjoys more than bending the fragrant Mrs Sturgeon over his knee,flipping up her tartan skirt to expose her firm,tight little botty and delivering a few good hard slaps to her quivering,reddening buttocks while gently massaging her moistening queef-quiver with his free hand…..fucks sake, I’ll have to stop there before I find myself committing the most unspeakable and depraved act that even I can imagine…wanking at the thought of Sturgeon..My God !!,what kind of a monster have I become??!!

    • “Delivering a few good hard slaps to her quivering,reddening buttocks while gently massaging her moistening queef-quiver with his free hand.” That’s given me the horn. Do you fancy writing an erotic novel Dick? Could be a best seller.
      Could I suggest “Fifty Shades of Fiddler” for the title?

      • Already written one,Bertie…and as soon as the Obscene Publication Squad return it and Gemma Arterton,who I sent it to (well she did feature as the main character alongside a dashing ,sword-wielding member of the Landed Gentry) drops her legal action I will publish and,no doubt,be damned.

    • Quick, cover those tempting table legs in the parlour before you get any more incitement to abuse

  3. It’s amazing that as corporal punishment declined, afflictions (usually self-diagnosed by useless parents) such as ass-burgers, ADHD and “mild” autism seemed to increase. . 🤔

    Funny that isn’t it.

    • Oh yes. ADHD was instantly and thoroughly cured by a wooden blackboard duster to the ear, in my time. Or the gob, if the teacher had been practising.

    • Excellent point Rebel. Problem is, these days, successfully identifying your kid as being “on the spectrum” equals cash-a-plenty from the local authority. (Just ask a taxpayer in Mablethorpe – if you can find one…)

    • When i was on flakebook, a ‘friend’ thought he wouldnt be depressed enough to pass his Work Capability Assessment so tried to convince himself and friends he should get benefits for ADHD, which he decided he had.

  4. The smacking ban is stupid, Nurse cunty will back me up on this modern children live in a very protected circle, unexplained injury’s are matters of concern, whether noted at schools or the doctors surgery ( there are some rather obvious places that flag on injuries) so with the “Smacking ban” the slap round the back of the legs (that stings and marks temporarily) or the smacked bum is replaced with a slap round the back of the head (that wont mark but can cause issues) or violent shaking (again possible brain damage) all because the simple slap on the arse was not administered.
    A degree of discipline is required both with children and raising children both for your and their good.
    We are hopefully conversing on discipline and not violent abuse one does not lead to another and the measures were put in place after the death of Baby P and then (due to the failings of the authorities) the death of Victoria Climbie are there to protect children But should not be over stretched or over reacted on

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