Women Against State Pension Inequality

These selfish hitches really boil my piss.

Sorry, but the name WASPI is a simple, but outright lie.

WASPI are not complaining about inequality, they are complaining about equality.

WASPI ladies, all you need to do is work up to 6 years longer, doing a very part time, low stress easy job to replace the pension you would have had.

So I’m curious, please explain to me what’s “unfair” about how you’re being treated?

Also, please explain who is going to pay for your extra pensions? The magic money tree so beloved of Mr Corbyn?

Nominated by Big Steve

66 thoughts on “Women Against State Pension Inequality

  1. The 1995 Pension act was well advertised, it was crystal clear that the pension age of woment would incease from 60 to 65 to be in line with men between 2010 and 2020.
    If the stupid fuckers werent paying attention its their fucking fault.

    Thick Cunts!

    • This is the succinct, accurate and east-to-understand point that Martin Lewis should be making – except he’s too busy making a spectacular cunt of himself on daytime TV.

      • That motherfucker is always banging on about *switching energy suppliers* which even that arsehole must realise is a giant con. It is always swings and roundabouts.

  2. A woman should just ask her husband for a bit more pocket-money…after all,he’ll have been keeping her for the past forty odd years anyhow.

    If they haven’t got a husband they’re probably lezzas ,so it doesn’t really matter.

    Fuck Off.

    • I was going to say something similar dick.
      If they spent more time in the kitchen cooking for their husbands, instead of whinging, maybe their husbands would give them some money to waste on shoes and cushions and those stupid little wooden boards with soppy messages on and other women’s shit. 😁.
      Ungrateful cunts.

      • Money shouldn’t be too much of an issue as they will be of an age not to have to fork out on Tampons. Although, having written that, they will have to be buying ‘Tena Lady’ to help cut down the stench of piss.

        • These fucking wimmin wanted equality and when they got it they still are not grateful.

          • Give em an inch, they’ll take a mile.

            …Give em a few inches and they’ll take your house.

  3. That’s a bit harsh, Dick, but I know where your coming from. And as sick of it says, they’ve had plenty of warning. Unfortunately, in this day and age, everybody else’s right apart from the white working class males rights take priority. As you say, Dick. FUCK ‘EM.

  4. Welcome to the world of eqality you cunts.

    Not a land a wine and roses living as a man is it? All those cunty women complaining their husbands spend too much time working and so has an affair with some younger idle cunt is now getting a dose of reality of WHY men work – because they fucking have to.

    • In other news Justin Bieber has offered Tom Cruise a fight for some reason. The guy’s nearly 60 fucking years old!

  5. Or they’re just a pair of CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS, MandroidZ, who are just seeking a bit of publicity due to they’re failing careers. Particularly the midget, scientologist mother tucker. CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS.

  6. Women are never fucking happy.
    As I climbed into the new bed last night, the wife gave me a real filthy look.
    I think she wanted the top bunk…

  7. Another predictive text fuck up. Should have been mother fucker, not mother tucker, though I think by the smell of him, his old dear could be hiding up his smelly anus. CCCUUUNNNTTT.

  8. Always remember the golden rule.

    Equality When It Suits.

    Now, can anyone point me in the direction for women campaigning for equal bin-collecting, coal-mining and steel-working privileges?

    • I can’t wait for 50% of conscripts being women in the next war and used as cannon fodder on the front lines. And don’t forget the trannies having their fair chance to have their balls shot off.

    • And they give you filthy looks on the tune if you don’t give up your seat for one with a “baby on board” badge. I’m a fair man – if you’re showing a significant bump, I’ll give you my seat unrequested, but if you look as skinny as a rake, I’m not giving you my set just coz you got a fucking badge., Equality cuts both ways.

    • Pottering around the house this weekend I listened to Majid Nawaz who I have say in my opinion proves there’s always an exception to the rule.

      Anyway various cocks were calling in about the hilarious situation in Birmingham and on more than one occasion I heard said cock say ‘LGBGT, Gay Rights and Equality should be taught in all schools and should not be up for negotiation’.

      Lefties don’t do equality but when they do…….

  9. Yes, the current system is unfair and unequal.

    Women receive their state pension earlier than men, so how the fuck is that equality?

    I suspect they don’t realise the irony that their headline is correct and just from this perspective.

  10. My missus is a lying, untrustworthy cunt.

    I recently stumbled across her profile on a dating site and I can tell you now, she is not fun to be around….

  11. Women say they want equality with men. That’s ok as far as I’m concerned, the trouble is they only want equality when it suits them. It doesn’t suit them having to work until they’re sixty five, like men have had to do for as long as I can remember. And they want equal pay for playing tennis, but they don’t want to play against men and they don’t want to play five sets. No it isn’t equality they’re after, it’s the better end of the deal.

    • And now the BBC is banging on about the ‘wage gap’ in world cup football!
      I really don’t know how much more I can take!

  12. By the look of her old Emily Thornberry must be fast approaching 65. If she gets slung out of parliament, I wonder what she will do to make ends meet for a couple of years?. Probably you’ll find her on Pornhub in *Emily’s first anal*. Same applies to Yvette Sugartits Cooper, expect to see her in *Take It Like A Man* with Jess Phillips and her giant strap-on. Political wimmin in their 60s could become hot property when they leave the HOC

    • There are certain images and questions for which the human mind, no matter how depraved, is just not designed to cope with.

      File these alongside ‘does Matthew Corbett ever have a wank whilst wearing the Sooty puppet’.

      • TECB: Things could be worse. Imagine a lezzie double act with Emily and the Abbopotomus – widescreen smut for the man who wants more for his money.

          • I shouldn’t think Jezza could raise one. Erectile dysfunction must be at the top of his agenda. Free viagra for all must be a priority for NHS expenditure.

    • I’ve already done the first anal with Thornberry – and am still waiting for my £10 btw you fat cunt- but double anal would be a definite first.

  13. I am totaly for equality.
    I mean that and I am not taking the piss, as with all bog standard soldiers I had to pass selection to do my job.
    on a tank park in Germany I met a RECCE Mech YTS girl trying to pull 70 ton chains across the park, she asked me for help, I refused, not because I am a cunt, hate women, or any other bollocks, but a recce mech will have to drag those chains across field or forest to recover a vehicle, I cant stop what I am doing to assist.her because people may die.
    On the other side I spent time in Jugoslavia and understand their pension system, which I thought were rather good, armed forces, police, prison service and Ballet dancers worked at time and a half pension, quite simply because after a certain age you are pretty much fucked.
    The jobs were open to all applicants the pay was the same (male/female) and there is no such thing as a divorce settlement every thing is 50/50 split and children are the care of the parents until the quit education (again 50/50 split)
    The whole “Looking after the lady business” is a load of shit, it’s there to make the men folk work harder to fulfill an idea that died at the outbreak of the first world war its all bollocks!
    Equal pay equal rights, equal pension and in my travels I have met some very scary (and feminine) combat soldiers, like wise when I snuff it, I would like Mrs B to enjoy my pension and I hers because its fare.

  14. Bloody women they have multiple orgasms and cos they dont do as much as the chaps, live longer, they never have to work out in all weathers unless their kitchens have hole in the roof. But they are still not happy, should never have been given the vote bloody chippy feckers, cunts to a man they are.

    • Thank fuck for that, I thought somebody had exposed my secret identity the cunts!

      • 3rd wave feminism – Women don’t make mistakes, it’s always mens fault. They simply do not believe that women should be accountable for their own words and actions.

    • Brilliant.

      If she’s never used the word in her life she’s certainly thought it.

      What a time to use it for the first time.


      • Yep that totally was not planned and staged, no way whatsoever. This is the BBC now. Bare-naked hatred of anything right of extreme Globalist Marxism. The same BBC that have paid that fat pervert RTD for the degenerate filth that is that ‘Years & Years’ open sewer of seditious deviancy.

  15. For decades women had the opportunity to pay a reduced stamp. When that ended , they did fuck all to top up their pensions and were contented to draw down on their spouses contributions. Cunts.

  16. I’ve just been listening to one of radio fours favourite causes, that of the gender pay gap. Some bint whinging on about all the unpaid things that women do in a heterosexual (naturally, as it has to be a bloke that is a cunt) relationship, such as childcare and housekeeping, because these things are never mentioned as part of a country’s GDP. It’s normally the fucking woman who wants the bastard kids in the first place, feeling broody, body clock, ya da ya da. Of course, all men just sit around an air conditioned office all day talking about sport, then go home to a lovingly prepared meal, then put their feet up for the rest of the night, planning the next round of golf on the weekend. Most of the blokes I know who left it in to soak did their fair share of parenting, while doing demanding jobs, usually involving shift work. I’m sick of hearing this victimhood crap. If that’s how the majority of them think, I am going to end up single for the rest of my life.

      • That fucking thing spends so much time shopping and having plastic surgery, it’s a wonder her kids know what she looks like.

    • I’m getting sick of turning off R4 because some squeaky-voiced little girl is bleating about:
      Disgusting food
      Conceptual art and woke theatre

      And then there’s Just A Minute, which has been declining steadily from a low point 120 years ago, the near-daily holocaust reminder, the fucking Archers…turn on, say “oh no, not a-fucking-gain.”,…turn off and sit in silence but for the occasional whimper of pain.

      Long ago I used to listen to Soviet-era Radio Moscow – among other outlets including VOA – and it was actually better than this.

          • If you’re asking do I take an active interest in your posts, the answer is yes.

            🎶 I will follow you will follow me 🎶


        • Which gets me back into the reply chain and up to date.
          If ruff tuff rightwingers did do economics, we would not now be in the pile of festering economic shit we now occupy.

  17. They wanted EQUALITY with us men, they got it. Unfortunately it wasn’t the type of equality they wanted, “equalised” UPWARDS to the same age as men. Ironically much of this was due to EU equality diktats, driven by the likes of Harriet Harperson.
    You can be sure that these fake “feminists” would’ve bitched if me had been “equalised” down to the women’s retirement age, because they only support “equality” when it’s unequal in their favour. Now they’ve got “equality”, they don’t like it. Well TOUGH FUCKING LUCK, you’ve got “equality”, now suck it up.

  18. Caught James O’Shithead this morning for the first time in 18 months. It was like i’d never been away. Thick cunts voted for Brexit…… blah blah…..thick cunts voted for Trump……blah blah…….. Trump is the Antichrist, Farage is the Angel of Death…….blah blah.
    Ten minutes was enough for me. This wanker has gone beyond cuntishness, he needs sectioning for his own good.

  19. Women against anything can carry on as much as it likes. Anything that drives loively right wing men to a free blow and rim job 🙂 xx

  20. Men are from Mars, women are from virtual reality. If they really wanted to be equal, they’d stop bloody emoting for a start.

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