Internet memes

Internet memes are cunts, and are celebrated by cunts. For anyone who doesn’t know what a meme is, please fuck off and do some research.

Sorry if anyone here loves a good ‘meme’, but in my humblest, they are usually the preserve of the autistic neckbeard who is at serious risk of developing vibration white finger from repeatedly hammering F5 on their semen-encrusted keyboard for hours on end, desperate to see his forum’s latest incarnation of the weird-haired alien guy with another knockout, low-functioning punchline.

The other type of insufferable, meme-celebrating cunts who ‘take to Twitter’ over any mundane detail whatsoever within their cunt-coated, everyday shit-drek lives. Like two-bob, poundshop Seinfelds, they analyse the mundane and the trivial in excruciating detail, and of course meme them. Asinine situations ideal for memes as follows:

‘When you boil the kettle at work but colleague comes with an empty mug and sees only enough water for you’


‘Worrying that your M&Ms will run out before getting through half of the film’

and of course:

‘Being caught lying on a bed and masturbating with your mother-in-law’s sexy black kitten heels, just before her husband’s funeral and she only has those particular shoes to wear to the service, and you have to attend despite the scandal as you are reading the eulogy, and that feel when you end up sitting across the aisle from her, simultaneously ashamed and aroused, and you don’t know whether your wife’s tears are from grief or from the fact she has found out about your secret MILF-shoe fetish’

It is admittedly awful when that last one happens.

But yah! We can all identify with the same truly insignificant details of our shit lives and make a shitty caption about it, thereby making ourselves ironically feel special by being the first person to put into words such trite observations.

Fuck Twitter, and truly fuck sites like Reddit and 4Chan which like to see themselves as the internet kingmakers for these abysmal, IQ-reducing memes.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

44 thoughts on “Internet memes

  1. Mrs N’s mam is quite horrendous and avoided by me if I can help it…

    But my best mate’s mum when I was a lad? Sweet Jesus… She was sexy as fuck and I can still see her now… Classiest woman in Newton Heath at the time (I know, there’s not much competition)… But she was like Brooke Hayward with big knockers… She did a cracking egg and chips too…. Oh, happy fucking days…

  2. I’m sorry, but the fact that you know so much about them is deeply suspicious. Did you research this on your iphone while speeding in your Audi?

  3. I wish I could read a meme about Rory Inhaler, the Tory Remainer. He doesn’t want another referendum but nor does he want No Deal. We must compromise, he insists.

    Why must we compromise if it was “In or Out” ?

    This loathsome individual looks a chimpanzee that’s been in a scientific trial test. If I spat phlegm into this chimp’s face it either hits or it doesn’t. No compromise. What a horrid, little cunt.

    • Rory is going up in my estimation. Every day he becomes a bigger cunt than he was yesterday. Nobody is going to vote for this hopeless, poshboy, remoaner fucking opium fiend.
      Total wanker.

      • What’s up with the Tory hopefuls? They are getting like a bunch of Notting Hill Pablo Escobar’s with their drug use, will McVey come clean over 1980’s acid house drug binges or Javid ‘chasing the dragon’ in Kashmir?

      • It’s a good job that they were only using Class A drugs and not drinking a small can of mojito cocktail on the train as they went home like that fucking Diane Abbott….the Daily Mail would have been outraged.

        Afternoon, LL

      • Afternoon Mr Fiddler, Rory Stewart looks like he should still be round the back of the bike sheds necking White Lighting and smoking B&H.

      • I think there is something to be said for Corbyn’s integrity here. He was asked any drugs? No, nothing. ‘I’ve led a normal life’. Contrast that with Gove or McVey or even Andrea Leadsom for fucks sake. Just that.

      • There is no way that Corbyn took zero drugs in his youth. That cunt’s brain is so frazzled by excessive LSD use……. Well that’s the only reason I can think of to explain his complete lack of coherence on any and every given subject.

      • I don’t care what they’ve smoked or snorted. I don’t care if Gove had poppers shoved up his arse by a junked out Leadsom or whether Raan injected ketamine into his left bollock while Jeremy Cunt snorted Ajax off the right bollock just be tough on those EU gangsters and get us the fuck out.

      • @ Milesy

        Corbyn “led a normal life”? You must be having a giraffe! Either that or you’re incredibly naive.

        For example: in what way would taking his lefty cronies back to his flat to show off a naked Diane Flabbott be considered normal?

        Maybe he misspoke, meaning to say “I’ve lived an abnormal life.”

      • I’d love to know what The Maybot was on… I’ll go out of my way to avoid it. I reckon she took it up the arse, judging by her usual facial expressions (all three of them)…

    • We’ve already compromised to the point of near total capitulation, thanks to the Appeaser and Civil Service quisling- in-chief Oily Robbins. Rory Stewart is an unelectable mong.

  4. I think I know what a meme is. It’s a load of bollocks on soshul meeja that “everybody’s talking about”. (Well, every soppy wanker anyway) like that “ice bucket challenge” shite of a couple of years ago. If it gets in the MSM and you get tosspot slebs and politician scum joining in you’re on to a winner. Any discussion of the meme involves the phrase “it’s a larf innit?”
    If i’m on the right lines this is the most accurate definition you will ever hear.

  5. ” For anyone who doesn’t know what a meme is, please fuck off and do some research.”….

    I’ll have you know that I don’t come onto this site to do research and,after evaluating all the evidence,give a considered, rational verdict based on proof . I come on here to give my opinion totally untroubled by facts and reason.
    “Do some research” indeed…

    🙂 .

  6. I like a good meme, personally.

    Then again, I am a notorious, self-admitted cunt anyway, just ask my nearest and dearest and anyone else who has been in my general vicinity.

    Now where is some chocolate, please? It has been pissing down all fucking day here in wonderful Londinistan and some consolation is required.

    Summer? My arsehole.

      • Yes, I was going to write ‘almost’ Summer, but couldn’t be arsed, Moggie. My arsehole indeed it is.

        Anyway, the weather is wetter than Katie Price’s knickers at a footballers convention.

      • I am interested in your arsehole Nurse Cunty. You say you couldn’t be ‘arsed’ to say the Summer was ‘almost’ here. Now I dont want to get arsy with you of get stuck up my own own arse but maybe what you meant was this Summer has been like my arsehole because that’s where the sun doesnt doesn’t shine. Or maybe my arsehole has had more sun this year. No need to thank me.

      • I’m so glad that at least someone has an interest in my arsehole, Miles. (It’s been a while) Any part of the body is appreciated, but I digress.

        Yes, that was indeed an accidental analogy on my part (ANALogy, get it? ho, ho) Indeed, the sun does not shine there (more’s the pity) much like this pre-Summertime weather, so between the current climate and my anus, there isn’t much in it really…..

        …..AND it is still fucking raining here. What a bummer (get it?)

      • I also would just like to register my interest into your arsehole Nurse. Any further information would be welcome.

      • Two of my fellow cunters interested in my arsehole in one day. I’m spoiled!

    • I like cunt music, eating cunt food, keep the odd slave downstairs but absolutley draw the fucking line at internet memes, even though I still don’t know what the fuck they are.

  7. I think they can sometimes be good, but I am an evil bastard at heart and prefer the reality of life especially if its cruel.

    when you thought it was safe to go back to the water…………

  8. Most .memes are complete crap. However, i like seeing pepe the frog pop up in certain videos, accompanied bt the Hell March from Command and conquer, and driving the woke of Twitter to apoplexy, as well as getting Hilary Clinton riled up to the point she openly refers to a cartoon frog as a hate symbol during her campaign.

    As for 4chan, I see more irreverenclt brilliance and originality flowing from there than the entire comedic output of the UK and US media outlets for the past 20 years. They might be autists and neckbeards, but they upset the woke fucks of social media and clickbait churnalists no end.

    This is not a defence of memes, but certain ones have proven useful in making the far-left look more unstable than they are..

  9. There should be a space…..

    Snowflakes chant, me, me, me, me and fucking me.


  10. shame we can’t post memes on here. i have a never ending supply and they’re all
    either fucking hilarious or very very profound. honest.

  11. The Hitler/Downfall parody thing was mildly amusing the first time and then resolutely not the million times after.

  12. I had my 14 year old daughter explain to me what a ‘meme’ was only a few weeks back.

    Truth is I thought Is was a me me.

    I think that’s about the funniest part of it.

    It’s a pile of cunt, great nom and a great picture.

    I actually got that!

  13. Some memes can be very useful in showing up lefties and SJWs for the idiots with no self awareness that they are.

    The SJW Wojack meme was a prime example of how subversive memes can be effective in making lefties parodies of themselves.

  14. RTC, memes are made for CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS, appreciated by CCCUUUNNNTTTSS and adored by CCCUUUNNNTTTSS. Pretty much everyone on the left. Off topic, did anyone see Britain’s finest, James Corden, at the Tony Awards. What a truly steaming, 5th rate pile of untalented shite that CCCUUUNNNTTT is. America, you can keep him, PLEASE!!!!!

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