Yvette Cooper (3)


Sugartits is such an interfering, do-gooding preachy old cunt, is she not?

Last night she “took over” Caroline Spellman’s bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit, and the conniving little bitch won by just 4 votes – a very small margin, you might think, but I doubt she will demand it is re-run to see if anyone has changed their mind. So she is a hypocritical old cunt to go with it.

Silly Mrs Balls – she and hubby Ed could have been the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of the North – he’s at home, no doubt brushing up his Argentinian Tango or Foxtrot, while Sugartits joins forces with first Nick Boles, then Oliver Letwin, now Dame Caroline to scupper a democratic decision

Make her fuck off home to hubby – let them dance the night away, then when they go home she can give him a soapy tit wank, then id she’s a good girl he will let her ride him before they do “Yvette does doggy”.

She is a gold plated twat.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

30 thoughts on “Yvette Cooper (3)

  1. She always was a smug condescending irritating cunt.

    She’s like a a dinner lady in a primary school, no one else takes her as seriously as she does.

    Too PC and precious to use her married name, so she can be ms cunt.

  2. Fuck me, it’s one bent remoaner after another today. There’s no end of the fuckers of course.
    Can’t stand this refugee loving bitch or her porky cunt of a husband.
    Let’s not forget that this pair of criminals were caught fiddling their expenses. Instead of going to prison they paid some back, the carpet was lifted and , hey ho, it’s all forgotten.
    Luvvly jubbly.

    • I’m sure their expenses issues were a mere oversight Freddie, extending the Balls-Cooper Mansion to accommodate those poor Syrian refugees she implored us to open our homes (and teenage daughters) to.

      • I’m sure you’re right. I’m afraid I have an unfortunate tendency to think the worst of people just because they are lying, two faced thieving cunts. Perhaps I need to go on a course? I’ll give it some thought.

        • Wouldn’t bother Freddie.

          Thinking the worst of people these days Freddie means you wont be disappointed or far from the mark.

  3. What this holier than thou cunt needs is an extra large butt plug rammed hard up her arse. Followed by a snooker ball gimp mask super glued to the dog ugly bints face. Finish it off by tying her to a tree up deepest Orkney Islands and leave her there for a week or two.

      • About time vazaline turned up on these hallowed pages again.
        The shitbag is doing his usual trick of laying low and then getting involved in something worthy, think this time its some project about diabetes in ethnics or something. An absolute universe sized cunt and the bastard knows fuck all about spin cycles either cunt.

  4. This worm can’t be nominated enough.
    Face like a squashed scone, body of a stretched gherkin, and the politics of a rat.
    Roll on the General Election when she can be discarded like a used tissue.

  5. Yes I suppose she is, Mr Boggs.

    Only just though: and señoritas may “like to sway” to tunes other than the Mavericks’ rather soon.

    An irrelevance in fine WC

  6. Yes I suppose she is, Mr Boggs.

    Only just though: and señoritas may “like to sway” to tunes other than the Mavericks’ rather soon.

    An irrelevance in fine WC

  7. I’m rather surprised she didn’t join Chukka’s party to make it the round dozen – just imagine her and Soubry fighting it out to be top dog – or top bitch to be accurate. There would have been fun for all the family there.

    Perhaps you can’t blame her though – I am sure Umunna’s party will only exist till the next election, when they all lose their seats and hopefully their deposits as well. Lammy seemed to be making overtures on an interview last night *warning* Steptoe he HAS to back another referendum, but unless Umunna or Soubry want a servant I can’t see them welcoming him. Sad though I can just see him in a loincloth obeying a Soubry order – “Yuss, Missy Soubry”

    As for the leadership of the “Independent” party, and the LibDems when grandad Cable goes, I would suggest a hastily arranged farting contest for so *important* a role.

  8. When I first came across ISAC some 2 years ago, there were two, maybe three cuntings a day. It worked, conversation threads were built, subjects fully explored, and hilarious sub topics. Today, we have already had five. John Berkow has a ridiculously small 21 comments. Anyone unfortunate enough to work full time has to wade through all five, knowing if he posts to anyone but the top one, hardly anyone will read it.

    Just my opinion, I’m not trying to tell admin how to run the site.

    • Could not agree more CnR.

      But what is Admin to do? The relatively new ‘Cunt Me’ button is a victim of its own success.

  9. Thousands of lazy bastard schoolkids bunking off today and marching against climate change in Londonstabistan.
    I noticed their professional looking placards had the words “Socialist Worker” at the top.
    Fucking muggy cunts are probably uploading their photos on to their facearse page at this very moment.
    Dumb arseholes.

    • I bet the SJW and the Labour party wouldn’t dream of saying for one moment that the Socialist Worker is grooming these poor little bleeders, because that is what was suggested of that dreadful girl who ran off to Syria at 15 to get married and join ISIS. Surely if that tart was groomed, these little fuckwits are?

      • They mouth whatever their lefty teachers “teach” them to mouth. It’s child grooming on an industrial scale!

    • What a crock. Schoolkids bunking off school fuck me I am truely worried. Sure the teachers are really struggling with this one. All the little twats are going to do is cause a bit of a traffic problem which will increase the pollution. Fucking mind boggles.
      Mentioning socialist worker reminds me of the time back in the 80’s when BT was sold off. Us menials had a big march in London past the BT headquarters finishing up at wapping no less!!. Load of SW twats turned up to march with us, most surprised when told to fuck off by mass ranks of workers even the old bill taking pictures were surprised. Oh happy days now fading.

  10. The perfect complement to Bercow, it seems to me. Excellent and timely cunting.
    of yet another machine politician with an Oxford PPE hoping to align herself with the big bucks when the passes the revolving door. Handing over any tattered remnant of principle as she does so.

    Delighted her (and cunt Benn’s) amendment lost, despite Bercow smoothing the way for it. Kudos for this, if nothing else, to the Labour MP’s who voted against it:

    Kevin Barron Ronnie Campbell Caroline Flint Kate Hoey John Mann
    Graham Stringer

  11. But Yvette is so so CARING. Can’t you all see that? Those oh so balefull eyes and that pleading voice to those horrible nasty Tories.
    Silly fucking cow.

  12. Ashamed to admit I wouldn’t mind having my evil way with Mrs Cooper.

    Looks like a dirty bird. Bet she goes like the clappers.

    Might even let Ed watch.

  13. I wonder what her local constituents think of her as most of them overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU Next General Election kick her out

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