Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour

This smug old cabbage with her hamster face, who sounds like an English jolly hockey sticks schoolgirl but looks decidedly Anglo-Indian, has been eyeballing us from CNN for over 30 years. She was a looker in her younger days and made her reputation by giving Bill Clinton a public bollocking over his pitiful performance in Bosnia.

Nothing wrong with that because Clinton was too busy fondling any female who came near him – except Hillary the Horrible of course – and was a coward, hypocrite and disgrace to his office. (Despite this, she was a friend of the Clintons and married his press spokesman. Whether she let Clinton fondle her is not known but let´s wait for her memoirs.)

However, by making her personal views known, Amanpour moved the boundaries and led reporters thinking they could take sides. As an ex-hack, I think that when reporters starts putting their spin on events it becomes their opinion and not objective. This is the case nowadays when most reporting comes from a politically correct aspect and items that would never even have been regarded as news in the past, such as a famous actor groping someone 40 years earlier or a well-known person telling a “racist” joke, become front-page stories.

Look at how people like Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey (both overrated in my view for what it´s worth) have become pariahs.

Apparently Amanpour is a member of the Center for Public Integrity whatever that is. I wonder if Bill or Hillary are also members.

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24 thoughts on “Christiane Amanpour

  1. How the fuck Clinton wasn’t impeached is beyond me. Even now, he is looked upon as a wise old sage rather than a slimy spunk shooting pervert.

    • I’m pretty sure Clinton was impeached on perjury charges?
      Slippery bill was undoubtedly a cunt but the ladies seemed to like the old lothario, I’m surprised he hasn’t made an appearance in the # me too circus..

      • Morning RTCP 🏂🚴‍♂️🏄🏻‍♂️

        A selection of things I won’t be doing today, tomorrow or any other fucking day…..

      • Clinton was impeached and rightly so, the man is a cunt.
        However, Monica Lewinsky was no wide eyed innocent. After letting Bill spunk all over her pretty blue dress she didn’t bung it in the washer, oh no.
        She hung it in her wardrobe and then produced it as evidence when the time was right.
        A treacherous woman.
        Who’d have thunk it ?
        Good morning.

      • Who’d have thunk he’d spunk on her dress? Who’d have thunk he’d leave his gunk there? Who’d have thunk he’d put a cigar up her chunk? You’d thunk he’d sunk slunk away. Live like a monk. But no, he cunts up everyday to face the world.

  2. No idea who this cunt is but true reporters should report facts – wholly and completely – only.

    Reporting one fact that serves their agenda/mantra while suppressing one that doesn’t is not reporting, it is propagandising.

    The BBC used to be the herald for factual reporting across the world, now it’s a fake news joke the world over.

    I can’t remember exactly when the ABBC fell but it was either just before or after Tony B.Liar was elected and its credence has diminished ever since.

    When you look at “Rebel Media” (no association to myself, sadly) they are discounted as a far right, hate-speech, activists YouTube channel, but the international stories they carry, they merely show the facts (and back that up with documentary, visual or audio based evidence). The facts speak for themselves.

    Unfortunately facts often don’t fit the narrative of lamestream media outlets these days and so are seldom referenced.

    It’s disgraceful and yet they wonder why their viewing figures have tanked, particularly since Brexit and Trump occurred.

    The media – like the elites – hate the ordinary bod for both of those results and they don’t even try to hide the disdain and contempt they feel towards us.

    Shameful, especially as we pay for the privilege of being treated like cunts by the ABBC!


    • The ABBC was emasculated by Tony B.Liar, mainly during the run up to the Iraq war, when it attempted to reveal Blair’s lies in general and the sexing up of the dodgy dossier in particular. Since then they’ve been little more than an arm of the libtard establishment. As are Sky.

      • So true!
        I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks and have been watching Fox News , after suffering sky bbc and cnn it was a breath of anti libertard air, although like the aforementioned it’s hardly impartial…. but fuck it’s good fun when the boots on the other foot….

  3. I don’t know Amanpour,but it seems that just about every reporter or newsreader struggles to even pretend that they are unbiased when it comes to reporting on “the ignorant plebs’ ” foolish behaviour regarding Brexit. I really don’t care what their personal view is,they should report the facts and be done.

    Sneering,sly,agenda-driven,condescending Cunts.

    I would,however,slip Mishal Husain a length,as long as she didn’t want to talk after I was done.

    Fuck Off.

  4. I remember when the news on TV was reported by one bloke in a suit and tie sitting behind a desk. He did his job with disinterest – reporting the facts. The news stories were worthy of reporting. Now it takes at least two megacunts one of whom must be a wimmin and also a dusky shade of gay or lesbian or transbender cunt to “entertain” us with their meaningless personal asides while reading some crap off the autocue. Then we get “and now over to Claire on the weather centre roof” who tells us it’s raining. I know that you silly cunt, I,’ve just looked out my window. It’s not news. These inflated ego cunts think they are more interesting and important than the news. You’re not. You’re just cunts. Read the fucking news for Christ’s sake.

    • They even insult our intelligence by telling us what the weather was like earlier in the day – WTF?!

  5. Forgot – Ammanpour had allegedly been round the block a few times when single. I would have given her one then provided she asked nicely.

  6. I’ve solved the problem of fake news, biased reporting, dissemination of utter bollocks of no interest to anybody on the planet – I don’t watch it, only the local news. I read a paper but only anything I find interesting, if it even mentions Brexit I flick over it.

  7. Her biased one sided reporting during the Yugoslavia bosnia wars speaks for itself the slimy propagandist cunt

  8. Antiestablishment is the new Establishment, regrettably. It is no improvement on the old. The BBC rot really set in with the smirking chimp John Birt (now Baron Birt, obviously) who founded the labyrinthine management structure based on a bad business model; intention, to make the BBC competitive with advertising-funded media. Which was absurd as the BBC remained license-funded and independent of commercial leverage, as Reith intended. Competition for audiences is what fuels the dumbing-down, PC- ification and democratisation of what should be an intelligent and authoritative exemplar of good broadcasting practice. And is no longer.

  9. Suck ma dick Khunt wants the ISIS pregnant terrorist to be allowed to be allowed to return to the UK. Oh, but he wants plod to speak with her when she lands…

    I say:You want to come back? OK, you pay for your ticket, all the cost of your soon to be sprog and off to jail for life. Offence:treason.

  10. All of the above comments on Al beeb spot on.
    I nominate that stick insect Norman Smith for a cunting.
    He cannot deliver a news report without waving his arms and gurning to the camera.
    What a twonk

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