Liam Neeson

A quick mini cunting for Liam Neeson.
Following on from saying the following about the aftermath of a friend allegedly getting struggle-snuggled by a person of sooty persuasion, Neeson said: “I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could … kill him.”

The cunting is because he’s now apologised and done all the usual part denial, part contrition, rather than coming out and admitting that yes, he’s a bit racist, same as most of us, especially blacks, Muslims and snooty Indians.

Fucking chicken shit.


Nominated by Thomas The Cunt Engine


Liam Neeson is a cunt…
I think the old bugger has gone mad… Everyone knows what he said and the ‘racist’ shitstorm (yeah, another one) it has kicked up… But fancy putting such a huge target on your own back for snowflakes and chippy uppity never done no wrong, no sir blambos to fire at….Neeson is a cunt for giving these cunts something (else) to moan about and for putting white western men in a bad light (and don’t we get enough of that?)….

On the other hand, these black rap cunts are ‘allowed’ to put out crap like ‘Cop Killer’ and ‘Fuck Tha Police’ and no fucker bats an eyelid… While shitfaces like Azelia Banks and Buggerdorf Munro are ‘allowed’ to be as racist to white people as they like.. Fucking bollocks…


Nominated by Norman

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  1. Interesting the way a lot of people also defended him, specially black folks. What he said was he was enraged and wanted to kill someone in his rage and that black folk were his target due to the race of the attacker. Them damn blacks coming over here raping our wimmin etc.

    And fuck me it’s refreshing to hear someone for NI that wanted to kill someone who wasn’t Irish or English.

    Obviously Phil Lynott must of been keeping a low profile at the time.

  2. A pathetic publicity stunt that has fucked the cunt in the arse. People were supposed to say….. good old Liam, as a young man in a rage he had these silly racist thoughts but now he knows what a stupid cunt he was.
    Unfortunately the snowflakes take this kind of bollocks literally. You were a racist for a week forty years ago therefore the VILE evil seed is still in there. Burn the witch!
    I wonder where Liam was when he was on this Danny Dyeresque vigilante mission? If he was in Ireland how many “black neighbourhoods” were there 40 years ago? If he was in America a white man in a black area , looking for trouble, armed with a fucking cosh would be a dead man, simple as that.
    It’s a pack of fucking lies from beginning to end.
    The irony is that you know that if Neeson was a poof he would have got away with it. The money men behind his new film must be fucking furious.

    • Think you’re right. Just doesn’t ring true. My feeling as well he comes over as a real life hero out to avenge a woman gravely wronged. I mean it fits nicely with the woman-protecting hero character he portrays in his films.

  3. Just to get this into context,
    The alleged assailant was coloured, he then took it upon himself to hold that community accountable, (well a bit of a wonky morale compass but not racist)
    Me, a couple of times people have come close to killing me, I have then systematically taken it out on their country men (however it was all legal and ok because a war was on)

    what a funny world we live in.

    • Mmmmmm

      I’ll tread carefully here but I think that confuses the issue LB.

      I’m not sure you can compare the actions of an elected government to that of an individual.

      For starters the individual only answers for his/her own actions whereas governments have to pass ‘scrutiny’ as dodgy as we now know that was.

      Governments of opposing sides send their troops out to do their bidding.

      I think what you’re saying is you’ve served (respect to you) and when you got shot at you shot back?

      To me that’s where the distinction is. Liam Neeson had no need to go out and exact revenge on anyone, he hadn’t been raped or assaulted, he simply went out to satisfy his own grievance based on his friends terrible experience.

      If we all did that it would be anarchy.

      Rightly or wrongly soldiers are sent into battle and they do it without question.

      I’ve never faced bullets coming at me from any / all directions but if I did I’m struck by the feeling that I wouldn’t have time to make value judgements about the the cunt shooting at me or the reasons he’s doing it or than either he gets it or I do.

      Neeson is a cunt a the same

  4. All his films are shite.

    I thank you.

    PS: Herr Fiddler

    Thank you for your kind words the other day. Life is extremely hard, currently but it has to get better…

  5. What a dork… and they say blacks are simple-minded!

    Then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  6. Neeson is a preposterous cunt isn’t he?

    Wheezy, geriatric ‘action man’ / ‘hard guy’. Spent his entire career remaking the same old straight-to-DVD bollocks that clutters up Channel 5.

    It’s the apology that proves this thick-as-shit mummer is a cunt and you can bet your last Euro he’s pro-EU.

    Mind you,having Vagnessa Redgrave as an in-law must’ve had an impact.

    • In fine, a reinterpretation of that towering “gout-bandage”, Roger Moore, but without his, albeit limited, charm or wit.
      Folly-filled cunt

  7. Last night, outside the pub, I showed some hard mouthy cunt what I’m made of….
    Fragile bones….

  8. A pointless and trivial question for the floor:

    Which, if any, of today’s Hollywood or TV hard men and action heroes would actually be able to cut the mustard in a real scrap, or in a ‘confrontational situation’, and which do we think would bottle it?

    There are many showbiz anecdotes about the older generation of ‘hell-raisers’ drinking for days on end, battling amongst themselves and with others, sorting out the occasional bouncer or copper without the need for an entourage of security men. Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, Richard Burton etc; all had a manly presence on screen and you wouldn’t want a ‘right-hander’ from any of them.

    However, I remember when Lewis Collins, the ex-squaddie, ex-SAS character from the Professionals was in the news because some bird was stalking him and he had to hide in the shower (or something) and I felt cheated because he was obviously a pansy in real life. The curly one, Martin Shaw, is also a plummy voiced thesp in real life as well. He would have been shit in a real CI5.

    Dennis Waterman was semi-convincing as an ex-boxer in Minder, but the blond ponce that took over the role looked more like a primary school teacher or one of the Dooleys.

    I don’t see many of the sort about these days. Mickey Rourke and Xavier Bardem are/were undoubtedly a bit handy and Ray Winstone has made a long, one-track living out of it. Jimmy Nail and Idris Elba aren’t softies, but I reckon even I could kick the shit out of Tom Cruise, no matter how many whizzy moves he tried.

    As for those fat little baldy cunts that were the hard case brothers in East Enders – I wouldn’t give them much of a chance in the pubs of Birkenhead or Drumchapel where I spent some of my formative years.

    None of which matters as long as they realise they are just dressing up and playing a part, but extremely funny to see whenever a screen hard man forgets that his super powers aren’t real and he gets exposed as a tart. Russell Crowe is one such cunt. Liam Neeson? Not sure.

    Does RADA make you Harder?

    PS. Dog the Bounty Hunter is a classic example of someone in danger of falling for his own press. Despite looking the part (and probably being one of the more attractive members) the silly cunt wouldn’t last 5 minutes on a hen night in Newcastle!

    • Supreme–does RADA make you harder? I’m doing lines, but have to take my hat off and say:
      Quality cunt

    • I bet in his time Clint Eastwood would have been handy in a scrap. And looking further back here’s an interesting list.
      Nowadays you have cunts like Danny ” I’m a royal don’t cha know” Dyer, that baldy headed cunt that used to shout on Eastenders and Bear “I’m drinking horse piss for no reason” Grylls et Al.
      If there was a real balloon up moment I don’t think there would be as many volunteers from our SJW/METOO celebrity generation. Cunts

      • Didn’t old Clint face down a load of blick gangstas in a McDonalds one night, when accompanied by his grandkids? I’m sure one of them gave him some shit (not realising who he is), and Eastwood basically told him to fuck off or he’d kick his head in…..

    • Ive read the book ‘Hellraisers’. I got the impression that, while Olly Reed fancied himself as a scrapper, he did get in trouble a few times, one being in a fight with O.J. Simpson and causing trouble in a pub. He was knocked out by a small Welshman. I cant say much about Harris and Burton. They seemed more drinkers than ‘hard men’ from what ive read.

      As for Neeson, he was a boxing champion as a teenager so he knows how to throw a punch. Even if he is old i wouldnt want to fight him.

  9. Come on give him a break. At least he raised a taboo subject. Pity he shrank into
    a pair of tiny testicles and dick when confronted by icy waters and gave a grovelling apology.

  10. Superb advertising as both the weedy offended AND the ugg-ugg lovers of Ak-Shun films will buy their tickets and popcorn for this genre-busting moo-vie concerning a kidnapped/injured/killed family member and Neezon’s shoot-em-up revenge. A bit like Taken 1, Taken 2, and Taken 3 (they were Taken the fookin piss!).

    Nonetheless, he “walked the streets for a week looking for a black bastard to kill”? Didn’t he try at the DSS?

    • My first reaction on hearing this story was “yes, of course you didn’t.”
      He was so outraged he did the square root of fuck all. Total non-story, just a backfired attempt to burnish his aging hard man credentials. Daft eejit cunt.

  11. My Dennis got gangbanged a few years back out side the local branch of the Halifax bank.
    Seven men who were green with blue spots all over their body had their wicked way with him. Well that’s his story.
    I was enraged with anger for months , I was out most nights in my trenchcoat that had a secret inside pocket for weapons or shoplifting. My weapon of choice is the rolling pin. I hunted high and low for these green and blue cunts, wanting to batter them to a pulp . No one has seen them before the attack or after, apart from Den, Luckily Dens recovery was swift but my hatred for these green and blue cunts will last for an eternity.

    • Send him to Austria. An old friend from schooldays, and an outrageous homosexual like yourself, had the time of his (and his civil partner’s) life in a club there, while enjoying Eurovision a while back.
      I recall it was called “Sling”, and nobody slipped on the cum, as it had all been consumed. Sounds right “up your street”.
      Prosperum iter facias

  12. Good points, Norman.

    It’s alright to release music saying, “Yo yo yo, kill the white man” and constantly allude to “white” matters, blither on about your AKs and bitches, attack the gays like Kendrick Lamar, even hold a gun to the President’s head (yo, Snoop Dogg)…as long as you’re the correct colour…and dat ain’t no cracker shit.

  13. Maybe it was just bad timing and Neeson was roaming the streets looking for a scrap, around the time KFC ran out of chicken….

  14. If everybody who had had a relative/friend sexually assaulted by an Up pity Dar Key decided to follow Neeson’s example and brain(?) a Soo Ty, the streets would be awash with blood….and yet there would be still be a fall in serious crime incidents over time..but a slight rise in reported cases of animal cruelty, I suppose.

    Fuck Off.

  15. The only black man he would have come across in Ireland 40 yrs ago would have been Phil Lynott and heroin took him before Liam could.

      • A great clip, spoiled only by the presence of that moustachioed, flaccid-penis-headed spunkstain at the beginning.

  16. What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

    Now put the wing down Diane and move away from the bucket!

  17. one of the three girls from Bethnal Green who joined ISIS is 9 months pregnant and wants to come home. she’s only 19 and this is her third child, the other 2 starved to death it seems. shall we let her back?

    • They should absolutely tell this sack of treacherous shite to go and fuck herself
      But of course it’s “modern day” Britain so they won’t….
      After running off to join Isis she’s now bearing a third child ( other 2 died) which she wants the NHS and benefit system to treat and pay for!! Unbelievable stuff! Even worse the cunt shows absolutely no remorse…….

      You made your bed

  18. This lumbering publicity seeking orish oaf has made a serious misjudgment with his little revelation, bet he’s wishing he kept his fucking big mouth shut …..

  19. Stupid Twat advertising his latest film no doubt Think he’s been watching too many Death Wish Films would not last five minutes in inner city London

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