Prince Charles [10]

Yes, the old wingnut is at it again, with his clueless insight as to what constitutes ‘charity’ and his obvious residency of another planet to the rest of us.

His charitable foundation has seen fit to fund the following:



I have seen a lot of cuntery lately, but this cuntery takes the fucking giant hobnob. Forget about the sick and the underprivileged, forget about struggling small community charities, forget about people freezing on the streets at this time of year, lets help useless, criminal, deviant fucktards who got themselves locked up through their own free will to ‘get chill and zen’ while they are banged up.

Apart from the fact that jug ears saw fit to select that old horse to have an affair with and marry, this is more evidence of how he really does not ever play with a full deck. Yes, let’s fund yoga for the poor young offenders as prison is such a nasty place for the little dotes.

The only ‘stretches’ these ASBO wasters should be concentrating on is the stretch inside the place they fucking well put themselves.

HAIRBRAINED (or should that be hairLESS) CUNT!!

Nominated by Nurse Cunty

26 thoughts on “Prince Charles [10]

  1. He really is a thick cunt. Talks to plants and afraid of the world being eaten by miniature robots.

    Useless jobless fuckwit.

    • He does breath-focused stretches between Camilla’s nether regions.

      I hope one of his rubber plants ascends to the throne. Or a malacca cane – that would make life more interesting…

      Camilla can feck orf. That’s what Phil the Greek says, I believe.

  2. Fucking Parasite.

    A selfish, vain,stupid,out-of-touch old Fart who should Fuck Off and take his ugly wife,pompous son plus the rest of his in-bred (the only fresh blood in that family is when Hewitt got to dip his wick in the Royal Slapper) tribe and Piss Off.
    Charles likes to pretend to himself that he is relevant. He is not. Anyone who lives his type of cossetted,self-indulgent lifestyle can never be relevant. Writing letters to Govt. Ministers concerning his latest pet obsession. I’d vote for any Minister who wrote back to the Cunt with a three word reply…”Fuck Off, Cunt.” ,although personally I’d elaborate slightly..about 3 pages long more elaborately.
    Sitting on his pampered,bony arse for years talking bollocks surrounded by endless flunkies pandering to his every whim. What the Fuck can the deluded old Spunk-Bubble really know about the lives of his “Subjects”? The truth is that he neither knows,nor cares,about them. All that concerns him is how he can continue to spin-out the unearned lifestyle of the worst benefit-scrounging pack of Dolts ever to blight this country.

    Fuck them All.

    • Forgot to mention…anyone who revel in the idea of being reincarnated as Camilla’s tampon is an utterly appalling sexual degen erate.

      • True enough Jack. Mr. Cunt-Engine’ll probably be along shortly armed with a vile picture of something that looks like a run-over cat with it’s guts hanging out entitled “The Royal Box”.

      • There ought to be some kind of signal to warn of his arrival. A visual ‘toot toot’ as it were. I am thinking of asking our Nurse Cunty to become our resident counsellor so we have a ‘safe place’ where we can unburden ourselves once Mr Cunt Engine has trundled through.

      • There ought to be some kind of signal of his arrival. A visual ‘toot toot’ as it were. I am thinking of asking Nurse Cunty to become our resident counsellor. She would be a ‘safe place’ where we could unburden ourselves once Mr Cunt Engine has trundled through.

      • I would be happy to do the honours as resident counsellor, Miles….

        ….that’ll be £100 an hour (cash and all cards accepted) or failing that, a shitload of Pinot and chocolate buttons.

        Please form an orderly queue, fellow cunters….

      • It wouldn’t a very orderly queue with these reprobates on here Nurse Cunty. You would have to be stern with us. Mind you that would be the most exciting part.

  3. Yoga for prisoners?

    Is this by the same dyslexic charadee shill who accidentally bought blind dogs for the guides?

  4. I have no real opinion on the royals, if pushed i would support the monarchy.

    Yes Jug ears is a bit of a twat, he dumped Diana for the the Parker bowls woman … a definite downgrade .

    I have heard indirectly but I believe the source was genuine that Diana was a horny bitch…. maybe she was too much for him.

  5. Old Charlie Treefucker is not such a bad cunt in his own (allegedly) soiled pantie sniffing way and I understand he is now producing the Dutchy quim flavoured Vape liquid available at a Waitrose near you as a gesture towards Everyman. May this old time served cunt (Yours Truly) insert a coupla upticks in old Prince Bat Ear’s tick list orf life, not to excuse him but at least better understand some orf his foibles. Things that will have passed the younger cunter by.
    Yours Truly will be submitting a fully rounded cunting in due course but to get on with:
    The full horrors orf the Diana situation, the horror and jealousy and the manner orf her death plus the public hatred directed towards old Charlie and his whiffy mistress with the kids stuck in the middle would tax a Saint. YT would observe that the Royals do what the Royals do and have done so for many generations. Charlie grew up in the midst of the serial alleged infidelities orf the Royal Household and observed the alleged unconventional private life orf his parents at close hand.
    To all this we add the alleged very strange customs and practices orf the larger Royal Household going orn aroinde the poor cunt since birth.
    To be fair YT will lay this oit more fully later but suffice it to say Yours Truly considers it more than a minor miracle that old Prince Charlie has turned oit remotely sane and, on a good day, a decent geezer.

  6. I like Prince Charles. I like the way he runs his estates (whether he should have those estates is another question). But I believe he does run them well. All small businesses. Locally sourced food. Locally sourced building materials. Any new building must be in keeping. Fostering community. This is the way the whole country should be run.

    • Have to endorse those sentiments Plastic. He quietly supports old country cunts keeping them oit orf destitution doine me neck orf the woods. Means they have a fall back so YT can evict some ancient time served old party and dependents with a clear conscious.

  7. I’ve taken up meditation since losing my job.
    It’s better than sitting around doing nothing….

  8. He’s just an embarrassment to add to the long list of embarrassing royals!!
    Amazing to thing this idiotic fopdoddle would be king if his mummy did one..
    Charles talks but who’s listening ? Maybe the plants but that’s about all….
    I reckon if you offered Diana a lifetime of Charles or the Paris underpass her reply? “ where’s the car” 😂

  9. The royals including jug ears are Self serving German cunts , who have no right in this day and age to be where they are.
    in the modern world we live in, we slag off the moose limbs about their backwards religion. To me there is not much difference to having a monarchy, with all the pomp and ceremony that we have to put up with. It belongs in the past.

  10. Yes Big Ears is a cunt. But a harmless cunt. Or would you prefer President May or Dog forbid President Corbyn?

  11. Bliar would make himself President for life. And for Europe with Mangeledbum as his first lady.

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