Dead Pool [119]

Congratulations to Prime Minister Sinister who has won the Dead Pool by picking the Lancashire wrestling star Tom Billington ‘The Dynamite Kid’ who has died on his 60 nbirthday fter battling health problems for many years. Nice shot PMS!

On to Deadpool 119

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

3. It actually has to be some newsworthy cunt that people have actually heard of!

Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

55 thoughts on “Dead Pool [119]

  1. Anne Buydens
    Eileen Ash
    Harry Belafonte
    Van Morrison
    Honor Blackman

    Good work PMS.

  2. Absolute Monster of a Wrestler true hard man and innovator who has given everything he could to have a 5***** match, including his back and legs and sadly hes life. The British Bulldog s are reunited now death . Was a complete prick and cunt outside the ring so probably why i liked him .

    Angela Lansbury
    James Earl Jones
    Cal Bisoglio ( Danny from Quincy)
    Bob Barker
    Tim Currie

  3. Blair the mass murderer and war criminal
    Mavis Appeaser May the traitor
    Lord cunt Heseltine the money grabber
    Lord arselicker Adonis the unelected cunt
    Anna cheap scrubber Soubry the quisling

  4. Max von Sydow
    Jackie Stallone
    Warren Buffet
    Mario Kreutzberger Blumenfeld (Don Francisco)
    Michael Cohen

  5. Dynamite Kid……

    Him and Tiger Mask I revolutionised the Junior Heavyweight wrestling – the Rey Mysterios, Jushin Ligers and Brian Pillmans of the world? Simply put if Kid and Tiger Mask didn’t happen none of them would have ever had the success that they did.

    Make no mistake, as the good Sheriff pointed out, Billington was a known unmitigated cunt out of the ring even to the point that even Bret Hart, who was one of his friends, thought he deserved that one coomeuppance beating he got from Jaques Rougeau in 1988.

    Billington debuted in 1975 where he was one of Big Daddy’s tag partners/ the victim for Giant Haystacks before going to work for noted Sadistic Wrestling Legend Stu Hart in Canada in the late 70s. Billington befriended noted hard bastard Harley Race along the way after having a scuffle while on the road.

    Such was Billington’s hardman reputation that then WWF Champion Randy Savage had him watch his back while out drinking in bars that were normally attended by NWA wrestlers.

    Billington was sadly a skeletal shell oh his former self in his final match in 1996:

    Overall, a true titan and master in the ring and a total prick our of it but it was almost endearing.

  6. I had Dynamite Kid in the poo for some time now….

    Harley Race
    Pedro Morales
    ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham
    Vince McMahon
    Bret Hart

  7. Fuck me. Herman Wouk bagged again.

    Stanley Baxter
    Bill Ward
    Frank Field
    Martin Sheen
    John Astin

    • Christ on a bike, me Stanley Baxter’s been pogged too !
      This place is full of cunts.
      I’ll have Jack Nicholson instead.
      Get off my cunts , cunts !

  8. Tim Conway
    Sheila Mercier
    Diana Athill
    George “Johnny” Johnson
    John McCririck

  9. David Attenborough
    Prince philip
    Ed “filthy cunt” sheerhan
    Jeremy corbyn
    Dianne “fat fuck” abbott

    Nicely done pms.

  10. Livvy Newton John
    Kenneth Cope
    Frank Windsor
    Geoffrey ‘bootfaced old cunt Palmer
    Matthew ‘oddball Kelly

  11. Camilla Parker-Bowels
    Jilly Cooper (self-decapitation with own teeth when sneezing)
    Emma Watson
    Ton Koopman
    Daniel Barenboim

  12. Duke of Edinburgh
    Sir Chris Bonnington
    Joe Brown (another mountaineer)
    Buzz Aldrin
    Alan Bennett

  13. George Takei (sulu)
    Bill treacher (Arthur Fowler)
    John McCririck
    Dennis skinner
    Ozzy Osborne

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