David Millipede [8]

David Miliband:

Following hot on the heels of the Princess Anthony, Banana Boy David Miliband, now a resident of the USA has popped up on The World At One (where else?) to give his little opinions on Brexit.

The Poundland Blair is nearly a big a cunt as his master, but why do the BBC insist n dragging every fucking has been out of their sewers?. Fuck the bastards.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

33 thoughts on “David Millipede [8]

  1. He is like,well down with the yoot! Unlike Rolf Harris who likes the youth to go down on him…

  2. About as relevant as pertinent to the EU argument as Gary Glitter is to tackling child abuse.

    Fuck off back to your cosy job in the States you oily shitburger.

  3. Talking of ridiculous, rejected dinosaurs, another decrepit EU bidet, Heseltine has managed to stand up in the House of Dementia and say that he did not support the calls to publish the Brexit legal advice, and the subsequent publication has been “a damp squib”.

    The only damp squib is the one in your nappy, you dishevelled carp. Piss off back to your Kensington millionaire life, you irrelevant never-was.

  4. It’s weird… don’t laugh, but I actually think I might despise this yellow-bellied libtard slimeball even worse than Bliar!

    I’ll get my coat…

    • RTC I think the problem is that Minicamp models himself on Queen Anthony – even though he must know what an untrustworthy and dishonest fucker he is – and it is the greed, scheming and arrogance of his master which impresses him most. He adopts the same camp, pleading and dictatorial voice. Like Blair he’d take a fiver from a heap of a rich mans shit with his teeth. Money mad, power mad, corrupt and with an inflated view of their own intelligence.

  5. So let me get this straight.

    He fucks off to New York as it suits to make a shit load of money for old rope, but still feels anything he has to say about our current governmental climate will be relevant or noted. Another political sheep jumping on the Brexit bandwagon, but sadly not falling off and breaking his brass neck.


    • This cunt is head of the International Rescue Committee, like a bedwetting limp dicked version of the Thunderbirds.

      • The Thunderbirds were also less wooden and more efficient at their jobs too.

        This bellend just needs to count his blessings and shut his piehole.

        On the same Thunderbirds tack, Milliband is not so much ‘Brains’ as ‘Shit for brains’…….

    • This reminds me of that cunt Alan Cumming, who fucked off to the US and was granted citizenship, then was back over here gobbing off on the ScotNazi platform during the inde referendum debate.
      A bigger cunt than Katie Price’s.

  6. I’m sure these slimy types have grown directly off the floor of some spurious sperm bank.

  7. See this piece of shit ▶️ 🇫🇲

    Not my fucking flag.

    Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

  8. … David Miliband …. another one of them ‘overseas, take the money and flee’ fuckers, who thinks his opinion is worth a shit. One more to get the backs up of any leave voter as if there was ever any doubt ….
    As they say … I’m no gynecologist, but I know a Cunt when I see one.

  9. This greedy, grasping cunt was as much use as a dick at a lesbian orgy. When he was MP for South Shields, he proved that he couldn’t organise a piss up in a Urology department. When he left for New York to line his own pockets for doing nothing, the town was in a worse state than Albania under Enva Hoxha, a fact which would have pleased his father, the massively rich “Communist” hypocrite, of whom the inept, dysfunctional CUNT brothers are extremely proud.
    The whole cunt Miliband family can fuck off and die.

  10. I don’t usually watch TV, listen to the radio or read any kind of news media as it irritates me.

    After reading through posts on this site, complaining about LBC, BBC and Syk News etc, I decided to immerse myself in this strange world for a couple of days.

    My results are thus:

    LBC – full of hosts who mainly love the sound of their own voice. If your opinion doesn’t suit theirs then you are made to look a fool and cut off. Nick Ferrari, Nigel Farage, Magic Narwhale(?), and Sheila Foghorn all have massive chip shops on their shoulders.

    BBC and Syk – both seem to pander to the remain advocates with a ‘token’ leave representative wheeled out every now and again, mainly from the public. Very left wing mentality, almost sickly in its presentation.

    Conclusion – ISAC is right!

    Goodbye for now.

  11. Cunt has hair modelled on a 1975 Lego man. Like his gormless sibling, this communist anus would love nothing better than to look out from his balcony at the beautiful communist state in front of him, whilst living with the greatest riches imaginable.

    The EU is his key to re-entering politics, gaining power and those riches he so craves. An overweening sense of superiority and the arrogance of certainty that the UK needs his expertise.

    Fuck off back to the states you giant gelatinous cockwomble and please entice your muttering vulva of a sibling to join you. I would love to read one day that they had both fallen into the San Andreas Fault. CUNTS!

  12. Him and his mongoloid brother look like inbreds from that island “Tristan da Cunha“ weird looking pair of cunts. Their could be a large helping of Joe Daki in them to.

    • I didn’t like to mention they are descended from eastern European Jews. While having no great love for God’s chosen people, I don’t like to say anything which might be construed as anti-Semitic. Best to leave that for his comrades in the Labour party.

      • It occurs to me that the presence of cunts like him might well account for the alleged antisemitism in the party.

        About which we have heard so little just lately that I am beginning to think our global elites might actually prefer to have Labour in power. A nice tame Labour, obviously, headed by a Miliband surrounded by former Blair spads.

  13. Father was a cunt, brother is a cunt, all his “friends” are cunts, many of them lawyer cunts, which is the worst sort. A wise man once wrote of the law students at my alma mater “They congregate in the smoking room, where they talk in loud voices about how clever they are, and how stupid everyone else is.” Best summary of the legal profession I have heard. Like politicians they regard the ordinary man with contempt and consider their opinions, which they invariably share with all their braying dinner party guests, as the only valid options. Entitled inbred cunt who can’t even eat a banana without fucking it up.

  14. I wonder if you get “the Miliband cunt” in the same way as the Hapsburg lip.

    I think it’s actually more insidious than that as cunt is a communicable disease as well as a genetic one.

    Two cunts breed and the poor kid will be a genetic cunt. But then the poor sap grows up in some wanky “progressive” bubble and becomes an exponential cunt as well.

    Fuck me, raised as “gender fluid”, taught that being white is some sort of disease. Surrounded by Cliff knows what sort of vegan addled snowflake freaks, probably stunted physically by never having bacon or steak.

    Then the mental destruction begins. School, if I must use that word, followed by snowflake “university”. Oh I don’t know, something really vital. “Why everything in the history of the world since the Permian extinction, and probably that too is Whitney’s fault”. Then a “job” with some charidee (on about £300k so who are the cunts here).

    This is the new aristocracy. The old one was composed of inbred fuckwits but at least they had a certain style and some wit (and manners generally) and could at least provide some entertainment.

    Once upon a time there were finishing schools were the fuckwits were taught etiquette and behaviour. Now we have cunt factories euphemistically called “universities” producing terminators of cunt mindlessly trying to destroy any non cunt they find.

    I think this started properly about 20 years ago (funnily enough when the cunt of cunts of cunts of cunts of cunts…..I can’t even type the name. If I did so I’d turn to stone). Like ice sheets it spread and we are now in a full blown cunt age with pretty well the whole western world covered by a cunt sheet about two miles thick.

    At least an old cunt like me can remember the world as it once was.

    • The Miliband Cunt is the modern equivalent of the Lambeth Walk, which even you may not be old enough to remember, so –

      Any time you’re Miliband way,
      Any evening, any day,
      You’ll find us all
      Doing the Miliband Cunt

      Every little Miliband gal,
      With her little Miliband pal,
      You’ll find them all
      Doing the Miliband Cunt

      Everything’s free and easy,
      Do as you darn well pleasy,
      Why don’t you make your way there
      Go there, stay there.

      Once you get down Miliband way
      Every evening, every day,
      You’ll find yourself
      Doing the Miliband Cunt.


      • I’d quite like to do the Miliband cunt(s) – with pliers and a fucking blowtorch.

        I think there’d be a queue.

  15. When I was doing work 20 years ago in a third world country that was in the throws of a Coup with no English radio except the BBC I used to make time to listen to the free world at my peril as the jungle bunnies considered the Empire as part of their problems. Now I don’t even click on the BBC dribble to read the news on line. Who wants to listen to looser opinions, shoulder tappers, pillow biters and the gender non-specific cunts as news. Voice of the free world? The twits they give oxygen to just drag the Commonwealth to the being a joke in the 3rd world, complete fuckwits!
    Maybe to save money they cut and paste from ‘Women’s Weekly’ or some other tabloid? No wonder only the echo chamber dimwits stick with them, we have walked away in case what they have is infectious. Next they will be running to interview the Turkey to get an opinion of what it thinks about Thanksgiving! Morons!

  16. David Milicunt is a self-entitled lefty cuntwipe and his useless deformed shitrag of a brother Ed Milicunt are evidence of what will happen to the human gene pool if we allow these turds to keep reproducing. At least that goose-stepping saggy-titted squarehead Merkunt, granny-poking casual shirtlifter Macrunt, gurning hunchback May and gaytards Varadkunt and Turdeau have the grace not to inflict their progeny on the rest of the race. Mind you, as they’re all shitstabbers, ugly cunts, or both, it’s probably enforced rather than a decision.

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