What happened to those good old fashioned libraries where you could go to read or study in peace and quiet?

Now they are like a local community centre, with bloody kids running about, their stupid indulgent parents letting them run wild, loud yacking women, chess clubs, yummy mummies and their horrible kids singing etc….eff off the lot of you.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Spot on Cunting. That’s all libraries are now, noisy fucking community centres.

    Up until the 1980s you could have heard a pin drop in our previously impressive Central Library.

    No self respecting tramp would set foot in there these days.

    • The libraries will be next in the snowflake crosshairs, all those books on Shakespeare, Keats, Wordsworth, Kipling, oozing their white male privilege. Don’t even mention subjects like biology and genetics stating, yes there is in fact only two genders.

      • Surprised the books haven’t already been burnt. Maybe they have… Last time I walked past, all I could see through the window was CDs, DVDs, computers and CUNTS.

        They’ll probably end up having to burn any remaining books to keep warm… when all the energy companies up sticks and relocate to the EU after Brexit.

    • My village Library is now a ‘Comooni’ee Hub’ for the growing number of darkies infesting the hitherto pristine area.
      The council has had some artist paint a mural and graffiti tags on the outside to make it look like some inner city shit hole.

      • Anything called a hub “excites” the diverse types.

        They go looking for caps to nick.

  2. Our library even allows people to use their fucking mobile phones, and of course it is always the wimmin with the biggest gobs who takes advantage of this, the fucking local schools monopolise the building most weekdays. Whatever happened to that lovely SILENCE sign with the elderly lady librarian with a 60″ bust making bloody sure there was silence. One look from her and todays snowflakes would have shat in their pants.

  3. I was in the local central library one day and this woman came in with a pram, and her kid was screaming it’s fucking head off. She wasn’t looking at any books, she’d come in because it was raining. Eventually I went over and asked if she could keep it quiet. She said ‘ Oh shut up! It’s not a research library.’ It meant nothing to her that she was causing a disturbance to dozens of people, but even more annoying was the fact that no member of staff was prepared to do anything about it.

  4. Our lovely old town library built with funding from the Carnegie trust has undergone a ‘revamp’ to modernise it. Used the updated effort for first time this week. Fuck me you need to locate a button out of plain sight to operate the security door to get in. On egress the doors fling themselves open as you walk to them. Some kid or old codger (me) is going to end up whacked. Agree with what said re community centre approach and every dosser on benefits gets sent there to pass the time using the computers. Less shelf space for books than before also.

  5. A top notch cunting MM. Like most, our library used to be a haven of peace where you could browse, study, read the paper. Now it’s a community and computer centre; fucking old gits muttering over afternoon tea and biscuits, kids racing about, cunts on mobile phones and the rest. There’s even a fucking coffee and drinks machine in there, although naturally they’ll jump on you if you take your own stuff in with an alacrity not displayed where noisy and disruptive cunts are concerned. Cunts.

  6. The Whitefield and Unsworth Librairies near Manchester – both also buildings of classic 60s design – have been closed because local council can’t afford to keep them after 50 odd years of community importance apiece… But same council finds all sorts of money for housing, cars, and other perks for the flocks of Bogo-Bogos that are like a dose of Colarado Beetle… Britain is now officially shit….

  7. Excellent cunting.

    I very recently went in to our local library to meet up with my mother who was in her usual place, that being the ‘Romantic Historical Fiction’ section. She loves a bit of Catherine Cookson, but I digress……

    It was like a fucking community centre.

    I was quite literally stunned. It had a bloody coffee cafe thing in the middle of it being patronized by fat chavs with buggies and a posse of grannies having a less than quiet gossip, or as I like to call them ‘wombles’.

    Granted, I haven’t been in a library since I was studying anatomy and physiology for my nursing diploma and wondering whether the coccyx was what I thought it was, or something that appears in a porn movie, but to say it has changed beyond all recognition is an understatement. I remember the days when if you even clacked your shoes in the library you would get a shit load of dirty looks and a ‘SHHH’ from the scary looking womble behind the desk. It seems those days are long gone, and like everything in life these days, libraries have gone straight down the shitter too.

    What a fucking shame. They could of course try putting a spot of ‘Nytol’ in the coffee there to knock the noisy fuckers out. Good old fashioned ‘Benylin’ works a treat too. I would do the honours myself if I could.


  8. Thank fuck we still have libraries, even If they have been infiltrated by The Cunt Class. I love mine – where else could I get a book that costs thirty quid, which I’ll never read twice so I don’t want to buy it – (that and I’m a tight cunt), for free? If they don’t have it on the shelves, they’ll get it for you. Free! If the local council try and close ours, I’ll be chaining myself to the fucking doors. Doors which should keep the aforementioned noisy cunts out. No problem with kids in there having reading sessions, at least they’ve not got their fucking grids in their ‘hand-held devices’.You, however, having a conversation on your ‘phone at a fucking volume so loud that if you stuck your ugly, cushion like face out of the fucking door, the person you’re talking to would be able to fucking hear you, well, you can fuck right off.

    • Agreed, DCI. Likewise, I’ve always had a soft spot for them as I read a copious amount and wouldn’t be able to afford every new book, even the softbacks.

      Nonetheless, I’d like to see a bit more discipline. Occasionally they should clean the chairs; clamp down on mobile phone conversations; tell Pavel and his drug-dealers Iron Curtains to do their business elsewhere; above encourage some of the fuckers to wash (yes you, south-east Asians). Sometimes the odour is like the sewers have burst.

      Also, the council should try to employ at least a couple of lookers. Some of our scary-Mary librarians either look like Halloween never ended or have been dodging salads for decades.

      • Too right!
        Blimey Cap’n for a second I thought you’d written ’employ a couple of hookers’!
        Mmm… thinking on it, perhaps just a natural extension of the service; pay a fee for reservation, take one out, return when finished…

  9. When I was finishing my actuarial studies I used the local library to study and it saddened me massively.

    Gone were the days of total silence, which I had hoped still existed.

    In its place I found a place unrecognizable to what it was in my youth.

    Firstly , where I chose to sit for the first week or two was next to what was the public information area . To a man every single person trudging through picking up leaflets where either gimmegrants or fat feckless single mothers . The leaflets?? How to claim benefits and what you’re “entitled” to.

    Obviously I couldn’t stand this so I moved to the floor above. Big mistake, a load of thick 17 year olds from the local tech college all on their phones , generally fucking about. I doubt any of them are now heading up FTSE 100 companies is all I can say.

    So……finally I moved closer to the open atrium that ran through the 4 floors of the library. This was further away from.the students .

    This was my final error. Turns out that every Saturday, a different group from overseas ( but obviously all living here) would put on something akin to Polish Country Dancing with music played through a loudspeaker.

    As you’ll no doubt imagine, the leftists working at the library utterly loved this cultural enrichment without a second thought to the culture that it has helped to erase.

    Nice work Blair. You cunt

  10. I like reading but only use my library to pick up books I’ve reserved online. It only costs £1 in the County libraries (I live in the county) or £1.50 in the City ones but it saves me quite a bit over a year. Some of the County libraries are being made ‘smart’ so you can access them even when there are no staff there, quiet and it’s in and out, lovely.

  11. The only time I go to the library now is to use the public access computers.
    Not to do work or anything meaningful but to leave the search page open with…

    ‘How to remove semen from a computer keyboard’….

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