Danger Tourism

Danger or Dark Tourism

This is the seemingly new practice of usually 1st world cunts travelling , quite intentionally to 3rd world shitholes.

However, unlike Jemima and Tarquin’s gap year building orphanages out of bricks made from the locals’ excrement, the strategy ofnthese monumental cunts is to deliberately target areas that the foreign office says try not to bother with if at all possible.

These cunts are usually boyfriend and girlfriend and without fail the bloke will usually be antipodean and will own one of those maps to show all the CUNTries he’s been to, with which the cunt will be only to happy to bore you.
Like I’m fucking interested.

It’s a shame these maps don’t have time spent in each country on them as no doubt Australia is way down that ranking table but he’ll tell you how great Australia is . Yeah your home country is a fucking desert effectively . It’s why all you cunts are here.

Anyway I digress, I’ve just overhead this.dozy bitch in the office say that her and “Brad” are going to a fairly dangerous part of central Asia on a three month sabbatical.

She says this loudly a lot , like the rest of us are supposed to be impressed that quite literally the softest person in the office has been tricked into thinking it will be fun. I shit you not, she was crying the other day because someone else’s cat died.

She has this idealised view of where she is going, as if she is some sort of latter day Walter Thesiger.

The reality will more likely be that Brad gets his head cut off on YouTube and she gets annihilated in all holes before suffering the same fate.

There’s no romance in going to war zones you stupid stupid cunt, it’s why nobody wants to be there.

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26 thoughts on “Danger Tourism

  1. Yeah, and you watch when it call goes tits up, and the boyfriend is murdered and she ends up in prison because she’s been drinking booze in public in places like Saudi Arabia,.

    She or her parents will soon be out blaming the FO for not doing enough; or mommy will be pleading in the Daily Mail “Please bring my loving daughter home. She doesn’t deserve to be locked up in that hell hole prison boo hoo”

    Fuck ’em, I hope these irresponsible cunts get a quick reality check up their puckered arseholes. The rules of the game are different in the bigger world, and if you don’t play by the rules you get well and truly fucked

  2. If Jemimah and Rupert expect me to chip into their crowdfunding pot to pay their ransom they’d better get used to the daily spit roasts.
    Go Darwinism ! Yay !
    You soft cunts.

  3. Usually an affliction suffered by highly educated western individuals, with more degrees than a compass but not a single ounce of common sense.

    Cunts like this (who was told repeatedly that these cunts would kill him on sight but – being highly educated – he knew best didn’t he):


    The only saving grace being that most of these cunts are killed before they get to pass on their stupidity genes to the next generation of useless “we’re all friends in the world” snowflake cunts!

  4. I fucking love these stories where these cunts go fucking about with wild animals or wild people and end up getting chopped up. I laugh like a drain. There are some people who are so dumb and naive they just can’t imagine anything outside their own narrow experience. That’s why all the snowflakes love the peacefuls……. they’ve never been near the cunts!
    Let’s face it there will never be a shortage of these dimmos so good luck to them I say. Go and hand feed some cute, cuddly bears in Yellowstone Park and come back with an arm missing you thick cunts.

  5. Who could forget these clowns? This was a cunting from earlier in the year:-


    What did these two Lefty cyclists think was going to happen? Idiots. Naivety and arrogance is a lethal cocktail.

  6. Terry Waite went one better. Like that Cunt who got deservedly pin-cushioned by some Indians of impeccable taste,he had his God to protect him…how I gloated at the fate that befell the two of them. Poking their do-gooding snouts in where they plainly weren’t wanted, they deserved everything that they got. I just felt sorry for the poor Cunt who had to share a radiator for years with that sanctimonious wanker, Waite. Think I’d have been tempted,in his position, to tell our captors that Waite had said that he didn’t believe that Muslims should be allowed to fuck 11 year old girls. That would have sorted the bastard’s hash.

    I don’t go anywhere dodgy for my holidays these days. My last sojourn ended in arrest,a short incarceration,payment of a grossly unfair fine and deportation….wouldn’t care but it was only fucking Greece, hardly the badlands of Bongo-Bongo Land. Fuck knows,but I think that I can guess,the fate that would befall me if I ventured anywhere more exotic.

    Fuck them.

    • What did you do to our swarthy plate smashing EU cousins Mr Fiddler? If its how they treat our hospitality you’ll have fiddled the benefits system, claimed you lost your entire family in a tower block fire and maybe desecrated the Acropolis in some fashion.

      • Got into a brawl in a bar, L.L….prepared to admit that I may have been slightly responsible,but I bet that it’s a while until that particular bar forgets my brief but eventful visitation.

        Fuck them.

    • Not really on topic, but the reference to Mr. Waite reminded me of a saying and description of enjoying a lady with a particularly hirsute pubic area:
      ‘She had a fanny like Terry Waites’ allotment`

  7. This sort of thing comes to my attention if I happen to watch “Pointless” when Armstrong asks giggly Milly and Victoria how they’re going to spend their (invariably derisory) Jackpot.

    Whenever these snowflakes answer ‘travelling’ I amuse myself with thoughts of their being mercilessly reamed at an Albanian bukkake party.

  8. https://www.worldofbuzz.com/25yo-solo-traveller-on-round-the-world-trip-gets-killed-raped-in-first-country-she-visited/

    Prime example, there was another story about a young woman who decided to travel sole around the middle east, yep you guessed it, raped and murdered, found rotting beside the road.

    These countries are shit holes for a reason, part of that reason is the people that live there, their culture. The snowflake “everyone is beautiful inside” belief gets these cunts killed.

    And we can’t “enrich” our culture fast enough…….

    • Clearly looking at all the selfies she’s in love with not only herself but also with social media.

      An attention-seeking whore with more spunk up her holes than brain cells. When will these stupid cunts realise not everyone is born equal, and that there are so really nasty cunts out there that will fuck you up real bad!

      Travelling around the world in a group, and with every precaution considered, still doesn’t guarantee you a safe trip; but those cunts who go solo deserve nothing more than contempt.

      They love all the free spirited liberalism and the “I hate the oppressive sexist, racist homophobic bigotry back home”, but when they go to countries where anarchy and civil unrest is strive (Mexico and Central America in particular), they learn the hard way how fucking lucky they are to be living in such “oppressive” countries compared to these hell holes.

  9. She will be so disappointed when they prefer the boyfriends doughnut to the smelly clam. What about me!! as she texts on #metoo. Clinton and her slapper’s have already told the world a few years ago that rape is the worst thing that can happen. Why the fuck would you tell the world what your most afraid of? Just to drive the point home they may give the pink a go rather than the brown they normally prefer.

    I tell you the truth here about two guys that murdered a young woman in a third world country, I spoke directly to one of the guys to understand what was going on in his fucking head! She was Muslim, they raped her, a school teacher. After they had fun they cut off her breasts and because she fought back they cut her arms with a can knife, chucked her in a pit and made a half arse effort to cover her with dirt. The autopsy showed she was still alive when they buried her by the soil taken into her lungs. They thought she had bled to death. I asked this fucker why they did all this to her, the answer was that after they raped her she was nothing, her family wouldn’t want her, society wouldn’t want her so as she was now a nobody death was a gift and it become fun for them.

    Now you left leaning fucking liberals and you snowflake fuckwits, you think you can change thousands of years of the way these fuckers think in a decade or so, you are out of your fucking mind.

    And another trick they told me, as somebody is being executed the sphincter muscle rythmicaly contracts and that is another thing taken advantage of. Go take you OE, if you manage to come back there won’t be may virgin holes left, then again I have heard of slapper’s (survivors is the ‘in word now’) going back for another violation by a buck Mandingo.

    Sorry to ramble but I am a bit upset about things in the past I should have forgotten.

    • A personal hero of mine Sergeant Chef (a chief Sergeant – NOT a chef) In 2018 became Lt Colonel (ret) Zlatko Sabljic (of Croatian origin). He was dropped into Kolwezi, a mining town in Zaire, taken over by The Tigers, the Katangese rebels from the left-wing Congolese National Liberation Front (FNLC). 2000 were held hostage and Zlatko was a hard arse. In the image he is leading away a little cunt who worked in the house of one of the mine managers. On the day of the attack on the mining community this little cunt murdered and butchered the mine manager, his wife and 2 children in the most appalling way involving torture and deviant sex acts.
      Zlatko was so appalled (even for a Legionnaire) the image you see are the last few moments of the little cunts life. Zlatko, on hearing and seeing the carnage this little cunt visited on that family took him round the back of some mud huts and double tapped the cunt in the back of the head. Didn’t bat a fucking eyelid and rejoined his section to carry on the clearout. I came across him a few times – strict disciplinarian who now runs the Legion Retirement home after 36 years service in the Legion. In 1986 outside the Foyer we got into a bit of an argument and he kicked me so hard I honestly thought he had left his boot up my ring.
      If anyone tells you “oh, Africa is nice this time of year” – I have one piece of advice – unless you are part of a well trained well armed group DONT. Its never nice, its what Dante’s inferno looks and feels like.

  10. These dozy pricks should all be encouraged to go play hopscotch in the minefields of Cambodia. Help rid the world of mines and cunts.

  11. Morning fellow cunters !
    This chap given life ? Was he a spy ?
    Ok so what if he was there’s fuck all to spy on ! Fuckin sand and goat fuckers really
    Time we said unlock him or we will bomb Abu Dhabi or Dubai
    CUNTS !!!!!!!

  12. And the worst thing is, you don’t have to travel to all these far-off places to realise how utterly fucked up and dangerous they are; instead they’re all coming over here and saving you the bother!

  13. I think the problem with these cunts is often their own vanity. They like to promote themselves not as ‘tourists’ but as ‘travellers’, often on some do-gooding pretext such as digging wells in Shitearabia or planting beans in some African doghole. Any cunt who goes to some hotspot like the Yemen cos they think it looks good are just being utterly pretentious and naive, and if they get into shit shouldn’t expect to get bailed out.
    Another bang on bit of cunting is this!

  14. I can remember two people with different nationalities who came out with the classic, “You cant do that I am an American/ British Citizen” and guess what happened next……..
    Personally as a sprog I was dragged through a lot of shit holes because my Dad was paid top notch to put his family at risk, and he loved us enough to want us near him.
    I have never let my self be put in a position where I am forced to bleat the “you cant do that” simply because I dont go to fuckwhit places un armed, off the top of my head last time I went to fuck whitania I carried 300 rounds loose 2 grenades defensive/offensive (the defensive ones are much more offensive though) and 120 rounds magged up and the correct dispenser firmly strapped to my body.
    I never had any problems and made many friends who would probably have killed me on the spot if I hadn’t out gunned them, friends who would probably kill me if I were stupid enough to trust them and return to their homes and hospitality.

  15. Great cunting.

    I am always perplexed when you hear about these lunatic tossers on the news, along the lines of ‘Cunty McCuntface has been arrested by officials in a NORTH KOREAN takeaway thinking he was still in China. He had just finished a night on the piss and fancied some sweet and sour chicken balls.’

    Everyone’s dream destinations. The nutfest that is China bordering North fucking Korea.

    I just don’t get some of these libtard, right on, ‘progressive’ fucktards who cannot just book a chirpy cheap cheap to Spain, but have to be ‘radical’ and go to a bloody Amazonian rainforest and risk ending up in some tribe’s saucepan or some other shithole of the universe.

    Even Thailand to me is madness. Beautiful beaches it may have, but so many ‘tourists’ get offed there it is ridiculous. What is the fascination except to be able to brag to the world and it’s mother how fucking Bear Grylls you are.


  16. Even in developed nations such as Japan, the xenophobia towards westerners and fetishisation of buxon blondes means pretty white girls arent safe.

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