Theresa May [18]

Theresa May is overdue another cunting.
I am listening to World at One. Boris’s attack on her proposal is of course a lead item’ but it strikes me that May’s flagship ‘Chequers Agreement’ has no support from anyone.

Remainers don’t like it.
Leavers don’t like it.
That cunt Barnier doesn’t like it.

So why the fuck is this stupid, inadequate woman still clinging to it?
My only conclusion is that she is a cunt. I am open to argument.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

43 thoughts on “Theresa May [18]

    • Many arguments?
      Jesus h Christ you would have to go far far beyond this site to find some Cunt to have an argument with regarding the sheer incompetence of the hunchback!! Good luck in your quest CC!!
      You will probably find the Golden Fleece or Atlantis before that happens……. 😂

  1. Appeaser May is a cunt for constantly getting cunted on is-a-cunt. I’m sick of the sight of the cunt.

  2. Surely she’s broken the record for the highest number of cuntings in a single year by now. Admin may as well not even bother putting up a poll for COTY at this rate.

  3. Mind you, cunt though she is you gotta hand it to her – she’s so bad she’s managed to unite Leavers and Remainers in hatred of her. That’s no easy feat.

    • I’m amazed by the fact that I, a 36 year old, rightwing leaver can actually be in complete agreement about something with a 20 year old, millennial, uni student, socialist, SJW, hipster remainer and that is that Theresa May is a cunt.

      The mind boggles.

    • Both undoubtedly top cunts but May can at least add up, she knew what £40bn looked like in the EU divorce ‘shakedown’ where Flabbott was going to recruit 10,000 cops for £300,000 or £30 each a year.

  4. Maggot May has taken her thirty pieces of silver, and by god she is working hard for her paymasters. But not for us.

  5. That photo is so fucking awful I need beer NOW !!!!!!
    She should be loweredinto an active volcano immediately.

  6. Is that one of those mummies that certain South American tribes drag out for display once a year (when there’s tourists or a camera crew about)
    Looks like advanced decomposition to me…

  7. This is how much of a dozey “own goal” this cunt is…

    Spends a week pontificating over cunts in the Dark Continent – especially South Africa – and low and behold today it is announced that South Africa is going into recession!

    What a fucking dozey cunt!

    So after blowing fuck knows how much on an expedition to shithole central with all of her entourage in tow, how much net richer will we be?


    Useless fucking cunt!

    She has to go. End of.

  8. P.S. Can someone Photoshop a speech bubble on that picture saying: “OY GOT YOU NARRR BUTLER!”

  9. Does anyone remember that David Moyes ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ meme from when the guy was Man United manager? Well, Admin really should superimpose Maybot’s face onto that and use it as the picture for her next cunting.

  10. Cunt looks like a formaldahyded Cecil Turtle from Looney Tunes.

    Her strategic prowess in negotiating an EU trade deal is in line with that of Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

    The gold seal for cunts around the globe.

  11. In years to come, we’ll look back and wonder how on Earth this tremulous, half scarecrow, half witch was ever the leader of this nation. Her deep pronouncements like her stolen slogan “Brexit means Brexit”, her pitiful attempts at bullying (the Chequers taxi fiasco), her spluttering cough-strewn speeches, her dithering reluctance to tell the Reich to jog on, and, this week, her cringe worthy endeavours at dancing in Africa which ultimately looked like an awkward granny at a wedding who’d had too much Port’n’lemonade.

    Depressingly shit leadership, no backbone, and a breathtakingly embarrassing lack of achievements.

    The sooner, the better.

  12. Fuck me! Just had a terrible nightmare! A pissed up Mavis in white high heels dancing around her handbag to “Puppet on a String.”
    It was a shocker!

    • “Nightmare on Downing Street”. Part x: The Wombling.

      Got to be one of the worst series of B-rated prequels / sequels ever to be released on the unsuspecting British public.

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