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Peter Mandelson is due a cunting. The former EU Commissioner was on the equally odious James O’Brien show on LBC recently to slag off the 17.4 million British patriots who voted to leave the EU. This nasty, sneering little cock jockey reckons that Leavers are not patriots, like he is. He also says that we are Nationalists, hate foreigners, and our decision to vote was self serving and not in the national interest.

So, you want to talk about self serving do you, Mandelslime? Ok, how about that fat EU pension you stand to lose? Obviously, you were a Euroloon before you became an EU Commissioner, but let’s face it, you wouldn’t be quite so fanatical about the EU if you didn’t happen to have a large financial stake in it. And since nobody but you and your Brazilian stand to benefit from your EU pension, it’s difficult to see your stance as anything but self serving. Which makes you a massive fucking hypocrite for accusing others of being self serving.

Not patriots? Fuck you Mandelslime! I served for over twenty years in the British Army. You don’t do that if you’re not a patriot. We voted to leave the wretched EU because we ARE patriots. We love our country, and we want it governed by people whom WE elect in a free, fair and democratic election, rather than by a bunch of unelected, unaccountable, incompetent, anti-democratic assholes who were chosen by a committee. And while I’m on the subject, patriots don’t open the floodgates to allow in millions of unchecked immigrants, like you and Blair did. Patriots don’t brag about ‘sending out search parties’ for immigrants to come to the UK, like YOU did. Patriots don’t sell our industries, like you did, to foreign governments and companies.

I do not hate foreigners. My father is American and, therefore, a foreigner. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and spent my first nine years there, before my English mother had to return to the UK, to care for my English grandmother. My wife’s parents are from Nigeria. What I hate, is the large and never ending deluge of foreigners who come here to take the piss out of the British taxpayer. That is a problem which YOU, Mandelslime, are largely responsible for.

We’re nationalists are we? You fucking bet I am. I love this country. I have fought for it. I’ve been wounded twice fighting for it. And I would die for it if necessary. Whereas you, you couldn’t give a fuck about the UK. All you care about is money.

I did more for this country ONE DAY in the British Army, than you will ever do for it in your entire miserable, lying, traitorous life. And unlike you, not once in my career did I have to resign in disgrace, after being caught making dodgy deals. You had to resign in disgrace TWICE, within a two year period.

If you want to see someone who is unpatriotic and slef serving, go look in a fucking mirror. Mandelslime, you are a cunt of epic proportions!

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Fucking excellent post and thank you for your service in defending my countrys interests QDM

  2. After 20 years in the army and wounded twice you must have quite a collection of medals. However, I doubt if any of them can compare with the Legion d’honneur awarded to Lord Mandelson for being “a long term friend of 🇫🇷 France.”
    To be more specific:
    (1) selling his country’s assets (railways, energy) at knockdown prices to the French government
    (2) selling his country’s soul to the Frog and Kraut dominated EU.
    (3) contributions to the economy of the Paris red light district (rent boy division)
    (4) contributions to gay prostitution in French colonial territories.
    (5) designing a new white flag with a small Union Jack in the top left hand corner.
    Yes, I don’t think you can compare with his Lordship’s achievements. You might also like to compare your Army pension with his Lordship’s parliamentary pension plus EU pension plus the 305 quid a day for signing in at the House of Old Traitors.
    Ah yes, the great Lord Mandelson…… truly a giant amongst men.

    • Yeh that hero mandleson, who counts other well known heroes Campbell and Blair amongst his closest friends!!
      Excellent post QDM 👍👍

    • And lest we forget, before he was a crooked MP & cunt Lord, Mandelscum was Liebour’s Spin Doctor in Chief, responsible for manoeuvring the devil incarnate himself – Tony B. Liar – into 10 Downing Street in that fateful Year of 1997.

    • Top retort Freddie and a top post by QDM.
      They wont understand the psyche of most servicemen. Mandy when speaking of Patriotism and Nationalism hasn’t got a fucking clue about either.
      A Patriot is someone who loves his country
      A Nationalist is someone who hates everyone else’s.
      Nobody but failed EX Liebour dross puts a band of corrupt cunts like the EU before their Country. His CV was typical of the fucking lot of them. Fired twice for corruption – a fucking shoe in for an EU commissioners post.

      • Mine too QDM.
        LSR stripes, South Atlantic medal, Chad, Djibouti. None for gallantry but a few scars mostly from “hatch rash” (on board when you don’t lift your leg high enough to make the hatch – and they fucking really sting and I still have the purple scars too!!), kicking’s in virtually every continent on Earth, bar room brawls in most countries – being shot in the thigh by some little towel headed cunt in Chad who, if I had caught him, would have been wearing a FAMAS round through his head. Not much gallantry is sailing up Falklands Sound in a Frigate dropping off 4 SBS operatives who were reccying as pathfinders although we copped a few 20mm rounds but that was it. I cant even court mount my medals as not allowed to mix medals from Foreign armies – unless its an Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur – campaign medals not allowed.

  3. QDM.
    My tears of frustration gain momentum by the day.
    You are the person I didn’t have the balls to be.
    Forever in your debt sir

  4. Outstanding cunting Quick draw i could not have said it any better then you have.

    The only other person more self serving then this streak of rancid piss during his tenure in government was Cherie Blair, both took all they could get and didn’t give a fuck.

    The cunt is more slippery then baby oil on ice and has always had his hand in the till stealing from the population.

    Useless cunt who never did anything positive for this country or its people should fuck off to Germany if he hates the British so much

  5. 🎵 The pain is calling, oh Mandy
    Well you came and you gave without taking…🎵
    Not really. What a treasonous, dishonest, self-serving, serpent. Truly horrible.

    p.s. Congratulations on the Nuptials, Q.D.McGraw.

  6. A slimy, dishonest piece of shit. I wasn’t here at the time but didn’t the odious cunt have to resign over his crooked dealings? And isn’t he a friend of the oligarchs?
    The cunt.

    • Yep many many times he was caught. His more bent then Tony B.lair and always got away with it.

      Think s your average person is a mong because of his former positions, but he’s the shit smear who got caught nearly everytime the thick cunt .

  7. Randy Mandy really is a classic example of a slimy, self serving, corrupt sack of shit. Probably the most disgusting cunt on the planet. An outstanding spokesman for the remoaner cause………and we’ve got Blair!

    • And to complete the unholy trinity Alastair Campbell…..
      Blair’s government was truly a hotbed for stratospheric Cunts…

      • Robin Cook wasn’t a bad bloke Q… oh, wait a minute – wasn’t he the one that got bumped off?

        Bit like that nice John Smith fellow. Both coincidentally suffered fatal heart attacks…

        Anyone remember that monstrous cunt Jeff Hoon? Fuck me, there’s no end to those Blairite scumbags!

        • Most of our politicians are second rate Cunts but blair mandelson and Campbell have always been top draw , even years after they were relevant……..

        • Robin Cook died following a fall on a mountain in Scotland. In the fall he suffered a fracture to the base of the skull and a broken neck. An un-named person who was with both Cook and his wife, attempted CPR on the ( by now dead ) Robin Cook, but without result.
          It was later stated that Cook had had a heart attack and it was that which caused him to fall from the mountain. It was however confirmed at PM that Cook died almost instantly as the result of the broken neck and skull fractures. The PM records no mention of Cardio-Vascular pathology.
          The friend who was with Cook and his wife , never attended the hearing,s, and never made any statement.
          The Coastgaurd Air Rescue reports state that Cook was given CPR for 30 mins during the flight and was PLE’d at the Hospital upon landing.
          A Journalist ( on holiday in the same area at the time ) contested the accuracy of statements taken, and asserted that he was a witness to an “incident” on the mountain at that time. Sadly the Journalist passed away a few weeks later ( peacefully I believe ) at his home address, and was found by a colleague.
          To this day, it is widely believed that Cook ( who opposed Blair over WMD and War ) was about to blow the whistle on another Cabinet member who had been threatened by Spooks.

          Mandelson, is alleged to have had knowledge which allowed him to attain such exalted rank in such a short space of time, and indeed seems to have wielded extraordinary power and influence for a man with such few skills.

          Sources. Scotsman Newspaper
          and of course a sus mind!

          • Nice spot of research Asim – more or less makes it bang to rights in my book.

            Next stop David Kelly.

            Probably thought, if Jeremy Thorpe could get away with (alleged) murder, why not me…?

          • Clare Short wasthreatened by Spooks, and Mo Mowlem, who we all know had a brain Tumor, fell at home . striking the base of her skull on the corner of a heavy wooden chest. She never regained consciousness, and died 13 days after the unfortunate bang on the head sustained by Robin Cook. 2 ex cabinet members who both opposed Cunt Blair, dead within 2 weeks of each other. Clare Short was silenced , and was never the same rottweiler again. David Kelly , his PM records are now filed where no member of the public will see them.

        • I remember Hoon. Former Defence Secretary. In military circles, he quickly became known as ‘Buff’ Hoon.

          • One of the most evasive Bliarite automatons, Hoon acted especially shifty in the days following Dr Kelly’s so called ‘suicide’. Visited Kelly’s widow… warned the family against talking to the press…

            Disappeared virtually without trace after leaving office.

        • It was a wet windy day on Salisbury Plain back in the late 90s. The Secretary State for Defence, The Right Hon Jeff ‘Buff’ Hoon was on a ministerial visit in a field tent watching shells being lobbed 2.5 miles and landing within an inch of the target, thanks both to the clever technology, sheer professionalism and skill of the army battalion team operating the kit. After ‘Buff’ had insulted the troops by stating ‘it looks easy’ and its ‘like a PlayStation to operate’ the cunt spun on his heels and exited, stage left from the tent with his flunkies in tow…. Sadly stage left was where the guy-ropes were positioned. He tripped over one and face planted in the wet damp grass and mud of the plain. New suit and Barbour jacket filthy dirty. As the entourage rushed to his aid, the CO looked down at the brand new new shiny Hunter wellies now attached to spread eagled, prone feet and laughed out load. The right boot was clearly on the left foot and vice versa……

          It looks easy??….This cunt couldn’t even dress himself.

          Make of it what you will, but it’s a true story.

    • Mandy? Makes my skin crawl the odious Cunt. Probably at his best in a pink tutu,ballet pumps,mortal drunk and with a 6 stone Filipino ladyboy hanging outta the back of him. Now there’s a nice mental image for ya’ll to toy with….Degenerate, mincing Cunt.

  8. Mandleson is one of the elite who have self actualised* as a cunt and therefore do not require to be re cunted ever again. They just are.

    *Maslow’s hierarchy of cunts

  9. Excellent Cunting QDM, shame there isn’t a journalist in this country, especially at the supposedly impartial BBC asking this cunt the same questions.

  10. Randy is due £31, 000 pa pension from the EU as long as he continues to support the institution as a “good friend of France .”
    Lifelong socialist Neil Kinnock and his slag of a wife get £62, 000 each and the same conditions apply. Not bad for a cunt who once described the House of Lords as “full of thieves and brigands.”
    Isn’t it nice to know we have such wonderful people fighting to get us another referendum and put right the terrible mistake we made?

    • Yeh the fucking EU can withdraw their pensions if they make the wrong noises Or are not supportive enough to the cause?
      When farage compared the EU to the mafia he got lambasted by the liberal media but it’s not as far fetched as it sounds, Obviously he wasn’t talking about horses heads turning up in your bed or getting whacked and buried in the dessert but more the infiltration of key organisations , owning politicians, greasing the right palms, protection (ist) rackets and the crushing any opposition…

  11. QDM, I applaud you for both the cunting and, more importantly, your service to a massively grateful ISAC readership and country of ‘normal’ people and an equally massive, ungrateful, left-wing, self-serving, entitled, traitorous, snowflake country full of cunts.

  12. Soon to be swinging from a lamp post, suspended by the neck with piano wire for the 17.4 million to jeer and spit at.

    Hopefully accompanied by Blair, Livingstone, Corbyn, Abbot, Lammy and Khan.

    Fucking traitorous cunts!

  13. Extraordinary…….

    “Mandelson while business minister showed his true metal while holidaying on Deripaskas yacht, now Deripaska is banned under organized crime regs in the USA, but according to the Daily Mail 23rd May 2010, Nat Rothschild, Deripaska and Mandelson shook hands on a £500 million aluminum deal that cost many Britons their jobs, much of this is said to be in chemtrail drops. These 3 were joked about in the MI5 canteen as ‘the axis of evil’ and ‘the 3 jewboys’ and when Mandelson was admitted into a French hospital recently with prostate problems, the French doctors report told of felching injuries, felching is the gay sport where a cardboard tube is pushed into the rectum and a small furry animal slid down inside, our Peter apparently was scratched internally rather badly.”

    Lies,quite obviously.

    • I have to correct you, my dear Mr Fiddler…”felching” is the act of sucking your own jizz back out of your lover’s ringpiece.

      • I bow to your greater experience in these matters, Mr. Cunt-Engine.

        I do hope that you and your delightful wife are enjoying some “quality” time together this weekend?

        • Eeuurgh…hell no. I’m currently putting the rebuilt steering pump back in my classic car ready to go for a drive in the country and a nice pint on the way home.
          Mrs Cunt Engine is far too scared to go in the “deathtrap” as she calls it, simply because it doesn’t have any seatbelts. Good riddance…wouldn’t her fat, lezzie backside on the seats anyway.

      • Mr. Cunt-Engine, you don’t happen to know what the furry animal up the sewerage-pipe is known as,do you? It’s just that I’ve got a rat-trap out in the hayshed and if I can nab one that’s still got a bit of life about it, I might try and discover just what I’ve been missing out on. If I knew the correct term, I could upload the video to U-tube .
        Shall I send you the link when I’m done?

        • It’s simply called “gerbilling”. I hope that if it’s true (and who really knows with these degenerate cissies), that the gerbil does an horrific amount of damage before it (presumably) dies. I reckon Mandelson deserves a large rodent in his arse. Preferably a capybara.

          • Oh,I’m not wasting good money on a gerbil,particularly if it dies up there….although,to be fair, I had a shit last night that rather smelled as if something had crawled up there and died anyhow.

          • And what of yourself, Mr Fiddler? Taking your dogs on patrol to discourage any coffee-coloured gentlemen or delightful peg/lucky heather sellers from alighting in your neck of the woods?

          • Watching the racing, Mr. Cunt-Engine. I enjoy a bet or two. Pub tonight in the hope that I can upset a few holiday-makers with my witty repartee.

      • Dear me.

        Is this really a thing?

        Fucking bum banditry deviants should be strung up.

        Had the mis fortune to catch the gap between programmes onC4 earlier. The continuity announcer speaking proudly about how honoured they were to be supporting pride in Rotheram or somewhere.

        Now watching Remy LaCroix slurping jizz from India Summers puckered ring, that’s another thing all together…

    • What a cracking episode of wit twixt you two. Ever thought about meeting up and getting a script writer? You two are as funny as fuck – the kind of humour I would pay to see. Edinburgh fringe anyone? 😉

  14. Fuck me, what kind of thrill do you get from having animals shoved up your bumhole ?
    There’s some weird fuckers about and they need putting out of their misery.
    Filthy cunts. Why aren’t the animal rights mob after these perverts?

    • Dodgy loans, dodgy mortgage applications,dodgy business associates, sexual deviant…. The Right Honourable, The Lord Mandelson, to give him his full title.

      • He was also seen being speedily chauffeur-driven away from Michael Barrymore’s gaff in 2001…whilst cleaning his right arm with a baby wipe up to the elbow.

        • Talking of dirty rodents / pains in the arse / EU felchers…

          Vince Cable on today’s anti-democracy demonstration: “The Centre of gravity is shifting. It’s clear what the people want.”

          It was clear on the 24th June, 2016. Close, but clear. As clear as your portrait on the Wall of Cunt.

          • Was Vince Cable the furry little animal used in felching as described with such eloquence by Mr Cunt Engine?

  15. Speaking of animal rights activists the most famous one is Brigette Bardot. In 1999 she wrote “France my homeland, France my country, once again overpopulated by foreigners, especially Muslims.”
    That was one of five times she has been fined for “inciting racial hatred.”
    I don’t suppose Brigette will be getting the Legion d’honneur.

  16. It is so hard to think of anything new to say about this great patriot and model of integrity, especially as his operations are surrounded by secrecy even more opaque than Blair’s – and that’s going some. Better to let his lobbying business speak for itself:

    “”Peter [Mandelson] is happy with how things are going with Global Counsel and is scooping up civil servants who he rated in government and who have the skills and connections to help him in his business.”

    The firm, which has been trading since last November, has not lodged any accounts at Companies House and Mandelson’s finances continue to be a mystery. Questions over his business exploits were raised five years ago when he bought a villa close to Regent’s Park for £2.4m. It cost 16 times the £160,000 salary that he received as Britain’s EU commissioner in Brussels.

    Yet by 2008 Mandelson boasted that he had paid off the mortgage and in August this year he confirmed he was buying an £8m house in central London in a deal which raised fresh questions about the controversial peer’s business exploits.

    In the last year the peer has been a regular visitor to Asia, where he has carried out a number of speaking engagements. He is understood to have particularly close ties to officials within the Chinese communist regime.”

    Incidentally, Benny Wegg-Prosser, a rather lower-profile sucker at the New Labour teat, and co-partner with Mandelslime of Global Counsel Ltd, could also stand a cunting or two.

    • Currently interested in Global Counsel Consulting LLP, whose partners are Mandelson, Wegg-Prosser, a possible accounting stooge called Adams, and an entity (this is the wonderful thing about an LLP) called WPP Group(UK) Limited, which despite the name is not registered in the UK, but in “an EU economic area” – perhaps Liechtenstein or Luxembourg?

      A corporate partner in an LLP is traditionally used to obscure the connection between its human members and NI and corporation tax.

      • (WPP Group (UK) is a subsidiary of the gigantic global communications conglomerate WPP, several of whose subsidiaries are registered in Luxembourg. )

  17. Can I just say MAXIMUM RESPECT for 20 years service in the armed forces, QDM. That is impressive and I thank you for being way harder and much more brave than I could ever dream about being.

    And your cunting was superb. Great read over my morning coffee. Thanks mate.

  18. Peter Mandleson what can you say about this faggot New Labours Black Prince (or should that be Queen) Self centred bigot who thinks he knows better than the 17.5 million of us who voted to leave the EU You don’t respect the will of the people I personally don’t give a flying fuck about your EU pension Rants on about another people’s referendum news for you we already had one and voted to leave fuck off to Europe with your boyfriend if you don’t like it

  19. Probably the best post ever on this site QDM and i have seen a lot of good ones. You should of phoned in on O’shite’s show and told that Cunt Mandy exactly what you said on this highly respected site. Maybe toned downed the language a bit . No , come to think of it you could have given the cunts both barrells. You should do some public speeches QDM superb cunting.

  20. Superb posting Quick Draw

    You, probably more than most on here are in a position to comment on this slime ball and those like him.

    As you say, it is all about the money with this particular cunt, nothing to do with patriotism in the slightest. And to say it he who is patriotic and not those who voted to leave the EU is deeply insulting.

    I am not a vindictive person however in this case I am prepared to make an exception, and hope that he burns in hell for what he has done (and continues to do) to this once great country.

  21. Well done mate superb cunting of m’lord mandleson. Always been a power/money mad cunt. Bastard should be shot in the cellars of the house of cunts sorry commons

  22. Very well written cunting QDM, the man Mentalson is in the top tier of cunts with his odious mate blair, supercilious in the extreme a vile little sausage gobbler.

  23. I wish this cunt would just sit down in the middle of nowhere and stay there. A convicted fraudster who was forced to resign, not once but, TWICE, and he STILL got made a Lord. Has there EVER been a more smug, self-important, undeserving individual than this arsehole?! One of the many reasons why I have absolutely NO respect for politicians.

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