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Peter Mandelson is due a cunting. The former EU Commissioner was on the equally odious James O’Brien show on LBC recently to slag off the 17.4 million British patriots who voted to leave the EU. This nasty, sneering little cock jockey reckons that Leavers are not patriots, like he is. He also says that we are Nationalists, hate foreigners, and our decision to vote was self serving and not in the national interest.

So, you want to talk about self serving do you, Mandelslime? Ok, how about that fat EU pension you stand to lose? Obviously, you were a Euroloon before you became an EU Commissioner, but let’s face it, you wouldn’t be quite so fanatical about the EU if you didn’t happen to have a large financial stake in it. And since nobody but you and your Brazilian stand to benefit from your EU pension, it’s difficult to see your stance as anything but self serving. Which makes you a massive fucking hypocrite for accusing others of being self serving.

Not patriots? Fuck you Mandelslime! I served for over twenty years in the British Army. You don’t do that if you’re not a patriot. We voted to leave the wretched EU because we ARE patriots. We love our country, and we want it governed by people whom WE elect in a free, fair and democratic election, rather than by a bunch of unelected, unaccountable, incompetent, anti-democratic assholes who were chosen by a committee. And while I’m on the subject, patriots don’t open the floodgates to allow in millions of unchecked immigrants, like you and Blair did. Patriots don’t brag about ‘sending out search parties’ for immigrants to come to the UK, like YOU did. Patriots don’t sell our industries, like you did, to foreign governments and companies.

I do not hate foreigners. My father is American and, therefore, a foreigner. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and spent my first nine years there, before my English mother had to return to the UK, to care for my English grandmother. My wife’s parents are from Nigeria. What I hate, is the large and never ending deluge of foreigners who come here to take the piss out of the British taxpayer. That is a problem which YOU, Mandelslime, are largely responsible for.

We’re nationalists are we? You fucking bet I am. I love this country. I have fought for it. I’ve been wounded twice fighting for it. And I would die for it if necessary. Whereas you, you couldn’t give a fuck about the UK. All you care about is money.

I did more for this country ONE DAY in the British Army, than you will ever do for it in your entire miserable, lying, traitorous life. And unlike you, not once in my career did I have to resign in disgrace, after being caught making dodgy deals. You had to resign in disgrace TWICE, within a two year period.

If you want to see someone who is unpatriotic and slef serving, go look in a fucking mirror. Mandelslime, you are a cunt of epic proportions!

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  1. I wish this cunt would just sit down in the middle of nowhere and stay there. A convicted fraudster who was forced to resign, not once but, TWICE, and he STILL got made a Lord. Has there EVER been a more smug, self-important, undeserving individual than this arsehole?! One of the many reasons why I have absolutely NO respect for politicians.

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