John Bercow [4]

Might I nominate for a 24 carat cunting that poisonous undersized cocksucking big-headed cunt John Bercow, Mr Speaker himself, arselicker to new Labour and Pansy Tory MPs, the yes-mans yes-man, and bully to his staff. A greasy oil turd of a midget who in his position thinks it either clever or advisable to display a *bollox to Brexit* sticker on his car.

Why is politics full of pompous twats like him and Lady Mandelson who don’t know the meaning of the words truth, modesty and honesty. Bercow is 5ft 2ins of absolute mind numbing crap

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

88 thoughts on “John Bercow [4]

  1. For 800 years the speaker of the house of commons has remained neutral, even during the English civil war ( for the benefit of colonial cunters, that was the English civil war fought on English soil, not the one fought in the colonies by Mad King George ). But 800 years of tradition and history aren’t good enough for this short arsed little gnome of a cunt to keep his opinions to himself. He is a fucking disgrace and should be removed from office immediately.

    • Picture looks like he’s a cunt from Harry Potter about to do a spell or impression of Tommy Cooper

  2. John Bercow once said

    “Whereas nobody these days would regard it as acceptable to criticise someone on grounds of race or creed or disability or sexual orientation, somehow it seems to be acceptable to comment on someone’s height, or lack of it.”

    Fucking pompous short arse.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn, on hearing of the death of Stephen Hawking, said….”He was a great man and, like me, had a passion for black holes”

  4. An excellent subject to abuse in these hallowed chambers, and aa excellent cunting to prelude the abuse this little shit stain is about to receive here.

    I do not mind this ballsac expressing his democratic right to side with remain, at least he does so, unlike the others who pretend to be for, when in fact they are against.

    Bercunt is a slimy little piece of faecal dripping, a micoscopic and ineffectual runt who represents no fucker on planet earth but himself. As a man, he must be a fucking complete and utter failure, when his only ejaculation is obtained watching someone else knob his wife.

    Politically, this idiot has no particular allegiance to any party, save his own , self proclomating pension pot!

    A rancid crap upon an unwashed floor. Cunt.

    • Cunt thinks he has the power, but couldn’t even satisfy or silence Big Sal when she wanted to do her own thing. Bet she’s a fucking machine.

  5. Bercow is a cukolded little shitstain. I love the way his Big Bird wifey gets rooted by big Paddy the ‘Do As You Likey’ in his ‘caravan of love’ and the little cunt can do nothing about it.

    • I can imagine Paddy saying to him… “John, here’s da wawn simpel ruwel, ya dawant com knockin when da caravans knawking. Ya cun stand onya awrange bawks an look inda window if ya wawunt.

  6. Bercow is a self important, small minded, ameobic cunt who should be taken out using “military grade” nerve agent. Do you think good old Vlad has any to spare? I punctuated the type of nerve agent as I don’t think any organisation other than the BBC consider there is a civilian grade nerve agent. Cunts.

    • I’m enjoying this cunting and it’s a very good point that he has got a big head, far out of proportion to the rest of his tiny short frame.

      I can just picture long tall Sally bent over taking an massive length of schlong from big Leroy deep in the wrong un’ whilst little Berk O sits in a chair in the corner of the room masturbating furiously to scene in front of him….

      And it’s true, why are the thick cunt journalists at the Al Beeb refering it to it as military grade nerve agent, can I buy some in my local B and Q in order to disinfect me patio?… I think not.

      B and Q there’s another bunch of cunts due a cunting in good time…

  7. Always was an odious little cunt with an inflated sense of self importance. Unpopular within his own party, who recognise the creepy, slimy little cunt for what he is. Propped up by labour to cling on to his pompous self regard.
    Probably fancies an EU non-job as a reward for his cuntitude.
    We have had decent, principled Speakers – Boothroyd, George Thomas who later ditched all his principles and background to become Lord AndyPandy.
    Time for this cunt to return to obscurity or perhaps some seasonal panto work.

  8. The fun sized cockwomble used to be true blue, back in the day. In fact he was lined up for Minister for Repatriation, a ministry that never got off the ground, more’s the pity. Fuck me, I would love a job like that, sending all manner of scum packing. I think a remuneration package of £60k per year should be about right. I’m sorry but I couldn’t afford to pay any more for the job.

  9. I’m wrestling with indecision about whether or not I would shag her. On reflection, I’ve decided that I would. She would not enjoy the experience, though.

    • Ive looked closely into this, the facial features look strange to me…therefore I’d have to tackle it from behind, that way if I get bored whilst rooting it I could always play join the dots with the freckles and moles on her back…

  10. Totally agree with you,they are both devoid of any class or substance what so ever , typical of the celeb wannabe cunts, run with the hare hunt with hounds morals. Talking of morals mother bercow has what my old gran would call the morals of an alley cat.
    They both cheapen and degrade the mother of Parliaments. CUNTS!

  11. What a beautiful day for slamming the lid of Stephen Hawking’s coffin and shouting, “How’s that for a Big Bang Mrs ?

    Ken Dodd

  12. When the fucking micro tit was born the doctor came out of the fucking room and said “I’m sorry we’ve done everything we could but he’s survived”. Now the uppity little cunt has gotten well above his fucking station drunk on the authority and money this job has given him. Hopefully he’ll have made enough enemies with his over the top headmasterish behaviour trying to make cunts of some of the MP’s in the commons that he’ll get his comeuppance in good time. Karma awaits cunts like him.

    • He does look like a old school headmaster in that get up or a Hogwarts reject.

  13. Sorry for going off subject Cunters with the silly jokes, I just had to share a couple of the Better ones with you all.

  14. This turgid, under developed odious cunt, married to the serial idiot and philandering never been Sally ‘I just want to be famous’ Illman needs the full on Jonny Wilkinson penalty kick treatment.

    His only saving grace from my perspective is he was a member of ‘The Monday Club’ that amongst other things had an interesting stance on immigration.

    However he’s a pocket sized, uranium enriched piss boiling cunt and every time I’m unfortunate enough to see him wallowing in his elevated sense of self importance in the Commons I take great pleasure in reminding myself that his darling wife has publicly humiliated him on several occasions.

    What a thoroughly weak little cunt this cunt is.

  15. Apparently, because Bercow is so much shorter than his missus, if he wants to eat her pussy, he has to go up on her….

  16. Bercow suffers from a Napoleon complex. Most short-arsed people get carried away if they get a sniff of a bit of power or responsibility. I’ve noticed that most parking attendants and PCSOs are little people. Self-important wankers who were,correctly,bullied at school and take the chance,however slight,to try and convince people that they are “important.”
    Bercow isn’t all bad,though,at least he,apparently,detested that fucking 24 carat Cunt, Cameron. Anyone who could burst that pig-bothering sell-out spunk-bubble can’t be all bad…in fact if Bercow had bitten Cameron’s balls off and forced them down Duplicitous Dave’s lying throat,I’d have forgiven him being a runt and applauded him.
    Fuck them.

    • Sounds like one of the Bullingdon Clubs initiation ceremonies, down at Adams Farm on Countryfile of a Sunday evening must be like a bit of foreplay for Cameron.

  17. I knew very little about this cunt, even less than his height, so I’ll just go down my tried and tested road and say that his missus would get it.
    She may not be the most attractive tart but I’ve always had a soft spot for upper class whores………i blame watching Brass that had that tart that was always fuckin stable hands and labourers……… Warped my tiny fragile eggshell mind…..

  18. bercow defies the laws of physics, when applied they would state its impossible to get such a vast amount of cuntitude into such a tiny mass…….
    Arrogant prick!!

    • Simon Burns former Tory minister called him a “Stupid santomonious dwarf”.Sums him up well.

  19. Mailed McGuinness “I am the only woman on the panel”. fuck off you Irish bitch.

    Brian Cox is a cunt too

    • Fucking hell she’s a right cunt, so is Brian Cocks, love how that fella in the audience showed the hypocritical cunt up regarding Brexit
      And the Fella from RT showing Kunt Starmer no respect at all, brilliant

  20. Aaaaaaargh fucking QT – is this episode an Irish shitcunt special????

    Why the fuck is this dodderng old hag getting such a disproportionately massive amount of air time? Shut the fuck up you cunt!!!!

        • Especially after a shite 12 and a half hour shift.I come home have several beers and nice gammon steak in front of the telly and just as I. start to feel good question time winds me up just in time for bed!

        • I stupidly expected being hosted from Dover that it would be dominated by immigration issues and fishing rights. Silly cunt me.

  21. Mairead McGuinness:”I don’t want any borders inEurope”.At least you admitted it. FUCKING bitch.

  22. Fucking bitch loves the sound of her own voice the gobby cunt
    she’s a fucking MEP with her nose in the fucking trough, of course she wants to stay in the fucking bent EU, CCCUUUUNNNTTTTTTT

  23. That Irish bitch and that Cox bastard have just been added to my list of fucking cunts……..about half way down page 265.


  24. 5’2″???

    He must wear heel inserts!

    Cunt or not I enjoy his PMQ’s deliveries at times.

      • I heard he got sacked following a shipment rejected full of damaged caps as the cunt had only been checking the stalks for damage.

    • He despite being a major cunt is surrounded by so many bigger cunts puke Corbyn McDonnell Abbot Thornberry Caroline Lucas Mhairi Black David Lammy Vince Cable Keith Vaz Anna Soubry Ken Clarke to name just a few.

      • To be fair, the whole Houses of Parliament is full of self serving, hypocritical cunts of the highest order

  25. Now we’ve got that cunt Lisa Nandy on This week, she’s worth a back scuttle with a bag over her head, but she’s a proper lefty cunt

    • I bet her oversized, slobbering tongue would give a thoroughly enjoyable, yet very slobberingly wet, helmet, shaft, perineum and bollock wash.

    • And that pink shirted twat Portillo. Both he and Nandy Pandy look guilty of something under questioning on this “chemical” attack.
      Neither can string a coherent sentence…..why ?

      • The bloke in the QT audience who triggered that cunt Brian Cocks was probably right, that its a smokescreen and now we need to be a more united Europe cos the Russkies may kick the fuck out of us

        • Robert Pestilential’s response to the Salisbury poisoning was gut-churningly awful – and similar…

          “Now we’ll have to go running along to our lords and masters the EU for protection”

          I swear to Dog that I could see something seeping out through his trousers, the gleeful little cunt.

        • Only saw activity from the cunt twice, firstly as you say when he got “triggered”, then later on some cunt woke him up.

          Was he pissed out his skull?

        • He could be right after all, our country is gullible enough to walk right into it.

    • Don’t think she’s all left, she certainly doesn’t go out on a limb for Catweazle when he fucks up. I think she’s just playing the game, rumoured to work hard for her constituents rather than swan about the bubble all week blowing momentum smoke up Jez’s boney arse.

    • No….she’s a double bagger….one over her head and
      one over yours in case her’s slips off and you catch
      sight of her!

  26. Dour, humourless frumpy cunt that Nandy… but I too would joyfully hump her legs until I got a chaff. Not sure what it is – always had a thing for long dark hair.

    Considering the years he spent next to Jabbott on This Week, Portillo must wank himself dry every time he draws Liz Kendall or Lisa Nandy. And I reckon Andrew Neil has slyly cracked one off in Jo Coburn’s Daily Politics dressing room on at least five occasions.

  27. Call John Bercow a hypocritical, self-serving, egotistical, anti-democratic, Trump-loathing, dress-wearing, dodgy-toothed cunt all you like but he was ace in Time Bandits.

    • I saw the cunt out shopping with for some formal clothing in Mothercare, he was pissed off because Tattoo from Fantasy Island was in beforehand and cleared the shelves of everything in his size.

        • Nick Nack from the “Man with the Golden Gun”.

          Bercow could star in his own film chronicling tales of cuckolding, penicillin resistant gonorrhea and lawsuits resulting from the on-line libeling of Lord McAlpine — titled “The Man with the Dangerous Wife”

  28. I posted a thread on Comrade Corbyn in’t Catweazles thread (two threads back).

    That’s how I feel.

    Fuck him, fuck them and fuck any cunt who can’t see what the biggest issue is in this bastard country anymore!

  29. For fucks sake money supermarket have now nancified Action Man, why does everything have to be faggotified? . And why is being able to cut a rug deemed more important and prestigious than proper man work. Cunts

  30. Havent the foggiest who this cunt is but reading all the above has made an incredibly shite day a whole lot better!! Cheers ! He looks like a right cunt and his missus is a fucking proper shitcunt for shacking up with a pikey cunt

    • To be fair, Paddy’s probably not the roughest cunt that’s been through her.

  31. Hello Cunters

    Off sick today. Meeting with the boss tuesday: not looking good, probably my last day…

    On another topic: James O’Brien was sp far up Corbyn’s arse today it was difficult to actually listen…..

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