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Me again – I’d like to Cunt George Osborne and the twats who write for the ghastly Evening Standard. It is a loathsome rag which can’t afford to charge anybody because no-one would bother buying it. It is infested with cuntish journos who ooze with sanctimonious self-righteousness, outwardly taunting readers who don’t happen to share their right-on, luv-a-freak, let-it-all hangout, Euro/Hackney/Camden Corbyn-loving bollox. In the dock on multiple trial stand Sam Leith, Richard Godwin, Rosamund Urwin, Nick Clegg and Matthew of Ancona. Twats the lot of them.

Nominated by Ben Philips.

52 thoughts on “Evening Standard

  1. Osborne is indeed a cunt. For him to comment on other politicians is beyond cunting. He left behind the current mess, ably assisted by Dave. He is the only Remoaner that Private Eye has a go at. Simply because he edits a tawdry rag which offends their cuddly Fleet St incest. The fact that this freesheet has about as much relevance as the Scunthorpe Telegraph seems to have passed them by.
    The ‘London’ in the title gives the game away. Who the fuck outside of that shithole cares?

    • So deluded was little Caesar at one point he actually believed he would succeed “ just call me dave” Cameron as PM!!
      So bitter is little George he still hasn’t realised that he diminishes himself further with every twisted outburst!!

    • Huzzah Mr CC. A fine retort. Not about Gideon but the fact that what was once our fine capital is now nothing other than a festering shithole which ranks alongside Sodom, and as a lot of the populace who like it up the chutney locker it should be declared unclean.
      The whole fucking mud bath of heathens should be vaporised. At the very least it should be made a City state and all the slopes, Asians, jiggerboos, Ruskies and non doms who own every brick and slate made to pay for its upkeep and the handsome cost of carrying cunts like Genghis Khan and his fucking right on cuntish acolytes.
      What with poisonous Ruskies, hideous cunts like the swivel eyed lunatic making cuntbrush statements in the HOC, “children” like the jigger slinging acid around, multiple stabbings on an almost daily frequency, failures by MSM to cover what is REALLY happening in Italy and Greece my piss boil level is at max right now. Thank God its almost bedtime. Add to that the squeaky voiced scouse cunt carragha gets away with a suspension, He should have been suspended by the neck, not for spitting, just for being a scouse cunt. “25 years of never putting a foot wrong and people want to wipe that out for a moment of madness” – no they don’t jimmy lad – its because you belong to the biggest whining bunch of cunts worldwide – scousers. Ashamed of nothing – offended by everything.

  2. I’ve never seen it,but if they can’t sell it,perhaps they should start putting Page 3 lasses in it. I used to like the tits in The Sun,especially Linda Lusardi’s.
    I just look at The Mail Online. They should get that Katy Hopkins back. She talked a lot of sense..for a woman.

    Fuck them.

    • But if they were to insert top lasses in there, they’d have to include scantily-clad blokes too to appease wimminz and fruity fellas…and maybe a muzzie bird with a peephole burka.

      • Actually, muzzie blokes are only interested in white 11-year-old kids, the dirty cunts.

        • Greetings to all you cunters from Telford, which today apparently wins the title of Child Sexual Exploitation capital of this fine cuntry. Up to 1000 (yes you read that correctly – one fucking THOUSAND) victims they reckon, over the last forty years. The local (Tory) MP Lucy Allen called for an enquiry not long ago but was denied one. Nothing to do with the good ol’ peacefuls, move along now, nothing to see here. By the way I am ‘fortunate’ enough to live within walking distance of three mosques. Go figure.

        • Apparently the muzzie cunts are big on watching kids TV.
          Most watched show being Burka Grove…

          • It must be like a lucky dip trying to pick up a bird when they are all wearing the blackout curtain, you only see the eyes and you dont know what youve got till you get it home and unwrap it. I found a flyer in a skip the other day for ” miss arab uk” , along the bottom it said ” veiled girls welcome “, how the feck do you judge a beauty contest when some of the old tabbies are dressed like Ned Kelly.

          • The older ones have all the Grange Hill episodes on video tapes that they exchange with each other (like pron) down the peaceful religion worshipers den.

            Muzt love the pale schoolies a lot.

        • The prophet, piss be upon him, I think started with a 9 year old.

          It’s the culture, innit….

      • Oh Dear, I hadn’t even considered the ramifications of my ill-considered idea. For once I hadn’t thought about what the “fruity fellas” might get up to if allowed free rein. The thought of a naked Biggins leering out at me while I tucked into my sausage stottie really is most upsetting.

        • And, once again, have to say am APPALLED at the lack of “equal opportunities” on display.

          Pictures I saw in the paper were all Wadi-al-Wadi Goatdiddler, Islam Syphillis, Tanweer Knobrot and their “bros”…

          No wicked whitey men ??

    • Lusardi was fan, as was Tracy Neve and Samantha Fox before she got on the wrong bus.

      The good old days!

      • Vivian Neves was a cracker , met her couple of times, fruity language was a shock to a young bloke back in late seventies when the girls didnt swear like the sluts do today.

  3. I only pick up the Low Standard if the cat litter tray needs relining. It’s shit and only good for (cat) shit.

    • I bet your cat only uses it when desperate too, like a fookin tsunami, earthquakes and hurricanes

      Glad he didn’t cling on because he might just have wormed his way into No10 which would’ve been worse than Catweazle & Co.

      I would to know between him, BLiar & Clegg when all buried alive in identical boxes at identical depths of 12 feet who’s screams would be heard loudest?

      Could be the basis for a “running man” type game show where instead of ex cons, failed politicians take part.

      • Or a Crystal Maze type show but all the puzzles are impossible to solve, destined to be lost forever save late night repeats on Dave.

        • Yea and instead of all those bits of foil floating around in the dome it could be razor blades or anthrax.

          “….. grab em if you can Tony… oh … what a shame.
          Clean up crew to the dome please … up next, Gordon Brown.”

  4. The Evening Standard was a piss-poor excuse for a newspaper long before that Charlie-snorting, silver-spooned, Remainiac cunt-burger was given the keys. Scant competition and a captive audience of commuters to idly glance at it when their phone battery deceases.

    I know someone whose partner works on it and they are virtue-signalling, middle-class lefties. They have no idea (and they don’t care) about the pulse of the country.

    If I’d just shat out last night’s lentil Dahl and, after discovering there was no bog paper, saw this lying on the floor, I’d use my hand.

  5. Mrs CnR applied for the position of an admin assistant to Osbourne. She didn’t want the job but was interested in the recruiting mechanism. She did meet Uncle George and she thought him a bit of a wanker.

    She didn’t get the job.

    • I bet she was relieved CnR. Incidentally, its a Ruskie that owns the Standard, and it is allegedly at the centre of “donations” to the Tory Party.( ie. Tory friendly ) but with Cunt Chops Osborne in charge, that could change. Rag of a paper, poor arsewipe material!

  6. Good cunting. Londonistan is now minority majority (something like 45% indigenous whites left, I think if you threw the stats for EE’s into the mix the figure would be even lower?)

    Must be all the snackbars and brothers keeping it afloat…….

    • Benefits money keeping it afloat more like.

      Remove min wage and tax credits and HB London will look like something akin to Mad Max 2.

      In fact one could say that about most of the UK, certainly the cities, robbings, lootings, riots, violence the norm, getting mugged for your shoes etc. Decent folk afraid to go out, coppers nowhere…

      Perhaps we do need an EU army after all…….

  7. I just want a quick whinge about telly ads using classic songs…Proud Mary,Are you gonna be my girl, etc. Not content with stuffing the ads full of every fucking minority known to man,they also worm good songs into your head until you never want to hear them again.

    Fuck them.

  8. If only we could convince Mr.Putin that Gary Lineker has betrayed him. I’d enjoy seeing that luggy Cunt dealing with a plutonium pasty.

    • That would get St Linikunts halo glowing a nice radioactive green or use his massive lugs as an early warning system.

      • I wish a Ruskie agent would sprinkle anthrax into a bag of his shite crisps, then we could watch his leery rubber-lips melting over his shit-eating grin, the popularity-sucking, goatee-faced whore.

        Packet of Salt’n’vinegar, Gary?

    • We could also say Carragher spits on the embassy door when passing as he sings fuck them Voddy drinkin cunts out loud.

      • What’s all the news about this no-mark ex football player gobbling?

        I don’t follow,the beautiful game but wasn’t he just acting as all normal footballers do, plus he’s a scouser so just opening the cake hole and talking would lead to amounts of phlegm enough to fill an Olympics size swimming pool being ejaculated with every word he utters?

  9. Off point…..
    It’s hard to imagine a bigger buffoon than old baldy wanker Vince cable, from his latest brexit outburst insinuating that brexit voters were racist as they “ wanted to see more white faces” ? How out of touch is this Cunt? , and today he was bleating that some conservative and labour MPs want to join his dysfunctional irrelevant party??
    I can imagine the numbers you fucking bald spunk puppet
    Absolutely nonedreds!!
    What a 24 carat Cunt……..

    • What gets me is that Cable bleats about the ‘old’ leave voters yet this fucker is 74 and ergo an old bastard himself!

      He’s just another egomaniacal cunt-nugget who didn’t have the sense to stay the fuck away from politics – he could have gone out with something resembling a shred of dignity.

      • PMS, how can this deluded turkey have any dignity at all? He’s the leader of an irrelevant group who hoover up their few MPs due to dissatisfaction with “the others” but have neither proper policies nor any balls. They’re the party for the drifting political homeless; impotent, idiotic and irrelevant.

    • He thinks he can play the waycists card as his 3rd marriage is to an efnic. Yep 3rd attempt with a dusky sand person type, because any decent white British female now understands what an utter utter cunt he is.

      Now I am truly sick of this geriatric thick old fucker spouting off and doing down this country and the majority white tax paying population. I’m horribly white and middle aged, I can’t really recall the map of the world being pink but I do hark back for an era when I could get treatment from a GP without waiting 6 weeks, I could travel around the country without getting stuck in miles of traffic jams, not hear 10different languages just by walking down my local high street, not pay thousands in taxes that goes to overseas aid budgets and countries with a fuckin space programme, so if that makes me waycist, so be it as much Vince as it makes you a Peter File you horrible cretin.

  10. Never read the Evening Standard but would imagine it’s shit, because every other newspaper I’ve ever read contains nothing but shit.
    Satisfyingly, there was a huge stack of unsold “New Europeans” being hauled out of our local Co-op this afternoon. That fucker would make chips taste bad…

    • New European is part-owned by Mr. Blair’s very close (and notably unpublicised) business associate, Egyptian squillionaire, Naguib Sawiris. Of possible interest and definite relevance.

  11. Martin Selmayr

    This really nasty bullying cunt promoted twice behind closed doors by Juncker in a matter of minutes in a reportedly highly unusual procedure.

    He cannot now be removed from the position.


    Some European MEP’s (including Verhofstadt) threatened that if it went ahead to bring down the European Commission and have gone on record to say this will clearly demonstrate how undemocratic, corrupt and totally unaccountable the European Union is.

    As if people even with a limited number of brain cells did not know this already.

    I know who my money would be on to come out on top in the Brexit negotiations if I had to choose between Theresa May and this hard nosed fucking cunt.

    As the song goes, there may be trouble ahead.

  12. Allegations out now about Stan Lee. Supposedly the 95 year old Marvel Comics legend has been groping his carers and making lewd suggestions to his nurses.
    Will this bugger the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
    Will Captain America have a “Gender Reassignment”?
    Will the Hulk decide to forcibly bum Thor?
    Or will Black Panther 2 be rushed into production with an all LGBTWhatever cast?
    Who gives a fuck?

    Rejoice, Hollywood is falling…

    • Spiderman always looked a touchy fruity in that camp costume, spraying his white goo everywhere.
      Batman was a tad homoerotic and Robin always had a whiff of patchouli oil about him.
      Bunch of perverts.

      • That’s me done with that then, costumes in the bin and no more Cos Cunt Conventions for me, pervy cunt.

  13. I used to love taking the leftard comments apart using those arch enemies of cultural marxism, fact and logic.

    Now you can’t comment on anything without it being heavily vetted to make sure is toes the Islington dinner party cunt’s line.

    Most of the unwashed lefties saw they weren’t going to win any argument with me and just spluttered ‘racist’ as a parting gesture.

    Being labelled ‘racist’ is a badge of honour in my book. It means that the cultural marxist conditioning I recieved at the indoctrination centre (school) didn’t take and I can think freely for myself, using my own two eyes, combined with fact and logic.

    The Evening standard is now just a load of Socialist cumfart aimed at Gideon’s mates and millennial trustafarians who don’t seem to realise they are living in a city that should be twinned with Mogadishu.

    The dozy cunts.

  14. A bit off topic but I had a strange experience in the fine northern city of Manchester over the weekend. As a dweller from the south (Bognorvitch) to be precise, peacefuls are a rarity down my way, don’t think the Easterns are too keen on them.
    But in Manchester there are quite a number and where my daughter lives in student digs Hulme there seems quite a lot. But two things were very confusing for me in the local Asda getting the breakfast croissant after our long drive up we were served by a mega old school white Manchester woman all “ducks and loves” took me back to my childhood visiting relatives. Then the check out woman was a peaceful version complete with headscarf but sounded and acted exactly the same complete with comments about booze and chocolate.
    The second incident was a peaceful woman in a beige headscarf and coat with brown skirt and cream high heels. She had a cracking figure was more Persian looking so very good looking. There was a strange sex appeal to be honest.
    Do you think I need help or is it the fact I’m not surrounded by peacefuls day and night so it’s the rarity factor.
    Mind you the fucking building works round Manchester makes driving a cunt.

    • Yes, you need help. Anyone voluntarily visiting Manchester should seek psychiatric advice.

      Persian women are attractive (obviously pre-1970s when you could see their faces). I think they have some descended mixture from the Germans, themselves (except for the big Helgas) rather a good-looking bunch.

  15. No cunting can do full justice to Osborne, but he is a slimy, self-serving, mediocre, sneering, arselicking privileged douche whose only real job consisted of folding towels in a London hotel. Say no more on that topic.

    His employers at the Standard (which used to be the better of two London rags, long ago) are Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev.

    Alexander, “during his time as a spy (for Russia) in London…used the Evening Standard to find information.” (Wiki). However, as he was one of Gorbachev’s merry men, and is an ex-Russian spy with UK interests, it may be that cunting is the least of his worries. Don’t eat the pizza, Alex…

  16. These days they can’t even give this shit rag away. My local, fairly busy railway station has literally dozens of copies going begging the following morning, till they get cleared away by borough cleansing. Last time I glanced at it that oily fruit-flavoured, slimy heap of shit Mandelson cunt of any year had written one of his fucking self serving pompous articles full of the usual arsehole grovelling to the EU

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