The BBC [13]

Emergency cunting for BBC News – again.

Yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg was involved in a ‘scuffle’ at Bristol University. On Thursday he spoke out in the House about the Civil Service political bias in the presentation of Brexit figures. Two separate things.

At Bristol, he was to address a ticket only event at the University. Demonstrators – some of them masked and not students – broke into the event by the back doors and shouted him down as he rose on the podium. He’d said next to nothing when this all blew up and to his credit instead of giving in and walking out, went to the back of the hall to talk to them. A scuffle broke out in which he was jostled and pushed.

Some of us remember Germany in the 1930’s when the Nazis rose to power using the same tactics – disrupt and intimidate. ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

So how does the BBC ticker tape present these two unrelated things?

“Rees-Mogg involved in scuffle with students after speaking out over Brexit figures being fiddled”

Spin at it’s finest. Well done Biased BBC!

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  1. Ahh, the tolerant left. They love freedom of speech, as long as they agree with what is being said. Like those whiny little maggots that staged a little protest in that Churchill themed cafe last week, sad, and lacking in proper education.
    As for Al Beeb, the language and content is tabloid at best, impartiality is a distant concept.

    • The lifespan of an empire is 250 years and then it dies.
      The lifespan has 5 phases and we are in the final phase is likely Uncontrolled immigration wot it previously encouraged, people taking the piss from benefits of the empire as in the previous sentence and sexual additiction or lasciviousness.

      Next we have Trotsky Corbyn and Diana Flabbot running the country. Kiss you ass goodbye.

  2. Bristol is full of these lefty, cunts and most aren’t even Bristolian’s. You also get these anarchist wankers writing graffiti abaaaaaht the place saying crap like ‘No borders’. Utter wankers who need a slap, it’s true what Gutstick Japseye said the left agree with free speech as long as it’s what they agree with. We need a chosen battleground somewhere in the country and let’s have it.
    If that Cuntbyn gets on these lunatic lefties will be trying all sorts of cuntishness. I am becoming a right, right wing cunt and it’s these cunts fault.

    • Sadly agree. The cunt of it is that I’m naturally for the underdog, rabidly against global capitalism and ‘exploitation’ is still a thing in my book. The centre’s been poached by the likes of Blair on behalf of his squillionaire chums, the intellectual left’s disappeared up its PC elf’n’safety LGBTQRSTUV arse – where else remains?

      • Exactly Komodo, I’m for the underdog etc and I’m lost in this pile of cunt. I probably used to be centre left when I was a younger cunt, I’ve moved to the right in a big way after seeing the lefts total unrealistic expectations. By the the time I’m an old cunt I’ll be the BNP’s first mixed race leader.

        • Hmmm… maybe there’s a vacancy for first Christian/atheist leader if ISIS? I’ll start working on my CV.

  3. That momentum scum really are bunch of thick trustafarian cunts.

    For future reference, they can be fended off and kept at bay with job application forms and soap.

  4. Hats off to JRM for standing up to intimidation. By his own admission he is a ‘ weed ‘ but he didn’t head to a safe space.
    As for the cunts in the cafe, one can only wonder why the customers didn’t throw them into the street.
    The left are cunts.

    • Have to say my impression of JRM has gone up a notch after he became involved in a bit of a fisticuff perhaps under that weedy exterior lies a man of Steel. Still, think he is a cunt though

    • Imagine if that had been anyone from the cabinet?

      They would have been bundled out the back door into the fast Jag offski at speed to the secret bunker.

  5. Imagine how Maybot May would (wouldn’t) have handled those Momentum Brownshirts…

    And you wouldn’t see Catweasel for dust under similar circumstances, he’d be back in his Momentum safe space bunker before you could say ‘man of principle’.

    Apart from some dodgy views re: rape/abortion, J R-M is looking more of a shoe-in for next Tory leader every day.

    • Agree Baker of Jobbies, even though he looks like a history teacher who has taken a wrong turn from the 1900’s in the space time continuum, I think he comes across as fair, willing to let lefties make cunts of themselves before artfully tearing them a new arsehole.

  6. My impression of the left at any political events where there is opposition, is that they are nearly always extremely rude and have absolutely no fucking manners whatsoever.

    They will often not have a fucking clue of even the basics and sometimes even what they are themselves talking about when questioned, and will often resort to interruptions and cheap insults when anyone else that is speaking questions them or disagrees with their point of view. Totally incapable of listening, possessing rational thought or having any basic decency.

    Because of this their best idea is to try and scupper any events such as attended by JRM yesterday with pathetic cowardly tosspot wankers who have fuck all better to do.

    It goes without saying that the BBC are complete cunts these days, and the sooner the licence fee is scrapped the better.

    • Spit in Willie, look at the way the cunts behaved in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fridge fire. Absolute animals they were at those tenants association & council meetings?

      They had quickly forgot how many of them were living like pigs in shit pre-fire with temporary GB residency, benefits, healthcare, education, etc and no buildings, contents, life insurance or funeral plans in place, no driving licences, MOT’s, VED’s for virtually every unregistered car in the car park.

      They then want to go and point the finger at the authorities and government if our country (they cunningly evaded for years) and fall them cunts for what they have / haven’t done?

      In some of the cases of being here illegally, how could they be getting neglected if nobody knew they were here?

      This was after the money tree had been shaken and the river of money promised to flow that they behaved like this as well.

      I hear most of the cunts still holed in hotels at the taxpayers expense refusing to budge.

      Firstly, the tree got shook too quick. If the government said to people phone your insurance company for help for a couple of months, then they would have jumped at offers of accommodation when government got involved. They were cunts no matter what they did for them.

      Secondly, they shook the tree to hard and long. As I’ve said, insurance policies should have been in place however the government stepped in to help putting them into hotels. Anyone refusing two offers of accommodation should be told they are liable to settle their hotel bills themselves out of there housing benefits and the tens of thousands they have in compensation.

      So far, the evidence presented shows nobody is sitting with less than 50K (this starting figure covers anyone losing their home and spending more than six hours in hospital), this means housing benefit shouldn’t even be getting paid, let alone paid on top of free hotels & food.

      They don’t say “Don’t feed the animals” for no reason.

      • Superb post Bob – Government needs to grow a pair, and a brain too for that matter. Won’t happen of course. This country has gone beyond the point of no return.

  7. I can’t remember which politician said/hinted that the BBC should become a commercial broadcasting company.

    Instead of hinting, just fucking do it. Why in fuck should we pay money to be lectured and indoctrinated by these socialist cunts?

    The independent stations dare not upset the apple cart in case advertising revenues suffer,. Why exclude the BBC from fucking up their own income and crashing out? Welcome to the real world cunts!

    • I think it was the DUP who stated in their manifesto at the so-called snap election that 1) the BBC tax should be fixed and 2) should be disbanded/sold/[told to fuck off*]. *My summary

  8. Off point…..
    Scotland’s annual humiliation is about to begin aka the 6 nations!! In the build up the Scots have been sounding extremely confident after some decent showings last year….
    come any Scottish cunters what do you think? Grand slam glory or just the wailing bagpipes??
    Any other cunters watching?

      • Me too DF…..
        Barely watch the footie these days…..
        wales 14 Scotland 0 at 27 mins
        Hmm 😂😂😂

      • Used to very much prefer football over rugby (as
        forced to play rugby at school) however “the beautiful game” disappeared a good while ago.

        Rugby is a proper game where the rules are relatively straighforward, and the decisions fairly clear cut. Played by proper men, and followed by passionate knowledgeable fans who appear to be fair and appreciative of the play. The atmosphere at internationals appears to be very special, and rarely any fan trouble.

        Football at the highest level is now just about the money. Almost a non contact sport these days played by disloyal overpaid primadonnas who fall over at the slightest touch, and are managed after by unethical greedy agents, Most (but not all) of the top lmanagers whinge like fuck every time their team loses, and no one seems to understand the application of the rules by the referees. The atmosphere at matches can seem unfriendly and aggressive.

        If given the choice these days would choose rugby over football to follow as it is head and shoulders about football in almost every respects.

        • I enjoyed rugby at school and continued to play for years,only gave up a few years ago. We used to go on some excellent rugby tours and trips to the odd International.

        • And unlike football the referees decision is final!!
          No shouting and haranguing the officials every ruling..
          The captains called out with the infringing player and it’s fuckin sorted!!
          Only the captain should talk to the referee!! Not the whole team jumping around like a Mexican whore who hasn’t received payment!!

  9. Although undoubtedly a cunt tango man Donald has his moments, in the presidential run in his rallies were constantly interrupted by the so called democrats!! “ you don’t find republicans turning up at the democrats rallies, they are far too busy working “ quipped the tango don……… made me chuckle……

  10. It’s a small step from Socialism to National Socialism, which Corbyn’s anti-Semitic thugs seem all too ready to take.

  11. Through all the shit going on throughout the world, one thing to cheer us all up…….the possible or probable get together of the Spice Girls. Apparently the world has been calling for these talentless cunts to reform or work on projects together. Yeah ok, I believe you and of course it is all for female empowerment. With every year that passes music dies for me.

  12. Some statistics in yesterdays Times newspaper ….
    For party conferences the BBC manage to get about 80 staff shoehorned in.. ITV can manage with three … yes, THREE….and Channel 4 get by with a team of eight.

    For the 2016 Rio Olympics BBC needed 455 staff, 2012 London Olympics 765 members of staff and for the 2014 Glastonbury …300 members of staff.
    Bloated and top heavy … Surely not.

    I threw my TV set out the minute Ginger Evans got the Top Gear spot.. I have ‘access’ to a telly if I want, but would never pay a licence fee again, and certainly seeing how unbiased the BBC are towards Brexit they can rev up and fuck off for my money.

    • Licence free since the summer. Loads of stuff on You tube, if it hadn’t been removed by the lefty owners.
      Kodi too

    • Not forgetting the suffering you endure if you watch any of these events and Clare Balding destroys it.

      Just realised Crufts is coming up, but with any luck she will be in South Korea on winter Olympic duties and she won’t fuck it up again.

      Just gotta hope it doesn’t end up getting presented by Claudia Wankleman, Holly Willholeby, Philip Scocunt or at worst Sue Perkins.

  13. Bet Cuntburd is gutted she wasn’t around to give her thrupence on the commotion and report it into something it wasn’t.

    Mind you more important to stalk the maybot around the world at cost of the licence payer.

  14. I hate the fucking BBC and they’re getting more audacious in their bullshit each and every single day. Recently there was a little clip on Twatbook where they were interviewing men on the street if they’d take a pay cut if they found that they were being paid more than a woman. Making the question deliberately ambiguous (it not being clear that they were talking about a situation where the hypothetical job was the same) they then cut the resulting stutters and awkward responses to make it suggest that the average bloke quite likes the idea of being paid more than a woman.

    This is the company that were actually paying their fucking male ‘celebrities’ (read cunts) hundreds of thousands of pounds more than women, FOR YEARS. No other company has yet been caught doing that to such an egregious extent.

    But they’re not to blame. Look at those horrible fucking privileged white men in the street, they’re the problem, not us!

    Fuck them, fuck them to hell.

  15. Oh, and Bristol, home of the unwashed socialist cunt, and the place that dubbed itself ‘City of Refuge’, has been so infiltrated by peaceful gentlemen of the Somalian persuasion in the last 15 or so years that I remain surprised that it hasn’t gone up in a ball of flames yet.

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