Lying cunts.

I would like to nominate all liars worldwide for a severe cunting.

Whether it be from ruthlessly ambitious corrupt government politicians in order to further their own grubby personal agendas, or the corporate company individuals lying or misleading the masses solely for profit and financial gain, by those instigating cover ups and preventing or delaying justice and fair play, right down to one individual lying to another for whatever pathetic reason.

Lying is unnecessary and is a sign of disrespect. Was always brought up by my mother and father to always take responsibility of my own actions and to tell the truth at all times regardless of the situation and possible consequences.

In the UK the lead up to the Brexit referendum was a complete nightmare for anyone with any intelligence and sense of logicwith the Government, Remain and Leave campaigns all coming out with different facts and figures. Either wilful lying or fabricated information, almost impossible to make an informed decision or balanced decision. Even post Brexit refendum result, when more is now known still the same old lies and incorrect quotes and distorted figures are being cited by the Remain party in order to overturn the democratic will of the people. Take any fuckers off air or ask them to leave the discussion with a barefaced lie or misquote. Easy.

General election with Catweasle saying he will pay off all outstanding student loans? Not in the Labour manifesto, secured many young people’s votes on the strength of it. A barefaced lie. Was allowed to say it repeatedly with no reprimand or sanction from anybody. How can we have an lectoral system based on lies?

Jean Claude Juncker has even gone on record and has admitted lying when it suits him. How is it possible to negotiate with any people who admit to lying? The only option is to walk away or even better not start talks in the first place.

Hillsborough, why has it taken 30 years to get to the point that it is at now when it was clear to anyone with any sense at all what actually happened? Cover ups and lies.

Why has nobody been prosecuted for the latest financial banking disaster where through the actions of only a greedy and corrupt few many millions of people suffered. Cover ups and lies.

Why was Lord Janner or Jimmy Savile never prosecuted? Why were the peaceful child paedophiles in Rotherham not prosecuted earlier? Cover ups and lies.

Why was the Glasgow bin man not prosecuted for killing 6 people? Why will Grenfell take years to sort out when the Americans can solve a similar incident in hours? Why is Tony BLiar still a free man? How does Allison Saunders still have a job?

The world would be a much improved place if all those in positions of authority (whether in government or government appointed authorities, or company CEO’s or directors) were brought to book and faced sanctions or penalties for telling barefaced lies or covering up the truth in order to protect or enhance their position.

Wishful thinking I know but wouldn’t the world be a better place. If only.

Nominated by Willie Stroker.

85 thoughts on “Lying cunts.

  1. Off topic, but I qant to cunt Darren Osbourne. Mowing down an elderly man lying on a pavement who had collapsed minutes before is not brave. He wanted to kill Jeremy Corbyn: a sentiment that many can agree with.

    What he has done has deflected from the problem of mass Islamic immigration and radicalusation. The left ( include Cressida strap on and suck my dick Khunt) now use this senseless murder to virtue signal against anyone who questions anything to do with Islam.

    He will die in prison: good.

    • I class him with the halfwit that killed Jo Cox. Snuffed out a life because he didn’t agree with her politics and enabled the left to raise the threat of ‘far right’ extremism’ which hardly exists.
      Both these cunts have made victims of the very culture that threatens us all. Stupid, inadequate cunts.

    • I’ve already nominated the cunt in the nominations section last night for the same reason!

    • Agree 100% Krav/Cunto – inadequate cunts like Osbourne and Mair merely provide libtard media and Government the excuse they seek to attack and muzzle legitimate right wing organisations.

    • Although I agree with your point, Krav, I understand Osborne feeling as if he had to do something,because,by fuck,nobody else seems to be taking any action. I agree that his attempt and actions were conrtary to what he hoped to achieve,but the Authorities should understand that a lot of us “less-educated” see nothing but a system that is doing absolutely nothing to turn back the tide that is engulfing the country.
      Yes,the man is a complete and utter fool,but in a way I have some respect for him. At least instead of just banging his gums together he tried in his own misguided way to actually do something.
      Anyhow,he deserves my utmost respect for his defence that it was actually a bloke called Dave driving who mysteriously vanished while Osborne himself was changimg his pants in the footwell after pissing himself. Pure Class. 🙂 .

      • Who manipulated him? How about the guaranteed 24/7 wall to wall ABBC/Sky TV media coverage.

        Apart from that, these self pitying losers are more than capable of manipulating themselves.

    • I agree with you and would also add the utter fucking cunt Thomas Mair who’s senseless murder of Jo Cox has now been used to stigmatise Brexit and anyone who wants to leave the EU. If I had my way, I would change the law so this cunt swung from a lamp post. Stupid bastard.

      • Jo Cox has got fuck all to do with Brexit, just because we know she wanted to remain, why not lets try and cancel it in her memory.

        No, she didn’t deserve to die either. However she was a cunt of the highest order and she had clearly failings in duty to her constituents. Its almost a certainty that Mair had a grievance which we still haven’t been told of till this day. Likely had taken problems to her and got lip service / brushed under the carpet as she was too busy sorting out the lifting of the blockade at Gaza for her Palestine friends or sticking her oar into the civil war in Syria that she knows fuck all about and will never end due to her or any British persons involvement. Her old pal Tony was out their lining his pockets anyway.

        I don’t recall her area being so trouble free and in order that she had so much time to spend championing the plight of the peaceful foreigner.

        If she had ran out of problems to resolve for her constituents and had that extra time, she should have been assisting neighbouring MP’s with their backlogs of problems and guiding them as to how they too could sit back and twiddle their thumbs.

        Maybe she could have volunteered at her local hospital, assisting staff suffering under the failing NHS her chums continue to blame the Conservative government for.

        Plenty to get on with on British soil.

    • Didn’t you pay attention, it was Dave & Terry.

      Amazing how quick this one came to court and sentencing of quantity delivered. I’m still waiting to hear whats happening to the peacefuls who carried out attacks of greater stature.

      This is the start of blanketing the coverage of Islamic attacks and any documentary portraying those such as the Rotherham kiddy fiddlers in a bad way as “we are being told repeatedly here” that’s what drove Osbourne to hire the van.

      Maybe Dave & Terry will have better luck next time. They escaped and ran away to the safety of The Winchester to report back to the mastermind, Arthur 😀

      • Best not to report any further peaceful atrocities or rapeugee incidents, just in case some lone chippy halfwit white decides he wants to get noticed.

  2. If there was a liar of the year or decade award Tony cocksucker Blair would win. He said he was a *pretty straight sort of guy*, but is he a queer sort when you know his best mate was Peter Mandelson the queen of new labour. All politicians are liars but those two must be the worst ever in this country with their pet bully boy fucking piss artist Alistair Campbell Britains answer to Goebells.

  3. My top ten lying cunts:

    Politicians. ( way out in front )
    Estate agents
    Travel agents
    Car salesmen
    Bible bashers
    James O’Shithead ( deserves a category of his own the bare faced lying EU cunt)

    • No coincidence that a fair few politicians are also trained lawyers and former journalists.

    • 100% agree
      You forget to mention generic viagra companies on the internet!!
      “ our 100mg jamagra product will give you a sustained erection” my wife begs to differ!! CUNTS!! 😂

  4. Lying Donald Trump is King of Lying Cunts.

    You only have to glance at the mendacious drivel he posts every day on Twitter (the communication choice of all cunts everywhere) to see what an ignorant lying cunt he is.

    His lies about his wealth and the success of businesses have already been exposed in Court in 2007 and have been shown to depend on his own highly subjective view of the value of his personal “brand”:

    He lied about “draining the swamp” (his cabinet is now stuffed full of more billionaires than any other in history – and they just gave themselves a massive tax cut, surprise surprise); he lied about having “a beautiful plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days” (don’t hold your breath); and any cunt who thinks there’ll be a wall or that Mexico will pay for it needs their fucking head examined (there might be a bit of extra fencing, but the US taxpayer will be paying for that). Even the bald cunt’s hair is a fucking lie.

    Trump is also the chief purveyor of Fake News – lying habitually, but forever hiding like a cowardly child behind the implausible defence that everyone else’s news is “fake” whenever scrupulously fact-checked reports use provable truths to expose his risible falsehoods – whether it’s denying things he’s been caught on tape saying or blaming the Democrats for his failure to pass legislation even though the Republicans control both Houses and the problem lies with Republicans not supporting Trump’s inept legislative proposals. It’s like Trump driving his car into a wall and then blaming the passengers for the crash.

    This moronic, oafish, lying shyster is is a disgrace to the office of POTUS. The only public office Trump is fit to occupy is Mayor of Cuntville.

    • Yeah, but doncha just love the way he winds up the Libtard, Femstasi, virtue signalling cunts…? Worth every lie, imho.

    • Still 10x better than any career political cunt from either side of Capitol Hill which is run via family stitch ups, namely the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.

      The American people voted him in, surely you’re not saying that they too didn’t know who/what they were voting in when that same argument against Brexit rankles?

      Unfortunately the Dummocrats, rather than trying to understand the very real issues and concerns of their people – which lead to Trump’s election – they would much rather try to rig future election results by gifting 11 million Dummocrat voters citizenship.

      So basically shitting on one of the very things that ordinary folk were deeply concerned about and why Trump got elected.

      But that’s the “neo liberal” left all over. They can never be wrong, everyone else is. No need to understand the majority’s wishes when it’s far more destructive to undermine them with virtue-signalling and group-think for the easily lead.

      Trump may be all the things you say (all of the time it has to be said Fred) and then some.

      He (more than likely) will be a useless President (especially as most of the politicos, Republican or Dummocrat, are keen to disrupt his presidency at every turn) and amount to a single term of soundbites.

      But for all of that I would have him over ANY career politician of any colour who lie as soon as their mouths open, say all of the right “nice” things (more lies), and who truly don’t give a fuck about their nation so long as their donor base keeps shipping in the moolah in return for favourable policy decisions, etc.

      Trump might be a cunt but nowhere near as big a cunt as another Clinton or Bush cunt in power!

      • “This moronic, oafish, lying shyster is is a disgrace to the office of POTUS. The only public office Trump is fit to occupy is Mayor of Cuntville”

        Hey I’m the mayor of cuntville fred and no one is regime changing me! I will however sell my mayors position of cuntville for the very reasonable sale price of a million dollars any takers?!

        Also Trump has autism Fred remember that next time you make fun of his disabilities you insensetive bastard also if Jeb or Hilary were Potus we would have a ww3 with russia and syria is that the better option?!

      • Not sure where you’re coming from if you object to ‘family stitch-ups’, there, RWaC. First thing he did was ensure Ivanka and Kushner got their feet under the table, to say nothing of Jr having an ambiguous role vis-a-vis Russian diplomats. Ok, Kennedy and Clinton did similar stuff…does that make it OK, now? Even our Blair kept his awful wife at arm’s length from government. Extending that to a wider definition of patronage, Trump can hold his head up proudly alongside the Clintons, previously the probable record-holders for punting influence to chums…

        Drained the swamp, lol.

      • No Kravdarth I mean the generations of stitch ups. What Trump has done is nepotism, surrounding himself with kith and kin, and friends he trusts now.

        Compare that to the Kennedy dynasty, some would say the Roosevelts too (although both Teddy and Franklin were good Presidents for their people), and the Cluntdons and Bush’s who will call black white and night day in order to be in power.

        There is no way Ivanka or Don Jnr would run for office. They’re there as Dad’s toadies.

        The Cluntons and Bush’s agendas are far more sinister and are nods towards global rule – just so long as their cunt families have a seat at the head table along with Juncker (or whoever is in power) and Frau Merkelcunt.

        Far more sinister!

    • I’m a bit pissed off that more progress hasn’t been made on the wall or that crooked hilary hasn’t been locked up yet.

  5. Lying is a skill used by our politicians that has been honed to such a point it is now so blatantly obvious they a telling untruths. The real skill now tho is for them to try and keep a straight face when they are fucking telling them. Lying cunts. Except JRM.

  6. I have a million friends on Facebook, I have 7 million in the bank, I have 6 houses around the world, my life is so busy and all my Facebook friends love me. I have a Ferrari and and M3 I use for popping down to the shops.
    Yeah liars are cunts.

  7. Having been lied to by the politicians virtually all of our lives I wonder if many would fail to recognise the truth?
    The term I’ve always hated is
    SPIN DOCTOR!! Once you’ve been labelled with it ( Campbell) why on Earth would anybody take anything you ever said seriously?

    • A carbon copy of The Ministry of Truth from Nineteen Eighty-Four fluent in Newspeak or as everyone else calls it, bullshit.

  8. Unfortunately I have to tell the truth because I’ve got such a shit memory I’d trip myself up after 5 minutes!

    • Sarah Huckabee Sanders the White House press secretary is probably busier than most fighting fires at every turn explaining away The Donalds latest Twatter rants on fake news, muslims, immigrants, the Russians and North Korea.

    • That’s what Judge Judy told me last time I was up against her (dream on SB…)

      “If you tell the truth you don’t need to have a good memory.”

  9. Romelu Lukaku believes Alexis Sanchez was “destined” to play for Manchester United…
    Fucking shame you were and all, Lukaku, you useless clubfooted carthorse cunt…

    • I wonder if it was the same voodoo message that told him to forget Chelsea’s £150,00 pwk offer and go to Utd for £200,000?

  10. Looks like the future doctors,teachers,scientists,unaccompanied minors and potential tax-payers have been shooting it out in Calais. Lily should get herself over there and apologise to them on our behalf. They could have been over here culturally enriching this country if we only saw sense.

      • Macaroon should put them all on planes for Ireland.

        Make it Varadkunt’s problem. The NI pikeys won’t take no guff.

    • You watch how they behave when faced with law and order and we are to believe they will be peaceful once they come here?

  11. ‘We believe Time’s Up! We believe in rights for all women! (unless their name is Trump!) We are disgusted and shocked by the revelations that are rocking Hollywood! We never dropped our knickers, did a handjob, or sucked a knob to get a film role! We’ve never used our tits to get publicity and photo opportunities! We really care about ‘ordinary’ women who get genuinely harassed, abused, and assaulted! This isn’t just a PR stunt and damage limitation! Honest!

    Yeah…. Liars are most definitely cunts….

  12. Another type of fibber cunt I despise is the holier than thou humourless cunt… The sort of twat that gets ‘offended’ at a joke (any joke really, but Phil Neville’s recent coverage is an example) like they have never told or laughed at a ‘racist’ ‘sexist’ ‘Irishman Englishman Scotsman’ ‘poofter’ ‘spaz’ or ‘un-PC’ joke in their lives…. Every fucker has done it at some time, and anyone who says they haven’t is a lying turd of a cunt…

  13. I lie on a regular basis.

    So did the people who sheltered Jews in occupied Europe, telling the Nazis countless lies to protect their innocent charges from a fate far worse than death.

    I lied only the other day. Was speaking to our local MP in Sainsbury’s. If the truth be told, I should have punched him VERY hard in the face. But I lied instead.

    • “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”

      (Balfour Declaration)

      Another little white lie, eh?

    • Sorry Shitcake

      Don’t believe a word of it (apart from the local MP incident).

      Strongly suspect underneath it all you are a very honest individual.

  14. In terms of lying (& potentially economically-damaging cunts if they ever came to power), Corbyn’s cronies are up there with the worst.
    Cancel student debt? Avowed Marxist chancellor? Illiterate & innumerate Flabbot?
    Oh yeah!
    Here’s my “take” on JC’s (sic) slogan, “For the many, not the Few”. I’m printing some T-shirts with it:

    For the money, not the Jew

    Labour are cunts.

  15. Brexit scare. Day 4 (or 3, cant remember)
    We are all doomed according to leaked Treasury figures. Yes, the same Treasury that forecast Armageddon if we voted Leave.
    Rees-Mogg has pointed out that this bunch have form at fiddling figures and getting things totally wrong. However another Remoaners bandwagon has been set in motion.
    It is well known that the Treasury are almost always wrong, going back decades. The IMF was called in in the 70s thanks to wrong figures from this lot. Add in Carney, at the Bank of England, the Remoaners remoaner and what’s not to like?
    It is clear that the Establishment, Londoncentric, divorced from the rest of us is actively trying to derail the process to keep their gravy train of bureaucracy within reach of their greedy, non-productive grasp.

    • Fuckng great. They’re doing our work for us. Didn’t learn after round 1 did they. Thick cunts.

  16. A few chosen quotes in history relating to Truth and Lies

    Benjamin Disraeli- “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”

    Jerome K Jerome- “It is always best policy to speak the truth- unless, of course you are an exceptionally good liar”

    William Waldegrave- “In exceptional circumstances it is necessary to say something that is untrue in the House of Commons”

    Harry S Trueman- ” I don’t think the son of a bitch knows the difference between the truth and lying” (of Richard Nixon)

    Lord Norrmanbrook- “Damned good care has been taken to see that the whole truth never does emerge”

    Benjamin Disraeli- “Something unpleasant is coming when men are anxious to tell the truth”

    Oscar Wilde- “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it”

    Winston Churchill- “He occasionally stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened” (of Stanley Baldwin)

    P.G.Wodehouse- “He trusted neither of them as far as he could spit, and he was a poor spitter, lacking both distance and control”

    Saki- “A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation”

    • I was told that the three biggest lies are ‘black is beautiful’, ‘the cheque is in the post’ and ‘I promise I won’t come in your mouth’.

    • B. Liar – “Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing, than to win and do the wrong thing.”

      In other words: “Usually it is better to do the wrong thing and win, than do the right thing and lose.”

      Pure Cunt.

  17. “Mmm, my lips are gettin’ heavy.”
    “I can’t tell when you’re telling the truth . . .”
    “I’m not.”
    “How do I know anything you’ve said to me is . . .”
    “You don’t.”

    (‘Electric Aunt Jemima’, Mothers Of Invention, 1969)

  18. General election with Catweasle saying he will pay off all outstanding student loans? Not in the Labour manifesto, secured many young people’s votes on the strength of it. A barefaced lie. Was allowed to say it repeatedly with no reprimand or sanction from anybody.

    Point of order: whoever believed or did not believe the undertaking on tuition fees and whether or not Corbyn would have delivered had he won* (and let us not forget that the cunt Clegg backtracked on that one instanter when he actually became deputy PM)… the youth vote was not responsible for the Labour surge:

    Moral: don’t believe everything you read in your echo chamber.

    *- perfectly possible even if it hadn’t been a manifesto pledge. Though slightly less dishonest than dropping a manifesto pledge – see Clegg above and May on foxhunting…

    • Not aware I said that the young vote was responsible for the Labour surge, just that Labour secured many young people’s votes, which I stated through personal experience as unfortunately my youngest daughter (and I suspect many like her) voted Labour and who fully believed what Corbyn was saying.

      She has since realised that Corbyn is a liar.

      • My niece likewise – voted Flabbott on the back of Corbyn’s student debt bribe.

        Unlike your daughter Willie, I think she has yet to learn from her error.

      • Labour surge was due entirely to May’s uselessness, as revealed during the election campaign along with a suicidal manifesto just for good measure. And still Labour failed to win!

  19. Jose Mourinho is now saying ‘Munich has always been part of my life’…
    Funny that, as he’s never mentioned the 1958 air crash before now…
    It was part of my dad’s life: as he followed Busby’s boys home and away, and he saw the coffins laid out in Salford Lad’s Club and visited Big Dunc’s grave in Dudley…. Maureen-Oh is now manager at United (unfortunately). and I know the 60th anniversary is on Tuseday (6th), but to say the crash has always been part of his life? Altogether… Lying cunt1

    • You may have misunderstood his comment. Perhaps he is trying to engineer a move to Bayern?

    • One of my life’s simple pleasures is to watch the occasional post match interview with either Mourinho or Wenger after their teams have lost.

  20. Nestlé to relocate its confectionery research and development operations.from Switzerland to the UK…

    Have a break… Have a Brexit….

  21. This is true on so many levels, including the workplace. It seems a common occurrence in most environments whether it be an office, school, call centre or a factory. Nowhere is exempt.

    Liars and Bullies get away with murder and commended by management following complaints

  22. Worst sporting liars of all time?

    OJ Simpson

    Sepp Blatter


    Ben Johnson

    Lance Armstrong

    Tiger Woods

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