Nicola Sturgeon (13)

Nicola Sturgeon – again!

The SNP government has ruled the union jack should no longer be raised for the Queen’s birthday at dozens of public buildings.

It had been hoisted at key official and heritage sites 15 days a year to mark royal birthdays and anniversaries. But a proposed rule change will allow it to be used only once a year, on Remembrance Day.

The rainbow flag – the symbol of the gay community – will be flown for four days a year. FFS! It’s not going to make gays vote for you and it’s going to piss off your core Glaswegian beers swilling hard boy supporters – so serves you right.

Officials wanting to hoist the Union banner were warned they would need Sturgeon’s permission.

The decision, which she has ratified, was last night branded ‘churlish and stupid’.

…which just about sums up our favourite haggis munching cunt

Nominated by Dioclese.

47 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (13)

  1. The Union flag is the flag of the UK. The Krankies need reminding that their referendum was in favour of staying in the UK. And as the rest of the UK pays more money per head to these cunts than anywhere else they should bear that in mind as well.

  2. Total cunt

    Lads please be aware we aren’t all snp fucks who lap up her shite.

    I have more in common with my closest neighbours and friends from these islands that any fucking e.u sub state of which I have no shared values or history

    That’s why she was told to fuck off in the referendum . We’re not all tartan twats moaning about the flag. She’s cunted education local authorities the lot. Sooner she’s a bad memory the better

    Don’t get me started on the rainbow fucking nonsense

    Wee cunt

  3. Hells fucking bells – I’m staggering towards the weekend; drained, utterly knackered, and running on fumes – and seeking the comfort of my beloved ISAC I’m hit with a field marshall of a cunt in Krankee Sturgeon.

    You can add her to last night’s list of ‘The Unfappables’ – women who are morally and physicially repugnant in every way. This cunt has long since been exposed from the facade of a ‘free Scotland’; instead, playing politics and egotistically trying to impose her hatred for England and the union with petulant horseshit like this.

    It says something for how far the SNP have fallen when the headless fucking drongos of the Scottish Tories ate so haughtily into SNP’s majority during the 2017 General Elections.

    Never forget that this utter, utter fucking maggot doesn’t even hold an elected seat – the only qualification this dwarf in high heels has to lead the SNP is that she is an intolerable cunt of biblical proportions; this seems to be the only criteria required for the role.

  4. Faced with Turdgun, I am reduced to impotence… but if I strain really hard, I might just be able to dispense a half of Hubbard’s Brown on her face.

  5. Rainbow flag indeed… Fucking disgraceful. When I was a child my brother and I would set out over the fields to try and find the leprechaun’s pot of gold when we saw a rainbow. I wouldn’t like to think what chance any innocents would have these days if they confronted a “leprechaun” sporting the rainbow colours and asked to see his hidden treasure. The Gays should not be allowed to have such a symbol as their flag. They should be made to have new one..a picture of Stephen Fry rampant on a pink background, perhaps. They should also be made to display this symbol above their entrances.

    • And if you went down in the woods today Dick, it wouldn’t be a teddy bears picnic waiting. Maybe a bit of fly tipping by the local pikies, some Polski Eurotrash camping out or a bit dogging, you don’t see that on Countryfile!

      • I like that Helen Skelton who used to be on Countryfile. I’d take her dogging,in fact I’d probably take her up the exhaust-pipe if she asked me nicely. I used to like Michaela Strachan, but not now that she’s old and wrinkly,obviously.

    • As a fully fledged professional homosexual I could not agree more! The rainbow flag is a load of leftie shite bollocks….

  6. Some synchronicity was operating when I found this yesterday and bookmarked it to support my contention, ongoing on another site, that the SNP’s leave-the-UK-and-stay-in-the-EU scheme not only makes a mockery of the idea of independence, but is unsupported by any plans for a functioning economy. Rather a good rant, showing that the new boss is the same as the old boss…

    On her defining issue, there really is no difference in the political stance of Nicola Sturgeon and and, say, David Miliband – free market capitalism in Europe must be saved at all costs.

    • Oh Aye !

      lets leave a union of 4 of our closest neighbours with 42 Billion in trade and joint the EU as a wee diddy state with another 27 – trade 12billion

      you do the math Sturgeon ,some independence

      the looks I get from fellow Scots Nats is priceless

      Shes the most divisive cretin i’ve ever had the misfortune of calling a Scot

  7. I really don’t care if she flies the scotch flag, it just shows her up for the slimy cockroach that she is.
    What I would like to see is more of the English flag flown in England to please English people who live in England. I think the union Jack or flag looks a bit of a mess.
    Would also like Land of Hope and Glory replace God Save the Queen. Not only do I not give a fuck about God saving any of the royals, it also reminds me of Queen, a British disgrace to music.

    • Interesting point. The dirge that is the anthem discriminates against atheists republicans like myself. You can be a patriotic Brit (I am not English) and be a republican.
      Another point. If I fly the Welsh flag or have it on my car nobody assumes I am a racist. But put the cross of St George up and the sneering begins. Is this because the loonies of the far right appropriated it back in the 60s? Or does it give the trendies something to feel superior to?

      • Years ago when in Amsterdam a black guy asked me where we were from, and was it uk? I replied that it was, not wanting to get into regional areas with someone that could very well never of heard of them.
        A mistake on my part.
        This was at the time B.liar was busy blowing up iraqi women and kids with his pal Bush thinking wmds must be hidden in their very kitchens or bedrooms.
        The black guy immediately turned around said “english! Bastards…” etc etc etc.
        So having been publicly berated for even getting close to english, I am now very careful to answer “welsh welsh welsh” whenever asked the same question.
        It would appear the flags carry the same stigma.

        • Oh and can we blank out her features on that pic please. I cant take it amymore.
          She’s oogly ugly man.

          • C’n’R – I agree, I don’t wish to sing about the longevity of a monarch, I want to sing about my country. Made st National Anthems are rather daft but at least they’re pertinent.

            Queen, however, are superb. Great songs, great humour, great energy, great gigs, and Freddie was the greatest showman of the last half-century.

            Brian May’s a bit of a cunt though.

  8. The Russian poacher is without doubt a wee cunt of the highest order. I detest her face and voice and reach for the remote at speed when her ugly pus appears on tv. I normally use the “pint” system of female attractiveness. In her case I would have to be blind drunk and hopefully suffering from brewer’s droop. In fact, I would need to be dead to shag the little shite. Typing this, I can feel my balls contracting at that very thought. I need some strong drink. McEwan’s Champion at 7.3 on the Richter scale springs to mind.

    • The pint system! I’d forgotten about it. Brings back memories, not many of them good.

  9. Hey the union flag was one of their lot’s idea, namely James 1st of England (James 6th of Scotland) after we gifted them the throne!

    Fucking history ignoring ungrateful little gargoyle!

  10. One of the few good things to come from the GE ‘17 was Cuntgeon having her ardour cooled for a second ‘IndyRef’, depsite her few impotent calls for one now and again.

    I promise you, this cunt will crash and crash hard in a not-too distant vote. Especially of the vile hag keeps neglecting Scottish basic social policies just to keep chasing this narcissistic dream of an independent Scotland.

    • There really is an argument to make Friday’s Sturgeon free. Everybody is a bit weary and in a good pre-alcohol mood, and just a reminder that she his still un-dead casts a dampener.

    • Few things would allow me greater pleasure. That, and Catweasel coming up against the real world.

    • Sturgeon and her bigoted mob have had their day, they been exposed as being the shits due to this piss poor job they’ve done of running things up their and now that the jocks have woken up to what she really is it’s all downhill from here for the SNP cunts.

    • I think the cunt is praying as she did in the last election that Catweazle wins next time as he is likely the only “fairy godmother” who will grant her another referendum wish.

  11. Never judge a people by the politician that represents them. Us poor proles only have a limited amount of cunts to choose from, and the choice for me has always been ‘who is the least biggest cunt out of this bunch of utter cunts’. It’s a choice that is getting harder too, as it seems only massive cunts are remotely interested in the job. And, in Wales, as in Scotland, we have another bunch of freeloading troughing cunts to support too. Another tier of ‘democracy’, that was sold to us by chancers, and bought by fucking idiots who thought that they would get less reamed by local cunts rather than Westminster cunts. Another building full of incompetent twats who blame everyone but themselves.

  12. Sturgeon is a thin-lipped, humourless harridan, with cocktail stick legs that sit aside a withered set of labia with a fragrance like a week old languostine, hooked off the west coast of Jockland.

    All this hag needs to keep doing is banging on about Indyref2, whilst neglecting the domestic politics of Scotland. The Connery wet dream of independence will have far less significance to the Jocks when these SNP cunts eventually wreck Scotland and drive its economy into Loch Ness.

  13. Whilst I find pretty much all politicians rancid specimens I do genuinely reserve a deep hatred of this nasty little racist cunt.

    Thank fuck she’s not able to spawn, I can’t even begin to think how that would turn out and won’t as I don’t want to ruin my evening.

    Despite the fact the Scottish electorate as a majority can see how beneficial continued membership of the Union is, despite the fact that Jabba Salmond proclaimed only a few years back that the Tory’s were finished in Scotland and now have 15 Seats in Holyrood and despite the fact the EU sets strict Public Sector deficit limits of 3% and Scotland’s is currently 10% and largely funded by the Barnett formula which wouldn’t apply if the Union were dissolved, this fucking cretin still thinks she’d be better off out and part of the EU.

    The SNP believe that they can abandon their debts on the basis that if they’d kept all the oil they’d be in Nirvana now. It doesn’t occur to them that the oil was exploited as a single nation state and they received a huge technical rebate via the Barnett formula which is fixed regardless of the revenue collected, which over the past 5 years is roughly four fifths of fuck all.

    Oh no, wee Jimmy thinks she’s a special case and can walk away from these debts and all will be fine.

    Wee Jimmy thinks she can join the EU and not have to join the Euro and keep the Pound, despite the fact the EU have categorically said Scotland would have to join the Euro and the Gov and B of E have said there’s no fucking chance they can keep it….

    Just imagine for 1 second any ruling Rest of UK Government allowing its tax payers to underwrite the current and future debts of a foreign nation that’s also walked away from its historic ones, give me a fucking break.

    That’s called political suicide.

    She really is a dangerous ideologue that’s utterly detached from reality. Please can somebody pack her off to the Middle East where she might get some truck with her brand of demented extreme politics.

    Yet the cunt is still walking and talking and now in order to distract attention away from their appalling management of the Scottish education system, NHS / Public Health and public finances, the ‘thing’ wants to raise the Fag Flag over public buildings in place of the Union Flag.


  14. The ugly bitch is as stupid as she is demented. She must have a unique edition of a dictionary that has an equally unique definition of the word “ nationalist “. No nationalist I ever heard of would go anywhere near the fucking EU……er……except Irish and Welsh nationalists of course. Now what do they all have in common?……oh yeah……they all hate the English. In the world of the snowflake that’s called raaaysism but, no doubt, Wee Jimmy’s dictionary has a different definition. So the English are cunts but what about English poofs? Does Wee Jimmy have a policy about the approved nationalities of her arse fucking friends? Special Scottish dispensation for English poofs and trannies by any chance ?

  15. I have it on good advice that wee jimmy krankie is the highest paid politician in the uk !!!!
    Total and utter waste of space
    SNP -= CUNTS

  16. The Scottish parliament voted unanimously on Tuesday to increase basic salaries for MSPs by 0.7%, pushing the official overall salary for Scotland’s first minister to £144,687 – outstripping the prime minister’s overall pay of £142,500

    • You can’t cunt the SNP enough.

      Vile, English hating racists, divisive, virtue signalling, contradictory nasty bastards.

      Scotland welcomes immigrants says wee Jimmy, as they arrived on a 52 seater coach, yeh right….

      • They are actually pouring in on secret flights. Flights that you can track via online flight trackers, starting off from places such as Jordan that disappear over Morroco. Old charted turbo prop unmarked planes such as you would see in Con Air.

        The noise off them as they fly in low late at night & through the night has attracted people to investigate these flights.

        I believe these flights are arriving in England too and many people are on to them.

  17. The Union flag is my flag. Scotland is part of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Fuck off you midget Krankie cunt.

    • Just had a thought, between the money made from putting up the booze prices, plundering the pension pots (should Westminster be stupid enough to transfer control) and the Shetland Islands oil fund, she might make it for a few years.

      Won’t matter when people have to live in the gutter on scraps when they retire.

      Food banks will be for the wealthier Scots only.

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