Jehovah Witnesses

Jehovah Witnesses are the “tight wads” of Christianity. Cunts think nowt of doffing 10% tithe to their church but when Xmas bowls round the kids get fuck all!

I wouldn’t care, I have no idea where the money goes because every Jehovah church I’ve ever seen (admittedly only 6 or so – but dotted around the country) literally have been like extended wooden shacks or a couple of porta-kabins stuck together!

If then spend more than £50 quid a year on their upkeep I’d be amazed! There’s a rabbit off somewhere in that set-up! Even the watchtower only has a 2 amp energy saver bulb in it these days!



“Yes Johnny.”

“If Jesus was here now, as a child, what do you think he’d be doing today, on Christmas day?”

“Well Johnny, I imagine he’d spend it spreading good will to all men, helping the poor and passing on much needed words of peace and happiness to all. Is that what you think too son?”

“Well I don’t know about that Dad, but I reckon he’d be playing the fuck out of Black Ops on his new PS4 like Charlie is next door!”

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

117 thoughts on “Jehovah Witnesses

  1. Always found them a bit odd to be honest (from personal experience) Poundland Scientology is a good description. They give money to the church, keep themselves to themselves and even managed to sway a few celebs (Michael Jackson ?) but there’s probably something more going on behind closed doors. Where a sky fairy is concerned, you can bet your last watchtower there is industrial scale kiddy fiddling going on somewhere.

    • If only they did “keep themselves to themselves”.

      And the cunts always call at the most inconvenient moments – once right in the middle of Come Dine With Me, ffs!

  2. I was asked to be a Jehovah’s witness, but i declined as I hadn’t seen it happen.

    If i thought my parents were bad, at least the never dragged me door to door carrying a briefcase and repeatedly getting told to “fuck off”

    Kevin Bloody Wilson has a song called “The Festival Of Life (i think) that tells how to deal with Jehovah’s witnesses. Turn the tables and tell them what you and your missus got up to on a Saturday night.

  3. I fucking hate jahova whitnesses if you want a good laugh at the expence of these cunts google kevin bloody wilsons-festival of life, he sums these cunts up a treat……money grabbing,door knocking, time wasting fucks should all be tazered….

    • I dunno you can get a nasty burn of those candles they use in their vigils in support of not being nasty to “peaceful” cunts!

      • I will not tolerate religious extremism of any sort !!
        How would you like to be at a dinner, stuck between Cuntuar Welby and God’s Vicar ?

        Me neither…

  4. I’ve recently joined the Jehovah’s Witness Protection Programme.
    I go door-to-door telling people I’m somebody else…

  5. Our Jehovah witnesses are actually quite nice. We talk about Arsenal and Brighton for ten minutes, then they leave. Odd.

  6. They are a sinister bunch of cunts. There is more than a whiff of child abuse and cover-ups about them. They divide families. Christmas and birthdays are the least of it. They will let a child die rather than allow a transfusion or transplant. I have been unpleasant to the cunts for as long as I can remember so they steer clear. But, as with all these religious bigots, where they sense weakness they will home in to save some poor deluded cunt. From what or for whom fuck only knows.

  7. Fucking nepotism, eh? In the Daily Heil today is loads of pics of children of celeb cunts who are “making it”. Obviously with a shit-ton of help from their cunt parents. Probably not their *actual* parents, their parents’ agents and assorted brown-nosers. I used to think that the platinum version of this was jug-eared twat Will Smith’s appalling son, but he’s now in second place, having been dethroned by Lennon Gallagher on a cat walk, ffs, looking like a mongoloid caveman. Lennon looks rather like he should be one of the ‘special’ participants of C4’s “The Undateables”.

    • Lennon Gallagher is strangely reminiscent of Odd Bod Junior from Carry on Screaming.

      A most odd looking cove, no mistake.

  8. I feel the need to give what is probably his 7th cunting or something like that to that walking tub of lard that is James Corden. Not content with somehow being put up with by the Yanks and stealing a living being one of the most talentless, unfunny and unlikeable fucks ever to stalk the Earth…. He now feels it necessary to completely destroy one of the longest running children’s characters in Peter Rabbit the movie. There is literally no pie that this morbidly obese drain on society will not stick his chubby, greasy, KFC stained fingers into in order to fatten his wallet. Which is growing almost as quickly as his fucking waistline. The thought of having to expose my daughter to his lack of talent and myself sitting there for 90 minutes plus listening to his stupid high pitched voice is making me tremble with a combination of fear and rage.

    Oh and did I mention he’s fat. Cunt.

  9. Beckhams son Brooklyn (lol) recently had an ‘exhibition’ of his photographs in New York.he’s only 19 ffs. Either he’s incredibly talented or………..

    • Poor cunt, inherited his mother’s looks and clearly his Dad’s brain.

      “So Brooklyn, an interesting exhibition you’ve assembled here. Some would say dark even.”

      “Uhhh, yeah, sure. Uhhh, well it was reflective of my mood at the time. Uhhh, this one is of a beggar lady at night in, uhhh, Paris. And this one is of a dying child in Botswana. Soooo, uhhh, yeah, pretty dark, sure.”

      “And yet they look almost identical. In fact completely black. Was that part of the developing process?”

      “Uhhh, well it was, uhhh how they came back after Mums took them to Boots.”

      “Yes in fact, they’re so black Brooklyn, such a pure black, it’s almost as if the lens cover was left on?”

      “Uhhh, what’s a lens cover?”

  10. What is the fucking point of Theresa May? Ok, she’s not Flabbott or Corbyn – but she’s now even more irrelevant and yesterday’s person than ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron, ffs.

    She has no power, no-one takes the slightest notice of anything she says any more, and rightly so, she has never delivered on any of her fine words EVER!

    Fuck off and let someone with more credibility, like Noel Edmunds, take over.

    • Apparently Noel Edmonds is inviting some African children on to his show to help improve their lives, albeit with a slight change in format.

      Meal or no meal…..

    • She’s only in Downing Street because that posh cunt Cameron threw a tantrum when we voted to the leave the Soviet EUnion and resigned. I’ve been saying for the past year that if she could find a way to fuck Brexit up, she would.

  11. Womens football needs a cunting because frankly, who gives a flying fuck?

    If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know I have no time for football, its stars or its fucking fans. For me it’s just bread and circuses to keep an ignorant burger munching society in line so they don’t notice that the masses exist to serve the few. So that’s regular football for me, I would rather play with dog turds.

    But Womens football? What the fuck is the point? If grown men kicking a ball around bores me to fucking tears then this is like counting hairs on a pigs scrotum while watching a dog scarf out its own anus.

    Then there’s all the feminist crapola that goes with it. I heard yesterday on the BBC some stocky looking old growler saying that womens football needs a woman manager. You know what you old biffer? nobody gives a fuck. And the “home” of womens football? the fucking BBC of course.

    If it was topless I would be interested but only if they got a new squad, most of them look like they’ve been round the block a few times.

    What next? Peaceful womens football? I would love to see two teams of walking black postboxes having a kick around but how would they see the goal? probably use an infidel’s head as a ball too.

    In short, womens football…go suck a dick and fuck off while you’re doing it.

  12. I’ve got two ways of dealing with JW door stepping me.
    A…. completely ignore them
    B…. if I’m in the mood have some banter!, my wife always laughs when I get involved…..
    I’m never rude just gently take the piss…..

  13. I am not for or against the Jo bo’s, but I will tell you this, in the adriatic sea there is an island Rab2 or (Goli Ortok), it was one of Tito’s nastiest political prisons.
    Jo bo’s are conscientious objectors and refuse to do military service, The deal was simple in Jugoslavia, you do it or prison.
    Goli Ortok was notorious to say the least, but the Jo Bo’s had an option, at any point during their stay they could request a rifle, fire one shot out to sea and take the next boat back to the mainland and finnish there time in military service.
    Most of them did not, takes a lot of balls to survive a place like that.

  14. Breaking news on sky….
    That British citizen???
    18 year old Ahmed Hassan has been charged in connection with Parsons Green attack!!!
    ungrateful cunt!!!

    • What a virtue signalling cunt of massive proportions!

      Here, how about this for an idea Cumbercunt, why not buy a house then put immigrants in it?

      Thought not.

      • Dear Mr. Cuntypatch,
        When you heard your wife was awaiting a happy event, why did you not invite every diddling slime along to let them indulge?

        You are an ENORMOUS cunt.

        If you ever stick your twatface above the parapet again, I hope someone in the vicinity has a N Korean surplus ac-ack device to pint at you.

        I should like to add that, if I ever become grossly rich, not a single penny shall be going to gimmegrunts.
        I support fallen women, especially if I get to push a few first…

    • What a gargantuan cunt this twat is. He’s got a neck like fucking ET, in fact he looks like ET. Typical of these luvvie luvvie so called celebs “do as I say not as I do”. Fucking wanker.

  15. Just saw some of the most wonky eyed biased news shite you could ever wish to see…
    sky news
    Don’t know the presenters names , white man with black female co presenter, both obviously remoaners, guest one German writer for zeit online imke Henkel who unsurprisingly thinks brexits very bad!!, and probably won’t happen, guest number 2 french broadcaster nabila ramdani who to my utter amazement? (Joke) agrees with ms Henkel but adds that Britain has done fantastically well thanks to the EU , “as all of us sitting round the table agree”??, lurking in the background on studio screen waiting surly to add some balance to the argument is??? John rentoul from that well known brexit supporting newspaper THE NOT SO INDEPENDENT!! ……
    sky you are utter utter Cunts!!!

  16. The Polish division of the Brighton JW’S rumbled Mrs Fistula is Polish, they have been round a few times accompanied by their drab miserable kids ( poor bastards )They work hard to make sure their insurance policy into Heaven is fully payed up. This is one of those religions that uses guilt as a major weapon amongst its flock. And like all religions they want your mind and your money. It always amazes me that in these days when were supposed to be more informed and enlightened people still believe in a make believe man in the sky

    • Ah-haaa! How do you know it’s a man?

      Or a woman?

      I think it’s an invisible pink unicorn but some deluded cunts think it’s a flying spaghetti monster! Well they’re just bigots that lot! Cunts!

  17. It seems that Charlton Hessletine has driven his chariot into the brexit arena, and has declared that Brexit will never happen, and that we will remain. He predicts that Members of the House of ill Repute have no stomach for such an arduous task such as managing a country, and would far prefer if someone else would do it for them. Hesselslime also predicts that we will eventually replace the pound with the Euro, and within a generation or so, we will all be happily little eurodumbs.

    Sadly, following the capitulation of that most useless piece of shit Treason May, he could well be right.

    More painful cuts to welfare, NHS and Public Services, a further tightening of the belt ( because we need to be prudent ) yet we can shell out fucking billions to the Slimeshits of the EU.

    There is only one change that is required now, the change that can be purchased with a full metal jacket!

    May is a cunt, and Hesselslime is the condom for Barmy Barnier’s cock.

  18. Returning to the subject of JW’s.
    I answered the door once to be confronted with page ? of the Bible in my face and a narrative of what Jehova God had said of mankind.

    The guy’s presentation skills were extremely wanton, and his delivery was rabid and spattered with gobs of saliva in his haste to get as much shite out of his gob before I punched his lights out.

    He paused to take breath, and in that moment I let rip with an enormous fart!.

    Now unfortunately for me ( and to my horror ) I followed through with a very wet stool pulsing its way out of my arse like a Mr Whippy at the seaside.

    In my desire to offend the little fucker, I had seriously miscalculated and had discharged one of those that will not stop no matter what.

    However ( and now many years later ) I can piss myself laughing as I recall the sheer look of horror and confusion on that little fuckers face as he backed away, overcome with the horrid smell and revolting site of shite now emerging from my trouser leg. My “Oh Jesus Christ Almighty” were the last words he heard as he fucking ran down the pathway.

    Nukie Brown and a Savaloy dip with pease pudding is a great way to get rid of JW’s! But the washing is fucking awful.

    • Well…..that puts a tin lid on any further discussion on how to get rid of Jehovah Witnesses….or any other Cunt who might be foolish enough to knock on your door. Short of chasing him down the path and flinging the turd at him, I can’t imagine anything more you could do to deter casual callers. Bravo. 🙂 .

    • Well…..that puts a tin lid on any further discussion on how to get rid of Jehovah Witnesses….or any other Cunt who might be foolish enough to knock on your door. Short of chasing him down the path and flinging the turd at him, I can’t imagine anything more you could do to deter casual callers. Bravo. 🙂 .

  19. “PM climbs down on EU citizens, borders and law with €20bn bung for Brussels as she bids to kickstart Brexit talks – but is accused of betraying referendum by effectively keeping us in the bloc until 2021”

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been had ? Nothing but a fucking sellout.

    • May has sold us a pup Dick. Brexit is being watered down at such a rate we might as well stay in the fucking block

      • I’ve never believed that there was ever any intention of implementing “Brexit” in a meaningful way. Our true rulers would never allow it.

        • “Rulers” or “Owners”?
          No such thing as a wealthy patriot.
          (No such thing as a poor socialist either).

    • So 2 extra years added on for the remoaners to plot and derail brexit?? Pathetic shite from a pathetic weak PM!
      The only good thing is the EU is ploughing on with their intergration at all costs approach!!, let’s hope they hang themselves in that period……..
      The narrative from them is they are on the way up? Well we’re going to find that out……..
      Like most of you on this site I haven’t got the time of day for the EU and wanted to be gone by 2019……….. Cunts!!

        • Hi DF,
          By nature I’m a blindly optimistic Cunt!!, I’m not gonna fret until brexit is stone dead!!, then if it happens I will consider my options ?, which may be leaving the uk, I’m 52 and retired, my wife’s got a couple of years left before she can take early retirement, then hopefully we can take stock and move on…..
          I believe the EU is as likely to collapse as we are to leave…..
          I fucking despise the Cunts!!
          DF don’t write off brexit or the EU collapsing!!, far stranger things have happened…….

      • EU will hopefully be toast within 5 years.

        But not before our ‘useful Idiots’ have handed them the equivalent of at least 6 years net payments (€60billion).


          • EU will be laughing all the way to the bank Dick, with mongoloid 5th Columnists Hammond, May and Rudd happily doing their bidding.

            Never mind, all the less for Commie Corbyn & Co to flush down the khazi following the next election.

    • Always thought Mrs. Might was a right…

      And she’s always been lukewarm about Brexit.

      She’ll be giving blowies under the table in Berlaymont next…

  20. So many Cunters have JW stories. I just wonder, are there any Cunters that actually don’t have them, or are they just everywhere?

  21. T. May speech grovelling (as expected) to EU, they must be laughing their stinking socks off! With ‘leadership’ like this we might as well just throw in the towel and Remain.

    Maybe that’s the cunting plan…

    • That Dentist dodger Verstanshat or whatever the Belgian cunts name is has been smugly laughing his ugly head off at us.

    • I’ve been moderated in a reply to your earlier post,and reading it back,I just can’t see what word can have tipped it off. Strange.

  22. what with all the build up to May’s speech i thought something radical would come out of it, and why Florence ? If you read into it and its not hard , all she has said is were staying And what a bunch of deluded cunts Joe Public must be to think otherwise. Apparently Nigel is fuming and who can blame him. so am i fucking fuming

  23. Oh dear. I just saw some of you’re PM’s speech. Remind me again, how does democarcy work? I thought if the majority of the population voted for something, then it is supposed to be implemented by the appropriate authority.

    Apparently not.

    Would you at least have a shred of respect for her if she’d stood there and said “We’re not leaving, we will double out migrant intake and increase our financial commitment to Brussels” ? At least she’d have been forthright and honest for once.

    Sorry guys, you’re fucked.

    • Says some cunt whose pissy little country could be rubble tomorrow if the right tectonic plates decide to have a row. Why is it that those who have fucked off out won’t stay fucked off out?

  24. The Globalist Army are massing to pervert the course of history. Brussels are very responsible for this deception of the people, but they had inside help. Our Government.

    I shall make no further mention of full metal jacket ( I assume that was the cause of my post being withdrawn )

    Yours Sincerely ASA

  25. I’d like to cunt the additional two year ‘transitional’ period now tagged on to prevent us ever leaving the EU. Treacherous bastards.

  26. Correct me if i’m wrong, but haven’t several other EU countries had their own referendums, where a majority “out” vote got ignored?
    I’d rather ask on here than google it, coz I don’t trust those cunts to tell the truth…

  27. If Trump was our PM there’s no fucking way he would display such faggotry. I’m fucking so speechless.

    • I’m so fucking furious. Theresa May hasn’t just bent over arsehole agape, but she’s practically taken the poppers and handed the KYJelly to Juncker.

      Let the monumental arsefucking of Britain begin.

    • Give me Trump any day C&R , he shoots from the hip and what you see is what you get unlike most slimy politicians

  28. Just whipped up a bunch of calzones and by whipped up I mean slaved away in the kitchen for 2 hours, its fucking tiring work I tell you

    • Two hours?
      You should have made a lasagne. Tastes the same and a lot easier.

      I made a Quorn lasagne yesterday, and apart from cooking out the sauce and oven time, the prep was about twenty minutes. And that, apart from the Quorn and pasta sheets, was all raw ingredients.

      Two hours?
      I’ll send my mate Jamie round to show you how to get it done quicker. He does talk a lot though, so just nod along.

      • Well I dunno I wasn’t slow, there was just lots to do. Make the dough (all that entails), cut up vegetables mushrooms, tomato, green pepper, pepperoni, and grate mozzarella considering the prep and amount I made… I’d say 2 hours is neither fast nor slow just about right

        • Ah well, if you made your own pasta, two hours is quick.

          In the mid nineties i went to night school and gained NVQ levels 2&3 in catering. Making my own pasta was the only thing i hated.
          Its not hard just tedious, so since then I’ve just bought it.

          I got the NVQ’s as i had a pipe dream of opening my own chain of snack bars selling good hearty home cooked grub, but never got round to it.
          Waste of a good few hundred quid and every Monday and Wednesday evening for two years.
          I also learned some butchery, but please don’t tell the animals.

        • Any time is right…
          Just make sure there’s adequate liquor for the chef…

          I remember one of my best lasagnes ever, when I was living in Switzerland. Got well tanked up on the chianti, and ex, who is a complete freak for pasta, said “Let’s finish it off”.We did, with more chianti.
          About 2 hours later, I went to do the washing up.
          Farted loudly, and the ensuing steaming pile nearly cracked the floor tiles.
          It hadn’t even touched the sides.

  29. I love jehovas, as they actually come to your own house for abuse, rather than having to put yourself out by going to them. Apparently, according to these slow witted shit sticks, there is room for 117000 people in heaven. If you’ve ever seen a watchtower cover, you can see why. Every cunt seems to have an estate the size of Longleat, complete with a lion in the garden, and a party going on that looks like a retarded version of a Benetton ad, or any ad these days, come to think of it. 117000. That’s quite a specific number. So, I’d imagine it’s pretty booked up by now. Not to worry though, once the rapture happens, all the non JW cunts will be murdered, and the JWs that don’t get into heaven inherit what’s left of earth, which I imagine to be a sort of mad max scenario. I think the rapture was due in 1980, so 1981 came as a bit of a shock to them. Undeterred, they said it was the year after, then the year after that, blah blah blah. I love it when these bellends turn up at my door, because it’s one of the only times you can feel good about mocking the mentally retarded.

  30. A bit of light relief – after Theresa Cunting May’s disastrous fucking capitulation in Europe, the foreskin-eyebagged shitcunt…

    According to some bullshit competition or other reported in the Al-BBC, Slough has been declared the best place to work and live in the UK, accounting for combined cost of living and number of jobs. Yes, Slough. Joined in the top 5 by Stoke and Swindon. I shit you not.

    Let’s skip the predictable gags relating to David Brent and Betjeman’s famous ‘bombs fall on Slough’ poem, and instead let’s get straight to business – I have unleashed curlers with more aesthetic appeal than Slough. I have no idea who the fuck was judging this competition – didn’t Slough gain infamy for all those immigrant bed-in-sheds?

    …Sorry, I can’t really stop myself going back to Theresa May. What an absolute fucking cunt.

    • Hey I’m from Stoke and 15yrs ago it was voted the worst place to live by Experian (and them via the latest mosaic coding information).

      Stoke was never going to be prettiest city in the world but it was always industrious and fairly affluent with a good mining and steel-working community.

      Scargill single-handedly fucked the mining industry over (any cunt who disagrees, where was the ballot? OK now that’s settled, fuck off) and steel was soon to follow.

      But the biggest disgrace of all was the industry that gave “The Potteries” it’s name, the ceramics industry.

      At the time when Rover was going to go bump (early noughties) Tony (mutha-fucking, treacherous, murdering, country selling-outing to the EU, CUNT!) Blair was all over it because there was 10,000 associated jobs in peril at Rover across greater Birmingdrabad.

      What no fucking cunt, not even the LABOUR (yes LABOUR) fucking cunt MP bastard twats of Stoke would mention (in the era of “New Labour” – or as I call it the “fuck the working man, they’ll still vote for us – doss cunts!” era) mentioned was the fact that 15,000 jobs were lost in the ceramics industry over that same period.

      However, as it was a constant reduction of 500 here and 1,000 there, no one gave a flying fuck but because Rover was 10,000 in one go, Blair got involved personally so that he could appeal/virtue signal to the “working man” who the cunt actually despised with a passion! Fucking cunt!

      So any cunt daring to state that Stoke is one of the best places to live/work is a liar of universal proportions!

      The only thing rarer than a job in Stoke is a Father figure (yep for about 5yrs running Stoke had the highest rate of teenage pregnancy – and underage pregnancy to boot – in the whole of Europe).

      So don’t tell me it’s a great place to live, if it was so great I wouldn’t have left the cunt in the first place! But I’m fucking glad I did because areas like Cobridge and Etruria (or Eritrea as we used to nickname the cunt) are nowt almost exclusively “peaceful” and those cunts can fuck off too!

      • Well, at least you have the parasitic Bet365 to create a few jobs.

        Kind of sums up the UK really, lose jobs in productive industries, coal, steel, ceramics etc and replace them with parasitic entities. Rather like politics in a way.

    • Surly the BBC are taking the piss??
      Next week they will be telling us Hastings is more beautiful than curaçao??
      Or how nundreds of people have moved from Barcelona to Bradford??
      Quite frankly the BBC can go fuck itself!!! 😡

    • People REALLY need to take care with sunglasses…
      Diddler Savile was a case in point.

      I wonder what Junckunt, Verminhofstadt and May the EU knobgobbler wear.

      Come to think of it, are the cunts ever seen in daylight ?

      • I remember that other U2 ubercunt, The ‘Hedge’ saying ‘It’s not that you wear sunglasses… It’s the type of sunglasses that you are wearing…’ Typical a-hole rock star shite..

        I also remember when the U2 video for that ‘Sweetest Thing’ bollocks came on our telly… Bonio’s Mastiff-like Mrs (aka ‘Don’t you know who I am?! I’m Bonio’s wife, you peasants!’) appeared at the start of the video, and I can still see my late father saying as looked at the screen with contempt: ‘Who the fuck’s that ugly cunt?…’

  31. Theresa May and Jehovah’s have quite a lot in common when nit picking the clauses of ever dependent masses. In tandem with glorification, the treadmill or not will live on in hearts and minds of people forgotten. Likewise, the compendium of the first time to be able to do it would have been sent via email and then we can get back to the intended recipient.
    Those who know, know what is the first time to do it would have been in the first day and then you can get back in this troubadour esq band of marauding cunts.
    I for one have had enough for one. The true but fake brotherhood has created a destiny that could not have been foresaw in the knowledge that it can or cannot. The reason behind this is, in my opinion, the real reason as known by the knowledgeable few who seek to find.
    The worst offenders being May and Jehovah’s. Whilst this country is being thrown to the dogs, its worth pointing out the equilibrium of the penchant for power was not left wanton on the head masters of true freedom, leadind to its own extinction and end.

    Tough to take i know but that’s what i believe to be so.


    Fucked in Florence

    Could the sirens sound more strident? May has spoken in Florence and the fate orf poor Blighty is laid oit clear and crystal. We are to be buggered, shafted and fucked.
    Once again the Hunch Back orf Downing Street has proved herself no Margaret Thatcher who battled the graft and incest orf the EU and achieved long term meaningful reforms for Blighty in the snarling teeth orf the bureaucrats orf Brussels. Teetering orn her kitten heels, May, the old crooked back boiler, is twisted and guided by the malicious Sir Humphreys orf the Civil Service and, desperate sad day, the traitors within the Tory Party. Compared to May, Merkel looks like a Berliner sex bombe.

    To mark the cards orf more callow cunters, the concept orf a European Trading Zone was dreamed up by Sir Winston after the war and backed by the Yanks. Churchill had saved De Gaul’s jambon many times during the war and considered him a friend so went to him first with the idea. Naturally old gallic conk poo pooed anything not orf his own creation so bided his time and then went running around Europe drumming up support for “his” brain wave. This became the Coal and Steel Community which Blighty was specifically not invited to join. To give them their due both the Belgians and the Dutch objected, thinking it a very rum show to cold shoulder Blighty who had recently given its all to save the world.

    This then morphed into the EEC which Blighty subsequently applied to join in 1961 and was then most perfidiously black balled by old frog conk in league with the Blighty hating Kraut arse snake Konrad Adenauer. Recall as if it were yesterday the shameful headlines “De Gaul Says Non” (14th Jan 1963). Sir Winston stabbed in the back once again. Worth noting that the running boy for Blighty in this farrago was Edward Heath who likewise was shafted by old garlic breath whose principal object was to achieve French domination orf Europe.

    Fast forward to 1973 and after many endless loop negotiations now PM Edward Heath will accept any crapola terms just to get in. Heath gets the bums rush and successor Wilson offers a referendum on membership in which he prudently stays out of the picture (unlike cunt Cameron). Re the crap terms we have been playing catch up ever since and eventually it’s the vote to fuck orfski.

    As both De Gaul and Thatcher demonstrated the only way to get a halfway decent deal is to negotiate like a wog camel trader backed up by all the hit men in Sicily. Total intransigence is the only way to handle the fuckers. Yet May has already let most orf Europe sniff her knickers and park its bikes in her fanny. Easy or what?

    • Still fucking incensed over yesterday’s fucking debacle.

      I don’t even know why I am surprised – long gone are the days of any political conviction, or Thatcher swinging handbags at cunts like Kohl; instead, yesterday we got another modern-day Tory masterclass in pleasing all people except the majority of the British electorate. In one fell fucking swoop, May has placated the EU shitheels and to a significant the cunt remainers. A royal fuck you to the voters who instigated an opportunity for real change.

      The whole thing since June 2016 has been handled like a fucking Laurel & Hardy feature farce; this of course being the apt conclusion.

      May gets my vote for cunt of the year hands down – fucks up the election, then bends over for the micrococks of Europe to gangbang the UK into fucking oblivion

      You fucking hunchbacked, clueless shitcunt. Deserves to be beaten to death with her own stinking kitten heels.

  33. Was this the plan all along? Fuck up the GE 2017, keep a lame duck PM and use an already unpopular cunt like May to deliver the shittest of shit Brexit deals?

    Although I don’t see anyone of PM calibre amongst the Brexiters, I will never, ever understand the logic of putting a remainer in charge of the country at this time. Yes, I fucking know May won’t be solely responsible for yesterday but the cunt demonstrated the complete lack of political conviction by capitulating so badly. Fucking CUNT!!!!

    • Brexit waters so badly muddied now, almost zero chance of getting independence back on track.

      Hard not to conclude that’s been their plan ever since posh pig-fucker Dave spinelessly left us in the lurch.

    • TECB,
      Once again you are most surely right on this one.
      I think loads of us here have always suspected that we were going to be stitched-up into a particularly rank-smelling bodybag.
      And it’s all gone according to their cuntitudinous plans.

      Might almost believe that Outside Bog’s bizzare comments on abortion were all part of the plot too, as, as you have pointed out, where is anyone of PM calibre to lead the Tories now.
      Whatever BoJo’s qualities, he really has a MASSIVE image problem.
      Gove and IDS are non-starters.
      The electorate would be more likely to vote for Kid Mong Ill II in a pink pvc gimpsuit.

  34. If all she was going to do was hoist a white flag up a pole she could have done it outside NO 10!! What’s with the big Florence fiasco???
    Interfuckingvention my arse
    In boxing parlance TKO referee stop the contest with mrs May unable to defend herself……
    Although Maggie had many faults she would have fronted up those EU fuckwits!!………,,

  35. EMERGENXY CUNTING Sadiq Khan.Thinks uber is not safe so shuts it down? OK then: Apply that logic to mosques you vile little pip squeak of a cunt. FUCK OFF!

  36. I am very unhappy with the current state of affairs regarding the EU. May I suggest a mass suicide of the Cabinet.?

  37. Noting May’s Florence speech quoted ‘about two years’ for the transitional arrangement.

    Two years will soon have a device for extension after extension of time. Eventually it will become the case where Brexit is so diluted it won’t happen. During this two years, I trust that does not restrict the UK from entering trade deals with non EU countries. If it does, you know that May has well and truly fucked over the majority.

    She deserves a kitten heel jamming in her rectum.

    • Everything May touches turns to shit. Andrea Leadsom would have been an inspired choice by comparison. And a proper Brexiteer, of course.

      Same as when David Davis ran against Cameron in Conservative leadership election 2005. Who did the Tories go for? The wrong one. (Davis would also have promised a referendum).

  38. Brexit negotiations. Walk away. Give the actual elected politicians in Europe time to ponder the outcome to their economies and reconsider using unelected shitstains to call the shots.

  39. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are 42 karat nutjobs and total cunts, but I would still rather have them in Blighty than those camelbuggering muslamist human filth or those scowling, all got a walking stick, benefits sucking, blagslag bogo-bogo africunts….

  40. These wretches seem to operate as a legitimate charity. Bollocks, a charity is a bloke in a Sally Army uniform handing out soup to a poor fucker in a cardboard box at Xmas – not a bunch of smug, deluded, smartly dressed kids rocking up on your doorstep asking YOU for donations. Top cunting.

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