Diane Abbott [7]

Diane Abbott is a cunt.

I mean, she just is.

I notice that the fucker has no issue using the ‘M’ word when it’s in the context of…

The brave Muslim Imam who put himself in harm’s way as a driver ploughed through hundreds of innocent worshippers.

An example not to just the Muslim community but the whole of the UK.”

And rather than allowing division to rule the day, the Muslim community in Finsbury Park is leading the way in bringing people from all walks together.”


This literally was live from Parliament 5mins ago.

All fucking lies and vitriol. Darren Osborne you cunt!

Diane, the country isn’t just divided it’s fractured and irreparable, and it’s like this because cunts like you gloss over “peaceful” atrocities, will never use the ‘M’ when in a negative (although accurate and apt) context but will happily use the ‘M’ word when it comes to love, peace, integration…

You make me fucking sick Diane Abbott!

And let’s not forget Finsbury Park Mosque’s favourite son, Abu Hamza. He was all for love, peace and integration wasn’t he. And the fact he had hooks for hands and had a shot eye was just a misfortune accident with a potato peeler wasn’t it.

I mean it couldn’t have been the fact that he blew them off while making bombs to blow up infidel, infidels like the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) could it!

And all while living in a state paid for 12 bedroom house in Kensington for him and his brood of God knows how many little “bomb makers”, also while receiving thousands a month in benefits courtesy of the arse pockets of the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) via your treacherous leader of the time: Tony fucking Blair!

And let’s not forget having to foot the legal bill to the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the hooky-handed cunt to attempt to avoid deportation. That was UK plc money well spent wasn’t it.

Diane Abbott you are a cunt, a thick as pig’s shit, racist cunt. But I’m not allowed to say that to you because – as you’re a person of colour – that makes me the racist, even though you are the CUNT!

I will never understand how you have held any position in office. I wouldn’t let you lick stamps in a post office!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

277 thoughts on “Diane Abbott [7]

  1. Although yiu wouldnt let her lick stamps in a post office, I bet you physically couldn’t stop her from licking the stripped bare chiggun bones in a KFC outlet, eh?

    • I was floored upon realising that this monstrous cunt hasn’t reached double, nay triple figures of cuntings.

      • Brenda’s veneers alone put him firmly in the frame for a cherry-popping cuntwalling. I wonder who the greatest ever cunt has been to never receive a nomination?

      • Hell yeah Birdman, I have nominated him as he is 100% cunt but to no avail 🙁

        • Maybe if I start a tumour that Chris Sutton, Brendan Rodgers AND Lily Allen meet up for threesomes
          This cunt only has to stay at cellic three more years and he’s a “nine-in-a-row winning manager”
          It might be ten, I’m not really sure, but Allah help us all when that happens.
          Get yer finger out Sevco/Glesga Rangers, and stop this cunt.

          • Sorry Gingers Ballsac, i was mainly talking about Brendan Rodgers there.
            I’m obsessed, maaaan. 🙂

          • Brendan Rogers is a cunt birdman. He was Reading manager for a short while, couldn’t stomach the fucker.

          • I have it on good information that Chris Sutton is in fact a cunt.

          • Start a tumour ffs??? 🙂

            Left my glasses at home again.
            Any posts of mine from the afternoon/evening with daft spelling mistakes means i never took my glasses out with me.
            Spelling mistakes at other times, eh, i don’t have an excuse for that.

          • Don’t let it get to you Birdman, I’ve had my share of shockers on here.

          • You should see me at the beach squinting and pulling faces trying to read and write comments with the suns glare on my phone and no glasses.
            Still pretty impressed with my pish effort though. 🙂

  2. It’s all very well cunting the Flabbott, she is the sort of cunt who cannot be cunted enough and deserves every ounce of venom the public can throw at her. However if it wasn’t for the good people of Hackney she would be just an unpleasant memory, like that time you got so pissed up you were sick through your nose.

    Just what kind of idiot would vote for someone as clearly unqualified, stupid, pig ignorant and racist? I guess it must be those who are themselves unqualified, stupid, pig ignorant and racist and clearly there are a lot of them in Hackney. Would it be any coincidence that Hackney has increased its population by 21% in 10 years, that 25% of its population is under 20 and that 59% of the population are not white British?

    To be fair to Flabbott, she does go that extra mile of cuntitude every time she opens her pie hole, but the real cunts here are the people of Hackney. Thanks a lot you fucking twats!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Of course, the demographic of Hackney cuntstituents is either i) thick as fermenting manure enrichers and gimmigrants, or ii) the metropolitan ‘intelligentsia’ who got on the train at Cambridgeshire, moved down to an East London flat, got a moustache and a low-cut vest, some purple leggings and a sailor tat (twat).

      A bunch of cunts of course who, for various reasons, find multiple-box ticking minority representatives to be an obvious vote choice. And make no mistake, Abbott’s enormous fucking box gets plenty of ticks from these useless Hackney fucktards.

      The fact that she is utterly fucking shite – even as politicians go – matters not a jot. She’s fat, black, female (just), and now a victim – that’s all that’s needed.

    • The nail on the head with a fucking big hammer, She was the first black women mp if my failing faculties serve me. Elected because she was “black” and labour. Problem is she will be voted in by Hackney fuckwits ad infinitum because she is black and labour. The fact that someone can earn a degree and still be such a complete cunt makes me very glad I did not bother with the university radical shite.
      She is a nasty piece of work and thats going some for most politicians.
      She even out cunts vaz aline and that is difficult. She is what she is a pro politician elected by a mass of fuckwits; in total a complete waste of space like 99.9% of her fellows.

  3. Never get tired of Diane Abbott getting a solid cunting within these walls. With most nominees who are everpresent and always have their switch in the ‘cunt’ position – think examples like James Corden, Lily Allen, Stewart Lee, The Guardian – repeated cuntings are never wasted and the reasons for cunting them are never exhausted.

    I have to say, as a Tory voter, the election made for pretty fucking grim watching for the vast majority of the campaign from start to finish – the only highlights were watching Attilla the Cunt balls up another simple bit of economics on her custom made ‘Abbottcus’; which saw her calculate the average copper’s salary to be £4k, in addition to massively fucking up when asked if she knew how many Councillors Labour lost in May and many other non-numerical gaffes besides. She is beyond braindead, and into almost mystical fucking realms of stupidity. In the words of Gordon Gekko, if she owned a funeral parlor, no fucker would die.

    On a more serious note, this cunt represents everything that is wrong with the overtly liberal in society. Primarily, the divisive act of seeking offence where there is none; moulding incidents to fit in with a victimisation rhetoric. This to me is why the liberal left are so fucking dangerous – thanks to professional offence takers like Flabbott, certain people get demonised, or lose their jobs, or ultimately get turned into pariahs because somehow, the voice of these Birkenstock-clad cunts seems to shout louder than others with common sense.

    Abbott is thick (in any sense of the word), over-emotional, illogical, divisive, a cunt, racist and too opinionated to ever function even remotely as a human being; let alone on a (reinforced) seat within Her Majesty’s Government. Yet she is far closer to that position than I ever would have liked, thanks to being a cause célèbre for several ‘oppressed’ minorities. I still have trouble believing that anyone outside of thick Hackney enrichers and KFC franchise proprietors would ever be pleased to see Jabbott the fucking Cunt in any capacity.

    The Tories get plenty of things wrong, make no mistake about that. In fact, there are more than enough of them to receive a daily solid cunting. However, two things in my ‘umble opinion have helped to damage, possibly even destroy (time will tell) British culture: i) overtly-liberal stances on immigration, equality, welfare and housing, and ii) the endless borrowing of money to fuel badly-made election promises. As long as the Tories, in some capacity, stand against these matters, then I will continue to vote for them.

    And Diane Abbott represents the very worst excesses of political correctness and hypocritical left-wing stance. She is a cunt of seismic proportions. Both her cuntitude and indeed girth are so massive that they can be seen accurately from space.

    • .. ‘The Tories get plenty things wrong …’ … the next time I get a ‘circular’ e-mail from Ruth Davidson on my ‘support for the Tory party’ she’ll be getting a right royal rev up and fuck off for the way the Tories / Theresa May :-
      A … Ran their campaign on a total vote loser bollocks with all their ‘Dimentia Tax / Fox Hunting’ shit … now not in the Queens Speech … had she not included them in the manifesto she would have romped the election …
      B … Pandering to the Grenfell residents … ’cause she has to’, because she made such a monumental fuck up on the election manifesto ….. and now sets a presidence for every Tom, Dick and Mohammed to screw the Govt. … probably more Mohammed than Tom and Dick …
      I’m in the constituancy that got rid of Alex ‘Baw Heid’ Salmon .. although that was the ‘silver lining’ … it’s a fuck off dark cloud the Tories are leaving us with.

      • I can’t disagree with any of that. A great deal of ineptitude from the Tories. Their election campaign was a solid wall of fuck.

        • It was truly beyond the shits, the clusterfuck of all clusterfucks……. and yet Labour still couldn’t win.

          • Reminds me of an old Steve Bell / If cartoon in the Grauniad (yes, decades ago, I was indeed a cunt, but never went on any demos…and a certain paper, The Torygraph, as it was then known, was further right than the Völkische Beobachter…)

            Neil in bed with Glenys, trembling, looking shit-scared and grabbing the covers (well if I woke up next to her…) “I can’t believe it…the Tories ran a shite campaign, they had a monkey as party leader, and…
            Labour STILL bloody lost !!”

      • Hey Boilsmypiss, I’d loved to have seen that baw heided cunts smug face when his peepol rejected him.
        All them years thinking he was untouchable, the ‘sacked’ ya cunt.

    • Hear hear! She’s a cunt! An odious, short memoried (when it suits) cunt!

      Is it actually true that Corbyn shagged her in the past, or is that just a bit of hijinks? Honestly I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction.

      If it is a fact then he must’ve strapped a plank across his arse to stop himself from falling in!

      • He shagged her back in the 70s, they went to East Germany on a motorbike together and got it on in places.

      • FACT
        No fake news here Rebel without a Cunt.
        He showed nudie pics of her to ‘impress’ his mates.
        No news about them being impressed though.

  4. I see the population of this country increased by well over 500,000 last year.a number of reasons are cited but the biggest is immigration. So we better build lots of houses just so we can stand fuckin still. How long can we keep going like this?

    • What makes me laugh is how the left can never, ever answer that topic. We add a city the size of Hull to the UK population each year – how can they even deny that this pushes the NHS, housing, welfare etc beyond proper levels of management.

      • Socialists only has one solution to any problem; spend more of other people’s money.

      • Apparently so many immicunts are employed by the NHS (??)…

        Well if the dosscunt camelfuckers round here are neurosurgeons / cardio-thoracic consultants “between contracts”, I’m going to sign up to PetPlan.
        For myself.

    • Ascertain precisely where the immicunts are coming from (as if we don’t know), and glass the shiteholes over once and for all…
      No shite cuntries, no shite, whiny inhabitants.

      People will eventually forget, and radiation sickness is likely to help…

      Have been writing a novel…NONE of the profits will go to any grasping sandshite charities…

  5. I just bought a dehumidifier and read the instructions and it says ” Do not use your appliance in humid places” WTF! What a cunt.

  6. I can’t believe the stupid fat cunt hasn’t learnt or be told to shut her flabby chops.

    Everytime she speaks, more ill. thought-out bullshit, put a muzzle on it, or a horses nosebag, that would keep her quiet, dumb bitch.

  7. In response to RWAC’s nomination, I personally think Darren Osborne deserves a monumental cunting.

    Grenfell fire notwithstanding, it genuinely felt like the tide was turning from the usual stiff-upper cunt resolute tolerance of raging towelheads blowing up and knifing members of the public – but thanks to an alcoholic, shit-driving taff, muslims are no.1 victims and causes for furious left-wing calls to protect them at all costs.

    He’s set things back years. In fact, I am yet to meet anyone with the surname Osborne – different spellings inclusive – that is not a complete and utter fucking cunt.

    • Darren Osborne may well be an alcoholic cunt but he is an English alcoholic cunt. Born in Weston Super Mare.

      Of course the liberal media and the virtue signalling cunts on twatter and arsebook are going to spin this into a pro peaceful narrative, but they would have done anyway regardless. However, the more they spin and virtue signal the more people are beginning to find the truth and realise they are being systematically eliminated from their own country and that the they are being lied to on an industrial scale.

      I wouldn’t make Osborne out to be a national hero but I don’t think he is a cunt either.

  8. Hmmmm . I see people who have already bought apartments in the luxury development where some of the homeless from Grenfell tower are going to be re-housed are kicking up a stink, claiming it will bring down the value of their property. Are they heartless bastards or do they have a point?

    • I’m delighted to hear it. Maybe next time there is an election they will vote for a party which wants to limit immigration and not yet another labour bitch with a face like a slapped arse. Just a thought.

    • They have a point.

      I have no love for the aloof rich-bitches and career wankers who likely festoon the luxury apartment block. But however vile they may be, the point is that they pay their way legitimately and have earned their keep; even if it is thanks to daddy’s millions.

      The re-housed indiviudals, probably in most cases, have not contributed a fucking penny toward the cost of keeping them in Grenfell or anywhere else; let alone some exclusive tower block in the heart of Kensington.

      Mind you, an element of karma for the well-orf if memory serves – Kensington voted Labour in GE 2017 (the last constituency to declare). So here you go people of Kensington, your first taste of Labour housing policy. You cunts voted for it, after all.

      Best welcome the ghouls into Tenpenny Tower, then.

    • .. interesting today on LBC … same topic, people paying £15k ( FFS) for the ‘amenities’ … not wanting the ‘re-housed’ to use the afore mentioned ‘amenities’ … excellent … let’s see if it steps up a gear with the ‘well heeled’ heading down to the pool with their Holland and Hollands to ‘sort things out’ …
      I think the Mayor .. Mr Khan .. should be stepping in, for his opinion, and to show his true colours ….

    • Classic. Had she wrestled a bomber to the floor and lost a limb in the process, then fair enough. Her acts of heroism are however being able to film a video and uploading it to Twitter.

      There’s a lot of me, me, me in the piece. As well as the inferrence that her tweet was the single most important event post-attack.

    • What the fuck has Grenfell tower got to do with a terrorist attack ?

      My life one month on, still fuckin angry.

    • She didn’t film the bomb going off, she was in the concert hall.

      Stupid cunt.

  9. Sandnignogz who bow to an imaginary god in the sky every time they go to the Mosque, giving Theresa May grief for bowing to a real person (HM Queen)?…Yeah, them cunts…..

  10. Doesn’t that fat, ugly tosser realise the goat fuckers hate black poeple? No thought not putrid fish smelling twat she is.

    • You’re making the classic mistake of thinking left-wing politicos have any grasp of logic whatsoever.

      Besides, even if she did register that simple fact, because both she and the towelheads hate the white British, that commonality makes them necessary bedfellows.

  11. Now I’m not a conspiracy nutter but one thing about the Manchester bombing does puzzle me, that video shown above as far as I know is the ONLY video of the incident and it actually shows nothing of the bombing. The explosion actually happened in the foyer area where parents were waiting for their kids to come out of the arena. 22 people died, there must have been a fair bit of structural damage as well as some appalling scenes of dead and injured people. Everyone has a mobile phone, where’s the footage?. It seems very very odd that nothing has emerged. Anyone got an explanation?

    • You would have thought the foyer of a major arena would have CCTV, wouldn’t you?

      • I wish it had CCTV footage of the time i went to see Depeche Mode there.
        I’d come off a night shift, travelled up to Manchester, and got off my tits on speed and hash.
        Speed bombs, doobs, speed bombs, more doobs get inside and ate most of my hash.
        Then more speed bombs.

        I had to be escorted to a toilet were i saw my reflection in a mirror and i was green.
        As green as the Hulk.
        This was all before the concert had started.
        Somehow, maybe more speed, i managed to sort myself out, pulled a bird outside in the foyer rejoined the gig with her and only missed the first four songs.
        I’d have loved to have seen that on CCTV.
        This was years ago and i don’t act like that anymore.
        Wish i fuckin did though.

        • I’d need that amount of drugs to get me through a Depeche Mode concert too, and I don’t do drugs.

          • Steady on there my good man, the “Mode” were ok in their time.


    • Bet even old Barry White would have been intimidated by the though of tacking her…

      “Oooohhh Baby…… JESUS CHRIST NOOOO!!!”

        • We slag off her lack of sex appeal but who knows, she could give the best blowjobs ever.
          One were she takes the whole length in her mouth and still manages to lick the back of yer scrotum at the same time.

          I wonder if her fake “posh” accent slips when being rooted.

          • I don’t know about blow jobs but I bet she could suck the meat off a KFC drumstick in seconds.

          • Birdman, she could deepthroat like Silvia Saint for all I care, but the mere sight of that fucking abomination anywhere near the old tackle is enough to keep me in straitjackets until last rites.

          • I reckon she sucks like a Dyson hoover. Lips like a pound of split liver, bet she could suck an apple through a straw!

      • Full respect as always DF, any man can tackle the best ones, only a real man can take the worst.

      • Just watched those two videos. I was 8 years old when ‘buddy God’ Corbyn battled Maggie and the useless arse trouser is still spouting the same old bollocks. Has the cunt never grown beyond 16 years old? I can’t believe some people’s ignorance. My budgie has more of a handle on the world than any of these career, part of the furniture, so called liberal,anti freedom, lazy,pathetic,useless,phoney,fake,gob shite, say yes to all, fucking cunts.

    • No new buttons, no new nuffin.
      I know I’m easily wound up, but ISAC was a place to unwind and have fun.
      Now I’m arguing with a fuckin button.

      Change is bad!!!!!

  12. Just to complete the cunting, would you not think that Abbott, on a relatively comfortable wage, could not afford a better fucking weave than her current hairpiece? Not that she could really improve her looks anyway, but fuck me does that rug look really, really stupid.

    Diane Abbott is probably the only argument for compulsory Burkhas.

    • Criticising her irish is racist and sexist.

      Taking the piss out of Trumps syrup is fair game.

    • Her hairdo makes her look like James Earl Jones in Conan the Barbarian but fatter.

  13. I thought we were all rid of this fat racist gargoyle when the cunt proved she had straw for brains in the maths department.
    Saying she was very ill and needing time away from politics was, I thought, labours way of fucking the stupid bitch off quietly and permanently.
    Damn the fuckwitted youth who supported Corbyn. All of a sudden the cunt isn’t ill any more and is spouting fresh bullshit by the truckload.
    While I mention comrade Corbyn, why does the prize twat think he has a mandate to form a government instead of May when even fewer people voted for the party. the cunt must have caught maths disease off Flabbott.

  14. Hold on ‘anarchists’, Charlotte Church is mooring up her £1million yacht on the Thames…. She’ll be with you asap for the ‘Day Of Rage’….

    Laughable fat slag…

    Hold on ‘anarchists’, Charlotte’s mooring up her £1million yacht on the Thames. She’ll be with you asap

  15. Diane Abbott is beyond doubt a massive cunt in every way, Di and her ilk really do get me down at times so I have to find the humour in a world of cunts wherever I can. The below is a fine example of what separates cunts from normal human beings.

    “A leading economist has inadvertently caused a storm by saying he preferred the voice on the iPhone Siri virtual assistant to be male because he felt that made it more trustworthy.
    Nobel prize laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides’s comments at a conference in Norway attracted fierce criticism.
    He told the BBC he apologised for upsetting people and his comment was meant to be “light-hearted”.
    “It’s a mistake and I’m sorry, but the audience was laughing.””

    Cunts are outraged by his comment!!!!!

    Non cunts never got past his name before they pissed themselves laughing and anything he said was soon forgotten.

    • Its the same as happened to Sir Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning astrophysicist or some such. He was addressing a conference in Korea and said;

      “Three things happen when girls are in the lab — you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry.”

      It was a fucking joke but he got hounded out of his job in the end by a feminazi mob. No doubt the same will happen to this poor fucker.

    • People nowadays seem determined to find something to be “outraged” about…and normally the cause of their ire turns out to be a white man. They are the first to scream about sexism or racism,when in fact,they are the racists and sexists.

  16. will the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey now face prosecution for concealing evidence in the case of Peter Ball? he was told what Ball was doing and did precisely nothing. Ball went on to abuse many more boys and young men. any reason he shouldnt face jail?

    • The Archbishop of Cunterbury needs a solid bashing. Or, at least, a cunting.

    • At the very least it should be obstruction of justice or even accessory before, during and after the fact.

      But of course those laws only apply to us normal folk, not archbishops and the like.

  17. Prince Harry is a gilt-edged Cunt.

    The half-blood prince has now decided to take on the mantle of his muzzie-gobbling tart of a mother and,with the benefit of his stellar intellect,teach the Plebs how to be more “caring and sharing” when it comes to our feelings…..Oh fuck off,you thick wanker. I couldn’t give a fuck and have no sympathy for how hard it was losing your mother at a young age. I could have understood your upset if Nanny had karked,but “Mummy”? The bitch was too busy whoring to give a shit about her children (lucky that she did enjoy hawking her pearly or the cuckoo that is Harry would never have been conceived,) Half the trouble with people today is this self-indulgent whining about feelings and emotions. It just encourages people to think that the World owes them something because they’ve had it “hard”.

    I dislike most of the Royals,but at least they make no bones about believing that they are a superior breed,indeed their sheer arrogance is one of the few things that I admire about them. Not Harry,he wants to be seen as “The People’s Prince”, a caring,modern Royal who empathises with and understands the Commoners. It’s all an act, the Cunt cares no more than any of the rest of them,as long as they can continue in their gilded,anacronistic lifestyle they’ll put on any mask.

        • In a way I agree with you,IA…the longer the old biddy hangs on,the less time we’ll have to put up with her fucking son as King.

          • Eh,leave off the Queen, with any luck she’ll outlive ol’ big ears.

            As for Cad jr, I don’t want to hear all that bollocks about emotions and feelings.

            George VI must be spinning in his grave, he kept his shit together during WW2 and yet everyone after Her Majesty have proven to be…… unworthy.

            I’ll say it to – Long Live The Queen! Seriously I hope she even outdoes her mother on age!

          • Am hoping that jug-ears buggers orf first, preferably in a bizarre sex act involving Parker-Bowels (any sex act involving her must be bizarre, though…)

            Would feel sorry for Her Madge, losing a kid first, but I sometimes wonder if it would trouble her much. More of a blessed relief, really…

      • Although I don’t have anything particularly against the royals, as far as I can tell they have never done me any harm. They are a bunch of superior cunts, they even think they are related directly to God.

  18. She’s a stupid, lazy, fat, racist, ignorant, jumped up civil servant and a fucking great big fat cunt.

    She was sacked from This Week for being a sitting MP but that’s probably because she wasn’t entertaining or well informed.

    She also looks like one of Del’s deflated sex dolls in Only Fools and Horses.

  19. Lady Died was, indeed, a prize trollop… Johnny Bryan, Will Carling, James Hewitt, Oliver Hoare, that heart surgeon cunt whose name escapes me, Dodi Al-Camelbummer… And they’re just the known ones she played jiggy-jiggy with.. And virgin in 1981 my arse… Anyone who was around at the time knows she was a Sloane Ranger and a slag of the highest order…. All that ‘shy’ and ‘simpering’ stuff was bollocks… The Princess Of Tarts deliberately went out of her way to hook Charlie… A friend of Lady Died (another Sloaney) recalled Princess Innocent Knickers gloating with an almost sinister glee about how she’d ‘got’ The Prince Of Wales… Apparently one of her favourite groups was Supertramp…. Very apt…

  20. Jabbot the Hut is lying in bed one night, sans wig, sans clothes but trying to look sexy. Compo Corbyn walks in with a sheep under his arm which bleats, distressingly.

    Compo sighs. “Darling, I have a confession. This is the smelly, disgusting pig that I’ve been fucking for the past six months and I must apologise.”

    Flabbot says, “I might be stupid but even I know that’s not a pig!”

    Compo replies, “I was talking to the sheep.”

  21. It’s no surprise that the Kensington rich crowd are up in arms about their new neighbours. These are the sort who are all for the diverse multi cultural society when it consists of some arselicking, subservient foreign waiter fawning all over them in some posh restaurant where we can’t afford to push our noses against the window.
    But move them in next door and suddenly they’re not so keen on equality. Eeeeeegh……….can’t these refugee chappies live with the poor people? What do I dodge my taxes for?

    • Yeah, funny that, they don’t like it once it’s all on their doorstep do they?

      Karma is a bitch for these cunts.

    • Excellent comment. Once again this highlights the real truths that these luvverly slebs can preach to us on how to treat peacefuls and fugees with their dying swan TV and twinklenet meedja appeals on what “we must do”, but when they move in next door it’s all “Ewww how disgusting…my ego has been compromised” and they scarper back to ivory tower and bolt the gold gates behind them. Preaching sleb cunts to behold.

      • Usual double standards with the cunts – happy to have us put up with all the shit but the moment they have to they squeal like pigs – cunts!

  22. Tomorrow marks one year since the referendum. Back then nobody had ever heard of the Miller slag, today she is a celebrity. Tonight, yet again, she is on Question Time. No prizes for guessing what the whore will be rabbiting on about.
    In the old days we used to hang foreign espionage agents, today we invite them on the telly to tell us how fucking stupid we are.
    I despair!

    • I’ll pass on QT, especially if that loathsome cunt is on the panel.

      I’ll say it again – it’s a pity she wasn’t in Jonestown, Guyana in November 1978, would have done us all a massive favour if she was!

    • Presumably that simian-faced shitcunt is only appearing because QT tonight is in a pro-EU area? I’d definitely watch if it was in Boston or Hull, for sheer heckling entertainment value.

      I’d like to put this more eloquently, but Gina Miller looks like she has a really foul-smelling cunt. Don’t ask me why I think that.

      • Gina Miller is a foul cunt, so that’s probably why you think that.

        Ooooh QT in a pro EU area? Wow…. that’s really……predictable of the cunts.

        Talking of the BBC cunts, I see those non-wits Moffat of Dr Who infamy and Gatits or whatever his name is of Shitlock are going to team up to do Dracula now. That will be an easy pass, no doubt it will be some PC, pro Parking Stanley, pro Iron Hoof, PC bullshit.

        • QT from Wakefield was a good un. That is Mary Creagh’s constituency and she is one of the worst remoaners but the thick cunts still voted her in despite 69% voting to leave. I always knew there were a lot of thick as shit cunts out there but I never knew there were so many.

          • That seems to be a thing, like the dumb cunts in Doncaster voted 70% in favour of leaving the EU yet continue to vote for Ed Miliband!

            Don’t even try to figure this anti-logic out.

          • It’s weird how constituencies go… take Richmond Park, with 70% voting remain… yet they gave Zac Goldmsith a third chance, returning him as MP over the Olney abomination – Goldmsith a clear leaver.

            Does actually make me wonder if people are just sick of Brexit now, and it’s no longer the number 1 focus in the minds of the voter…

          • I think people are tired of politics, politicians end endless referendums, I know I am!

  23. Can we please give David Lammy the biggest cunting ever. Why? Because he is the worlds BIGGEST CUNT.

    • Ah yes, Lammy the democracy hating arsewipe – he hates it when it doesn’t go their way, bit like the Democrats in the States really.

    • Lamy needs to remember the basics of ENGLISH LAW. Unlike Ugandan, Nigerian ,Pakistani and other flyblown shitholes, it is the custom and practice to establish the facts before pointing fingers, and certainly well before summary execution. This black semen stain was in the press this morning, screaming that the Metropolitan Police have failed in their duty to make any arrests for the Grenfell Disaster.

      That slick slime sucking shite gobbler must feel he is back in his ancestral homeland where the rules of law are dictated by the colour of your shite. He is, a cunt, and is most worthy of a super cunting, the cunting little cunt,

      • Make arrests…… arrest who exactly? That cunt is an imbecile!

  24. When Flabbot was removed from the firing line due to “ill health” we were subsequentkey told it was because she had type 2 diabetes. Well I’m no doctor and have no medical qualifications, but what I do know is that the symptoms of type 2 diabetes do not cause you to be a thick brainless idiot who turns up for TV interviews totally unprepared and unable to answer basic questions, or be crap at basic maths, or be a racist cunt, or be a traitor to the country, or be a Muslim terrorist apologist. The fat cow should be taken to the tower and be hung drawn and quartered. The cunt.

    • Hanging, drawing and quartering Flabbott would be a Herculean task. Even a quarter of her is bigger than the average walrus.

      • Trying to hang her from the Tower would probably cause it to collapse!

          • In army tems, “Osteo-inertia”

            Also, lacking moral fibre. She wouldn’t know what a fucking moral was if she choked on it.

            Daft shitebag probably thinks you get morals in posh quiches…

    • Christ, May, as crap as she is, at least doesn’t use her type 1 diabetes as an excuse.

      • The old hunch-backed cunt fucked up this election. Monumentally. I could cunt her pretty hard indeed.

        But, BUT, she is coming in for some real stick, as well as the humiliation of being a lame PM. However, not once (to my knowledge) has she played the victim card in any respect – not as an MP, as Home Sec or as PM. That deserves some respect at least considering how frequently female politico play their various victim cards.

        • I’ve often found that the women who have made something of themselves whether it be in politics, business or even mvoies in some cases or in life in general are the ones who do not go using the feminist or gender card.

        • I’m no doctor but a cursory google lists one of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes as unexplained weight loss.

          Hmmmm. Something doesn’t quite fit.

          • Yeah, Jabbott is a notable fat-arse so that doesn’t make sense….

          • I would be very surprised if she were NOT type 2 Diabetic. After all she has the appetite of a fucking horse, is the size of a fucking horse, and has been ridden like a horse ( sorry Jezza ) and no doubt, farts like one.

            Her absences ( vacant periods ) are probably due to a non accidental overload of verbal shite.

            It must be very difficult when talking shite, to seperate all the shite that went before, and that which is yet to come.

  25. They should put her on stand-by in case the Thames Flood Barrier fails.

  26. So Her Maj turned up for work yesterday, refused to wear the overalls and safety helmet, rushed through everything and then fucked off to Ascot to get pissed on company expenses.
    Another lazy Brit who doesn’t want to work. I say we get an immigrant in to do it on the cheap.

    • Frig Freddie, she didn’t turn up in the full regalia because she probably thinks that there will be another General Election soon and ergo another Queen’s speech so she probably thought ”what’s the point this time?”

  27. OH fuck fuck fuck. Ian Hislop telling us how we were a backward mud hut dwelling bunch of fuckwits, and how we have developed into the nation we are due to all the fucking dross that washes up here.

    • That fucking light-bulb headed cunt.

      One of my all-time fantasies involves seeing Hislop’s name in the obituaries.

      • Shit, that applies to a lot of the cunts we’ve cunted on this site!

        Hell, I dream of reading that that old, backstabbing shit Hesletine has croaked.

  28. So May concedes 3 million EU citizens can stay providing they have lived here for 5 years…..never mind a hard Brexit or even a soft Brexit, this is a limp dicked fuck up of things to come. Never mind Tusk quoting Lennon, Imagine or Starting Over would be more apt.

    • It is worth mentioning that she’d only do this if the EU do the same for Brits who live in EU nations.

      With that said though, this is starting to look like a damn screwjob, we’re giving the Euro-cunts too much so far.

    • What? Even the scrounging iron curtain cunts who have claimed benefits for five years?! Or the arrogant cunts who can’t be arsed to learn English and walk around like they own the fucking place?! Yet another Polish shop has opened near us (replacing a sweets and cigs shop that had been there since 1970!)… Unthinkable in 1970, 1980, or even 1990… But that cunt from Satan’s arse, Tony Blair, put paid to that… Now every other (and I mean every fucking other!) voice you hear is one (or more) of these iron curtain cunts… Notice that these ‘EU Citizens’ in Britain are never French, German, Italian, Dutch, Belgian etc… They’re always Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Albanian and Romanian… And they are cunts!

      • Seems to be the UK’s lot in life now to have all the excrement foisted on it.

      • If a French, Dutch or German professional person or working family thought about living in the UK, they’d probably be put off by all the Eastern Bloc locusts that infest the place… Not to mention all the Parking Stanleys, Camelbuggerers, Bogo-Bogos, and so on…

        • They’d be put off?! Fuck, how do they think we feel about having to live with this?!

          • Even the spudfucking bogtrotters from Paddyland don’t want to live near that Romanian and Albanian filth…

        • We attract all the thick necked square headed Tomaz’s and Boris cunts, not to mention thieving Roma who are hated as much as our own pikeys.

          • Not to mention we seem to attract all the Bongo-bongo fraudsters, the gook fraudsters, the very worst of the Parking Stanleys and Camelbuggerers.

            What is up with that? I know there aren’t many useful ones from that lot but why is it we get the lowest of the low? We have enough home grown scum as it is!

          • Norm, the Albanian cunts aren’t in the EU (yet!) so every time you meet one of them, you KNOW they’re dodgy. Supposedly on a three month visa. My arse. Drug-dealer vermin, every one of them. They’re even more pissed off than the legitimate EU criminals as they had planned to move into Blighty once their application ink had dried. Moreover most of them are Allah knee-benders.

          • Albanians on three-month visas?! Most likely won them on the three-card trick.

      • The two Italians that travel on the same tram as me every week are alright… It’s just nice to hear a voice and accent that isn’t from Eastern Fucking Europe…

        And another thing… While the Ivans, Czechs, and Poles have some real fit’uns in their native lands, how come most of the ones that come here look like they’ve escaped from a Nazi prison?… Ain’t fair…

  29. They get something like 1.3 dispersed over 27 states, we get 3 million on a small island, but it was probably inevitable.

    • Of course it was…….3 million Euro bastards on one poxy island…..bullshit!

  30. Why am I always so late to these cuntings? Nobody is going to read my pearls all the way down here. Sob.

  31. fuckin hell lol. some of the comments on here!. i’ve been reading recently about people on facebook and twitter who are being prosecuted for ‘ hate speak ‘. i know this will probably fall on death ears but be careful chaps!!!

    • Duly noted. I would say we probably fall under the radar, but still better safe than sorry!

      Hate speak…. that’s a damn joke, they never prosecute a certain mob for that!

    • You definitely have a point. I think it’s possibly a good idea to stick to code names which we all know the meaning of. Eg:
      The Pigfucker
      The Maidenhead Hunchback
      Lily Slagheap
      James O’Shithead
      St. Big Ears
      Catweazle/ Steptoe
      Onion Head

      Etc etc……you get the point I’m sure.

      • Some are alternatives:

        Pig Fiddler
        Jabbott the Fatt
        Lady Nugee
        That thing from Spitting Image
        Turd Boy/John Major’s lovechild

          • Toadface
            Anus Robbertson
            Jean-Claude Drunkard
            Big Don
            The bar maid from the only gay in the village
            Donkey Punched Rayner

        • Jesus H Christ, is that some sort of sick joke? I never see them do that if the shoe is on the other foot! And they’re so proud of lucking up some random idiot for what he wrote on Farcebook.

          Fuckers! Go catch some real criminals instead!

          • Can I also point out the obvious here – ISAC doesn’t do discrimination. Yes, that right’s we don’t discriminate on here – everyone gets it with both barrels! Right? Right? RIGHT?!

      • Been thinking the same for weeks.
        If the Flabbot tries to sue then she’s admitting that she’s a Flabbot.

        By the way, a real lily Mong exists.

  32. I’ve often wondered why thick as shit, fucking dense cunts apply to go on these TV quiz shows. They must have seen the show before and know they will be well out of their depth. All they’ve got to gain is being made to look pig ignorant and humiliated in front of millions. Why?
    Well, the Flabbopotamus does it a couple of times a week with a massive shitload of hypocrisy thrown in. Perhaps we should ask her?
    I think we can only expect 2 answers:
    (1) Because I can, and it’s a fucking good living.
    (2) RACIST!!!!!!

    • Emily DIngleberry. She is married to a peer, and really hates being called by her title. Its doesn’t go down well with her socialist cohorts.

      • We could also call her Lady Smug.

        Let’s face it, she has one of the most smuggest, self satisfied and utterly slapable mugs around.

  33. Shit, switched over to QT by mistake just as Banana Gob was revving up…abort!

  34. True to form, BBCunts heavily biased audience full of cunts. Banana Bitch ‘I’m so fucking right’ is an abomination.

    • Seriously, the BBC ought to be shut down, it’s long since ceased to be fit for purpose, their heads are so far up their agendas you can’t see their feet anymore.

      …….what’s the BB been saying then?

  35. Fuckng bitch sits there pontificating like the fucking dimwit queen from Black Adder blithely demanding this and that. Self important uppity cunt.

  36. Apparently the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation pay some private company (more taxpayers’ dosh down the toilet) to ensure a “balanced” audience. Well, I don’t know what kind of demographic data they work with but they may as well give the money to me and I’ll piss it up the wall.
    That Oborne wanker may as well fuck off. He looks like he has been too long in The Green Room drinking up more taxpayers dosh the cunt.

  37. Diane Abbots’s so fat she goes to a restaurant , looks at the menu and says, “OK.”

    Diane Abbot’s so fat, the back of her neck looks like a clutch of hot-dogs.

    Diane Abbot’s so fat, she masturbates to the food channel.

    Diane Abbot: It would be funny if the corpulent, hypocritical, racist gorgon weren’t 50-odd constituencies away from being our Home Secretary.

  38. I see some muzrat has complaining about how the government has dealt with the fact he lost 5 family members in the Grenfell fire. Apparently a third world country would handle it better….

    Well, if you bring third world cunts into London, then it becomes a third world country. You only have your kin folk to thank for that. And of course feel free to fuck off back to a third world country if you don’t like it here, just like locusts do when they have laid everything to waste.

    • Seconded. If they think things are done better in the 3rd world shitholes they came from then why don’t they fuck off back to them?

    • And thirded – the fucking cunts!

      Don’t like it? Want a more Shariah lifestyle?

      Please feel free to exercise your democratic right to fuck off to any “peaceful” shithole of your choosing!

      Can’t afford it?

      Please feel free to enter a crowd-funding plea with the following: “I am a ‘peaceful’ cunt who wants to raise £2,000 in order to relocate to {enter ‘peaceful’ shithole of your choosing here}. Please help.”

      It won’t be an immediate response. I reckon it will take a good 3mins to raise £2k to fuck you off! Cunt!

  39. Cuntsion Time is ripe wi’ cunts tonight!

    And who’s the midget sat next to Dimbleby on the right?

    Throw in (deport the cunt) Miller, fuck’s sake! I need some of Birdman’s speed!

      • The usual lefty-globo-libbo Corbyn mantra of: “TAX THE RICH! TAX THE RICH!”

        Cunt didn’t cunt-out Miller for being rich, soft twat!

        No skin of his nose cos he wanted to get his head down early tonight so he can sign on tomorrow and get his job seekers on top (even though he’s more allergic to work than ebola).

        Yes this is the modern left: a set of rich young cunts ashamed of their wealth so virtue signal to make up for it, and, workshy layabouts who want an even easier ride courtesy Comrade Corbyn’s politics.

        Throw in media-whores and you have the great triumvirate of leftish cuntishness!

        The Spartans would have killed the cunt at birth!

        “Leonidis! What shall we do with this child!”

        “Chuck the cunt in the bin! Looks like a lazy cunt who’ll saff off the rest of us and contribute nowt other than unruliness! Fuck that! THIS IS SPARTA! Not some fucking liberal love in for fuck’s sake!”

    • There’s a few squinteyed cunts in the QT audience
      must be all that in breeding
      “squeal like a pig boy”

  40. Couldn’t tell you PMS, he kept interrupting the panel by shouting while they were talking.

  41. You couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was a whispy bearded hipster with a check shirt and carrying a backpack……..exactly the sort of cunt who needs a good kicking for breathing the same Uber-polluted air as me. Thanks for that Suckdick my special friend.

    • Cock in baby oiled hand, length of bog roll from neck to pubes, ready to rock’n’roll

      • Classic. 🙂

        The missus thinks i have bad sinus problems coz off all the toilet roll i grab when she’s on her way to bed and I’m staying up coz off my awful insomnia.
        And nose. 🙂

  42. Seriously though why doesnt Vagina Miller stand for public office if she thinks her ideas are so pertinent and logical?Guess it is easier to sit and tut on the sidelines..Maybe she realises she is not as popular and righteous as she purports to be.I swear the self righteous cunt is a Soros puppet.

    What pissesme off most of all is that she isnt even upfront about what she wants despite it being blatantly obvious even to Michael Schumacher.

    • Apparently Michael Schumacher’s family have said he is unable to appear as a guest on BBC show ‘Who do you think you are”……

  43. 538,000 more people in the country in a year net.

    Immigration isn’t a problem
    Immigration isn’t pushing public services over the edge
    Immigration is good for Britain

    If the above is true I will wake up with Rachel Riley and Nicole Nicole Scherzinge taking it in turns to suck my dick whilst Taylor Swift cooks my breakfast.

  44. Did anybody listen to radio 4 this evening between five and seven o’clock ?
    Two hours of pro immigration, pro Muslim , anti brexit etc.
    Some Muslim cunt in PLYMOUTH and his family are refusing to stay in their flat as it has the same cladding as Grenfel and so do many other towers blah blah.
    “Are you scared?” was the reoccurring question.

    How will brexit affect EU citizens living in the UK and how will it affect ex-pats in Europe?

    Then off to a mosque in Denmark that has the worlds first female imam.
    This bitch started by saying that the right wing have issued death threats. She had to get that in first before she explained why she wants a female run mosque.
    She managed to explain why she wants a female run mosque without once blaming muslime men for their cuntitude.

    Then we had a “comedy” show about how gays have always been around and basically we should be in awe of their achievements.
    That pish filled two whole hours.

    Thank fuck i was high .

  45. Admin, why am i being censored?

    Am i not allowed to wish ‘shite for blood’ on the queen?

    Why is that old dirty scummy bloodsucking ugly festering old bitch cunt whore cunt bitch cunt exempt ?

    • Birdman

      Please ameliorate your language when reffering to HM The Queen.


        • PS. That’s a few times I’ve noticed you trying to control other cunters thoughts and views.
          Leave yer polis badge at the door.

  46. The disgrace that is the Corporate Whore Up In Banana Tree on QT tonight… Her head should be stuck on Traitors Gate…

    • I don’t call my cock ‘traitors gate’, i call it Percy.
      Vagina Millers head should be stuck on Percy.

      Can i say that?
      Or is it ‘delete after reading’ ?

  47. A female Muzzie vicar in Denmark? Did I read that right Birdman? I think you need some counselling my friend……..or I do.
    If that’s true somebody is going to die very soon. My money is on the Muzzie vicar. Does she get 72 massive cocked black men in paradise?
    Yes, I know it’s a stereotype but I’m a cunt so I’m not bothered.

    • It is true, i heard the BBC spuffing their load all over the floor as they were reporting on it, and heard an ‘in depth’ interview with the cunt herself, that lasted a good ten minutes.

      I’m gonna keep tabs on it to see if it gets shut down by Muslimes, not right wingers.
      But the right wing will be blamed.

      (this comment will self delete when admin get around to it)

      THE QUEEN IS A CUNT (that i hope gets shite for blood)

      • It probably won’t get deleted but there might be some of us that tell you not to be a cunt!
        Perhaps you’d prefer President Fucking Blair, or maybe President Tusk?
        The monarchy might not be perfect, but it’s bloody site better than a republic. And cheaper. And it brings in tourist money.

        Personally I don’t think the Queen as a person is a cunt but I might accept an argument about her offspring. Especially ‘ol’ jug ears, the tree hugging cunt…

        • She’s definitely a cunt.
          She doesn’t even smile at you royalists.
          She does sometimes just to keep any doubters on side but mainly its a look of disdain she has for you.
          Maybe some rules on who can be cunted and who cant would help.

          It’s 2017 and Great Britain still worships an outdated system.
          Its embarrassing how subservient Brits can be.

          • If you were in your 90s you likely wouldn’t smile a lot either?!?
            You can cunt anyone you like but people have the right to cunt you back. As rickie says “free speech can be a bastard”…

          • I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me and giving me their side and telling me where they think I’ve got it wrong. That’s normal.
            In fact it happens everyday.
            If we all agreed then ISAC would be a cult.

            Freedom of speech is a cunt when there is no freedom of speech.

        • The continued existence of the Monarchy serves a valuable purpose, letting the Trots know that they haven’t yet got it all their own way.

          Long may they continue to boil lefty piss…

          • And I’m not a “Royalist” or any other of the “ists” that cunts need to label people with in order to shut them up or persecute them. I just don’t want rid of them.
            I suggest living with that…

  48. Yeah I googled it and you are right! It just shows you that there are so many different sects of this cuntbag religion, who have been killing each other for centuries, we don’t know shit.
    This Sherin bird looks a right fucking sort. I would take her out, get her pissed, buy her a kebab (with chips obviously) and fuck her underused fanny. Yeah, it doesn’t sound very sophisticated but I reckon these Muzzie birds would love a bit of rough now and then.
    The way I see it these politician arseholes are never going to ship these cunts out of our country. Our only hope is that our young men can get into the knickers of young Muzzie birds and convert them to our way of life.
    Ok, it’s shit but have you got any better ideas you cunts?

  49. My local radio station in Queensland has just voted the Joshua Tree as the greatest album of all time.

    The only vote U2 should win is greatest bellends of all time.

    Everyone who isn’t a cunt knows the greatest album of all time is Technique by New Order.

  50. I am in a McDonalds in Surrey. Why are they playing reggae music? I can not understand a word. Before someone calls me a RRAAACCCIIISSST I once snogged a black man and I is a gay.I DEMAND some Kylie or some Pet Shop Boys NOW.

    Plus Gina Miller :Fuck off.Just fuck off you 2 bit traitor. You lost. Get over yourself. Even if the leave vote had just a majority of one vote it is still a majority. Oh and take David Lammy with you. I can not stand the fat odious self serving race baiting black obsessed loud mouth salad dodging cunt.
    Also note to Cressida Dick : You are not allowed to get involved with politics.

    News alert: McDonalds is now playing Justin Bieber. Is wanking in a fast food outlet illegal? He really gets my engine going the naughty little Canadian……

    • When ever I see a pair of batty boys getting married on the telly I always wonder who is the mummy and who is the daddy. I guess the one wearing the nappy must be the mummy. Or if they are both wearing nappies maybe they take it in turns.

      • Yesterday i heard the phrase ‘heterosexual marriage” mentioned for the first time.

      • I am gay and married. Neither of us wear nappies. Prehaps you are a closet infantaphile?

  51. That washed up pisspot, Johnny Depp, is a cunt….
    At Glastonbury (the biggest cunts gathering of the year) Depp has implied he wants to assassinate Big Don… Of course, if an ‘ordinary’ person did this or threatened to kill peacefuls or their precious Kilary, the snowflake scum would be wetting themselves…. But (like the disgusting Madogga and Kunty Perry before him) Depp will get away with it and be applauded by the libmongs… Mind you, his sanity has to be questioned… After all, he did marry that psychotic basket case cunt, Amber Heard….

    Depp and Kunty Perry at ‘Glasto’?! That is serious celebrity cunt overload….

    • I think cunty comrade corbyn is due to make a speech at the cunt fest sometime. What the fuck he thinks he is doing is anyone’s guess but the phrase “preaching to the choir” comes to mind.

    • Depp would only need to walk past him. The stench of that soap dodger would be enough to kill any cunt.

    • Interesting reportage from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, asking the question could Johnny Depp’s remarks get him in trouble?

      So the veil slips once more, race hate and death threats are ok so long as they are against the right groups of people as far as the BBC is concerned. Diane Abbotts raison d’être.

      • Trying to think of a decent film that Depp has been in.

        Mmmmmm…… nope…

        • Good luck with that. The only film of any calibre which Depp has starred in is ‘Platoon’. Coincidentally, Depp has a very minor role.

  52. Nomination for Brexit negotiations.

    Exactly a year ago 17.4 million of us voted to leave the corrupt, autocratic, undemocratic festering pile of shite that is the EU. We were hopeful of getting full sovereignty, control of our boarders and more favourably trade deals outside Europe free of red tape and bureaucracy.

    Since May lost her majority in the GE, the EU parasites smell blood, cunts like potato headed Donald Tusk and his weasel faced side kick Guy Verhofstadt who looks like he should be on some paedo register have already forced her hand into letting 3 million EU citizens stay. The supposed upshot is 1.3 million Brits get the same rights, but that’s 1.3 million dispersed around 27 states while we are lumped with 3 million on a small island not including every other chancer from all for corners of the world who wants a passport and the sweetners that come with it.

    The ‘hard Brexit’ that some wanted i feel will never happen, not even a ‘soft Brexit’ and we will end up with some limp dicked half in half out bullshit still dancing to the tune of granny grabber Macron and the bulldog faced Merkel.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If I were buying a second hand motor from our mob I reckon I could get the cunts to pay me to take it away. They are a bunch of spineless fucking wankers who have no intention of breaking the apron strings. We are doomed.

    • As far as I’m aware, they have to have lived in UK for at least 5 years in order to qualify and there may be further conditions and just because they may be entitled to stay doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

      Its a good point that we have almost twice the number of EU wogs in UK than the EU has British but in fairness the vast majority of British ex-pats live in Spain and Portugal. Not many in Poland or Czech republic. Although as most of Africa is making the trip into Spain that may soon change.

      • It seems that I was wrong ( it does happen sometimes but very rarely ) What the cunt May is proposing is that any EU cunt who has been in UK for more than 5 years can apply for “settled status” straight away. Any other EU cunt who has just walked off the ferry before March 2019 can stay for 5 years and then apply for settled status. In other words an open door policy for any EU wog who fancies some free housing, benefits, hospitals, schools etc. can arrive any time in the next 2 years and stay indefinitely.

        • Some Spanish chap was complaining that after living in London for TEN months, that the uncertainty was wrong as he and other immigrants give so much to make this country great.
          Ten fuckin months. I was laughing at him for saying it and the BBC for entertaining it.

          I call him ‘chap’ as I’m unsure on who i can call a cunt these days.

  53. Labour are really starting to get on my fucking wick and I mean really. That shitstain Riata Chuckyerbalti was on QT saying Cobyn was the clear winner of the GE. Who taught this dos cunt maths, Flabbott? What is it with these pinko cunts and their failure to grasp reality?

  54. I see the police and the home office are saying that no one who was a resident of Grenfell tower will be investigated for being an illegal immigrant. What does this imply? , you would think that since they were being housed there by the council the council would know who the fuck was staying there. There are 79 known dead . There were 120 flats , let’s say conservatively 3 people each flat , that’s 360 people. I reckon the death toll is well over 200. If people were sub letting it could be many many more.

    • Yes, but if you add up the number of Cameldriving scroungers claiming the 5 grand compo there were about 3000 living there.

    • Imo surprised that no one has mentioned the Syrian chap who perished and the government sent for five of his relatives to fly in for the funeral from Syria.
      Why wasn’t his body repatriated?

      • Well those fuckers won’t be going home that’s for sure. Come on in and help yourself Abdul.

    • When we get down this far we have the choice of TWO BUTTONS, YEAH!!!!!!
      They both do the same but the new one comes with warnings of dizziness.

      Back to the tooooooo……

      • When you get to the bottom
        You go back to the top
        Of the page
        To the pic
        To the header
        Then you stop
        And scroll for while
        Then you get to the bottom
        And back up again

        Do you, don’t you
        Want me to push you
        I just cant help it
        I think I’ll push you

        Why oh why
        Do we need two buttons
        Its about as useful
        As one Chris Sutton

        Look out!!!
        Brand new button
        Brand new button

        Brand new button

      • Only 2 buttons on the mobile version. But then again its easy to use the scroll bar on the desktop version.

        • Talking of buttons, the blue search and list bar at the top of the page does nothing.
          Maybe its my phone and I’m the only one that cant work it and maybe I’m doomed to be eternally wrong, but it don’t work.

          • The blue strip at the top of the mobile version, with the three white bars and magnifying glass.

          • I reckon Flabbot’s got something on old Jezza, maybe he got her to dress up and talk like a small girl.
            And now she’s threatening to show the poloroids to her mates

  55. I think Corbyn must feel sorry for Abbot, who doesn’t the horrible racist fat pig faced Cunt.. Corbyn can’t be serous about trying to win an election with that half wit on board. She’s a disgrace to her party and the people she serves. Lying fucking bitch she’s vile!!!

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