Diane Abbott [7]

Diane Abbott is a cunt.

I mean, she just is.

I notice that the fucker has no issue using the ‘M’ word when it’s in the context of…

The brave Muslim Imam who put himself in harm’s way as a driver ploughed through hundreds of innocent worshippers.

An example not to just the Muslim community but the whole of the UK.”

And rather than allowing division to rule the day, the Muslim community in Finsbury Park is leading the way in bringing people from all walks together.”


This literally was live from Parliament 5mins ago.

All fucking lies and vitriol. Darren Osborne you cunt!

Diane, the country isn’t just divided it’s fractured and irreparable, and it’s like this because cunts like you gloss over “peaceful” atrocities, will never use the ‘M’ when in a negative (although accurate and apt) context but will happily use the ‘M’ word when it comes to love, peace, integration…

You make me fucking sick Diane Abbott!

And let’s not forget Finsbury Park Mosque’s favourite son, Abu Hamza. He was all for love, peace and integration wasn’t he. And the fact he had hooks for hands and had a shot eye was just a misfortune accident with a potato peeler wasn’t it.

I mean it couldn’t have been the fact that he blew them off while making bombs to blow up infidel, infidels like the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) could it!

And all while living in a state paid for 12 bedroom house in Kensington for him and his brood of God knows how many little “bomb makers”, also while receiving thousands a month in benefits courtesy of the arse pockets of the ordinary non-“peaceful” folk of the UK (the folk you and your party hate so much) via your treacherous leader of the time: Tony fucking Blair!

And let’s not forget having to foot the legal bill to the cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the hooky-handed cunt to attempt to avoid deportation. That was UK plc money well spent wasn’t it.

Diane Abbott you are a cunt, a thick as pig’s shit, racist cunt. But I’m not allowed to say that to you because – as you’re a person of colour – that makes me the racist, even though you are the CUNT!

I will never understand how you have held any position in office. I wouldn’t let you lick stamps in a post office!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

277 thoughts on “Diane Abbott [7]

  1. Admin, why am i being censored?

    Am i not allowed to wish ‘shite for blood’ on the queen?

    Why is that old dirty scummy bloodsucking ugly festering old bitch cunt whore cunt bitch cunt exempt ?

    • Birdman

      Please ameliorate your language when reffering to HM The Queen.


      • PS. That’s a few times I’ve noticed you trying to control other cunters thoughts and views.
        Leave yer polis badge at the door.

  2. The disgrace that is the Corporate Whore Up In Banana Tree on QT tonight… Her head should be stuck on Traitors Gate…

    • I don’t call my cock ‘traitors gate’, i call it Percy.
      Vagina Millers head should be stuck on Percy.

      Can i say that?
      Or is it ‘delete after reading’ ?

  3. A female Muzzie vicar in Denmark? Did I read that right Birdman? I think you need some counselling my friend……..or I do.
    If that’s true somebody is going to die very soon. My money is on the Muzzie vicar. Does she get 72 massive cocked black men in paradise?
    Yes, I know it’s a stereotype but I’m a cunt so I’m not bothered.

    • It is true, i heard the BBC spuffing their load all over the floor as they were reporting on it, and heard an ‘in depth’ interview with the cunt herself, that lasted a good ten minutes.

      I’m gonna keep tabs on it to see if it gets shut down by Muslimes, not right wingers.
      But the right wing will be blamed.

      (this comment will self delete when admin get around to it)

      THE QUEEN IS A CUNT (that i hope gets shite for blood)

      • It probably won’t get deleted but there might be some of us that tell you not to be a cunt!
        Perhaps you’d prefer President Fucking Blair, or maybe President Tusk?
        The monarchy might not be perfect, but it’s bloody site better than a republic. And cheaper. And it brings in tourist money.

        Personally I don’t think the Queen as a person is a cunt but I might accept an argument about her offspring. Especially ‘ol’ jug ears, the tree hugging cunt…

      • She’s definitely a cunt.
        She doesn’t even smile at you royalists.
        She does sometimes just to keep any doubters on side but mainly its a look of disdain she has for you.
        Maybe some rules on who can be cunted and who cant would help.

        It’s 2017 and Great Britain still worships an outdated system.
        Its embarrassing how subservient Brits can be.

      • If you were in your 90s you likely wouldn’t smile a lot either?!?
        You can cunt anyone you like but people have the right to cunt you back. As rickie says “free speech can be a bastard”…

      • I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me and giving me their side and telling me where they think I’ve got it wrong. That’s normal.
        In fact it happens everyday.
        If we all agreed then ISAC would be a cult.

        Freedom of speech is a cunt when there is no freedom of speech.

      • The continued existence of the Monarchy serves a valuable purpose, letting the Trots know that they haven’t yet got it all their own way.

        Long may they continue to boil lefty piss…

      • And I’m not a “Royalist” or any other of the “ists” that cunts need to label people with in order to shut them up or persecute them. I just don’t want rid of them.
        I suggest living with that…

  4. Yeah I googled it and you are right! It just shows you that there are so many different sects of this cuntbag religion, who have been killing each other for centuries, we don’t know shit.
    This Sherin bird looks a right fucking sort. I would take her out, get her pissed, buy her a kebab (with chips obviously) and fuck her underused fanny. Yeah, it doesn’t sound very sophisticated but I reckon these Muzzie birds would love a bit of rough now and then.
    The way I see it these politician arseholes are never going to ship these cunts out of our country. Our only hope is that our young men can get into the knickers of young Muzzie birds and convert them to our way of life.
    Ok, it’s shit but have you got any better ideas you cunts?

  5. My local radio station in Queensland has just voted the Joshua Tree as the greatest album of all time.

    The only vote U2 should win is greatest bellends of all time.

    Everyone who isn’t a cunt knows the greatest album of all time is Technique by New Order.

  6. I am in a McDonalds in Surrey. Why are they playing reggae music? I can not understand a word. Before someone calls me a RRAAACCCIIISSST I once snogged a black man and I is a gay.I DEMAND some Kylie or some Pet Shop Boys NOW.

    Plus Gina Miller :Fuck off.Just fuck off you 2 bit traitor. You lost. Get over yourself. Even if the leave vote had just a majority of one vote it is still a majority. Oh and take David Lammy with you. I can not stand the fat odious self serving race baiting black obsessed loud mouth salad dodging cunt.
    Also note to Cressida Dick : You are not allowed to get involved with politics.

    News alert: McDonalds is now playing Justin Bieber. Is wanking in a fast food outlet illegal? He really gets my engine going the naughty little Canadian……

    • When ever I see a pair of batty boys getting married on the telly I always wonder who is the mummy and who is the daddy. I guess the one wearing the nappy must be the mummy. Or if they are both wearing nappies maybe they take it in turns.

      • Yesterday i heard the phrase ‘heterosexual marriage” mentioned for the first time.

      • I am gay and married. Neither of us wear nappies. Prehaps you are a closet infantaphile?

  7. That washed up pisspot, Johnny Depp, is a cunt….
    At Glastonbury (the biggest cunts gathering of the year) Depp has implied he wants to assassinate Big Don… Of course, if an ‘ordinary’ person did this or threatened to kill peacefuls or their precious Kilary, the snowflake scum would be wetting themselves…. But (like the disgusting Madogga and Kunty Perry before him) Depp will get away with it and be applauded by the libmongs… Mind you, his sanity has to be questioned… After all, he did marry that psychotic basket case cunt, Amber Heard….

    Depp and Kunty Perry at ‘Glasto’?! That is serious celebrity cunt overload….

    • I think cunty comrade corbyn is due to make a speech at the cunt fest sometime. What the fuck he thinks he is doing is anyone’s guess but the phrase “preaching to the choir” comes to mind.

    • Depp would only need to walk past him. The stench of that soap dodger would be enough to kill any cunt.

    • Interesting reportage from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, asking the question could Johnny Depp’s remarks get him in trouble?

      So the veil slips once more, race hate and death threats are ok so long as they are against the right groups of people as far as the BBC is concerned. Diane Abbotts raison d’être.

      • Trying to think of a decent film that Depp has been in.

        Mmmmmm…… nope…

      • Good luck with that. The only film of any calibre which Depp has starred in is ‘Platoon’. Coincidentally, Depp has a very minor role.

  8. Nomination for Brexit negotiations.

    Exactly a year ago 17.4 million of us voted to leave the corrupt, autocratic, undemocratic festering pile of shite that is the EU. We were hopeful of getting full sovereignty, control of our boarders and more favourably trade deals outside Europe free of red tape and bureaucracy.

    Since May lost her majority in the GE, the EU parasites smell blood, cunts like potato headed Donald Tusk and his weasel faced side kick Guy Verhofstadt who looks like he should be on some paedo register have already forced her hand into letting 3 million EU citizens stay. The supposed upshot is 1.3 million Brits get the same rights, but that’s 1.3 million dispersed around 27 states while we are lumped with 3 million on a small island not including every other chancer from all for corners of the world who wants a passport and the sweetners that come with it.

    The ‘hard Brexit’ that some wanted i feel will never happen, not even a ‘soft Brexit’ and we will end up with some limp dicked half in half out bullshit still dancing to the tune of granny grabber Macron and the bulldog faced Merkel.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If I were buying a second hand motor from our mob I reckon I could get the cunts to pay me to take it away. They are a bunch of spineless fucking wankers who have no intention of breaking the apron strings. We are doomed.

    • As far as I’m aware, they have to have lived in UK for at least 5 years in order to qualify and there may be further conditions and just because they may be entitled to stay doesn’t necessarily mean they will.

      Its a good point that we have almost twice the number of EU wogs in UK than the EU has British but in fairness the vast majority of British ex-pats live in Spain and Portugal. Not many in Poland or Czech republic. Although as most of Africa is making the trip into Spain that may soon change.

      • It seems that I was wrong ( it does happen sometimes but very rarely ) What the cunt May is proposing is that any EU cunt who has been in UK for more than 5 years can apply for “settled status” straight away. Any other EU cunt who has just walked off the ferry before March 2019 can stay for 5 years and then apply for settled status. In other words an open door policy for any EU wog who fancies some free housing, benefits, hospitals, schools etc. can arrive any time in the next 2 years and stay indefinitely.

      • Some Spanish chap was complaining that after living in London for TEN months, that the uncertainty was wrong as he and other immigrants give so much to make this country great.
        Ten fuckin months. I was laughing at him for saying it and the BBC for entertaining it.

        I call him ‘chap’ as I’m unsure on who i can call a cunt these days.

  9. Labour are really starting to get on my fucking wick and I mean really. That shitstain Riata Chuckyerbalti was on QT saying Cobyn was the clear winner of the GE. Who taught this dos cunt maths, Flabbott? What is it with these pinko cunts and their failure to grasp reality?

  10. I see the police and the home office are saying that no one who was a resident of Grenfell tower will be investigated for being an illegal immigrant. What does this imply? , you would think that since they were being housed there by the council the council would know who the fuck was staying there. There are 79 known dead . There were 120 flats , let’s say conservatively 3 people each flat , that’s 360 people. I reckon the death toll is well over 200. If people were sub letting it could be many many more.

    • Yes, but if you add up the number of Cameldriving scroungers claiming the 5 grand compo there were about 3000 living there.

    • Imo surprised that no one has mentioned the Syrian chap who perished and the government sent for five of his relatives to fly in for the funeral from Syria.
      Why wasn’t his body repatriated?

      • Well those fuckers won’t be going home that’s for sure. Come on in and help yourself Abdul.

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      They both do the same but the new one comes with warnings of dizziness.

      Back to the tooooooo……

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      • Only 2 buttons on the mobile version. But then again its easy to use the scroll bar on the desktop version.

      • Talking of buttons, the blue search and list bar at the top of the page does nothing.
        Maybe its my phone and I’m the only one that cant work it and maybe I’m doomed to be eternally wrong, but it don’t work.

      • The blue strip at the top of the mobile version, with the three white bars and magnifying glass.

      • I reckon Flabbot’s got something on old Jezza, maybe he got her to dress up and talk like a small girl.
        And now she’s threatening to show the poloroids to her mates

  11. I think Corbyn must feel sorry for Abbot, who doesn’t the horrible racist fat pig faced Cunt.. Corbyn can’t be serous about trying to win an election with that half wit on board. She’s a disgrace to her party and the people she serves. Lying fucking bitch she’s vile!!!

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