Angela Merkel (8)

It’s about time Obersturmbanfuhrer Merkel got a good cunting. Now she is saying that NATO can no longer rely on the UK and the US for defence because :

(1) The Tangoman has the cheek to insist that the Krauts and their hangers on pay their fair share.

(2) The Brits have the bare faced front to want to be out of the EU.

Ok Herr Oberst, have it your way. Us and the Yanks saved your brainwashed arses from the Russian bear last time, if you want to go on your own be our guest. See how useful your hardworking, taxpaying immigrants are when Ivan’s tanks roll into Berlin and Dimitri’s missiles are smashing up your cities. Fucking mouthy arrogant bitch. As Basil Fawlty, quite rightly, said…..”Who won the bleedin’ war anyway?”

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

112 thoughts on “Angela Merkel (8)

  1. Trumps now in the mind set that if these arseholes push he will push back harder as he proved with the Paris Accord Agreement. As for the EU, countries like France and Belgium should lick the Allies backside for eternity after saving them from the Jackbooted Master Race.Now they want to fuck us over and demand billions in some ‘divorce’ bill just because we want full sovereignty, the WW1 and WW2 vets must wonder why the fuck they bothered.

    • Do we get our gold back that Gordo (new world order fail whore) physically gave away as part of the divorce settlement and do they get keep the dog (Merkel)?

  2. What pisses me off is that this pumpkin pie haircutted, belligerent, jowelly faced old hag has assumed authority within the unelected mob known as the EU.

    She believes she has a mandate within the Union for shouting orders, orders, hors doeuvres at the likes of Greece, France and now the UK as we prepare to leave.

    It is troubling that millions of people and our ruling elite are perfectly happy and will fight tooth and nail to remain in a regime where old bullet head calls the shots, knowing that every edict she dispatches from her wrinkly old mouth is done purely in the interests of her dominance over the 27 member states.

    We must be nothing short of fucking daft to suffer her shit.

    An uber cunt D’or, if you will.

    • Quite so…she seems so tightly bonded with Verminhofstadt and JuncKunt that it’s worringly easy to forget that she’s Die Führerin as well.

      Proof, if any were needed, that shite always floats to the top…

  3. Merkel still doesn’t quite get it does she? She really fails to understand that a country would want to remain free given the choice. I have no desire to be a part of a new Reich, nor do I wish to sing a new anthem to a flag that means nothing to me. Germany’s ambitions have always extended beyond its borders, and their zeal to own, occupy and enforce submission is well known to all. Im glad we are leaving, I hope it is a hard Brexit, and I hope that Europe is swallowed up in the swamp of shit of their own making. As for NATO, pull the plug. And without a NATO behind her, Merkel may learn to be a little more polite to her neighbours.

    • I find it interesting that thousands of votes for the AFD party in germany “mysteriously vanished”. This was the only party in germany who wanted to do something bout the mudslimes and their terrorism across europe.

      Mysteriously vanished my arse they were obviously thrown out by merkels ottoman empire henchman. I pray that Donald Tusk, Merkel, Juncker and Schulz all die in a horrible accident or suffer unbelievable unimaginable injuries the fucking doss cunts Trump pulling out of the silly Paris agreement has sure ruffled the cunts feathers thats for sure

      • Involving some good ‘ole “medieval” German tortures eg glass catheters up their privates, then being snapped…

        • “glass catheters up their privates, then being snapped…”

          They really did that? fucking hell thats savage in saudi arabia they would put a phonograph needle in your toenail and smash it off. Their finger slicing machine is quite a sight they still use that

  4. If it all goes tits up Angela can always follow one of her predecessors and parachute into EU friendly Scotland. No doubt Wee Jimmy will be scanning the skies, tongue extended, hoping for a direct hit. Unlike 1941 Frau Oberst will find plenty of British traitors willing to give her a warm welcome.

    • Nah Argentina is the preferred holiday location for the likes of her.

  5. This guy needs some more subscribers. He is NOT a cunt.

    He is one of the very few people who have correctly identified the global nature of the jihad which we are sleepwalking through.

    In the last 30 days alone;
    1307 dead
    1496 injured
    175 attacks
    25 countries

    This is WW3 and most people don’t even know about it.

    • Ah the 2017 Ramadan Deathathon, surely this annual killfest must be overdue for a good cunting. Apparently, committing these atrocities during Ramadan scores double points or something (144 instead of 72 virgins? Not much good when you’ve blown your knackers off though is it?)
      As for paying 2% into NATO, they ALL signed up to it so the Donald is simply asking them to meet the commitments they signed up to (sound familiar mine Fuhrer?) so why the ceremonial throwing of the toys from the pram?

      • They have never paid the full 2% so have a big deficit to make up. Don’t think she can just say she is going to pay her share starting now, her debts go back decades and must be paid back in full.

      • Thanks for pointing out the contribution disparity. I am glad he opted us out. I did some research and quite frankly the whole Pact is fucking retarded. It really amounts to the US giving a shit ton of money to poor nations, which we already do. This climate change idea is bullshit because climate is never static. The glorious crowning achievement of that moron muzzie that lived on Pennsylvania Ave for 8 cuntingly slow years. I was jumping for joy when Trump fucked the whole thing off, lol.

  6. Merkle will go down in history next to Hitler as the tyranical lunatic who sacrificed Europe to islime. I’m not religious but I hope there is a hell and that she will find her reward there.

    Sadly in this world there will be no punishment for her crimes against humanity for she is the queen on the chess board of the Bilderberg ellite who actually run things. And an industrial strength cunt.

    • There is no hell. And there is no heaven.

      That’s what annoys me about these religious cunts – of all denominations.

      How can you trust someone who values a mystical afterlife more than this fucking beautiful sphere we are actually 100% definitely living on?

      Dreamers. Fucking stupid dreamers, ruining the world.

      • “There is no hell. And there is no heaven” Neither afterlife can be proven or disproven but if it did exist I’m sure St.Peter or whoever holds the gate isn’t gonna let a bunch of murderers or child killers in.
        St.Peter or St.muhammud-“You cowardly blew a bunch of people up like a evil cunt, oh bless you dear boy here is your 72 virgins as promised” Yeah right

  7. I wonder if we will go the way of the US in the 1860’s? Before the “United States” America was a country of independent states which were all self governing ( like small but independent countries ) One by one they were persuaded to join a “Union” The Union became the Federal United States of America. After a while,the Southern States felt that the Union did not work for them. They sought a solution from Washington but there was none. The Southern States then decided to leave the Union. They formed the independent Confederate States of America. Washington was not happy, and relations soured. As we know, the South lost the argument, and were vacuumed up permanently as part of the Union.
    Is this what Merkel and Junker have in mind for us? Is little Timmy and his generals ready for the fight ? Is this why we have had decades of unrestricted mass immigration? Are we divided sufficiently enough that the Reichfuhrer will walk all over us? I hope not. Merkel is a cunt, a massive minge like a dried up prune, and an arse that was designed to sit on a tank turret.

    • Sadly, uncontrolled mass immigration just means loads of the dosscunts voting to support eu / themselves.

      As it’s been said before here, dosscunts breed like rabbits, so electorally we will most likely be stuffed, if not next Thurs, the election after that one…

  8. The ramadamadingdong bombathon continues. We are only 6 days into the most peaceful of peaceful months and already the death toll is a very peaceful 345 in 29 one off lone wolf attacks which are in no way connected to a certain religion.

    Other, less peaceful religions haven’t troubled the score keeper yet but expect a late surge. Come on Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism,Jainism, Shintoism, and Pagans! Pull your fucking fingers out of your arse and get killing!!

    P.S. Disclaimer; The above comment is satirical and in no way should it be taken literally as an incitement to religious violence. Just in case there is some cunt who wants to report me to the thought police.

    • PENNSYLVANIA TERROR SCARE: A man of Amish appearance has aledgedly fallen asleep by an open fire in an alleged suicide plot.

      • Ramadamadingdong is a cunt and so is anyone who starves themselves for a month. Not only that but the cunts expect every other cunt to “respect” the fast too, which even extends to smoking a tab in public.

        • Thing is, Ramalangashalangadingdong is hardly a sacrifice by the cunts anyway.
          They don’t eat during the day and then stuff their faces at night to make up for it..

    • Brilliant! And they got St. Goboff! Cunts expect us to help the poor and needy of the world whilst they’re not prepared to pay tax. And they wonder why we hate the thieving hypocritical cunts. Fucking bastards.

    • Between taking selfies of himself hugging 40-year old refugee teenagers (probably) and labelling all Brexiteers as racists, it’s great to know that Lineker found time to avoid paying some tax. I don’t know how he can survive on a couple of million a year.

    • Amazing how the people who are most keen on spending taxpayers money are the most determined to avoid actually contributing themselves. What a “mean-spirited” bunch the ordinary taxpayers must be . The common taxpayer should realise that these more socially aware,high earners live by different rules.

      “Only the little people pay taxes”

  9. Doesn’t that German fuckwit realise without the UK and USA NATO wouldn’t be able to defend a shitter? What a fucking retard and a cunt.

  10. I would like to cunt the 10,000 people who fraudulently tried to get free tickets to the “sorry you got blown up venue”
    You have to admit that is a pretty cuntish thing to do, mind you Mr Blair also profited from the deaths of a shit load of people, so it’s not new and it’s not as if their peers don’t do it.
    Still a bunch of cunts though.

    • How was there not a proper queue for that sort of thing? Did ticketmaster or whoever really think it was acceptable to just hand them out with no proof of purchase?! Dumb cunts

  11. I’m glad Trump has told the climate change shills like Merkel to stick their Paris accord up there arse. A little bit more of that sort of thing and a little less of bombing the people who are fighting ISIS from now on, if you wouldn’t mind you orange cunt.

  12. Why do shits like Merkel slag off Britain at every available opportunity and than say we’ve no business leaving Europe? It’s almost as if the lazy hypocritical cunts want our money or something. Or maybe they’re upset that we beat them to the draw, and now they’ll be lumbered with the task of supporting the even more bone idle Europeans by themselves.
    Tough shit Frau Kunt, you went to sleep and Britain showed the initiative.

  13. Gunter oettinger is the commissioner of EU financial budgeting , he was speaking recently about closing all EU rebates in the next overblown cash grab by the fuckin greedy pig trough swilling Cunts that run the EU!! It’s the kind of garbage that regularly comes out of the shit infested brussels swamp , but it was his second statement which caught my eye” if the UK leaves the EU without a trade deal we would look upon the UK as we do Uganda ” the Germans are so bitter about our decision to leave, mostly because they are going to end up funding the useless deadwood Cunts that are left in their rotten anti democratic club

  14. I don’t know how many cuntings Trump has notched up on here, but I reckon he deserves to be uncunted by at least one of them today.

    • Can’t agree with you there mate.
      Yes I agree that what he has done regarding Europe is worthy of an uncunting. He has done many things which he hasn’t been cunted for though.
      Therefore all cuntings must remain!!!

      • Telling Merkle where she can stick her globalisation plan disguised as ecology is a big plus. Kissing Saudi arse and blowing up those fighting ISIS are huge minuses so he remains a big fat orange cunt.

        • @ Skidmark Eggfart I agree completely he’s a complete letdown liar but I haven’t completely written him off yet. Soon he’s gonna get impeached or killed off if he doesn’t do something about the russia kookspiracy that I know

          • Its all a load of cobblers, TitSlapper. All the talk of Russia hacking the election, Trump being in bed with the Russians, Piddlegate, they are even implicating Nigel Farage now. Its all nonsense, the media have just made it all up! Did you ever see a film called “wag the dog”? Very instructive.

  15. A sort of human (??) komodo dragon, emptying the contents of its stomach out over its victims…

    • Just because she looks like a lizard doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. I’m fed up with these species-ist remarks. All of our royal family and some of our top politicians are lizards.

      • There is no truth in the rumour that the glue on the back of stamps…contains the Royal fanny batter….

  16. I can’t imagine why Merkel gives a fuck about no longer being able to rely on the USA and UK when it comes to defence. She’s already enabled and encouraged an invasion of both Germany and Europe by an enemy far
    more determined to destroy the Western way of life than any previous force in history.

    I suppose in one way she’s totally negated the Russian threat,there’ll be no way that Russia’ll fancy invading a Europe run and governed by the followers of the Peaceful religion. The yanks are quite within their rights not wanting to continue subsidising a Europe which seems hell-bent on self-destruction.

    The Germans and the French have long fancied a Europe dominated by one or the other of them.What a shame that’ll get their wish just in time for the the most barbaric invaders in history to step in,take control and obliterate the history and culture of both of them. Merkel has accomplished what no tyrant or invading army would have ever dreamed possible…..the total destruction of Western civilisation. Her open-door policy is either the most short-sighted act in history,or the most traitorous.I know which one I believe it to be.

    • I see Craig Mackinlay Conservative for South Thanet has been charged for over spending in 2015…
      Fucking unbelievable isn’t it, the CPS could not have timed it better.
      So I wonder how much Labour support their is within the CPS ?
      This HAS to be a fucking stitch up.

      • True enough,FF.,but how fucking dumb are the Conservaltives to re-select him as their candidate,when they knew that this was on the horizon.

        • Absolutely right DF, The whole Conservative campaign has been a complete fiasco. They must have of been so complacent and stupid to let this happen.

          • Agreed, F.F. The conservatives have made a proper cunt this election and if they loose it May should be publicly flogged from one end of the country to the other. ( That would be England, not that land of traitors and vipers North of the border ) What a fucking looser!

          • It’s like they have gone out of their way to lose it!!! Really odd.. every policy they have brought to the table has been an absolute vote loser!!! From fox hunting to the social care bill?? We’re living in very strange times……. although it probably won’t happen its amazing that 1970,s relic corbyn can be touted as the next British PM?? FFS!! … it’s depressing stuff…………

  17. Please women of europe I beg you stop fucking doing this! this isn’t funny “well I just had to help” No No No you fucking didn’t! “I saw the poor beach boy in the news and had to offer a hand”. You aren’t helping you are letting in invaders who both openly secretly hate us, want to kill replace us with their families, stop for fuck sakes.

    Every bloody week cunters, I read about some dumb bitch who just had to help…… silly tarts driven by childish emotions and their foreign dick desires These women are traitors IMO

    • Wiminz will be the downfall of Western civilisation.

      It has been shown many times before in other great civilisations that the very end is marked by several things. These include an obsession with sex the more debauched the better, huge disparity between the rich and poor, flamboyant displays of wealth, celebrity culture especially sports stars and “celebrity” chefs and the final nail is the feminisation of society. The civilisation becomes decadent, permissive and weak and the end is inevitable. It will eventually crumble as another culture with more “vital energy” takes over. Once started the process is irreversible and always ends with the collapse of the civilisation in question.

    • What do you expect from a goat fondler? The porn he was looking at was no doubt paki goat porn.

    • Fucking great story. As I was reading it I just knew the stupid bitch was going to take in another one. These hopeless liberals can never be wrong.
      As Einstein said…” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

  18. Should never have took that wall down…. Those Hun cunts always cause trouble in some way, shape or form…. And while we all take the piss out of Corbyn, we mustn’t forget that he climbed the monumental Mount Abbott, single handed, and without climbing gear or oxygen… That is some kind of achievement….

  19. Diane Abbott is an oxymoron…..built like an ox and a fucking moron…

  20. Eiffel Tower goes dark in honor of victims of Kabul attack….. It’s the third time in just over a week the landmark has dimmed its lights….

    Over and over and fucking over…. Grow a pair, you frog faced cunts, and in the style of the old 70s radio jingle: ‘If it’s Islam,nuke it!’

  21. Tiny Tim Farron is up to his neck in shit again over ‘ is homosexuality is a sin’ on LBC. Unless your a peaceful, liberalism and religion don’t mix, you have to sign up to every climate change/gender fluidity/gay/lesbo causes & any bizarre religion going(not Christianity) without question. Even Farron who’s as useful as cock flavoured lollypop cannot express his faith without being cunted by the left, but he knew what he signed up for so fuck him.

    • Merkel.

      Who the fuck put her in permanent charge of the EU? She seems to think she is and now with that slimey fucking chlld Macron hanging out of her arse. Cunts.

    • Macon prob has adult baby fantasies about hanging orf mutti Merkel’s udders and getting her to scoop the pooh out of his nappy.

      When she’s finished changing JuncKunt…

      • And Trump bending him over his knee to slap his arse, ‘you’ve been a very naughty frog cunt, make America great again!’.

    • He’s not fussy, he married what looks like a Halloween pumpkin head on a broom handle.

  22. For Merkle in the words of the great Yoda [cunt you are,off you must fuck]…..god bless Yoda

  23. Ms Merkel, Diane Abbott and Krankie Sturgeon………..naked ………………in a hot tub!!!

  24. David Dimbleby must be a fucking worse financial hole than me, if the senile old git still needs to work when he’s knocking on 80.

  25. I have had one months contract working 2 days a week in a shite building construction firm doing administration work for them, I thought I had a good luck card on my desk when i returned from the bog but it was my P45!!
    So my contract ended today and back to the dole on monday………urg!!
    on the plus side its kept the wolf from door for another month and was better than sitting on me arse at home.

    • Good to know you’ve had some work, Harry….
      Hope you manage to avoid all those people like Groundwork and Seetec… Seetec in particular are massive cunts with their attitude to the ‘rank and file’ unemployed…. They really are bastards…

  26. One can imagine an episode of the classic Manchester comedy, The Dustbinmen: with the lads bemoaning tomorrow’s concert….

    Cheese & Egg: ‘It’s a bloody disgrace!’
    Heavy Breathing: ‘What is?’
    Cheese & Egg: ‘That piggin benefit gig, yer great buttock!’
    Eric: ‘Who’s on it?’
    Cheese & Egg: ‘Yer may well ask, Eric mi’ flower…’
    Winston: ‘We are askin, yer great plonk!’
    Cheese & Egg: ‘When New York gets a sandwog attack, they get The Who, McCartney, and Paul Simon… We get a load of bloody trollops and piggin cunts…’
    Eric: ‘Well, Robbie William is there…’
    Winston: ‘Weren’t he done for poofin?’

    The old place isn’t what it used to be…

  27. Kathy Griffin is a cunt, after she goes on TV holding the presidents “severed head” playing to the lefty liberal SJW cunt audience and whoops it backfires with even Chelsea Clinton saying this bitch crossed the line CNN fired her.

    At first she apologised but after her firing her inner snowflake cunt broke out and revealed itself.

    “Trump broke me”

    No cunt you broke yourself, you found out late in life that there are consequences and sooner or later if your going to hit out at targets sooner or later some hostile fire will be returned. It wasn’t Trump, if Hilary Clinton’s daughter is saying you crossed the line then you can be sure you have isolated yourself and fucked yourself.


    • She and her attorney have now rolled out the old chestnut. Apparently the furore is because she is female.

      I disagree. It is simply down to her being a silly bitch. Simples.

  28. Hello cunters. Merkel is a cunt.

    Just got in to see a robot vicar on Have I Got News for You. This was a German invention that can give out various blessings in male or female voices and waves it’s hands about like a priest doing a sermon.

    Apparently there’s a “peaceful” one in the pipeline too.

    The only difference being after saying: “Wallah wallah wallah wallah…” for 2 minutes it finishes with: “Allah Ackbar. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds!”

  29. Merkel is a silly bloody cow. She seems to think that offering shelter to psychopathic madmen will somehow put an end to their terrorism.
    The only way to stop terrorism, and to eliminate it altogether is through reprisals, but people like Merkel are far too deluded to believe that real evil must be fought the hard way.
    Stop treating terrorists like criminals. They are not criminals, they are soldiers. You cannot stop a soldier by putting him in jail, you have to destroy the place that’s sending them.
    That means eliminating their families, their clans, their tribes. It has worked for thousands of years in the middle east to maintain order by local dictators, it’s the only method that works.

  30. Well done The Donald! Fuck “climate change”……just another con to rip us off and control us. Stick it up your arse you cunts.

    • Fuckin right Freddie.
      Just watching the other retarded ‘leaders’ and the media crying over it is hysterical.
      Good for the Trumpster and fuck them.

      • Putin made a good comment on this subject, he ended it with.

        Don’t worry, be happy………

        Putin love him or hate him has more savvy than any other world leader. Some people have said he may well be the Anti-Christ.

        Same people thought Obomber was the second coming….

      • All these thieving, corrupt power mad cunts crying over the future of the planet is a fucking comedy show. Do they really expect us to swallow this complete change of character? They’ll be trundling out the Blaircunt to give us a lecture next. Arseholes.

  31. Corbyn has been completely exposed over Trident… He is a pacifist and unfit to hold high office, the cunt…

    • Unfair Norman

      If North Korea or some other cunt nuked us, Jeremy would be straight on the phone from the safety of his bunker ot have a stern word at all. Like the snowflake bitch in the audience says “I can’t understand why anyone would want to kill millions of people”

      Simple cunts like us might think, well love there are lots of cunts who would kill millions of us without a second thought.

      The main thing that stops them is knowing we have the ability to level their shit holes in retaliation.

      What the fuck do we know though?

      • They are so ready to kill because of their political delusions…
        A bit like Religious Mania, only Political Mania.
        Just as cuntish and dangerous.

      • Watch the peaceful bastards at ISIS use a nuke if they get their hands on one.
        Ditto a ‘dirty bomb’

        They don’t need understanding. They need stopping…

  32. Don’t worry we’ll be quite safe with The Abbotpotamus pulling the strings……er……

  33. Great news in the Manchester Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter case. The coppers have arrested a car! Whoop de doo!

    • Oh clever them. They’d better tell Poirot he won’t be needed after all.

      • And that murdering sandwog’s cousins are all over the papers and the TV… We don’t give a fuck about how ‘shocked’ they are, and we certainly don’t feel sorry for the cunts… But that’s the (now) shitty Manchester Evening News, ITV, and the ABBC all over… The cunts murder little girls, and they give their kind more coverage, publicity, and even sympathy… The two kebab eating camelbuggerers with terrible haircuts will probably be on X-Factor next….

    • While the media gushes over the Slag Aid gig…. Has there ever been so many talentless famous for nothing cockgobblers on one bill before?… Backstage will stink worse than a ton of fish heads, a prossie’s knickers, and Madogga’s fanny batter combined…

  34. Bugger me. The Fenian Fuckers now have an Anglo Indian pooftah leader. How PC do you have to get to trouser more EU money?

    • I was just going to post about that Sir Limply Stoke.
      The other day, some cunters were saying that the age to vote should be raised to 25.

      The new “Teeshock” is 38 ffs.

      Why don’t the British media say “prime minister”?
      We shouldn’t know what a “teeshock” is unless we’ve studied Gaelic.

      Fuckin Tague Taria cunts.

      I know that’s not how to spell teeshock but i don’t know how to spell teeshock.

      Who gives a flying feck about they cunts anyway?
      They spent years living in a socially conservative shitehole, now they live in a shitehole run by fairy snowflakes.

      Feck em.

  35. After the polis arrested that car earlier, i heard BBC radio 4 interviewing two students who had been evacuated.
    Both had manc accents but even though it was audio i could tell they were Asian from their little twangs.
    Both were having a whinge about the inconvenience of been evacuated, with one adding that it was “sorta” interfering with his studies.
    Boo fuckin hoo sand boy.

    Who’s fuckin job is it in the media to round up goat fuckers to be interviewed in the street?

    Are they being told to get a ratio of one indigenous viewpoint to three rag head viewpoints?
    I’ve had enough of been told how to live by Asian and N African animals, and I’ve had enough of British news outlets aiding the dirty stinky evil cunts.

    There’s shite on Britain’s shoe, and I’m the shoe shine boy

    • they should be “evacuated” with the assistance of a funnel, rubber hose and some nice warm nitromors…

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