Harry Styles (2)

Harry Styles of One Direction ‘fame’ seems to be intent on heading in the ‘Wrong Direction’

The pretentious self important cunt says that his latest single “Sign of the Times” is influenced by the terrible decision of Brexit and by Black Lives Matter. He reckons he will vote for “whoever is against Brexit” adding the push to leave the EU is “creating the kind of world he does not want to live in”. Actually, it’s Harry Styles and his ilk that want to create the kind of world I don’t want to live in.

Well, Harry, here’s a couple of things you seem to need reminding about : Despite what you think, you’re not really that important and nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think except you.

It’s no wonder you support the Labour Party because it’s full of left wing politically naive fuckwits like you. So please get back to churning out more of your bubblegum pop for the kiddywinkles, put your ego back in the box and just shut the fuck up, there’s a good boy…

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241 thoughts on “Harry Styles (2)

    • Harry Styles is another pretentious little shit who gets high off of his own self importance.

      He doesn’t want to live in a world created by Brexit huh? What, he would rather live in a world where we are shit upon by the rest of Europe all the time and are flooded by a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls? Anyone who favours those Black Lives Matters racists is a piss poor example of a human being. Anyone who would vote for Comarde Corbyn and his Communist Cunts ™ is a complete mong, especially when you’re the type of rich shit that said Commie Cunt who fleece all of your wealth, because Politics of Envy is a thing. Then again. Styles is probably another tax dodging arsewipe who loves his double standards.

      Harry Styles!
      Thank you
      Fuck you

      • The only people influenced by this whinging media whore are 12 year old teenybopper cunts who cant wipe their own arsehole without taking a selfie of it first and liking it on fuckbook.

        • And thank fuck those 12 year olds can’t vote yet..
          But wait a minute, all the adults that do listen to this little shite do have the minds of 12 year olds.

      • Fucks sakes, here we go again. Yet another embryonic meedja tart who has no formed clue about anything, but apparently has amassed all the knowledge in the world because he’s well known (by simpletons of the same age who suck up Facefuck and Twatter information like a Dutch whore). Seriously these new money slebs just need to cunt off and colonise another planet. Once again, snowflakes who’ve thrown their toys out of the pram and whine because the gravy train has stalled on the tracks.

        “OMG! Facefuck told me that a dinosaur has run rampant in Leicester Square! It has to be true! I’ll just finish combing the hair on my little pony and message my other braindead cunt infant friends”.

        We voted Brexit…the result went our way. These bleeding spacedust cunts can just take leave whenever they want to. Nobody cares. Cut along now and go back to your colouring-in. Fucking Narnia mappers raise my piss-temperature.

    • I for one do care what this little spunk bubble thinks as I always take the opposite view.

    • Out of curiosity for this pop star’s hard-hitting and forthright political criticism combined perhaps with the piercing, ironic humour of an early Dylan, I perused the lyrics to this song:-

      “Just stop your crying.
      It’s a sign of the times.
      Welcome to the final show.
      Hope you’re wearing your best clothes.
      You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky.
      You look pretty good down here.
      But you ain’t really good.
      If we never learn, we been here before.
      Why are we always stuck and running from,The bullets? The bullets.
      We never learn, we been here before.”

      Great, thanks for that Harry. Now fuck off and have another perm, you talentless, brainless, cockless shitehawk.

      • I always thought the more class acts were the ones who kept quiet on politics.

        • I think The Pet Shop Boys made a song about pretentious pop stars spouting wise about Politics and giving hard earned money to African charities.
          ( How can you expect to be taken seriously )

      • Scans and rhymes beautifully doesn’t it?
        Mind you, these days it doesn’t really matter because you can’t make the words out anyway…

          • Harry Styles is a great big cunt…
            Is his mother Hamble from, Play School?…
            The similarity is astonishing…

      • Is Harry running from bullets? It looks he is wearing his best clothes. What a cunt.

    • The title isn’t even original… ‘Sign Of The Times’ has already been used by Roxy Music, Prince, and even The Belle Stars… Not that the little permatanned granny permed cunt even wrote this latest pile of wank… Styles probably struggles to wipe his own arse or write a shopping list… And as for the bouffanted buffoon being a ‘serious artist’?…. Nobody who has been one of Simon Cowell’s bitches/bumboys can ever be such a thing, and Harry’s audience?… Watch his appearance on ‘The One Show’… Just a load of over-made up teenage slappers holding up their iPhones… What else needs to be said?… Harry Styles is a cunt and , like Katy Perry, he shouldn’t act like he has a brain when he hasn’t got one…

      • He’s also in the cast of that up and coming Britflick, “Dunkirk” which looks alright but not because of this prick. I wonder whether he was cast because of his superior and proven acting ability?

        The only thing he has proved is that he can dance around like a 13 girl, sing other people’s songs like a karaoke regular and preen himself like a coiffured Hollywood tart.

        If you love the EU so much, piss off to Bucharest, you dancing whore.

        • The Musical Tabloids hail this “amazing talent” for his writing skills and musical ability (eh! )
          I wonder what Jagger, Richards,Lennon,Harrison,and dozens of other greats would make of that statement today.? “amazing talent” or just “shite”

        • A good spell in the Army would do the power of good for the boy Styles.
          If he came back from the peaceful lands minus his legs i am sure he would thank his drill instructor for making a man out of him.. Well, at least half a man.

          • ARMY!!!! fuck me, thats a laugh, little cunt would have to sleep without his teddy bear, he would never make it. minus his legs….does that include his cock and balls Fenton ? Hope so.

          • Cock and balls would have to go. We can’t have him breeding more of his ilk now can we ?

          • Sorry Fenton, my comments are going fucking everywhere…! Great news that he is to lose his nuts, I fully approve of that.

      • I have no doubt what-so-fucking ever that Styles had a teams of around a half dozen cunts writing his album. That fucking Adele gets other cunts to write ‘with’ her. Can you imaging Lennon and McCartney, Jagger Richards, Page Plant, Townsend, Rodger Waters, Dave Gilmore et al employing a team of batty boys to write for them ? Can you fuck. Just shows how fucking shit the music business has become these days. Fake, Phony and Batty as fuck. Cunts.

    • Harry Styles is the new Bob Geldof, an irritating, opinionated and talentless little gobshite. It’s easy to support Labour when you’re a multi-millionaire, he can afford it. A small part of me hopes that Labour DO win the election, just so McDonnell can bring in his “Robin Hood” tax and takes a ton of money off the likes of Styles. Rich cunts like Styles will be out of this country faster than Lewis Hamilton riding a Trident missile. Actually, I’d like to see Hamilton strapped to a Trident. He’s another tax dodging cunt.

      Nobody who isn’t a pre-pubescent girl buys the crap he laughably calls music. There have been many parallels drawn recently between the times we now live in, and the 1980’s. What with us have a split arse PM and a Labour Party led by a man so useless, even a lot of Labour supporters wish his dad had settled for a blowjob the night he was conceived.

      Well there are THREE big differences. First of all, the music was infinitely better. And that’s because most of it was created by people who actually had talent and could genuinely call themselves musicians. Although, Suggs has turned out to be a thunder cunt. And second, with the SAS ending the Iranian Embassy siege in spectacular fashion live on TV in 1980, and us ripping the Argies a new one in 82, the entire world had far more respect for us, because they knew we were a people who were NOT to be fucked with. And although were in the EEC, we were NOT in the EU.

      Now we have limp wristed cock wombles like Styles, No Direction, Ed Sheeran, all the other shite “boy bands” I can’t be arsed to research the names of, and curtain wearing pie monster Adele. Thanks to the likes of Blair, Brown and Cameron, we have completely lost the respect we had earned. We have Spain giving us shit over Gibraltar, various unelected, publicly funded Brussels cunts like Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt hurling abuse at us, the Russians trying to show us how hard they are by constantly sending aged planes and warships towards our airspace and waters. Even the Argies aren’t scared of us anymore.

      On the bright side though, in a couple of years, we’ll be out of the EU, and mouthy shits like Styles will be even more depressed and wound up than they are now.

      • Don’t start me on that sinister cunt John Mcdonnell, theirs something deeply chilling about the schmuck.

        • Stupid cunt said yesterday that the polls show Labour is on course to win the election.

          Fucker’s more deluded than Wee Timmy FarLoon…

        • He’s pure evil, he deifies Stalin and thinks that our soldiers getting kneecapped by the IRA was funny.

      • Excellent cunting. Can I be so bold as to also add that Adelle is a Millicent Martin looking cunt. Unoriginal as fuck. ‘Hello…’ Oh its that Lional Ritchie song…..hold on…..no it isnt its that cunt Adelle ripping it off. Thieving cow. Fuck off back to Brit School .

    • If styles and all the other remoaning cunts love the EU so much then why not go and fucking live there you bunch of cunts. No one is stopping you, you can live in any of the EU Countries, so just fuck off if you love the EU that much.

      Nobody sane in the UK is going to miss you or give a fuck that you have gone and at least us normal cunts won’t have to listen to your ill informed bollocks.

      Fuck off to Poland and live the EU dream you talentless shit, and take that cunt geldof with you.

    • I have to say, despite being anti-EU for at least 30 years, when I saw that Harry Styles had spoken out against Brexit my first thought was that I was totally wrong and that we should have another referendum. Honest.

      I would personally have cunted the once-great, now-bad-loser Sunday Times for putting the cunt on the front page in the hope we’d actually listen to the cunt.

      But regardless of his most recent exploits as described above, he is clearly a cunt anyway.

  1. Harry Styles is not a pop star. He is not a star. he is in fact , not even an entertainer. He is however, a bloody comedian.

  2. I wonder how the millionaire Styles manages to attract so many gorrrrrrgeous women?

    • He might attract them,but I bet that’s all he does with them. He has the look of a Crafty-Butcher.

  3. This deluded little prick thinks he’s the real deal, and fancies himself a bit of a young Mick jagger??
    Not kidding, apparently that’s one of his biggest influences?? When he’s not on pop duty being told what to wear and say he tries to look all rock and roll!!, listen Cunt your in a completely manufactured band , have an ordinary voice and the attempts you have made at writing are a joke!!, enjoy your good fortune and the money and women it’s brought you but don’t be under the misapprehension that you are … A …. talented
    B…. interesting
    C… a poilitical genius
    And if you soooo downbeat about big bad brexit?? Fuck off somewhere else cunt!!!

  4. I find it hard to get wound up about rich cunts like this little faggot being pro-EU. If I was a rich cunt I’d be the same. From a selfish rich cunt’s point of view it makes perfect sense…….the EU is there to make rich cunts even richer. What pisses me off is ordinary cunts like me listening to the likes of faggot boy here, and all the other money grabbing cunts, and crying like girls about brexit. Fucking remoaners make me want to puke. Not a single one of them ever had an independent thought in their head. A bunch of fucking cunts.

  5. He has admitted that he is “not educated enough on the subject to really go toe-to-toe with someone about it.”

    Why become involved then almost a year after the majority voted to leave? To guarantee sales of your song by a certain section of society? To seem edgy and ant-establishment? You write an anti-Brexit song but admit you’re devoid of the full argument? What kind of crassly-stupid fuckwit are you?

    Eleven months after the Great Referendum Victory of 2016 and these Britain-hating, Remainer piss-ants are still whingeing like the wretched cunt-buckets they know they are. They truly are like the turds that can’t be flushed.

    • To be fair to Styles he probably had fuck all to do with this press release as would almost certainly have been written by some PR agent poof with a coke habit.

      • Apparently it was an interview with the Sunday Times. His press officer was probably in the background, slapping their forehead every time Styles opened his cakehole.

  6. Hasn’t he got all those queer tattoos all over his body , butterflies and unicorns etc ??. Sorry i cant take political points from some uneducated ‘pop’ singer who dresses like my grandad and has butterflies and unicorn s permanently etched onto their skin.

    The Eu is still there cunt ,just not here anymore,now fuck off to Greece or Poland and stop moaning like a spoilt child who didn’t get his sweetie s.

    • It doesn’t get much gayer than the Unicorn. To illustrate this point, it’s time for a little quiz:-

      The Unicorn is the official, National animal of Scotland.

      ➡ True…..or……False ⬅

        • Fair point, well put; and dragons in Wales.

          But….UNICORNS? They must’ve been properly mullered at that clan meeting.

      • I thought you were at the windup, but its fuckin true.

        Jeezo bambino!!!!!!

        Oh, that has cheered me up.

        Geri Haliwell once said in an interview that she wanted a unicorn.

        • Apparently Geri Spice had a baby this year at the age of 44.

          What a load of Zigga-zig-aaah! She looked 44 in 1997!

          • “So tell me you want, what you really, really want?
            I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want?
            I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna,
            I really really really wanna face-lift.”

          • Twenty years ago I’d have done them in this order:-
            then Baby Spice,
            then Old Spice,
            then Black Spice,
            then Dyke Spice.

            I’m not sure any of them would get it now. Perhaps Posh but she’s a three-pinter.

  7. The right on re-moaning wank stain doesn’t even live here most of the year and spends his days in LA jacking off over soya infused fair trade coffee and carrying a pug around in his fucking handbag. He is of a generation that has known nothing but the EU interfering with this country and doesn’t know the true meaning of independence and sovereignty and has brought into all this countries without boarders bollocks.
    Does he think that in places like Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford and many others the peacefuls , Roma and any other cunt who rocks up in the back of a lorry sit around holding hands singing ‘ we are the world’? The only direction this little turd is heading is up his own arsehole.

      • Cheers Asimpleareshole, don’t know how old you are, I’m 35 but will not stand and be lectured to by wet behind the ears muppet cunts with no life experience who spout BBC/Guardian propaganda crap.

        • Good Rant Liberal, Nice to see blokes much younger than me who saw sense and wanted out of this Federal dictatorship called the eu. I salute you sir.

          • With you all the way Fenton, fighting against a tide of shite I fear.

          • Hell, I’m 29 and I’ve wanted us out the EU and despised the miserable murderous peacefuls since I was 14. Unfortunately the only other politically aware kid in my class was a hardcore Guardianista who was a S-rank weapons grade cunt.

            You can imagine how well we didn’t get on…

            When I finally get the ultimate vote result of my dreams we have the Chris Brown class loser remoaner cunts whine endlessly. figures.

          • Can I also say that in my GCSE years, we were once given an assignment where we were to write a speech about a topic and both sides of the argument to it and what our final view was. I chose Capital Punishment…..

            Care to guess what my final view was?

    • Loads of outspoken celeb remaniacs are in exactly the same boat , living abroad in LA , around the Italian lakes etc etc
      Even sunbed surfing on their own islands like mega Cunt Branson, all in favour of free movement, no borders and absolutely any other wank the liberal Cunts in the EU decide…. if your lucky enough to live abroad that’s brilliant but don’t tell working class Brits that have to suffer the tsunami of migrants that they have got it wrong!! patronising Cunts!

      • That’s a zinger Quizzers, tax dodging Necker Island cunt Branson needs a proper cunting.

          • Branson should have another cunting.

            “The smiling face of Capitalism” they used to call him. Perhaps that should be “The Smiling face of Hypocrisy and Hating Britain.” Broiling himself with Obama on a beach while proper British people drown in a tumultuous din of East-European accents, packed public transport and a endless housing shortage. Once again it’s another fluffy millionaire fuck-toilet publicly flapping their virtue whilst not being directly affected.

            Remainers are like Turds that cannot be flushed and this bastard is an Atlantic Island-sized turd bubble.

            Branson you are a sinister, grotesque and rapacious cunt-nugget. Kill yourself.

          • Typical elitist fuck-pig, lives in tax exile while demanding that we have to suffer the EU and the crap it comes with.

          • He lives like a 21st century emperor, waited on hand and foot by copious flunkeys who probably pluck his beard and wipe his arse. Hasn’t got a fucking clue what it’s like passing the gangs of Slavs aggressively eyeing everyone and clutching their cheap booze; networking every town on where best to do armed robberies; waiting on every street corner and casing each house to burgle.

            Meanwhile Branson is sipping cocktails in septuagenarian Speedos and moaning about Brexit.

            Kill yourself.

  8. I have dealt with a few people like this before, the ones that “can not live in a world like this” I once spent a tiresome half an hour on beachy head watching a chap do the will he, won’t he. In the end I walked over had a look over pointed out the ledge below and told him he would bounce and probably just fuck himself up and finish up in a wheelchair, I then suggested a better spot further along,and he got all upset and ran away.
    so to all the people who “can’t live in this sort of world” there is a way of resolving this and it doesn’t involve us readjusting the world to your preference.

  9. It’s a strange old world.
    One minute your miming in front of the mirror using your mums hairbrush as a microphone, the next you’re an all knowing sage.
    Pathetic cunt.
    That cunt Cowell has a lot to answer for…

      • Rii Ferdinand, Snoop Dogg and Simon Cowell are teaming up to uncover/discover the UK’s next big (c)rapper.
        You’ve got laugh.

        I pressed “Snoop” and autocorrect came up with “Dogg” straight away, but Cowell still comes up as “Cowbell”.
        Who teaches autocorrect this shite?

        Snoop Dogg is a cunt, like the rest, but he’s a cunt that i really need to boot fuck out of for always acting the hoodlum.
        He’s a fuckin stick insect with pigtails.
        And he’s a right ugly, seedy looking cunt.

        • Nahh! can’t stand rap and all that shite. Cowell = Cowbell + Cowbellend. As for the next “wrapper” I hope its a fucking shroud for the cunt.

  10. Nothing wrong being in a manufactured pop band, earning a fortune and pumping up some hot totty , I’m sure we would all like a slice of that pie, but why oh why do these pricks have to jump into the political arena? Does it make any real difference to them? Do they struggle to find work ? Housing? Good schools? Etc etc, I suggest not, so just take the money and shut the fuck up…….

  11. …I quite like him,and his music actually………….no,just kiddin”……….cunt……..B****************************************h

  12. I have heard the line
    “And we danced all night to the greatest sing e-vuuurrrrr”

    and that’s about it.

    How lucky am i ?

    Harry styles?
    I’d prefer piles.

    • I sympathise Birdman..and at least with piles there is always a soothing cream…….there is no cream for Styles..sadly.

      • Woa, woa, i DON’T have piles, i said I’d prefer piles.

        Shove yer sympathy up yer arse. 🙂

        I’ve never had piles, but have had the misfortune of seeing some on Embarrassing Bodies.

        “There’s no shame, we’re all the same”
        No fuckin way are we all the same. A bunch of freaks on that show.

  13. Being young and free, and doing and saying stupid things is part of youth, and I certainly wish I had a quid for every stupid thing Ive done. But the difference is that we grow up, whereas some do not and they carry that stupidity throughout adulthood.

    This oik, of limited talent and feeble ability failed on two occasions as a solo performer, and was only pulled into creation as part of a manufactured boy band by the Prime Arse Supremo Simon suck my cock Cowell. Styles is a total wanker who actually believes that his elevated social status allows him to compete intellectually with grown up people. He can’t, and that is patently evident. This fuckwit , of ancestral Norfolk bogwaddlers, has demonstrated his limited intellect by involving himself in political matters, whilst at the same time admitting that he knows very little. This is the Hallmark of an absolute fucking cretin. I have seen better human failures in specimen bottles! I strongly advise this amoebic brained oiktwat, to fuck off to Europe, where he will be well able to assimilate to the lesser educated knuckle-draggers of Romania. Styles, you can’t sing, you can’t write and you are a cunt!

      • Grandaughter is besotted by the little shit Birdman…..its all I ever hear about .

        • My daughters CA-RAY-ZEE over a little Spanish cunt called Abraham Mateo.
          What a little fuckin gimp that cunt is.
          He’s the “Justin Bieber” of the Latin world that imitates Michael Jackson at every opportunity.

          Its amazing how many parents have encouraged their kids to worship a beast, and make them believe he was the greatest.
          Imo, Michael Jacksons tat is some of the cheesiest tat that I’ve had the misfortune of hearing.
          Genius, my pile free arse!!

          • I couldn’t place him and had to google… Jeez! He looks like 10years old! Got millions in the Bank too! I think you and me have been in the wrong business….these kids don’t know they’re born! Pleased to hear your pile free! I’m not.

          • In my teens, my then girlfriends dad somehow got it into his head that i suffered from piles like him.
            Practically every time I saw him, he’d ask how mines were, and then go into detail about his and how many times he’s shat all over the doctors examination table while getting them prodded.
            I always nodded along and sympathized, whilst wondering how the fuck he thought I had piles.
            If he’d asked his daughter and WIFE (oh,yes), they’d have told him i never had any.
            Not that they were playing with my arifice.

            Anybody else rooted their girlfriends/wife’s Mater?

          • My girlfriends mother August 1967 . She was fucking gorgeous. Horny and up for it.
            I never saw her again after that. Her Hubby was released in September. He was a hard cunt, so I was wise to forget. Ah….Memories.

          • Fuckin brilliant, innit.
            My ex girlfriends mater was like Sam Fox, no joke.
            Fuckin stunnin, and even though her daughter was alright, her mater was far better.

            After twenty odd years, she still features regularly in my wank bank.

          • Forgot. ( silly me ) First surgical procedure I ever completed was a hemorrhoidectomy …..I made a right arse of it !

          • I actually met Sam Fox, she was absolutely fucking gorgeous! Nice to talk with too, and a really nice person. No I didn’t shag her. I would have loved that but…..

          • My mrs loves that bloke out of A-ha…. At least that cunt can fucking sing…

          • Didn’t Sam Fox turn out to be a carpet-muncher eventually? Who would’ve guessed that? That little minx tipping the velvet.

        • Donna Ewin… No argument from me there, JR….
          And the Dutch bird, Rachel Ter Horst….. Jesus…

    • Emma Watson is more butch than that little cunt.
      If you ever get to root the little cunt, keep it quiet coz the “directioners” are a crazy bunch of little bitches.
      The little tarts send online death threats to anyone that tries to burst their bubble.

      • “Directioners”…I remember the days when you felt tipped your hero band on your haversack, mine was Spencer Davis and the The Who. Nowadays its “flagging electronically…its just not the same.

        • I covered my town in The Sex Pistols graffiti.
          This was about 1988.
          Cunts must have thought that they were in a time warp.

          • Good Band the Pistols I saw the Movie The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle. Fucking hilarious, pure piss take and anarchy.

          • When i was fourteen, i found the Swindle in a box of vhs tapes and that was me hooked.
            Great, great filum, but my best memory of it was the busty blonde tart in stockings that got her juicy tits fondled in a cinema at the end.

            The headmaster at my high school, tried to give me detention when he heard my singing Friggin In The Riggin loudly in the corridor.
            He got told to fuck off, and i got a weeks holiday.

          • Friggin in the Riggin. Brilliant. Another great was Rock and Roll Suicide on the movie. I know it was a Bowie number, but Rotten was the perfect geezer for that number. Rumour has it he was genuinely off his head when he did that.

          • Always liked The Buzzcocks and The Stranglers better… The Pistols made a big mistake forcing out Glen Matlock (which Lydon admits now)… When they recruited that cunt, Vicious, they became a joke and McLaren’s pets….

          • McLaren formed the Pistols to sell Westwoods fucking clothes. After studying the New York Dolls and even the Bay City Rollers he realised what a band wears can be important as their music. It was a brazrn unadulterated capitalistic venture from the off. Any cunts who get taken in by it all are stupid cunts. FFS they even tell you at the end of the last track on Bollocks tnat you have been fucking had by blowing a raspberry. Ever felt like youve been cheated you daft gullible cunts?

  14. No delay in Macron’s first trip to Germany. Inauguration yesterday – in Berlin today. Says it all

    • Spot on Mahatma. The little boy has gone to get his pocket money and his instructions from Mutti Merkel. I also hear he is trying to recruit the right wing in a hope that they will all rally to him. That being the case, why did he not offer the post of premier to Marine Le Penn? Would make sense, but Mutti vud nott liken eet !

  15. Haven’t those No Direction cunts broken up, tried single careers and faded off into obscurity yet?

    When they regroup in their 40’s I’ll probably be dead.

    Mind you when they’re in their 40’s they’ll probably only be able to live and play in Australia because Europe and North America will be too “peaceful” to tolerate that shit.

    You support the EU if you like Harry (from your security patrolled mansion in LA) but it’s them who want a global “peaceful” Europe. No more gigs for you here when that happens. You and your band will probably have a fatwa put on you.

    Good luck with the Fosters ads, cunt!

    • Apparently the rest of the band are “doing projects ” which means they will fold unless Styles returns. Like you, if they never got together again it would be too soon.They are a right bunch of witless cunts.
      As for the peaceful population of the developing Euromus Empire, one direction would replace the goats over the apple barrel. ( hmm sounds good that….)

  16. The one direction this diminutive bellend is heading is straight down the shitter.

    Little wankers like Styles do not have the necessary intellectual capacity to differentiate between Brexit as Britain reclaiming sovereignty and control of borders and the soft, touchy-feely notion of ‘belonging’ that these fucktards clearly can’t cope without.

    I spotted a post above suggesting his mother could be Hamble from BBCs Play School. I would go a step further to propose that Styles is the bastard love child of Hamble and Kevin fucking Keegan.

    A real cunt to the power of 1000.

    • Right on. Intellectual capacity nil .Political awareness nil. Life experience nil, and as for Hamble and Keegan, fucking hilarious.!

    • Leave the great Kevin Keegan out of this.

      He might be ex Liverpool, but he’s a legend, and good guy.

      • Kev opened a football centre right near my house when he was Man City manager…. And he was dead nice to my mum… So he’s alright, is Kev….

        Top player too, Keegan… Only the magnificent Martin Buchan could get the better of Keegan on the pitch, like he did in the 1977 Cup Final…

        • He opened and helped out at one in Glasgow.
          How many English legends with no connection to a Scottish club would take time to help scotch kids play a game.
          Good guy.

  17. With regard to the piles and/or other rectal issues, can I suggest to eliviate strain on the NHS that cunters can perform a rectal examination on themselves by simply buying Tesco’s own brand value toilet tissue….

    • Thanks, i’ll give that a try, this 60gm coarse grit is killin me arse.

  18. Have a geez at Harry Styles interview in the NME.
    He opens up about his sexuality by not labelling himself (so not opening up at all then) and has respect for all those that work in a “creative field” like Miley Cyrus for being open about their”pansexuality”.

    A “creative field”
    Is that where a cow has a dump?

    • Fuck me, all this new language, new words, euphemism .
      Seems all the young’n’s don’t know what the fuck they are.Not like the old days, You screwed girls, or you didn’t.

      • What the fuck is pansexual?

        Where do they come up with this bullshit?

        Fuck, are we the only sane bastards in this cuntry?

        • Pansexual? Isn’t that the philosophy of the Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath & Wells? Animal, vegetable or mineral… Will do anything to anything?…

          So basically Slagbag Cyrus is a depraved debauched deviant cunt….

          • Yer right, Norman.
            I just shrugged it off as just another label for cunts that don’t like to be, err, labeled.
            But when ye think about it, it means they’d root anything.

            Exhaust pipes
            Bouncy castles
            Susan Boyle

            Even though that sounds like a good weekend, pansexuals are seedy cunts that we should all fear.
            Lady gaga will soon be introducing us all to her new hubby, Mr Crocodile, soon.
            Can i still say “Mr”???

          • Its all leading to the normalisation of kiddie fucking. The entertainment industry will not rest until this has been achieved.

          • Figures.

            I do miss the days when this country wasn’t infected with bullshit.

        • Pansexuals believe they can suck, fuck and lick their way into stardom without any repercussions when outed by the tabloids for their deviancy.

          “Oh fuck! Styles just said he’s ‘Pansexual’ so that fucks the dosier I had on the cunt doing Perkins and Izzard at one of Cowell’s parties! That’s almost as big a let down as when Cyrus claimed ‘Pansexual’ just before I was going to release the Jenner pics!”

          “Well you still can?”

          “No point cos the snowflakes will pillory the paper as being anti…anti…anti…”


          “Fuck knows! But those cunts invent words quicker than the Oxford English dictionary can print them!”

          “Well you could always see what shoes Theresa May is wearing today?”

          “Yeah, s’pose. Always good for 1/2 page in the tabloids.”

      • Even autocorrect recognizes “pansexual”.
        Who feeds this shite to the autocorrect cunt.

        Is autocorrect the tool being used to give us all the same minset?

        • Evening Birdman.

          Wouldn’t put it past the cunts, it’s like a subtle form of brainwashing.

          Pansexual…. I have a better term for it; pretentious bullshit!

          • Sounds like some kind of deviancy….

            Then again, deviancy is considered normal now.

            By cunts that is.

          • Evening, Prime Minister Sinister.

            It doesn’t recognize the name “Ian”, it puts Iran instead.

            There is no Iran Brown in the Stone Roses.

            It never had Trump until two weeks after he took office but Cowell is still Cowbell.

            It knows Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and other pop tart brainwashing nwo stooges.

          • As Lenin would describe these nwo stooges – useful idiots.

        • Fuckin “mindset” that should have said.
          The cunts took the hump and is trying to sabotage me now. 🙂

    • Harry Boy will out (or be outed) as a doughnut puncher sooner or later….
      I do hope the Roses album drops soon, and blows shite like Fairy Styles away…

      • NO, NORMAN, NO!!!!!!


        That’s for the kids, doooooood

        Release is the word
        Is the word
        Is the word
        Its got groove
        It’s got meaning

        • You’re right of course, birdman…
          ‘Drop’ is a cunt word (unless you’re using it before you leather someone: as in ‘I’ll drop you, you cunt!’

          I still call record albums ‘LPs’… All these cunts who call them ‘vinyl’…

          And that first Grease film was good… The second one was utter shite… Although Michelle Pfeiffer was spectacularly fuckable in Grease 2…


  19. It’s obvious that he did no research for his role in the upcoming Dunkirk film. It might have dawned on the dopey twat what a German dominated Europe really looks like. His age group are starved of actual history, with the highly revisionist shit they get taught in schools these days. It’s not just the young though, just listen to the shit that Corbyn comes out with. ” I’m not a pacifist, but there have been no just wars the UK has participated in since 1945″. What an ignorant cunt. So that’s the Falklands fucked then. Oh, and Saddam Hussain is still ruler of Kuwait. Yes, there have been some right stinkers this century, both started by the evil tyrant known as Blair, and continued by his protege Cameron. But to see that photo of Corbyn marching through London with that terrorist cunt Gerry Adams, and fellow lickspittle Ken, turd of turd hall Livingston in 1983, the height of the troubles, shows exactly what the man is about. He is the type of cunt who thinks that IRA murderers should be given amnesty for their crimes, but send British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland to trial for doing what they were told. Amnesty for all, or none, you west hating Marxist wanker.

    • Oh, Corbyn’s is definitely no pacifist, after all no pacifist would go hand in hand with Fenian cunts to protest over the arrest and sentencing of IRA cunts like Corbyn did in 1986.

      Pacifists wouldn’t praise murderous peaceful cunts like Hamas and Hezbollah like Corbyn has.

      • Oh he’s quite happy to see women and children die, as long as it’s for his cause. Bet the cunt threw a party after the Brighton bombing. And he thinks Blair is a warmonger! Kindred fucking spirits…..

        • Oh, he’s quite happy to see British people die more like.

          Now if they are Argies, Fenians, Peacefuls or any of those others fuckers then he complains.

    • This cunt is in a film???

      Did the director not say: “Two sugars in mine.”

      FFS! I imagine most squaddies had butterfly and unicorn tats back in the day?? My Dad’s eagle killing a snake on one arm and dagger through the skin effect on’t t’other must’ve been the pooftah’s choice of tat in the Royal Engineers!?!

      I imagine that a proper film of Dunkirk for the modern era (Private Ryan style) would be excellent but knowing that cunt’s going to be in it has put me right off! Hope the cunt gets blown away before the credits start – twat!

      That’s a bigger let down than hearing of a Sparticus II film in 1962 but starring Liberace as the new Spartan leader!

      “Do you consider the eating of oysters to be moral and the eating of snails to be immoral?”

      “No master, I just like to suck cock.”

      • Yes, this cunt is in a filum and so is David Beckham.

        David Beckham is in a filum.
        A filum has been made and David Beckham has a role in it.

        Guy Ritchie has cast his pal David Beckham in his new filum.

        Hard to digest, innit?????

        David Beckham can now add actor to his CV.

        I hope he wins the gender neutrality award at MTV next year.

  20. I hope that talentless twat Styles gets fucked by a “peaceful refugee”, then suffers as many diseases as possible before going off “spontaneous human combustion” style (excuse the pun).

    • Its the Muslim equivalent of Gonorrhea Goat, a form of STD that can be caught on the hoof. Another Muslim STD is Camelcocklockon, this unfortunate disease is contracted by deep penile insertion and the subsequent bite of the infamous camel lop. Harry can have both of these with my blessing. I believe there is no cure, and death is certain.

  21. Both Corbyn and McConnell are deluded cunts that should be made to speak and air their views to the forces, both serving and retired personnel. Fucking pair of IRA pandering cunts.

    • I note that the cunts named today in the Daily mail, were given immunity of prosecution by Blair. This relates to the poor unfortunate Captain, ( undercover ) being tortured, killed and then his body minced in an industrial machine.Blair and all who aided and supported him are absolute fucking twat faced bastards.They deserve no less a fate than the Captain

      • Seconded. These fucking monsters literally get away with a vile murder and yet our soldiers are getting persecuted for doing their jobs. Anyone and everyone who allowed this shit to happen deserves a good dose of Polonium 210.

  22. That shite propaganda sheet masquerading as a newspaper “The New European” deserves another cunting, if only for describing Gary Lineker as a “Man of The People” on it’s front cover.

    Man of WHAT people? Very rich and privileged ones perhaps….


    • Oh, that rag hasn’t died a death yet?

      Pretentious cunts they are, anyone who portrays Blair and Campbellend in a positive light is a cunt and therefore their views are null and void.

      • What a fucking dirty disgusting traitorous rag that is. There’s a wanker in work who brings it in now and again and makes sure everybody sees him reading it. Needless to say he is an arrogant shit who thinks he is a cut above everyone else. I say nothing …..- don’t want him to know the enemy is watching his every move. I fucking hate these remoaner cunts.

        • I can’t stand them, I think that they believe that their views and votes are worth more and they are such self important cunts.

          When they describe their rag as ”for the 48%”, that is shit because a fair few remain voters just accepted the loss and moved on, these fucker though…..

          • Yeah, it’s long past having the hump because they lost. These thick cunts have been encouraged by certain self-interested politicos that they are a cut above the rest of us. Undoubtedly a lot of thick cunts voted leave but it works both ways. But the cunts like this bloke I am talking about don’t understand that…….it’s all about superiority and self aggrandisement for these arseholes. By the way, the referendum was the first time I ever cast a winning vote. That’s what makes me so FUCKING ANGRY about these remoaner shitheads.

          • The remoaners are the type who love democracy when it goes their way. How many of us just grit our teeth and got on with it when that cunt Blair won 3 times and proceeded to damn near destroy this country? God knows we had a right to bitch and moan and protest, but we didn’t! Why? That would be because we, unlike the remoaners and their miserable ilk are actually decent human beings.

            New European, Remoaners…… I hope they all DIAF.

    • Perhaps the people refered to are those people who shit themselve and then try to wipe their arse on a football park.

  23. “Torch wielding mob”

    That’s how the “right wing” pro Trump rally is being described by the media.

    Lefties holding candles = candlelit vigil

    Righties holding candles = torch wielding mob

    Bad, innit?

    • Usual double standards.

      More like:

      Righties (and us) = none of that shit, we have better things to do with our lives.

      Lefties = loud, frothing at the mouth herd of utter cunts.

  24. Sadly, A.M. Radio needs cunting.

    Apart from farting about with old motorbikes, I also make a living restoring vintage radio sets. Wooden or bakelite cabinets, big bassy speakers, metal chassis, gently glowing valves, lovely stuff. Long forgotten names like Ecko, Cossor, Pye and suchlike.
    What I want to know is what the fuck do you listen to on them?
    I ran a customer’s 1950s Telefunken receiver on test all this afternoon and was faced with a bleak listening choice.

    Talk Sport (should be renamed Talk Bollocks)…

    A three hour lecture from the Beeb about what a thoroughly decent chap Jeremy Corbyn is…

    An oldies channel with regular discussions and news breaks featuring lengthy talks about what a thoroughly decent chap Jeremy Corbyn is…

    Some French cunts playing oldies in between talking in French (probably about what a thoroughly decent chap President Macron is…)

    Various faint copies of the above, all playing oldies while holding lengthy discussions about what a thoroughly decent chap Jeremy fucking Corbyn is..

    Cricket. Kill me now.

    A shit play with badly overacting luvvie types… must have been Radio 4.

    At least the sets are nice to look at…

  25. According to one radio station, Corbyn has “massive support across Facebook”

    Well of course he has, Facebook is where all the cunts are…

  26. As I know next to nothing about this apprentice crafty butcher I cannot really have an opinion on him so after reading his biog on IAC I will file him under “forget this cunt” and move on.


      About fucking time!!

      Ian Brady – may you suffer and burn in hell for all etenity you vile vile cunt!!!!

      • Good riddance Brady y ou evil evil cruel sadistic cunt.So happy to hear this.Cheered when I heard

      • When his scrag end bitch, Hindley, croaked in 2002 the Stretford End sang ‘One down and one to go!’ (to the tune of Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay )…. Hope Brady also gets serenaded with the same contempt… I for one will be well up for it…

        • Hindley was cremated at our local crematorium at Bar Hill Cambridgeshire. The Crematorium was closed for 24 Hours. There were no other cremations that day. Following the cremation, the Crematorium remained closed while staff thoroughly cleaned ALL ovens, not just the one used. The ashes were removed off site. The “Mourners” were very few, A couple of poor officers who were compelled to attend, the undertaking staff, and a few unknowns. The
          foot bridge was also closed over the A14 as it neared the crematorium. Police were on duty at the entrance to the Crematorium all day. The only floral tribute was a small wreath taken inside and cremated with Hindley. Nothing came out. I shall never forget that day, when our local crematorium was soiled by the burning of the miserable carcass of the Hindley Bitch.The village where I lived and worked at that time ( Longstanton ) took a long time to get over that.
          I had known Hindley in my short time at HMP when in the Medical team there. I am retired now and she is dead. I had to be professional. that hurt.! Now I am retired and she is dead, I can finally say, She disgusted me with her presence and her lack of humanity, she disgusted me at all levels, and I am so pleased she is dead. She was and always will be ( Like Brady ) the kind of Cunt I detest.

          • Glad that vile filth Brady has snuffed. That bastard along with Hindley should have been burned at the stake. Another dark soul enters the gates of hell. Good riddance to twisted shit.

  27. Hope he’s roasting in hell with that other murdering cunt, McGuiness.

    A pitchfork up both their asses,

    • Sod that, I hope an endless horde of demons are arse tagging these scum.

  28. What is fucking annoying is that the cunt probably had the best treatment funded by tax payers. Still, the cunt is dead and hopefully the scums cunt of a body is burning in hell.

    • Worse is that the fucker died of natural causes.

      Never should have got rid of the Death Penalty….

  29. The BBC needs another cunting!!
    Independent body media watch released figures yesterday showing extreme anti Brexit bias by non other the supposedly impartial BBC, they had looked at TV and radio time given to both sides over the last 12 months, on one flag ship radio show only 6% of the time was given to leave supporting speakers!!, on most of the other programmes there was an average of approx 30% given to leave supporters?Hardly even handed!!.
    Yesterday the BBC ran a piece on race hate crime in Avon and Somerset all attributed to Brexit of course, a young Somali had been attack in Bristol, a polish lady had been told ” this is a public bus for British people”?
    The problem I had with all of this was it happened back in 2016!! A couple of days after the referendum!!, it’s hardly current news is it? The BBC were intimating this behaviour was ” still happening ” but couldn’t find a single story from 2017!!,
    Amazingly desperate stuff even by guardian infested wonky eyed BBC,s standards……
    And has anybody else noticed Leanne wood the leader of Plaid Cymru gets a totally disproportionate amount of BBC airtime in relation to her party’s size!! How many MP,s do they have?? , the reason for this is because she a remainer and would given the chance opt for the softest of all Brexits, in effect a non brexit!!! Cunts Cunts Cunts!!’

  30. I remember learning about Communism and the Russian revolution at school. Our history teacher back then was just about the only person without a pair of tits that could hold my attention for more than a minute. I really enjoyed the subject and came out of it thinking that the Communists were the misunderstood heroes.

    I remember applying their principles to today’s society and thinking that the world would be a much better place if Communism replaced Capitalism.

    At some point in a pub on a night out I brought up my starry-eyed view of the world with a friend of a friend who was a few years older.

    He said, “Who is going to train for 7 years in medical school when you can earn the same stacking shelves?”

    And that’s all it should take for any right-minded individual to turn their back on idealistic, fantasy bullshit and understand that the world can never work that way.

    If you’re over 20 and describe yourself as a Communist/Socialist then you are without doubt a massive cunt!

    • In Cuba, Doctors earn about £25 per month ( 2010 ) thaat is the same as taxi drivers, shop assistants and a whole raft of others. The people who earn more money, are the engineers, technologists etc. They earned around £55 per month ( 2010 )

      In Poland, Doctors are paid far less than engineers. In fact Doctors are paid very poorly. Polish society values and rewards tradespeople.

      My point is, you were never wrong in what you believed. You believed in something. Many do not.

      • Your history teacher sound like a right cunt. Why the fuck are these lefty cunts allowed to poison young minds?

        If he had any sort of grasp of his subject at all he would have taught that the most free, most egalitarian, most stable, most lawful and most prosperous societies ever have been driven by free market capitalism. Contrast with socialist regimes, repressive, dismissive of human rights, always on the verge of collapse and poor.

        • The man who taught me that, was a bright edged young Doctor from Cuba. Now it so happens that Cuba has a wonderful Health Service, underfunded yes, but a wonderful service. He earned in a month, what I earned in 2 hours.Why? “Its because I believe in what I do, and I believe that I can help, and it is important to believe someday I will succeed ”

          Money builds nothing, it is people who build. It is important that we all believe in ourselves.

  31. People who belive in reincarnation and the spirit cunts.

    Most of us cunters had someone talk to us about spirits and reincarnation , some say that they saw their granny spirit walking in the house at night or that someone they know is the reincarnation of their dead drunk of a husband.

    Guess what, they are cunts.
    Can we please focus on the real world?? It seems to me that shite and nonsense are just an excuse to not deal with the meaning of life and the fact that our time on This planet is finite.
    How about you cunts try to deal and be good with the decisions you made in your life, dont expect to solve your problems in the next life or apologize and confess to your dead mother that it was you that broke her teapot and that you are male prostitute.
    Please get a fuckin grip and stop to waste oxygen and my time with that shite cause i got real problems and so do you.
    Mega cunts!!!

      • I dont care what others cunts believe, just dont waste my time with it. They can believe Mary didnt cheat on Joseph with an big knob jew and that Jesus is the son of God ,the biggest cunt of all time, if he exists is just as real as the easter bunny and santa claus.

          • Do you remember anything before you were born? When you die it will be the same, so all that shite is pointless and waste of time.

            Also i didnt say i dont believe in a soul, or something my rant was directed at delusional cunts who to them that shite is like an hobbie.

          • My new hobbie is Horology, especially anything to do with grandfather clocks.
            I’m really into it….big time.

    • There is a test held by researchers into artificial intelligence called the Turing test (aka the imitation game). The idea is a human or panel of humans has to interact with the AI system being tested and decide whether they are actually interacting with another human or an AI system. If the AI system can convince more than 50% of the judges that it is indeed a human then it will have passed the test.

      No AI system has ever passed the Turing test, however experts agree it will happen and project that date as somewhere between 2030 and 2040.

      The point? If a box full of switches can convince you that it is human, will it also convince you it has a soul? And if it does, what does that tell you about the soul? That the soul is simply a clever smoke and mirrors magic trick.

  32. Loved Rising Damp…. When Rigsby is taking the piss out of all that spiritual bollocks…. He said that vegetarians won’t eat meat, but there are those who believe in reincarnation who won’t eat anything, in case it’s someone they knew…. He also said they won’t even do gardening: ‘because the spade might go through a worm, and they’ll think they’ve cut Granny in half…’

    Top stuff….

  33. BBC Breakfast just did a lengthy interview about the TV dramatisation of the Muslim grooming gangs without once mentioning Muslims… ABBC W@gfucking cunts…..

  34. The thing with cunts like Harry Styles (and Kunty Perry, Gluebag Cyrus, and other pop star and Hollywood cunts) is they’re so arrogant, deluded, and not even honest…. They act like they have substance and intelligence… That’s ridiculous enough… One can tell from the crap they put out as ‘music’ that they have nothing to say and are as shallow as a maggot’s grave… But then they act like they’re politically minded and actually care about other ‘ordinary’ people and society in general…. When in actual fact everyone knows they are thick as fuck, have everything done for them (including what they say), and only give a fuck about fame. money, their own publicity, and where the next champagne bottle and line of coke is coming from… These cunts only do the Anti-Brexit and/or Trump thing to look good and get loads of Libmong Twatter ‘followers’… They are as fake as Bruce Jenner’s twat… When Oasis started Liam said he joined the band ‘to earn loads of money, pull loads of birds, and get out of this shithole (Burnage)…’ Which is fair enough, and he’ll be the first to admit he can be a cunt… I’d respect Styles more if he said, ‘Look I’m as thick as fuck…. But I’m raking in the cash and shagging every night… That’s what I’m in this for…’ But cunts like Styles and all these anti-Trump slags who are basically hookers with record contracts can’t even admit that they are cunts….

  35. On the subject of crap pop star gobshite cunts, heard a hilarious tale about Cunt Geldof…
    That smelly Bogtrotting tramp, Bob Geldaft, was at a Crosby Stills Nash and Young gig one time… Backstage he saw CSNY holding hands before they went onstage… Geldof laughed at them and called them hippies… CSNY then promptly kicked the fuck out of Geldof…

    • A pity they didn’t kill the druggie tramp. They could have written a song about it…..would have been a big hit I reckon.

      • I do so hope that is a true story.

        It got me thinking, Geldof is definitely a slap in sight cunt. If I ever saw him I would walk straight up the the cunt and give him a dig. No verbals, no warning, no build up, just a well deserved spanking.

        Are there any other cunts who deserve the slap on sight title?

      • Oh they did!……..”Teach Your Children.”………(And your wife not to overdose you horrible cunt)

  36. Tom Hardy’s alright. At least he’s done some decent stuff.

    For me it’d be hard not to go mental and start lamping either Bono or Mel Gibson on sight. These two contemptible, abhorrent cunt-dwarves have inflicted some dire, wretched shite onto us.

  37. Hasn’t taken the parents of the kid who drowned at Drayton Manor amusement park long to announce that they’re going to sue. Allegedly the kid stood up to swop seats and fell out of the boat. How the fuck are the operators meant to guard against crass stupidity?

    The parents are probably missing the kiddie benefit money.

      • Muslims,Birdman,so no alcohol…..they were probably doing something peaceful…..like organising a taxi to ferry the young girls safely home.

        • I thought they were.
          I don’t know anything about it other than the missus mentioned it last week and finished off with ” fuck her, she’s a Muslim, well she has a Muslims name anyway”

          I was gobsmacked. She doesn’t usually talk or think like that.

          The times, they are a changing.

    • Nowadays it’s always somebody else’s fault, blame adjustment used to be a thing those ambulance chasing American shyster lawyers did!! ” have you been a stupid Cunt?? Don’t worry call shitbag and co for a blame adjusted payout” how times have changed……….

  38. The school she was with is a private school so they’re not short of a bob or two. If they can’t screw the amusement park they’ll probably go after the school for letting her go on the ride unsupervised. A few years ago some kid drowned in a stream on a geography trip and the teacher in charge got banged up for it. Best get on the phone to their insurers and cough up. A camel and a couple of goats should do the trick.

    • Meh, the way peacefuls breed, it will be replaced soon enough.

  39. Question!! Is Harry styles wasting as much time on us as we are on him???? 😂
    The Cunts an utter fopdoddle…

    • Your welcome buddy.

      Getting back to the Rotherham peacefuls, I know the reason why they fuckers did what they did:

      They had a massive months/years long sexual emergency!!!!!!!

      ……and this is why we should bring back hanging…..

        • Gods, if I were PM/Ruler/Dictator of this country that would be the first of many changes along with:

          To hell with negotiating with the EU cunts – got to WTO rules, cheaper in the long run.
          Strike down devolution, they are doing a shot job of running Jockland and Sheeperville.
          End this disgraceful persecution of the paras and soldiers who fought the IRA.
          Slash the overseas aid.
          Boost defence spending.
          No more peaceful temples.
          Demolish existing peaceful temples.
          Retroactively hang all serial killers, terrorists and nonces.
          Get rid of that fucking tunnel, you all know the one!
          Get rid of a lot of these NHS managers who actually do fuck all but put all the moey in theirs pensions, splashing cash on the NHS won’t fix it!
          Stop this safe space and no platforming bullshit in the Unis.
          De-politicise Whitehall, the civil servants should do their fucking jobs instead of playing silly fuckers politics.
          I actually would renationalise water and energy, those companies have been taking the piss for long enough.
          Neuter those Union cunts some more.

          How’s that for starters?

  40. Works for me….. 100% correct….
    My pet hate is the E fuckin U!!
    May should tell them to go fuck themselves!! Portugal Italy Spain and Greece are bankrupt!! France isn’t far behind, Germany like a benefit office in Bradford is sick of handing over their money to a bunch of useless scrounging Cunts!! , where’s juncker gonna get his money from ?? Wonga?? They are desperate for our cash!! May should go in and tell those self elected Cunts what’s what!!
    The EU has a history of bullying small weaker countries….. also…
    The BBC,s constant plugging of Plaid Cymru has definitely got blairs dabs on it!! They are hoping to undermine brexit by getting Wales to change its mind……” oh look it’s just England that wants to leave” Cunts!!

    • Wood can get fucked. I don’t know anyone who votes Plaid Cymru, at best they are are protest vote, or a dimwit party. Even the people I know who voted remain are now wishing our government (UK, not the pointless Welsh Assembly) would pull their finger out and get on with it. If she didn’t want to frustrate brexit, she wouldn’t make the news. Like Farron….

  41. Because she is the voice of softly softly no real brexit her agenda is being pushed relentlessly by the BBC!!, the stupid Cunts on everything BBC, she’s had as much air time as Theresa May, if you were a stranger to the British political scene you would think she was a major player not some two bob wonky eyed leader of a 3 MP party……….

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