Emoji’s is a cunt.

I’ve been on here for a fairly long time now and like to think of myself as part of the furniture, but I am getting concerned with certain behaviour.

The Emoji, what’s wrong with good old fashioned letters and numbers? I come on here to have a whinge about some cunt or cunts, the last thing I want to put is an Emoji. It reminds me of the early text message days when some cunts would write in some shortened way that only a fellow cunt could understand. Anyways before anyone calls me an old cunt I’m 38 and I refuse to use the Emoji.

Emoji’s fall in the same category as Twatter, Cuntbook, queuing outside an Apple store for the new iPhone, and high fives.

What a piece of cunt. (is there an Emoji for that).

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

182 thoughts on “Emoji

  1. I quite agree B&WC I don’t understand why we need to communicate in modern hieroglyphics , signs and little pictures. Surely we left all that shite behind when we finished with cave paintings. Emoji….cunt

    • Well cunted, sir ! Old cunts are getting younger by the day, thought I was a hopeless old fart – I’m 55…

  2. Can’t say I give a tuppenny fuck to be honest. I’ve seen more interesting debates on Mumsnet. Have you seen the fucking price of eggs lately? Robbing bastards.

    • Depends whether you buy Organic or those caged eggs. The chickens aren’t laying as many because the chickens are worried about Brexit.

      • Funnily enough, on the subject of eggs, Ive been getting Burford Browns from Tesco. A bit pricey, but eggs just like the old days,lovely deep rich yolk, and the taste.wow!

        • My missus was standing in the kitchen wearing only a tiny little t-shirt while she prepared some boiled eggs and soldiers.
          She turned and said.

          “I need you to bang me over the kitchen table right now”

          I said “Still horny?”

          “No, the egg timer’s broke….

  3. Guilty as charged.

    …I am a cunt 🙂

    At least I don’t say lol.
    Omg and lol are the height of cuntishness.

    • I found out the hard way that lol doesn’t mean lots of love, when I sent a text to an ex girlfriend who’s mum had died.

      Hope you’re ok.
      Sorry to hear about mum. lol….

  4. Emma fucking Watson and bastard MTV are cunts. I’ve just been informed by Sky “News”, also cunts, that the androgynous cretin has been awarded best gender neutral acting award by MTV for her ground-breaking performance in the gritty hard-boiled drama “Beauty and the Beast”. Jesus fucking wept, that is wrong on just so many levels.

    • Gender neutral what? An award ? I don’t understand this modern fucking world. Im so fucking pleased to be retired, I was always sick to death with all these contrived and manufactured states that presented at the clinic. There were none of these shitty “conditions” when I first started. And what about these fucking man buns? Jeez!

    • An Actor is a man and an Actress is a woman and Emma Watson is a cunt.

      • Emma Watson is indeed a cunt, though I’m not entirely convinced she has one.

          • Sick of this whining femenazi cunt but is just following latest trend of trying to sanitise gender into a bland grey area, 50 points from Griffindor cunt! Bigger cunts are the ones who sent a 5 year old to a clinic for gender therapy, 5! I will be thinking twice before I spunk out any little liquidators and release them into this fucked up world.

          • The sight of Watson and that Delevigne slag…. Guaranteed rugmunching cunts the pair of them…

      • Since when has Twatson been an actress anyway ? Thought she was just a Hairy Prostate extra that “grew up”…

        Zzzzzzzzz-list doss sleb

        • She is rising high on my list of pretentious bastards who I wish would jut bugger off.

    • You know you’re in trouble when some cunt introduces themselves and then states: “And my pronouns are ‘They’, ‘Them’ and ‘Their’.”

      Can you imagine the reaction if you replied: “Thank fuck for that because I couldn’t tell if you were a boy or a girl!”

      The “Hugh Mungus” reaction wouldn’t even come close!

      😂 — Added specially for Black and White Cunt.

    • I’m so disappointed to hear that Emma Watson is gender neutral. I used to fancy shagging her. Oh well.

      • According to these feminazi cunts, there is no such thing as gender. They say it is a social construct and that in actual fact there is only 1 gender and we are all somewhere on it’s “spectrum”. That is until they start whining about the gender pay gap and then gender definitely does exist. Make your fucking minds up!

          • This gender neutral bollocks is a load of pretentious shit. End of.

        • I’m probably a bear of little brain, but I have a penis, I shove it in a vagina. I ejaculate. Infrequently my sexual partner who has a vagina, gets pregnant and gives birth to the next generation.

          Not really understanding all of this confusion

  5. Was emoji not one of the scum that killed Lee Rigby ? Emoji adabowlofmuesli ?

  6. Best gender neutral acting?? For fuck sake, just kill me now i don’t want live in this world.
    Whats next? Give fruits and vegetables genders , and call me homo if i eat a banana??

    • Of course, when we adopt French as our official language you will realise that fruit and veg already have genders.
      After all houses, tables and windows are all female in the French language – but ‘le weekend’ is still male.


        • I don’t know why people consider french a beautiful classy language.
          When i see a frog speak it reminds me of an angry loud goose ….

      • Juncker-Himmler’s cretinous behaviour will ironically do more to damage France and its language than English ever will. Stupid old doss cunt.

        Thank God we had shitloads of culture before the fecal slurry that is the EU covered Europe. Can you imagine Shakespeare, Moliere, Verdi operas, Beethoven… in Esperanto. That must be an anagram… Pants_ _ _ _

        All answers on the back of a six-month old Boursin to “crispy foreskin shat on the pitch”.

        • Juncker is a worthless piece of shit who should just shut his cunt mouth and crawl back inside a liqour bottle.

          That said, I’m sure that every time he speaks, it’s improves the case for hard Brexit.

          Speaking of which, to hell with those Goldman Sachs cunts who advise against hard Brexit and are threatening to move a whole load of their operations out of the UK if it happens.

          If I had my way, I’d have those cunts shut down and shot for the shit they helped cause in the economic crash. Wankers.

  7. Emoji’s are part of the ever growing destruction of language and communication. People talking in slang, sending a fucking Emoji to communicate, using Cuntbook and Twatter to tell your ‘friends’ what you’ve been up to instead of picking up the phone is all a cunt.
    Maybe I am getting old and out of touch wiv da youth, but you need to be able to communicate and articulate yourself so you can get on with people from all classes and colours.
    Black and White cunt mixes in many circles from MBE holding people in the Lodge, to drug dealer cunts and I get on with all, now how am I meant to get respect using Emoji’s.

    • Quite right my friend. Our language and abilities to communicate are becoming severely impaired due to this modernistic feeble minded onomatopoeia. Those irritating little “things” get right on my tit. By the way, can anyone tell me why when some feller wants to speak to you, they always hold their balls and wave their fucking fingers about? What in fucks name is that ?

    • Nail on head B&WC. It is not only the destruction of language but the trivialisation of life as a whole where any concept, action or emotion can be condensed into a yellow faced symbol.

        • Text speak and other forms of retarded communication are even being excepted on exam papers. This has been cunted before but ‘Americanisms ‘ creeping into the queens English is a pet hate.If some fucker tells me to ‘do the math’ or says ‘ my bad’ they will be cunted.

          • Well said, Americanisms get on my tits too.
            It is sport NOT sports
            It is maths NOT math
            It is expiry date NOT expiration date
            It is become, NOT gotten
            It is petrol NOT gas
            It is a power cut NOT an outage
            And Budweiser is NOT beer!!

          • Actually Dio picked me up on the “math” V “maths” usage and “math” apparently is the correct usage.

            Even though it sounds totally wrong!

          • Yes you did and then you called me an uneducated Northern monkey too (whilst you’re in forgetful mode).

            And that £200 quid you said you owed me…

          • “And Budweiser is NOT beer!” Then what is it then?
            I also heard they changed the recipe when they sold the company so now it tastes worse

          • It’s not even lager and I hate lager – a fucking poor excuse for a hop based beverage!

            Budweiser tastes like the water in one of those puddles that M’Tembe fills his jerry can with after watching two bison piss in it (during his 8 mile round trip to collect it in the begging adverts).

          • The expression ” you never get a second chance to create a first impression ” sprung to mind on my recent visit to holland, we were having a few beers in a pub when a couple of clueless Dutchers walked in wearing all the American sports apparel , baseball caps ( worn backwards) with matching tops and dripping in gold! My first thought Cunts! They then ordered Budweiser?? Cunts !! then the killer word lite!! Budweiser lite?? Indeed….

          • beer is made from water, malted barley, hops and yeast. That is all. Budweiser use rice and maize in their concoction and precious little hops.

          • And cunts that call a TV series a ‘season’ instead of a series are fucking knobends…. And cunts who order series from Netflix etc and call them ‘box sets’ are also fucktards…. There is no box, you mongs….

          • Dunno the blonde dragon rider in Game of Cunts has a nice box.

  8. Mates, yesterday in a pretty busy road some taxi driver cunt stooped his car in the middle of the road even tough he had plenty of space to park the car, to put some bags and groceries in other car, all of this in rush hour.
    I created a traffic jam and some people had to drive in the wrong side of the road just to get pass that cunt.

    Can you believe the arrogance , uncivil and dangerous acts of this type of cunts??

      • Get used to it. I have seen people just stop their car in the middle of the road to have a word with a passer by, no doubt one of their inbred cousins.

  9. I’d have to agree 😀. It’s the spread of fashionable laziness I’m afraid 😭.

    Changing the subject, Jo Coburn needs a kick in the face. Penalty style. Just think some poor sod has to service that.😰

  10. Hey Elder Cunt,what”s wrong with “stooping” in the road then?……………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Sorry , english is not my native language and i’m a bit of lazy cunt.

  11. 😂🐟☕️🐑🌪🤧❤️🐟👱🏽‍♀️💥💨🏠🙍🏾💩🐇😊💤😡🐶👨🏻🦉👀🚨🏃🍾🏪🍠🍞🥔💧🍎🍇🍏😎😝🤡😜😗😍😇😅😃😂😄🤠🤡😎😙⚓️…….
    Totally agree…..

  12. Corbyn has announced he will not stand down “if” he is defeated in the general election?? That’s great news if you support brexit, all that’s needed to start the avalanche is another intervention from political pariah and IAC hall of famer Blair! , of course a bleating mandelson and Campbell would also be helpful…..
    Yesterday’s men with yesterday’s ideas!!!

    • Just heard this morning that Chukka Wadever fancies a pop at the leadership. He has spent a lot of our dosh on consultancy, image and prospects, some £17500 I hear.
      Well I can save us all some dosh by telling him, that as one of the cock sucking pro europe brigade, you stand no chance of securing my vote. And , until you change colour and smug attitude, you will reside forever more where you truly belong. On a Fucking Jam Jar!

      • Chukka talks the talk but is nothing more than a leaden footed bottle job, I’ve seen him taken apart in many a live debate, given the chance to run in the last leadership battle he ran away like a scalded cat!! Mind you in saying that a quick look at the labour ranks and it’s not too fanciful to say he has a chance, running against non entities like Angela eagle, Owen smith, Liz Kendall, Evette cooper and co , apparently kier starmer fancies a punt?? Maybe Diane Abbott will run?? Labour are in a terrible mess and are facing an extinction level event on the 8th of June… corbyn and his momentum monkeys are just about to get a dose of fuckin reality….. Cunts !!
        It’s 2017 not 1970 you outdated pricks……..get back in the de lorean and go back to the future…,

        • Labour are facing a blood bath. About half of the 4 million UKIP voters in 2015 are defecting to the tories. If this happens Labour is set to loose 30 marginal seats on top of the ones they look like losing anyway. Happy days.

          • And Comrade Corbyn thinks people will accept his vision for the UK – a rapeugee infested communist hellhole.

          • SE …. I reckon 2 million is a ( conservative) number, UKIP are all but done, where else will the kippers go?? Labour, lib dems or the greens!! I reckon 75/80% will vote for the tories…
            Labour is going down faster than a mexican whore !

        • Diane Abbott…run ?? I think the only verb suitable here is “stand”.

          Or rot, fester, stink, make your eyeballs puke…

  13. The emoji is not a cunt.
    The emoji comes in useful when writing a post or receiving a post.

    You are a cunt = malice
    You are a cunt 🙂 = banter

    Come into the fuckin nineties, cunts. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And don’t tell me how to communicate you fascist cunts.

    • I heard two snowflakes at work discussing why they went iPhone instead of Android and I shit you not, one of the deciding factors was that: “iPhone has a much better emoji set.”

      I shit you not! We’re dooooomed!!!

  14. Black and white Cunt is part of the furniture.
    I now know not to buy a zebra print sofa.

    • Now , that last post may, MAY, have been missing an emoji.
      How should it be taken, malice or banter?

      I know.

      You choose.

      • Zebra’s think they are such fuckin show ponies.

        Nah i don’t have a problem with zebras.
        Its zeknickers that i have a problem with.

        They’re digging into my sides.

        • I ate a zebra steak in Namibia. Not bad actually. Not as tender as the blue wildebeest but better than the warthog. Very partial to Kudo and springbok as well. And eland is really tasty…

          • Evening Dio, where are you off to next?

            On the subject of meats, I must confess that I acquired a taste for Venison, lovely to eat, my first experience what a Pheasant and Venison pie. Good times.

          • Ohh, hope you enjoy it.

            Went to Rome a couple of months ago, I liked it despite its…….flaws.

            Didn’t eat another pasta for over a month though.

  15. I am corresponding with some very nice Thai ladies for when I go over there for my annual 6 month holiday. At least I think they are ladies, we will have to see…..

    Anyway, half of what they write is this symbol smiley faces shit but I guess its because they cannot speeky di ingleesh proper, so it aides communication. (and probably the communication of aids too )

      • You sexy guy, I love you long time, never try never know……

        • Reminds me of the special version of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman” track that was only released in Thailand.

          I met her in Bangkok,
          And she was pretty.

          I took her to Phuket,
          And got on one knee.

          Then we got naked,
          And what did I see?

          There may be a cock there,
          But he’s almost a woman to me.

      • Am back in Thailand myself june/july Skidders, lets hope you ting tongs don’t have any ding dongs.

        • I’m going on 1st July to Pattaya. I have never been there before but hear it a bit like Sodom and Gomorrah. Good.

  16. I’d like to cunt millennials. As a millennial myself (born in the mid-90s) I’m absolutely sick of my generation of far-left cunts constantly whining and rioting when something – even democracy – doesn’t go their way. A few months ago for example there was a poster advertising a march against racism at my university which included in its objectives standing up to Trump and objecting to freedom of movement – as if thinking freedom of movement is a bad idea is racist all of a sudden. Cunts.

    • not only is objecting to open borders racist, any descent at all to buzzfeed-think is racist too.

      • The fear of being labelled racist was the driving force behind the remain campaign. Obviously you expect the rich cunts to be remain but the rest of the cunts are just scared of the R word. Point out that Eastern Europeans aren’t a race and they splutter out “xenophobe, a word they had never heard of before last June. Biggest scaredy cat of them all…….fucking Corbyn. Cunt was anti-EU all his life but fucking bottled it the wanker.

        • Xenophobia, an imaginary mental illness characterised by an irrational fear of foreigners. Well, chum I don’t fear foreigners I would just prefer to be in front of them in the queue for a doctors appointment, waiting list for a house or school places for my fucking kids. If I had any of the noisy little cunts.

          • Yes, I think any sane person would resent being treated like a second class citizen in their own country

  17. Here’s a cunt who emerges every summer….the SMAM (Sunday Morning Action Man). This wanker gets up at the crack of dawn….let’s DO something in the garden, it’s such a beautiful day. Out comes the fucking noisy lawnmower for the 14th time this month.. Follow that with the fucking strimmer and its high pitched whining. Let’s have a loud conversation with the other SMAM cunt 4 doors down…….”Beautiful morning isn’t it? I’m getting the power saw out in a minute to cut up some fucking wood for no fucking particular reason at all..”
    After that there’s silence for about half an hour as SMAM stuffs his fat smug face. Then it’s out with the power sander followed by about 2 fucking hours of randomly hammering nails into wood. Is there any thought for poor old Freddie trying to sleep off his Saturday night excesses? NO….fuck that cunt. And don’t get me started on fucking barbecues. Listen SMAM you fucking noisy cunt……..shut the fuck up you BASTARD!

    • Yeah and they kick off at the ‘N’ of 9am too because that’s a respectable amount of lie in for anyone isn’t it?

      Especially as they’ve been up since 6am watching the clock round to 9am!

      Also, if they’re as considerate as the cunts round my way – even though they have green bins for garden refuse which get emptied every fortnight – they’ll burn the fuck out of what they’ve cut/dug out that morning in the afternoon, usually when the Mrs has a full rota-line of washing on the go, and usually when it’s my fucking shirts on it for the following week, thus guaranteeing that *I* smell like a fucking barbecue going into work!

      I wouldn’t care but I’m usually fucking starving before I get 1/2 way there! Cunts!

    • I’m probably one of the cunts disturbing your hangover recovery Frog ,mowing lawns and the like, it is my job. The arseholes always want it looking like fucking Wimbledon for the weekend , crack open the BBQ and piss the neighbours off with their bratty kids and yapping dogs.

      • The thing is these cunts are the sort who would be the first to complain if you had a drum and bass party going until 3 am.

        • I think after 10h30 in the morning you can do some serious noise, before that you are a cunt.

          • No it’s fucking not. I read somewhere that in Germany it’s illegal to use power tools in an urban area on a Sunday. True or not they should do that over here. Sunday is a day of rest not for DIY cunts to annoy the fuck out of real people. Fucking selfish bastard noisy cocksucking fucking sacks of stinking dogshit. (Emoji showing some cunt getting his head kicked in and a strimmer shoved up his arse)

        • No using a circular saw to ventilate the prisoners’ / inmates’ heads, then !! Pity…

    • Superb cunting Freddie. An entirely true observation. A lot of it has to do with wanking rights and village cock measuring. Villages that take part in these “Open Gardens” weekends are cunts. A load of “look at me” cunts, all desperate to be seen as the demigod of manicured garden cuntishness. “Out there is the garden…I only go out there to fart”. “That’s my shed…it’s full of sexual torture devices”.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t want cunting Tom, Dick or Harry wandering around my gaff, nosing in through the windows whilst pretending to look elsewhere. I value my privacy and don’t like having it invaded. Plus I’m an antisocial cunt as well.

      Luckily as I live out in the arse end of beyond, and chuggers and pests are hunted down and culled, I don’t get plagued by door to door sales cunts, but if I did, I’d probably answer the door in my pants with soup in my beard.

      • Living in the urban jungle I often envy those who live in the countryside. On the other hand there’s no chance of a load of pikey caravans turning up on my doorstep. Fucking nightmare!

    • I’ve got some of these cunts living in the house directly behind me. As well as all the aforementioned behaviour, they like to have a big family row with the windows open. The teenage daughter’s voice gets so high pitched it is a wonder and a pity that she can’t be heard by anyone except dogs. There is another camp old cunt living two doors up who begs his cat to come in for it’s breakfast at about 6.30 am. It’s like listening to fucking Alan Bennett going on. Also why do dogs get left out all fucking night to bark themselves into a stupor?.Makes you want to go and buy a gun from the local dodgy pub. Antisocial cunts.

    • Well cunted Freddie!

      One day I’m gonna feed one of the cunts into his own lawnmower.

      I used to feel so guilty when I was a sparks and working Saturday.
      The boss would say “chase these walls out, drill that, drill that, chase there.”
      At 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning I knew that every cunt within half a mile was going to be out of bed and cunting me off.

  18. Orcas/killer whales are cunts.

    The world would be a better place if that cunt was extinct.
    It kills for fun, it kills coz it can and it kills coz its a cunt.
    The chav of seaworld.

    Free Willie, which i haven’t seen but have boycotted, convinced everycunt that they are cute and cuddly.

    It has the word “killer” in its name ffs.
    Maybe not the strongest nomination for a cunting, but just wanted it to be known that this animal lover don’t love them cunts and the day they all die is already a day too late.

    After that, the extinction wish list/dead pool has

    Sharks (basking excluded)
    Crocs, alligators, Camden
    Lions, in fact all big cats

    Chimpanzees deserve their own cunting.
    Now they murderous cunts truly are the chav of the jungle.
    But i suppose great whites are OK when they nibble on a surfer or two.

    • I was having a back and forth argument between me wanting to put “Camen” and that cunt kept putting “Camden”

      Looks like it won and “camen” is actually spelt “caimen”.

      Ever days a school day and all that.
      I only heard of a caimen for the first time, two years ago.

      • If you get chance to catch caimens get them and open them up.

        Apparently rich people hide money there!

        • So basically you want the extinction of all alpha predators? Good idea.

          My list is short;


          • But the worst humans are by no means alpha predators.
            They rule but they’re definitely the runts of the litter.
            …or should that be cunts of the litter.

        • Oh yes, right bunch of vicious bastards they are. Also, they get high off of their own self righteousness.

        • and that really HIDEOUS creature that can, at will, empty the contents of its stomach over you… Komodo Abbott

          • I am extremely fond of wild pig, but if I had mistakenly swallowed some Abbott I would have to upchuck immediately. . That is the only respect in which my name and hers should ever be associated.

            Thank you.

      • Is famous PG Tips superspy, Brook Bond, Daniel Craig’s dad?…
        The similarity is uncanny…

        • Didn’t Peter Reid have the nickname “Monkey’s Heed”?

    • I agree birdman animals are pretty much all cunts. Especially lions.

      I don’t mind killer whales too much though.

      …I always get a good laugh when one eats one of it’s oppressors.. Sorry.. trainers.

      Stupid cunt wants to stand on the nose of an animal that is such a colossal cunt it has killer in its name then they deserve everything they get!

    • Fuckin stupid snowflake cunts moan coz of thin uncurvy models then if you celebrate curvyness they still fuckin moan.
      Flat chested miserable femenazi dykes the lot of em!

      Oh I almost forgot ….


      • You know what you do with snowflakes? You melt the fuckers.

  19. “Vaping” is a bit shit, isn’t it.

    When did this fad become acceptable? How did this fuckwittery become a hobby!? Why are ‘Vapours’ seen as cool and edgy? I think they look daft and cunty.

    Increasingly, smokers are made to feel like modern day paedos, shunned and laughed at by a sanctimonious society that is swift to sneer, yet has a prolapse meltdown if there’s no WiFi on which to post photos of their dinner.

    I’ve got nothing against the gays; I accept them all from the Carry-On films to Freddie Mercury (greatest performer of all time, naturally). Nevertheless, why is it the preserve of one whole section of society, in this case the shirt-lifting vadge-dodgers, that they have their own cafés! Clutching and comparing their phallic handle whilst indulging in each other’s olfactory flirting.

    Smoke a proper fag, Buttercup, and stop walking down the pavement in voluminous billows of your own cherry’n’coconut-flavoured lack of character.

        • Each to their own, Mister Fista. Away from the singles, the albums were ace. Varied with rock tracks, ballads and parodies. Try Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack or A Day At The Races.

          Led Zep were too Yank for me. Yes, I know they were Brum but all that, ” Ooooh, bayy-behh…!”

    • Nicely cunted cap!

      I’m trying to quit smoking (not very hard admittedly) and the shit menthol vape stuff from the supermarket has been quite good.

      Don’t understand all these flavour though. I spent shit loads on trying different flavours and getting a fancy vape pipe thing and the pipe is shit and the flavours all smell like arse.

      …probably why I’m still smoking.

      …yea I’ll blame that.

    • I don’t smoke, but the smell of real baccy doesn’t bother me. Vaping, however, just stinks of the cheapest perfumes, tart’s boodwaah, and that crappy stuff that’s supposed to “freshen up” the crapet.

        • Vape or GTFO you fucking poofs…. Vape4life you cheeky scrublords

          Although I agree about some of the so called flavors yeah some of them taste like shite. Had a small puff off my m8s vape it was vanilla custard or something and it taste like vanilla crap gross stuff

  20. I’ve got something against Gays….
    Gay used to be a fine English word meaning happy, carefree and well, gay.
    Now it’s ust a socially acceptable word for bottom banditry and all things generally Tom Daleylike and it’s ruined it.

    • Honestly, I really don’t have a problem with gays. If they want to get married or do what they do in the bedroom or whatever then I don’t see it as any of my business – so long as they don’t impose it on me they have every right to do that if they want to.

      • I agree. I know a couple of gay guys and they’re a fuckin right laugh.
        Don’t hang around with them but see them when out sometimes and share a few beers.

        …and they know shit loads of women.

        Admittedly if they started getting off with each other I’d probably throw up but as long as it’s behind closed doors fair play to em.

        It’s the straight faggots that I hate!

        • Black Grapes first album is called Its Great When Yer Straight, Yeah.

          There was outrage when it , ahem, came out coz us straight folk just cant get away with thinking or saying that.
          Yet there’s no outrage at Gay Pride.
          It was all nonsense though, coz Its Great When Yer Straight meant its great to be off hard drugs.

          Some lesbian friends of mine where telling me that they couldn’t wait to go to Gay Pride, adding that they must remember sunhats and sunglasses in case their parents saw them on the news.
          Some fuckin pride, huh???

          • Double standards as always with that mob.

            Oh, and let’s debunk the myth that they want equality, the don’t, the hypocritical arseholes want superiority.

          • Ha ha yea. I must admit though, if I had a kid and it turned out to be gay I probably wouldn’t kick up too much of a fuss.
            If it marched with lefty sjw snowflake cunts I’d rip it’s fuckin head off.
            …probably good I ain’t got kids!

          • Oh I I had a kid a it was a part of the lefty SJW snowflake brigade, let’s just say we would be having words, something along the lines of:

            What the fuck are you thinking?
            Grow the fuck up!
            Get a fucking clue!

            And there would be a good head slap or two along the way naturally.

          • I remember talking to Psycho (mate of mine who was in Black Grape) in 1999, and he said at the time it was Shaun’s title: meaning being off the heroin and booze… Also Shaun’s idea to have Carlos The Jackal on the cover…

            Personally, I have no idea how anyone could be a poove… Not with all those lovely tits and (ladies) arses about…

      • And that, I suspect, is how most people feel.

        I honestly could care less if they swing that way, I just don’t want it shoved in my face. Why do the more militant ones feel the need to ram it down everyone’s throats all the time?!

          • Simply put, as long as it’s limited to a bit of discreet buggery no one gives a shit.

        • I’ve got four kids and much as I”d be pissed off if any of them were gay I seriously just want them to be happy in their lives. However I would draw the line at bringing home a Peaceful… that would be a no no.

          • That would be a major no no in my family.

            Christ, between me and my dear old da the peacefuls would be sent packing, real quickly.

          • To be fair, she wouldn’t bring him home, HE’d bring HER home.
            And she’d have to shut the fuck up and let him do what he liked.
            …at least until your shovel hit the back of his head anyway. 🙂

    • Good post Ian. The pooves hijacked the word ‘gay’ in a similar way to which Victoria “fucking silly bitch” Beckham attempted to do the same with the word “posh”.

      According to the press, that cackpipe cosmonaut Daley was “so brave” in announcing his banditry to the world. Little prickhead in his budgie smugglers makes me want to be violently sick. He isn’t brave; what is brave about telling the world about anal pecadillos?

      If the arse bandits want to drill each other in their own home then fine but none of these fuckers will ever convince me that pushing the helmet up another man’s starfish du chocolat is normal.

      Cunts like spunk monkey Tatchell will scream like a 11 year old girl at a Bieber concert if anyone so much as dare suggest arsebanditry should not be treated as some kind of reserve for these special members of society.

      • Good post Paul.

        They don’t want equality, they want to lord it over us and get special treatment over everyone else.

        Is it too much to hope that there’s a battle between them and the peacefuls? And that they’d take each other out?

  21. It’s not their disgusting sexual perversions that are the problem for me….it’s the fact that they ponce about pretending they are normal, getting “married” and all that shit. There are 3 or 4 gay bars around Clapham South station and, in the summer, they are all over the pavement taking the piss out of straight blokes because they are mob handed and there’s fuck all you can do about it. Yeah, most people don’t believe that but you have to admire the way they have got the upper hand and you can’t say a word against them. Tell any woman you hate queers and you won’t be getting any…..birds love faggots these days. I have a great admiration for that old poof Peter Tatchell. The cunt has dedicated his life to fighting the gay political cause and the bender “community” owe the cunt an awful lot. He’s taken an awful lot of kickings along the way. If only we had a politician who cared as much about his country as Tatchell cares about bumbanditry. That man has balls.

    • Oh it’s true how they fuckers have managed to get the upper hand by stealth.

      On another note, after watching the ABBCs Daily politics show, I would like to cunt that offensive little Groaniad shit Owen Jones.

      Now, I’m not a fan of the Bible Basher Brigade, but the way this smug little fucker was throwing insults at this the Christian (what was this guy thinking going on the BBC of all places?!) like branding him a stupid bigot and various other slurs flat out pissed me off.
      Many a time have I seen the smug cunt (and I can;t believe the shitstain is older than me FFS!) shout down any views he doesn’t agree with, and the useless bitch of a host tried her hardest to stop the Bible Basher respond to this.

      Shit, if I was in that guy’s place as I was getting insulted like that on air, I would have flat out sparked the Jones cunt on air, consequences be damned.

      • Even if he were straight, he’d be a feckin’ obnoxious twat, like Ickle Timmy Far-mong

        • He was probably born as a freaking obnoxious twat, hell, his mother probably slapped the stork that delivered him because of that.

    • I felt sorry for the people that run a guest house somewhere and refused two bum boys to stay there. The cunts took them to court and of course they lost the case and the costs were so high they lost there guest house.
      I for one would not allow Bummery under my roof, blood and shit all over yer sheets, unless it was me giving a right royal bum full to sky news Sophy Ridge.

      • It’s obscene to completely kills someone’s livelihood because of that.

        I’ll say this to the pillow biter brigade – shit like that doesn’t endear you or help your cause.

        Mark my words, they’ll go too far and it will backfire spectacularly on them in the end.

        • Where i work two poofs got married.. All the snowflakes are saying Ahh what a lovely couple.
          Its fucking absurd, I cannot recognise this bullshit.

          • Give me strength. Remind me how this is supposed to be normal?

            If there’s one useful thing about a whole load of the wonga bonga lot, it’s that a whole load of them are hardcore Christians who utterly despise shirt-lifters.

          • These bandits are notoriously promiscuous so a lot of these “marriages” don’t last long.

            Let’s hope they make a good fist of it….or not.

          • My ultimate bug bear with the buggers:

            What it’s costing the NHS and by default the taxpayer to pay for their HIV/AIDS (Anally Inserted Death Sentence) drugs because the preverts don’t want to use a damned condom and want to go bare back.

      • Yea that guesthouse thing really fucked me off. Wasn’t there some similar shit about baking a fucking cake?
        These twats need to realise that freedom is a double edged sword.
        You have the right to live the way you want but others have the same right.
        They want freedom but every other cunt can go fuck themselves.
        Freedom is a beautiful thing, shame some cunts don’t understand what that actually means.

    • I don’t think all women do love gays, there are the gay men that think being gay gives them an insight into the female mind for instance -as if those are all the same way anyway – that is really fucking irritating and also the way it is assumed they all have style. And a fair few of them dislike women intensely and make comments about them smelling of fish.

      • To be fair Mary there are a lot of straight blokes who go on about the fish thing. Personally I love a pair of kippers with brown bread and butter. Fucking marvellous.

  22. Timmykins Farron never fails to be a cunt…
    The little turd is now saying he had a poster of Maggie Thatcher on his bedroom wall…
    A so-called Liberal claiming to have idolised the ultimate Tory is pathetic enough, but what a cunt he is… When I was a young ‘un the posters on my wall were Kate Bush, Jill St John, Darth Vader, Gordon Hill, and Pink Floyd…

    Of course Timmykins is bullshtting as usual… Wants to appeal to the Tory voters by saying he loved Maggie… Transparent little fuckcunt…

    • Who is that fucktard trying to kid?

      No Thacherite would even entertain the idea of voting for the LidMongs.

      It’s insulting to think that anyone would even fall for such a pathetic ploy.

      Hell, even the Tory remoaners wouldn’t vote against their own party.

      Much like he does at politics and life in general, Farron fails!

      • Farron really is incredible. Slimey Liberal all things to all people cunt. Twat that Corbyn is, at least he sticks to what he believes in. He’s obviously deranged though.
        Thank fuck we’ve got Theresa May. She was never my favourite person before but so far she hasn’t really done much wrong. It was great to see her so visibly angry with Junker last week.
        I reckon she’ll get the election out the way and then tell all the EU to fuck off….no negotiations or payments, just fuck right off.

        • I honestly believe that’s the only way to do Brexit, no deal with the EU is worth the shit we would have to (continue) to deal with.

          If they want to do a tariff war….. well it takes two to tango.

          • I agree with everything you said dio except “the might of the forth reich.”

            Unless you meant “might” in the way of “maybe.”

            Or maybe you were gonna say shite instead.

          • I agree pms, let’s tell em to go fuck themselves and have done with all this posturing.

            They’re lucky we don’t send a proper “negotiating team.”
            We do have the best one in the world.

    • Norm, I bet the Kate Bush one was Babooshka- era.

      Kate Bush did some cracking tunes. She was still fit even into her 40s. Mind you, as mad as a bag of geese.

  23. I’ve neither had the will nor the want to watch the news recently, but is it just me, or do the main UK news channels (Sky/ABBC) only seem to interview Lab/Lib/Green these days?

    Every time I happen to glance at the (always on) ABBC News 24 in the canteen at work or Sky News in the reception lounge there’s always some cunt from the minor parties banging on about their campaign shit but the blue contingent don’t seem to exist anymore??

    The only interview I saw with a Tory was a few days ago, they were barely allowed to speak as the interviewer (Burley “Le Nez” in this instance) interrupted any sensible statement that they were making with a question framed as a statement in order to propagate the “Tory Party is the Nasty Party” fallacy.

    Until 1997 that was the one thing you *could* be pround of in this country: an impartial news service – whether ABBC or ITN based.

    Nowadays they don’t even try to hide their allegiances or overt support for their “on message” favourites.

    And even after all of that propaganda the good folk of Britain can still see through their bullshit.

    1997 – there’s that year again. History will no doubt come to realise that that year in history was at least as bad as 1914 or 1939 for the UK (if not worse).

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