June Sarpong [2]

Caught The Pledge on Sky News recently, is a weekly news themed debating show fronted by arch anti Brexit bitch June Sarpong. What a cunt! Debating is about putting your point across with reasoning, facts and logic not talking over people repeating some Guardian propaganda that has been proven to be bollocks. This cunt has no off switch.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

128 thoughts on “June Sarpong [2]

  1. Absolutely no fucking idea who she is, but I’m guessing she’s some sort of cunt.

    • Was thinking the exact same thing, Mega. Looks a dopey illiterate cow too. Probably a fully paid up member of Black Lives Matter too because, you know, their lives are more important than anyone else’s.

  2. She’s a loose wimmin so she’s a cunt for that.
    Hypocritical bitches the lot of them.
    They act all disgusted when men ogle wimmin, but when wimmin or Elton John ogle guys, that’s just harmless fun.

    Did anybody read about cartoon faced Amanda Holden pulling David Walliams trousers down and then trying to pull his pants down ?
    Imagine if a (straight) bloke tried to pull Amanda Holden’s knickers down.
    They’d be jailed and be called all the disgusting names under the sun.

    Why do proud ebony wimmin cover their frizzy hair with straight wigs ?

    On another Easter themed note, I’ve just spent four and a half hours (including adverts) watching The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston.
    I’ll never get that time back.

      • The new one or the original? Word to the wise, the new one is shit.

        If it’s epics which takes your fancy of a boring Good Friday afternoon, may I suggest El Cid. Charlton Heston sticking the sharp end up the peaceful folk. They do not like it up ‘um!

        • I’ve watched the new version.

          Kudos to Ray Winston for nailing the Middle Eastern Cockney accent.
          Supposedly he remained in character in between filming.

          • I remember john Wayne’s big line ” he was truly the son of god” said in American drawl, another good one was Sean Connery in highlander who was Juan Sanchez villa lobbos but had a very very heavy Scottish accent…
            Actually Connorys got a bit of previous in this department, in the bond film you only live twice didn’t they paint bond a strange shade of yellow/ orange, give him a dodgy syrup and fake eyebrows , dress him in a kimono and send the 6.2ft Scottish sounding bond deep undercover in Japan.. brilliant stuff!!

          • And no cunt noticed!! It’s hardly surprising that Japan lost the war, they probably had 100.s of six foot plus orange Scottish sounding double agents hanging around in Tokyo during the Second World War!! Silly Cunts

        • It was the old one, only made it an hour or so then had to go out. Recorded it on the You View.

        • I’ve got the new Ben Hur to watch. Christ on a bike, not Ray “Oy gahhhhble respornsiblee – who’s the Daddy!” Winston!?!

          He was a biblical cockney baddie in Noah. The cockney Norse Legend Beowulf. A cockney American sidekick for Indiana Jones.

          Obviously from the same character range as Sean Connery. Scottish Russian submarine commander. A Scottish American cop in Rising Sun, The Untouchables…mind you, you can forgive him as he’s quite good.

          I also had the misfortune of “enjoying” the Assassins Creed film with my lad today. Hell’s teeth, I had no idea what the fuck was going on in that movie! Thank fuck it’s Good Friday where beer-o’clock starts early!

    • Re- The hair thing…

      Always thought the “Afro” should be the currency of Africa…

        • For the record, John Wayne’s Roman Centurion drawled his one line in the 1965 Bible epic “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

          Director… “Say the line with awe, John”

          Duke… “Awww, truly this man was the son of God!”

    • Brave man, B&WC. I would not put my bell end anywhere near those teeth. Last time I saw a gob like that was on a ragged tooth shark!

      • Fuck I bet her chompers could chew through a chainlink fence… If you fed her a apple she would eat it in 3 bites minimum with those massive horse teeth.

        Also her ex employer jesse ventura is a horrible conspiracy theorist. He never tells you anything dangerous enough to get him killed he just rehashes old info.. whats been touched upon by hundreds who have explained it better and have put themselves in far worse danger. Jesse ventura is a basic bitch who sells blue pills to gullible fuckwits

    • She could suck a snooker table through a straw with lips.

      but i never could stand her and that voice and its hideous laugh.

  3. Looks like the Easter (2) thread has died at last. Perhaps it will make a comeback on Monday!

    PS June Sarpong is an intellectually void, talentless fuckwit cunt!

      • Cheers I.Y.
        Got to feel sorry for my twin brothers that converted to the religion of peace, Heezak and Yuzak!

  4. BB fucking C! Again!!

    “A British woman thought to be in her 20s has been stabbed to death in Jerusalem, police have said.”

    “security service have identified 57-year-old Palestinian Gamil Tamimi as her attacker. He was arrested at the scene.”

    So far so good, eh? Wait for the punch line…..

    “Mr Tamimi……was recently released from a psychiatric hospital.”

    So once again the professional wool over the eye pullers at the BBC have this killing down to a mentally disturbed individual, nothing what so ever to do with religion, despite happening on Good Friday in the middle of Jerusalem.

    I would say its un-fucking-believable, but sadly it isn’t any more.

  5. Despite looking like Serena Williams after a six-week brown rice diet, I probably would still let her bend over for me.

    Nevertheless, are tv channels really this desperate for credulous, pro-EU fuckwits? Fair enough that she’s worth a knee-tremble but she’s about as intelligent as a boiled potato. What next, the jester from Rentaghost defends the single monetary unit? Tinky-Winky defends mass migration?

    Oh, your family is from Ghana? Well listen darling, if you don’t like it here, you know what you can do, don’t you.

    • Fuck me, I was thinking of going to Ghana but if she is anything to go by the local skirt must be pretty rough. I think I’ll give it a miss.

    • I’ve been living in an Easter parade for the last five days.
      The cunts start at sixish and carry on through till two thirty in the fuckin morning.

      Boom, boom, boom boom, boom

      Cunts, cunts, cuntcunt, cunts.

    Thanks to that Down’s syndrome looking fat cunt, we all might get obliterated in the course of world war three. Him and his stupid little 1950s communist theme park of a country have been a laughing stock for years. A bit like the yapping little dog that chases cars, he, and the cunt before him would be fucked if their bluff was called. And now, thanks to Trump the chump completely changing his mind on not having wars for five minutes, has given the world another chance of going up in smoke. The Chinese don’t have a clue what to do, and no doubt closet gay megalomaniac Putin will come down on any side other than the west.
    I couldn’t give a fuck about the Middle East, or Korea, and if I had voted for chump over the warmongering witch Clinton, I would be well pissed off. But, they have been cunted good and proper on here, so I cunt the cunt that could be the excuse for starting the final countdown.

      • I’m sick and tired of all the hate Kim Jong Un gets… stop hating on him dammit! He isn’t our enemy just leave him alone he doesn’t want war with anyone

        • Agree, he does not want war, what would be the point, all that will be left if nuke mode kicks in will be glowing cinders and another 10 million trying to get hold of our benefits. I think conventional or nuclear war is fucking stupid all it does is bleed the resources of our tiny isle dry. Wonder what the euro cunts think about all this shit, Fuck all I suppose as it does not effect the peaceful ones. Not making much sense as the beers run out

          • Of course he doesn’t want war, there is a massive difference between the fantasy that he is the head of a first world power, and the reality that is he is a murderous dictator ruling a third world basket case, a fat mongoloid who executes dissenters with anti aircraft guns. And, fair play to the prick, unlike the Iranians, he doesn’t pretend that their nuclear programme is for generating power, it’s all about weapons.

  7. Check out these cunts…
    Talk about entitlement and thinking you’re a special case… A cinema did a fucking private screening: just because some kid got ‘frustrated’ because her daft cow of a mother turned up late at the cinema… Every other fucker has to turn up on time to watch a film, so why should cunts like this be any different?… The cinema isn’t to blame for some modern parent’s incompetence and stupidity… And as for the kid being ‘frustrated’? A tantrum in anyone else’s language… I’m sick of people behaving like cunts and giving it the ”autistic” and “Bipolar” excuses…. Everyone else has to behave, so why can’t they?… A pretty sly trick though: Turn up late, kid throws a wobbler, kid has ‘issues’, place doesn’t want any fuss and wants to appear PC, and knobheads get star treatment… No doubt this stunt will now be pulled at various establishments and venues… And anyone who calls their kid ‘Indie’ has to be a cunt…


    • Indie and Thea? Indie and fucking Thea?! What kind of cunt calls their fucking kids Indie and fucking Thea?! Clearly the sort of cunt who never learned to tell the time or got used to the word “NO”!

    • What a crock of fucking shit. Autistic children can’t cope with disruption to their routine? So unless cunt woman is taking ickle Indie to see the same film, at the same time, every fucking day, going to the cinema for a treat can hardly be considered “routine” can it?

      Cunt Woman: Indie, mummy has spent her giro on booze again. You throw a fit and we’ll get in here for free!

      Indie: Righty-ho, the old “autistic kid” schtick it is then. Cue meltdown in three, two, one…..”

      • Hey KiwiCunt.

        I was watching a documentary the other night about Maori cunts who were on trial for committing acts of terror against the state.
        I can’t remember the tattooed fuckwitt names, but anyway, the cunts were going on about how the whites are devils and the Maori are the warriors who are going to get the devil and reclaim whats theirs, blah, blah,blah.

        Anyway, it got me wondering this,
        How come the Maori portray themselves as warriors and tough guys in general, yet they got their arses kicked by the white man ?
        Why carry on the falsehood that they are masters of New Zealand, when they clearly aren’t.

        It’s the same with native Americans.
        They got their arse kicked too, yet are portrayed as wise warriors.

        Its about time they put the Hakka to bed and stop living in the past.

        • People who idolise and romanticise native american “culture” are cunts. They were knocking shit out of each other and slaughtering rival tribes long before white man showed up. Try telling that to stupid hippy cunts who fall for the shit and buy tat like dreamcatchers though…

          • Anyone who has a dream catcher is a cunt, especially people who have them hanging in their car. I think they should be thinking rather more about where they are going than catching bad dreams. Cunts.

          • Anyone remember those horrendous ‘Sacred Spirit’ type albums?… Wild West Injun chants put to ‘ambient’,(ie: crap) music?… All that ‘Hey Ya Yur!’ stuff mixed with all that Enigma bollocks?… Remember in the 90s when cunts thought it was ‘cool’ and ‘spiritual’ to listen to it? And several celebricunts of the time (Alanis Morrisette and cunts like that) who jumped onto it and claimed to have a ‘spiritual connection’ Ab Fab style?…

            What a load of complete and utter fucking bollocks!

        • Could it have something to do with them only having sticks and us having guns?

          I don’t think american indians are soft ( indian indians are soft as shit, though) neither the maori cunts. To put it in perspective it would be like Earth getting invaded by aliens.

          • True, but to portray themselves as warriors in this day and age is bollocks.
            They might be hard cunts who were undone by guns, but the white warrior had the brains to invent guns.
            That in my opinion makes the white devil the greater warrior.

        • First thing to realise is that the Maori are not native to New Zealand. They were skilled at navigation at sea and travelled here from what is modern day Hawai’i.
          Being a cannibalistic race, they butchered the native people, the Mori Ori.

          The last of these died on the Chatham Islands in the mid eighties, opening the flood gates for the Maori “poor me, you owe us money White man” situation we are in today.

          They were never beaten into subservience (although they should’ve been), they sold “their” land to the British Empire in return for the King’s protection. This morphed into the Treaty of Waitangi and became the subject of much debate over the decades.

          All very boring I’m afraid, and I apologise for the history lesson, but in essence, if Abel Tasman had never discovered this place on his travels, the Maori would have been extinct generations ago, through in fighting, in breeding and generally having fuck all skills.

          I think the Maori “activist” cunt you are refering to us probably Tame Iti, a fuckwit with more form than most.

          And to finish, fuck the Haka. The one performed by the All Cunts is choreographed to the Nth degree. It bears no resemblance to a traditional Kapa Haka, which, to be fair, is pretty fucking impressive.

          • They can’t take their beer either. We civilised western types have been on the sauce for 2 thousand years or more so we are used to it but these abo types just can’t take it. I knew a Canadian guy, he was a quarter indian, I think his grandmother, and after 2 pints he was paralytic. It was embarrassing to be with the cunt, drooling and staggering about. What a cunt. And I was on an indian reservation last year, monument valley in Utah, and there was no fire water for sale anywhere in the reservation. I had to drive to Mexican Hat and then all I could get was beer and even that was weaker than the usual stuff. What’s that all about? Cunts.

      • My wife works with severely autistic adults (non verbal very noise sensitive and can’t deal with change of routine or expectation) and she says the woman is an idiot if her daughter really has autism she would know any change to her expected routine can set off behaviour that can disrupt others. So to put it simply the mother is a cunt

      • Every celebrates Cook for finding this place, when in reality all he did was follow the directions Tasman gave him. Cook couldn’t have found his own arse with his hands if asked to. The cunt basically kept sailing until he stumbled across something. Hardly the actions of a skilled mariner.

  8. Would I be a cunt for pointing out that June Snatchpong is appropriating white culture by dyeing her hair and straightening it? Of course I would. You can see where I’m going with this…….

    • Shitler the cunt is mocked for the Arian race, yet a lot of ebony wimmin in slebland are a lighter shade, wear blonde wigs and blue contact lenses.

      • I agree with you cunters but it definitely works both ways. A lot of white women have lip implants (Sturgeon could use some of it), lay on the fucking beach all day to get browner than me and a lot of white people in London talk with a Jamaican patois slang. The world is a crazy place.

        • It does work both ways, but white folk copying or appropriating black culture want to appear to be urban/ghetto .
          It’s when ebony tarts go on about being proud of being black yet are trying their hardest to cover up their hair.
          Also, i think a lot of black men are hypocritical when they are proud to be black yet want a lighter shade of ebony woman.

          Julia Sarpong is dark skinned, but there’s not many famous dark skinned ebony babes in slebland.

          As I’ve mentioned before, I’m darker than Beyonce, yet she’s supposedly an African queen.

          • I agree Birdman, the ‘African’ Americans are the worse for it. Beyonce blatantly is at least 35% white or something else, look at Obama (first Black President? yeah right), Colin Powell, Mya. If you put these cunts in Africa the locals would probably call them white cunts. I didn’t realise you were darker than Beyonce Birdman. You Black cunt!!! Ha ha.

  9. June Sarpong reminds me of the many mongers we used to see on Ready Steady Go! in the 60’s. W@g women with alabaster, greased haircuts, all from the USA singing Motown shite and talking through either a cleft palate or down their fucking nostrils. Christ they were ugly!
    Sarpong is as thick as the proverbial pig shite. Well worth a place on cunters corner!

  10. Indie and the need a tucking drop kick… this is what happens when the mother is was in the no one can give their kids a good tucking belting, she was probable a tucking hateful brat as well…… its all thanks to the do gooders,may they all rot in hell listening to Lilly the musical mongo….fuck them all….cunts

  11. Looks like a pre op tranny …. always check they don’t have a cock….. this is what happens when you send money to tucking water aid….ยฃ2.00 a month to keep some whining bastards alive long enough for them to come here and cost you ยฃ20.00 per month, sponging cunts then annoy us on the telly

  12. The missus is watching fuckin XFactor AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    Either she gets a fuckin kickin or i go downstairs and knock fuck out of my peaceful neighbour.

    Yous are the judges, take yer pick, cunters.

    Why don’t cowardly islamshits blow the fuck out of this bonanza of tat.
    They’d still be cowardly cunts, but, y’know, it would be easier for us to take.

  13. June Sarpong is a notorious bisexual porn actress who specialises in drug-fuelled S+M gangbang scenes…although I might be confusing her with June Whitfield.

    • You are thinking of June Brown, Dick. Eastenders is one long drug-fuelled S&M gangbang.

        • but not as bad as Emmerdale… the story of some penal colony / open-air psychy unit in the middle of sodding nowhere.

          Full of botty boys and psychotic bints, although I’d do the blonde barmaid in a threesome with the barmaid from Corrie !

          • Eva Price in Corrie… Best tits on television…

            There are more rapes and murders in Walford per year than there are in New York City… Altogether: ‘It wuz orrible Uncle Archie/Arry/Ernie/Dirty Den…. ‘E waped meeee! That’s why I’m a slaaaag!’ (cue crappy drum machine)’….

  14. The Yanks are yet again hypocritical cunts for bombing the Syrians for using chemical weapons. They were not so high and mighty when Saddam was using them against the Iranians, were they? And now they are going to have a go at North Korea for having nukes, but are strangely quiet about Israel having them. Cunts.

  15. The Sun is a cunt for suspending Kelvin MacKenzie for calling an Everton footballer “thick” and “missing link between man and beast” and further opining the only other residents of Liverpool on a similar pay packet to the Everton midfielder would be drug dealers. All fair comment, I would have said. However, it turns out the footballer in, Ross Barkley question is mixed race, though you could have fucking fooled me. It turns out the police have been called in and are investigating it a a racially motivated hate crime. For cunts sake!

    • Typical self pitying Scouse hysteria… ‘Racial hate crime?’ Someone should point out that Scousers aren’t actually a race… And where was their anti-racism when that sabre toothed little dago turd, Luis Suarez, was treated like a hero by the Dirties after he repeatedly called Paddy Evra a ‘nigger’?… And lets’ not even go into how the lovable rogues from ‘Der Pool’ treat Italians…

        • Obviously his family have told him everything that happened on the day apart from the bit where a load of ticketless cunts stormed in and crushed some people…..

        • They won’t shut up about this in the same way they won’t even mention Heysel. Verbose on one and dumb on the other.

      • Suarez called Evra “negrito” which is inoffensive in Spanish speaking countries.

        I know a Spanish/Dominican guy called Negrito.
        Everybody calls him Negrito.

        And Suarez nan was black.

        That’s why Suarez hated apologizing for it.

        • Even if Suarez had been openly racist those Scouse cunts would have defended him to the hilt… Just like they defend murderers of Juventus supporters and pissed up Scouse jibbers who kill their own but blame the police….

          • Exactly. Well said Norm. If there were any justice in this world, that scum bastard of a club would have been wound up by the high court, stripped of all assets and the proceeds divided amongst the families of those murdered by their moronic thug so-called fans.

          • Even if Suarez was openly racist, Evra should have played the bigger man and been thankful that even though he was a “negrito” he didn’t have the facial features of Suarez.

            Fuckin amazin footballer though.


            Have you been in town to see The Charlatans yet ?
            They had a preview of their new album on Friday and on Saturday there’s more stuff going on.

            Tim Burgess and Mark Collins are doing a small gig sometime this week.

            Not long till the new album.
            There’s a teaser on YouTube and a song is available on Amazon, but I’m staying clear of it.
            I prefer to wait until i have the real deal in my hands.
            There’s something not quite right about digital music.

        • Suarez was sublime for Liverpool and is probably the best player in the World at the moment. Possibly not the best human being ever, and also not good to play against if he’s feeling peckish. Can’t blame him for aggravating a Manure player, especially a snowflake, whiny cunt-bubble like Evra.

    • Kelvin McKenzie has been suspended after a member of the public made an online complaint.
      The mayor of Liverpool has also made a complaint to the polis.

      On one hand that’s fuckin crazy that it takes little effort to get someone suspended from their job coz they upset you with WORDS!!!

      On the other hand, two can play that game.

      Us fine upstanding cunters could have a weekly vote to see what journalist or TV commentator pisses us of the most with whatever crap/lies/attacks against northern racist cunters they come away with.

      Take it in turns to make the complaint, and see if we can get a cunt suspended.

      If ye cant beat em, and all that.

      • Really and I mean REALLY like this idea, Birdman.

        I’d be the last one to defend the comic called The Sun, but WTF? All McKenzie said was things like non-footballers in Scouserpool who earn what Barkley earns are drug dealers. Sounds reasonable to me. One could only imagine the public flogging he’d get if he dared to suggest people from Scouserpool hang around street corners wearing shell suits, sporting Kevin Keegan perms and shouting “aaalrite aaalrite, caarm down caarm down wheel yer”. I mean, that’s just preposterous!

        • Brilliant picture you painted there , Imitation Yank.
          Kevin Keegan perms, hahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Even though he’s ex Liverpool, Kevin Keegan is one of my all time favourite players.


            I know they’ve had great players but I’ve always found it hard to like them coz they are Liverpool.

            I don’t even know why I hate Liverpool, i just always have.
            And its always been easy to hate the cunts.

            I hope Tanya Tate is a bluenose.

            Tanya Tate is fuckin GREAT. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Three ex-Scouse that were great players… Souness, Hansen, and Dalglish… Keegan and Toshack were good too though…

    • Ross Barkley mixed race??
      Maybe they meant he had actually been to a party where there was some black people??
      Utter nonsense!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

      • Ross Barkleys granddad is a Black man. Liverpool has some of the oldest black and white cunts in the history of England. There were black people in England from the 12th century.

  16. Here is a boring uninteresting fact….June Sarpong and David Lammy dated for 2 years. I am a boring, miserable cunt.

    • So she (June) is pro EU and she dated that cunt Lammy. He obviously radicalised June, I couldn’t believe how much of a cunt he was over Brexit.
      I don’t understand black people who are pro EU. Most of those Eastern European cunts are backwards racists anyways, some of the women like a bit of brown but most of them can fuck off. Also being out of the EU means we can trade with the commonwealth countries more which in my opinion is better.

  17. Aye aye. British lass stabbed in Jerusalem.

    Any chance of it being a Christian?

    How about a Jew?

    No it was – yet again – a bit of an accidental repeated stabbing incident by a misunderstood Palestinian chap.

    No ‘M’ or ‘T’ words on the ABBC.

    By tomorrow he will be a schizophrenic mugger who thought the British lady was a block of cheese.

    Fucking ABBC bastards! Total twats! Say it for what it is you CUNTS!

  18. Lorde is a cunt.

    Our talentless, keeping-it-real heroine was in New Yoik recently, putting the finishing touches to her latest masterpiece, when who should storm into the recording studio but none other than Bonio and the rest of U2 (are cunts).

    Apparently Bonio had booked the place and little Lordy had jumped the queue somewhat.

    What makes her a cunt is that:

    1. She thinks she’s such hot shit she can pull a stunt like that.
    2. She missed a golden opportunity to nut Bonio in the face while calling him a sanctimonious, preachy wanker.

    Epic fucking fail all round, I reckon.

    • I don’t know Lorde’s height, but its difficult to nut a leprechaun.

      Ye’d think they U2 cunts would be a bit more relaxed and let a lesser known singer do her thing.
      The cunts could have even encouraged her, but no they evict her.

      Imagine a different scenario.
      U2 arrive at the recording studio and find that its already being used by a little known African group of singers.

      Eviction for them, or U2 make headlines for recording a song with an unknown group of struggling African singers ?

      The African singers then go on to worldwide fame and sing for the pope and world leaders.

      • I recall Bozo getting rather upset when an NME journo referred to U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ period as ‘Diddymen in the desert’….
        Bozo and ‘Edge’ do resemble Doddy’s sidekicks from the jam butty mines…

      • I get your point about Bonio giving someone else a look in, Birdman. But, and I apologise for defending the mouthy bogtrotter , fair play to him. Anything at all that can delay Lordy from inflicting her shit music on the public is fine by me. And she, in her own way, is as jumped up and egocentric as the Irish turd. Bollocks to the fucking lot of them.

        • I’d never heard of her.
          I had to Google her when you mentioned her.
          If she’s a cunt, then yeah, fuck her.

          Quite strange her full name.
          Her first four names all sound kinda exotic and then her surname is O’Connor.

          Does that mean that U2 have some new tat to flog.
          If so, praise be to Allah the cunt that i can ignore it.

          • She marketed herself, at first, as someone who was “a quiet Kiwi girl who would keep it real”, which I took to mean she’d say fuck all and not sell out to the Yanks. Yeah, right. They can’t set up the red carpet events fast enough to satisfy the shallow bitch.

  19. On an unrelated topic, I’m sat here watching Dragons Den (UK). I would like to state for the record, Your Honour, that I would grind one into Sarah Willingham and thoroughly enjoy it. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • Hmmm…I had to look her up..Yes…yes I can see why you would want to fuck her….me too for that matter….Are you fussy about sloppy seconds?

  20. It’s coming up next week so about time somebody cunted the London fucking Marathon. What a dreadful boring pile of old shit this is. Just a load of cunts jogging through the streets and fucking up the day for anyone who wants to go anywhere in London. Some skinny little bloke from Kenya always wins the mens race while some skinny little bloke from Ethiopia wins the womens race. The rest of it is thousands of cunts jogging for charidee dressed up in stupid cunt costumes and acting like they are fucking heroes. The BBC who love this load of shit spends hours interviewing these attention seeking bastards as they walk along the road puffing like cunts who have just run 20 yards for a bus and shouting into the microphone about their wonderful sacrifice. Then we have to put up with the usual BBC sports cunts like Brendan spazmouth Foster, Jonathan ponce Edwards (poof) and Steve helicopter gob Cram. What a bunch of cunts. Of course it’s only on the BBC because nobody else wants this boring pile of putrid old dogshit. This bollocks is well past it’s sell by date as is it’s sponsor beardy cunt and arch remoaner space cadet Branson, in the form of the robbing bastards Virgin Money. Another free advert on the BBC. Bunch of cunts.

    • Quite right mate! Stupid cunts dressed as fucking budgies, ducks and other assorted freaks funning their arse off for ( as you rightly say ) fucking charity. Charities themselves deserve a fucking good cunting too. Corporately corrupt, and an excellent method of vacuuming up horrendous sums of money. They are indeed a bunch of fucking cunts!

    • The met has already said they’re getting in extra police in from around the country to help man the event in case any other misunderstood blokes from Kent feel like doing any more single acts of violence completely unrelated to the religion of “peace”.

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah got caught up in one of these non-“peaceful” incidents – assuming they can pay his appearance fee o’course!

      • Or even better they bring in Gary bleeding heart Lineker to do the commentary and a 30 year old child refugee cuts the cunt’s lugholes off with a machete. That would be worth watching.

      • The London Snickers is a load of shite…. Full of ‘Look at me! I’m a right cunt!’ spunkbubbles dressed as bananas and Darth Vader giving the thumbs up to the ABBC cameras… And some Bogo-Bogo cunt will win it anyway, and be given British citizenship free money, a mansion and so on…

        And will there be any more flyblown spearchuckers stealing the water bottles like there was last year?… Of course there fucking will…

  21. If I was you, I’d get down to the bookies and have a punt on some Musl… sorry, some misunderstood psychiatric patient, going apeshit and mowing down half of the runners.

  22. Sara para pong. Sara para pong pong pe pong pong pong.

    Sorry. Just heard ithe long long so it’s stuck in my head now!

  23. June Sarpong, a pig faced, sandpaper voiced talent vacuum.

    And a cunt to boot.

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