Ian Hislop (2)

While we are slagging off the BBC (and why not?) I would like to nominate one Ian Hislop for his recent conversion to cuntishness. I used to like this bloke and I particularly admired his 2 series on the Great War and Victorian philanthropists. However I can’t watch HIGNFY any more because of his constant pro-EU sniping, usually aided by the guest presenter or some no mark politician on the panel.

I’ve stopped buying Private Eye for the same reason. Sorry Ian you used to be good but now you are just another BBC funded remoaning cunt and you can fuck right off.

How the mighty have fallen. Shame.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog

94 thoughts on “Ian Hislop (2)

  1. And also speaking of the ABBC did they get anywhere near talking about the 40yr old “peaceful” child – who was front cover news as the face of the “jungle plight” – caught doing a drop of terrorism at play-time?

    No, not one fucking word! However the plans to scrap the Lord Dubs project at the end of the financial year (which is how we imported this handily undocumented terrorist “child” in the first place) is big news with the usual liberal twisting cunts exclaiming how unfair it is and campaigning for the Dubs project to be extended.

    Fucking ABBC cunts! No normal person wants them here so, ABBC, why don’t you canvas the opinions of ordinary indigenous folk on all of this? I think you’ll find that most have a lot more common sense than your usual bank of libbo shills who live in La La Cuckoo Land – or is that Moonlight?

    • This 40 year old ‘child’ jihadi rat could do a rape and murder spree on a par with Atilla The Hun, yet these leftie libtard flakes of snow still wouldn’t hear a word said against the filthy cunt… All we’d get (and are getting) is ‘It’s not him!’ ‘He’s an interpreter (remember that one?)!’ ‘It wasn’t a terror related arrest!’ ‘It’s been photoshoppd!’ ‘It’s more fake news!’ And, of course,the sob story: ‘But… But… The baby on the beach..’ Someone should tell these cunts like Lily Brain Damage and Oil Slick Lineker that this greasy Dave Clark look-alike is not a baby… And the MSM are naturally trying to hush up the greasy ‘kiddie’ being nicked by saying it was about arresting people who helped an escaped Scouse cunt who absconded from the nick… So cozzers have machine guns and wear ballies to make ordinary arrests, then?…

  2. 100% correct MO….
    The word liberal has been hijacked by some of the most bigoted people and organisations
    Liberal… willing to respect/ accept opinions different from ones own..
    Open to new ideas…
    Democratic…. relating to or supporting democracy or its principles….
    So where exactly do people like clegg, farron and Blair fit into that??
    French Pygmy president Hollande has been ratcheting up the rhetoric recently, apparently the UK is suffering from ” national egotism ” and we have made “the wrong decision at the wrong time” amazing stuff from Frances least popular leader since the Second World War, who’s ratings are so low he was unable to stand in up coming elections ! Hardly the voice of France! Well not for much longer anyway, obviously out to impress merkel and co at the emergency summit he concluded that ” future co-operation was not possible ” and then criticised the UK for trying to secure a US trade deal? No sour grapes with this cunt then??
    Good riddance or as the French would say Bon debarras!!

    • That cunt hollande has said that he thinks britain should join the EU army.
      ….I bet you fuckin do! …get fucked.
      He’s the same cunt that keeps saying that the European empire is going to make an example of us and punish us for leaving a regime that we never wanted to be in in the first place. Now he thinks that we’ll send him troops. We should send troops ….to Brussels. To shut these cunts down once and for all!

  3. I used to like Hislop aswell but now can’t bear to watch HIGNFY. I’ve spoken to quite a few people and the say they same. The endless condescending references to brexit, Trump etc became so fucking tiresome enough was enough. It must be affecting the viewing figures. There is something very very wrong at the bbc now and I suggest they look at the top first. Cunts.

  4. Don’t fucking start me off on Ian Hislop!

    I used to be a subscriber to Private Eye but I cancelled it when I realised that I might as well read my own blog. There were several bits and pieces that The Eye filched straight off ‘Dioclese’ so I wrote a polite email to Mr Hislop saying I really didn’t mind him lifting stuff off me, I didn’t even want paying, but a by line would have been nice. Quite reasonable of me I thought.

    When he didn’t reply I wrote again with the same result, then the cheeky bugger published this : “Visit our website http://www.zzz.org and have your say, which we can then put in the newspaper tomorrow in our ‘What the Bloggers Say’ column, which replaces the old news section which we had to pay people to write.

    Needless to say, I got a bit pissed off and published this : https://dioclese.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/an-open-letter-to-ian-hislop/

    Still everything comes to he who waits :
    Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between Hislop and the slapped arse of a newborn child? Their ability to reply to e-mails seems to be about the same.

    So if you really want to read Private Eye, do it online and deprive the cheeky bugger of the revenue. I don’t mind a bit of banter, but his published response to my emails was beyond the fucking pale!!!!

    Definitely a cunt – and a cheeky cunt to boot…

  5. Can anyone here remember a President who has set up a ‘nerve center’ to wiretap and screw up the next POTUS position of influence??

    Of fucking course not. All other president’s had the dignity to leave the next president alone in fact you have to its tradition. Obama is going to go down hard for this subverison and his slush fund. I trust various msm outlets possibly going under for coluding with obama they are siding with obongo 100% funny pic https://i.redd.it/4v4l9ppf3vjy.jpg

  6. I like the theme tune to HIGNFY
    The audience are mongs, laughing when its not even funny, most quiz shows are shit
    Especially those ch4 ones, smug cunts

    Catchphrase is ok, but they ruined it with that mulhern homo

    • Ye made it on then .
      I had a bit of trouble working it out too, Obama is feces.

      Welcome. 🙂

      • Hello birdbrain and sausage jockey, not new but back after a few months with a new name

        • If you stick to the same name & IP you won’t get moderated – unless of course you misbehave in which case the admins will exercise their right to ban your arse!

          And you need to either spell or use ‘shit’ instead 😁

        • Maybe i jumped to conclusions there.
          A bird may have a small brain, but birds and I mean all birds are clever as fuck.
          Navigating thousands of miles, nesting, mating rituals, including making ornate gardens to attract a mate, clicking on that there’s cream under that milk bottle cap.

          So birdbrain is not so bad, and as birds are my hobby, i do have birds on the brain.

          Maybe yer just another one that thinks this site is called Be A Cunt.

          Again, good luck to ye, Scoffs Obamas feces (sic)

          See , its a game we can all play.

  7. Killary has been quite so i have heard because she is cacking it, and has been since Trump was elected President as she knows if he investigate s her Democratic party nomination that major fraud will be uncovered and she does not want that no no no. So keep quiet and hope that trump wont investigate her or Slick Billy .

  8. I’ve been having some doubts about this Brexit business recently. I mean all my life I’ve thought that all rich cunts were trying to rob my pockets and fuck me up the arse. Now I see them all over the meejah crying and sobbing about my financial future. They seem to be really worried that I might be poorer than I am now. I’m thinking, fuck me, these multi millionaires and their politician pals really care about me.
    Then I remembered something my old Dad (Gawd rest his soul) used to tell me:
    “Whenever there is money floating about there’s always some sly cunt trying to get his fingers in the till.”


  9. HIGNFY has been dying on its arse for a while now, its just turned into a refuge for any no mark left wing comedian and washed up MP’s. Since Trump & Brexit has just turned into a free for all of remoaning cunts, hardly any right wingers except Farage who does well not to lamp that smug leprechaun skidmark Hislop.
    One of the worst is Romesh Ranganathon, if you don’t recognise the name he’s the asian version of Rolf Harris who like a fly on shit is all over every panel show going, every time I switch on his stupid beardy cunty face is there.

  10. Never did like Have I Got Cunts For You…. I didn’t mind Hislop, it was that smarmy smug cunt Daayton I couldn’t stand (and Paul Martin… sorry… Merton can be a cunt as well)…. And the array of cunts that are on the fucking thing: Jo Brand, that Toksvig cunt, Stephen Fry, etc)….

    • Should have been closed down after the Savile story broke… And if anyone watches any of their shite (I don’t even watch MOTD now, because of that human oil slick, Lineker) they should just ‘pay as you watch’… Not give them £145.50 for them to spread anti-white racism, promote transbenders and freaks, shield dirty muslamist migrant muck (ie: never mention rapeugees in Sweden etc) and rig TV shows for muzzie tarts to ‘win’ in order to make them the new face of the BBC…

      • Yea it isn’t even like they represent the people that pay them.
        I don’t consider them any better than the north Korean state tv channel.
        As for Saville, I would’ve found every single cunt that knew anything about it and fuckin locked em up and thrown away the key.

        • Even the Cigarette Smoking Man would be out of his depth at the BBC ‘news’ department…

  11. Yes I hate all that shit. It’s all blatantly scripted yet they act like they’re making it up as they go along.
    And they all think they’re so fuckin funny.

  12. There’s one thing worse than a comedian who isn’t funny. It’s a comedian who knows there not fucking funny but just jumps on the de rigeur agenda which has for a long time now been pandering to the soppy liberal pc cunts and it is starting to wear very thin now. Normal people are fed the fuck up with this torrent of patronising shite that just keeps flowing from these cunts. Go and find something funny to say, cunts.

  13. the laughter on HIGNFY is fuckin canned. very very annoying. they are telling us what we should find funny . fuck off.

  14. Its a shame as HIGNFY used to be pretty damn good laugh in the early days, but yeah now its just a bunch of unfunny comedians, no it alls and cannot be wrongs like hislop and merton have both become. Not much i can watch on the bbc nowadays as its all so biased towards the left and so derogatory towards anyone who is even slightly to the right. If they want me to come back then they have to be balanced programming again with ppl who can actually argue a point and not a feeling like that moron Kate Cuntwaite.

  15. Romesh ranganathon is about as funny as a visit to the dentist, every time I turn my TV on up pops the bearded cunt!! Back in the day the closest this blithering idiot would get to a TV would be standing in his local currys!! I saw him on live at the apollo, I’m sure the audience were laughing out of a mixture of stupidity but mostly acute embarrassment!!

    • ……and that Shergar mouthed cunt Rob something or other. Always on neighing like a cunt at anything anybody says.
      Think he on that programme for spazzos as well, The Last Leg.

      • Apparently after recording ‘The Last Leg’ they head of to a club for the after show party with a load of amputee birds who take off their prosthetic limbs.

        Rumour has it the place is crawling with fanny…..

  16. Just heard that the inquest decided that George Michael died of “natural causes.” Fuck off , there’s nothing natural about a lifetime of taking cock up the bumhole. Good riddance to the bent cunt.

    • Rap “music” is utter shite, but without it, I’d never had heard this line from Ice Cube ,

      “You betta check yo self
      Before you wreck yo self
      Coz dicks in yer ass
      Is bad for yer health”

      As for the devils dandruff, Norman, no, no, no , no,
      It was crack all the way.

      I know crack is made of cocaine, but believe me, its different.

      I tried it once and i was twitchy and looking over my shoulder for a couple of MONTHS .

      Great buzz, but once was enough.

    • Since when is oding on heroin a natural cause?! and you’re right playin games of arse-tag all his life hes bound to catch something. He was famously known for “cruising” random sexual encounters with other men.

      In fact alot of homosexuals turn to hard drugs when they get tested positive for aids, hepatitis C or syphilis because they know they’re life is basically turned upside down now and wont be able to have sex or lead a normal life

      • I wish ye were right about cunts who due to their own misbehavior, have contracted Shite For Blood.

        Due to modern medicine, these deviant Shite For Blood spreading cunts are living a longer life, giving them more time to spread their Shite For Blood.

        I’m sure there’s a few old leper colonies that these cunts could be put on.
        The poor cunts that contracted Shite For Blood through blood transfusions could use the deviants as guinea pigs and Running Man styled entertainment.

    • Dirty little wind up cunt, innit ?

      My phone nearly got bashed coz of spam the other day.


      • Just hate it when something is falsely picked up as spam apparently google spreadsheets aren’t allowed wonder why?!

  17. HIGNFY is smug cunt central and even worse if that bloke Sue Perkins is on.

    I’d rather spend the evening looking at photos of Harvey Price’s cum face…

  18. What I always found funny with George Micheal in his wham days was the absolute refusal of his adoring female fans to accept the fact he was probably gay?? Seriously !! From mincing around in hot pants screeching ” I’m your man!’ To the huffy rantings of “wake me up before you go go!” George wasn’t that subtle , with a hairstyle that was more falcons crest female and only girls that were friends? I couldn’t believe the outpouring of surprise when he confirmed his preference was indeed for the one eyed trouser snake….

    • I’ll admit, i never knew he was gay until he was offering blow jobs in a play parks toilet, but i was only young when Wham were out.
      But when i did find out, i realised that the video for Faith was an advert for gay bum blasting.

      Watch the intro for it, when the acoustic guitar kicks in, the camera has a close up shot of his denim clad torn arse, shaking along to the music.

      Fuckin hell fire.

  19. George Michael’s last release was seen running down the leg of the autopsy table…

  20. Also why do all these alternative type comedians dress like supply teachers?? Fuckin tank tops and corduroy trousers etc Marcus brigstock and romesh raganathon spring to mind… I must be funny as I’m dressed like a Cunt!!

    • I love Marcus Brigstock, he’s the only thing that makes BBC radio 4 bearable, when he’s on.

      He was cunted a few months ago, and maybe he’s said some cuntish things that i haven’t heard, but until he upsets me, i love the guy.

      Used to like The Now Show too, but not anymore as it’s all the same as every other “comedy” show.
      Just jokes about brexit, Trump and fools like us that have a problem with deviant behavior being rammed down our throats and up our arses.
      I thought Punt and Dennis were cleverer than that.
      So now they are Cunt and Pennis.

      I’m sure some cunter will give me a reason to hate the Brigstock, but until then, I’m a fan(ny).

      • Back in the days when The News Quiz was funny (Linda Smith, Alan Coren, Andy Hamilton), I used to think “next week, the Now Show returns” was the most depressing phrase in the English language.

        You should hate Brigstock because he is a cunt of the first water.

        • I feel the same about The News Quiz. Coren, Smith Andy Beardyface Hamilton Frank Muir etc. Toksvig was bearable to begin with but became sooo predictable as did Jeremy Hardy. Then the newbys tipped up, fucking Jock Calman going on about her wife and pussys. That other bloke Poo Perkins for fucks sake, although Lucy Porters voice causes twitchings round my toilet area. I can now tolerate Miles Jupp but most of the cunts they get on now Ragheadmanthon or whatever and again Jock Calman always have to start making political statements. Its meant to be a satirical observation, not a mouthpiece for your personal grievances. They should tell that to the Ozzy bint that expounds the wonders of Oz and knocks the UK every opportunity.
          While I am at it a very definite cunting for that oh so gobby cunt Matt Williams, sidekick to Simon Mayo on Drivetime Radio 2. Fuck me talk about loving sound of own voice unintelligible rantings
          Mind you, born in Southport, educated in Liverpool and Bradford. Not only is he a gobshite he has a voice you want to pick a fight with. Utter utter cunt. On a lighter note I would love to give Bobbie Pryor a pearl necklace.

  21. I am sick to fuck of opening a paper and seeing that decrepit old slag of a cunt scab, Madogga, and her two new purchases… Sorry, I mean kids…. No doubt the old kippercunt bought them for that reason: to put them and keep – her- in the press… And the main motive of course is the tabloid scum will lap up photos of Sladge playing with ‘her kids’ (except they fucking aren’t!) and also amazingly forget all her death threats and disgraceful antics at the feminazi rally… Funny how a couple of brown babies can make the media forget any shitty behaviour in an instant… It even worked for John Terry…

  22. Another reason cyclists are not the only cunts on the road.

    Some biaatch has just reversed out of a parking space and sent me flying.
    My bike went flying too, and landed on my back a second or two later.

    I’m a bit shaken but not hurt, and she was sorry, so the fuckable bitch got a let off.
    Maybe if I told her my upper leg was sore, I’d have got a rub.

    What the fuck are ye’s laughing for ?

  23. Well the House of wax has just stuck the knife into Brexit again, voting for the amendment that may needs to give parliament the final vote on the EU deal?? Oh fuckin please!!! Knowing this will the Cunts in Brussels give us a good deal? And we leave or a bad deal and we have to stay?? Doh!! I seriously hope May disbands these remote unelected Cunts pronto!!! Motherfuckers!!

    • How can anyone justify the lib dems, who are practically dead politically, can be so over represented in the house of troughs? Another tier of cunts that we can do without. Time to bin the lot of them. Funny how dementia only matters in the lords when they are being investigated for fiddling, be it expenses or savillry….

  24. I smell the whiff of petrol and burning buidings in the air…..and dead toffs.

  25. Even though it’s gone a bit soft over the past few years, Viz is still way funnier than Private Eye will ever be.

    • My favourite Viz character of all time was Clarence Cloxes (puts used matches back in their boxes).
      There was one time he was in a pub, and somebody wanted a light.
      Cue a box of used matches and him saying “I’m Clarence Cloxes and i put used matches back in their boxes”, and the guy said ” well I’m Gary Grace and cunts like you get a punch in the face”.
      And then the owner says “I’m Marty Mub, and arseholes like you, get thrown out of my pub”.
      And then another customer says, ” I’m Pete Pachine Bun, and I’ve got a…..
      At that point, Clarence gets his coat and leaves with a sigh.

      Something like that.
      Anyway, it still tickles me today.

      • I liked Cockney Wanker, The Parkie, and Eight Ace…

        Spitting Image in its heyday was also miles funnier than Private Eye..

        • Brown bottle and Millie Tant. Try writing that these days, you’d get crucified on social media. And how many of the spitting image characters had more personality than the real ones? All I would say!

          • Spitting Image made kids knowledgeable.. In those days kids knew who the cabinet were… Hurd was the ice cream haired one, Baker was the slug, Heseltine was Blondeman, Howe was the boring one, Parkinson was the smoothie bullshitter, and Tebbit was the leather jacketed enforcer…

            Now ask any kid to name anyone apart from the PM and they would struggle….

          • Mr Logic in the £1 shop was fucking funny. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’d start fucking laffin.

          • I liked Biffa Bacon, his family were a lot like mine!. “Did ye call my pint a puff,y’bastaaad?”. My mum had a five o’clock shadow like his mum. Happy days!

  26. id like to nominate ed sheeran

    not for being a ginger, but for being THE most boring, bland , soft, pansy, this is music for bedwetters
    people say “but hes a nice guy”

    that means nothing,im amazed the fucker even got a record deal, shit acoustic weepy crap, to me real music is judas priest, GnR, depeche,early oasis,thin lizzy

    not this ginger tosser writing the same song over and over again
    i know pensioners who are more energetic than this ugly goblin
    critics rightly attack coldplay for being bland but this cunt is a billion times worse
    i just dont see the appeal, oh and the cunt also “raps”
    his fans are cunts too, wankers who wear nerd glasses and take selfies
    bog off to america ed

    • Agree about Sheeran.. Nominated him a few times, but the ginger cunt slips under the radar, and he isn’t a nice guy… The ginger cunt whined about how he ‘wasn’t the most popular kid in the school’… But now he’s rich and famous he now sees himself as ‘the most popular kid in the school’ (even though the fucker left school years ago)… And because of his ‘I’ll show you all for calling me ginger bollocks’ complex he admitted that he can ‘take things too far’… Which is popstar twatspeak for ‘I’m a total cunt’… The carrot pubed twat also referred to himself being No.1 as winning a race (shite at school sports too, I suppose)… Sheeran said, ‘The race to be No. 1 is a 500m sprint that I just know I’m going to win.. I don’t care about anything as long as I come first…’ What a childish vengeful Napoleon syndrome tuneless little cunt…

      • thats good , someone finally agrees with me bout pube face

        of course hes not a nice guy, that is just bollocks written by the press to make us love him,
        another big cunt is his mate adele
        2 bland ugly fuckers,imagine their mong parents
        i dont care if they play gigs at great ormond street, or donate money to charity, their music is still unlistenable crap

    • Fucking soppy shite love songs. Fucking cunt. Lad his age shoud be out banging as many as he can. If you’re a kid now all you gotta do is turn ya phone on and arrange a shag. Lucky cunts.

    • Just a tip : You’re more likely to get your nom published if to use proper caps and punctuation. Why should the admins be expected to do it for you?

      Just saying…

  27. Isn’t it the Lib Dems that wanted to abolish the House of Lords. Apparently Cunt of the Year 2016 said ” you play with what is in front of you” or similar bollocks. Fucking weasel looking wankstain cunt.

    • … and Alex ‘the Slug’ Salmond said in the Guardian ( 20th December 2014 ) …. there should be a ‘Peasants revolt’ against the House of Lords’ .. they should be abolished….. Fuck all noise from the CUNT at the moment when the House of the Lords ( boat-rocking) suits his cause. Hypocritical CUNT !!! These CUNTS say something, think Joe Public will forget it, then try and come out the other end on the winning side. I hope the SNP get buried forever at the next election / referendum, or whatever …

  28. Cunts, cunts and thrice cunts. Not only are the rebel Lord cunts cunts, they are also out and out bare faced lying cunts. We don’t want to obstruct or tie the governments hands. Nah course ya don’t ya filthy over privileged cosseted wank dribbles. Kiss my doughtnut.

  29. I wouldn’t be half as pissed off if they were still proper lords but they’re not.
    Cunts just donated money to blair, minor fart and all those other cunts. ….no better than those mickey mouse lordships that you can buy off the Internet.
    And donating some money somehow gives them the right to overrule the people.

  30. Viz eh??
    Aldridge prior hopeless liar was always funny as was Norbert colon he’s as tight as a gnats chuff…. quality stuff was viz…. oh almost forgot terry fuckwit he’s a daft as a brush….

  31. I would like to cunt International Womens Day which is tomorrow. Here we fucking go again. It looks especially lame in this part of the world where they face the tyranny of wearing certain shoes at work or the deep injustice of someone suggesting they are a bit overweight. What I can’t understand is how gender is relevant to most situations you find yourself in. Theres a special day for everything now (with the glaring omission of Mens Day of course) it seems. At least no cunt has asked me for a pound yet!

    • International Women’s day is being honoured in the “peaceful” countries too.

      If they pay a quid (or goat spleen or chicken half – whatever passes for currency there) then they can wear their own clothes to home while they do the menial chores for the day.

      The only stipulation being that it has too be black and cover them from head-to-toe.

      • International Women’s day is being honoured in the “peaceful” countries too.

        Is that before or after the stonings, floggings, and honour killings?…

  32. Why do these cunts bother with a “debate” in the first place? We all know the result long before they actually line up to vote and then fuck off to their subsidised bars and piss it up at our expense. Total fucking scum, self-serving fucking traitorous bastards who need hanging from lamp posts in Parliament Square. Where the fuck is Wat Tyler when you need him?

    • Albeit pierrepoint would have been ideal for the job…..
      Maybe sky could turn it into SWINGING SUPER SUNDAY??
      Have a cheeky 13.30 Ko followed by expert studio analysis then move on to a nice 16.00 block group hanging!! Make the event sky box office!! Get Eddie Hearn to promote it? Stick it on at the 02, I hear the place has a great atmosphere??

  33. House of Lords, most of these freeloading parasites look as if they’ve been dug up from somewhere. Saw some old cunt say ‘ this is the real place from where the country is run’ Christ sake, these coffin dodging motherfuckers spend most of their time filling their boots at taxpayers expence or having their afternoon nap after too many G&T’s.
    Wouldn’t trust any of these cunts to tie their own shoelaces let alone get them involved in Brexit, but then again they don’t give a shit and wont have to live with any future implications as most of the old fuckers will have pegged it.

    • They don’t tie their own shoelaces, most of them have a man for that kind of thing and the rest wear slip-ons, what!


      I’ve been thinking about these paid for cunts and – just throwing it out there – why do they have to be former MPs (most of them failed cunts)?

      Wouldn’t the House of Paid-For Cunts be better served by a representative from the local community? No former MPs, councilors or lawyers, just some ordinary working person doing a TA type of role where they offer up 2 days a month to sit in parliament, hear the bills and then vote according to their conscience rather than some walnut-whip drumming up support/rejection for the bill being passed.

    • brydon or anton du beke? same person, welsh sheep shagger
      brydon may be a cunt but a bigger one is that whinging scouse john bishop, he must suck ALOT of penis at the BBC because he has never once made me laugh

  34. Fuck Pierrepoint, we don’t need fucking Pierre-fucking-point. I’ll fucking do it. Ok , I’ve never done it before so some of the cunts might suffer terribly but does anybody fucking care? No they fucking don’t! Yeah put it on Sky Sports…it’ll make a change from watching England getting fucked over by a bunch of Romanian pikeys. Before long the Romanian pikeys will be PLAYING for fucking England! Yes…I’m FUCKING ANGRY……AGAIN!

  35. Heseltine has been sacked as a government advisor.About fucking time too.

  36. What fucking advice would you seek from that sack of shit? How to be a fucking money -grabbing back-stabbing fucking cunt? There are long lines of arseholes willing to take his place who are just as qualified. I hope this cunt dies vey soon and not just because I’ve got the fucker in the Dead Pool. Wasn’t this the wanker who slagged somebody off by saying “he buys his own furniture”, meaning the cunt didn’t have any antique furniture handed down through his family but just a common piece of scum who went to IKEA?

    • With the fucking money old Tarzan cunt has got you’d think he’d buy a nose and ear hair trimmer. Unkempt cunt.

  37. Hislop is a smug cunt . Can’t abide the cunt or the so called comedian opposite. Used to be Ok entertainment but now it’s boring shit.
    My current desire to see cunted is ‘pontless’ with two fucking smug wankers Armstrong and his fucking mate, both of whom need speed cunting. Up their own ringpieces cunts!

    • I recall a conversation between my mrs and her (irritating as fuck) friend… My old lady’s friend ‘fancies’ the smug four eyed one off Pointless… When the mrs laughed, her mate got all uppity and said ‘Don’t you fancy intelligent men then?’ To which the mrs replied ‘He (Pointless Man) isn’t intelligent… It’s an act for a stupid TV show… And don’t talk to me about intelligent blokes… Look at the one you’ve got…’ My mrs’s nauseating mate is shacked up with one of the biggest oafs (and cunts) on earth…

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