Joanna Cherry

Need to cunt SNP cunt Joanna Cherry. She actually had the brass neck (and with no hint of irony) to say during the Brexit Bill debate that “this bill has been railroaded through this house with scant regard for democratic process”
For fucks sake what was the process on 23 June 2016 ? The biggest democratic process the country has ever seen but apparently not democratic enough for this cunt.
Oh, I forgot, it only counts if they get the answer they want.
Absolute cunt.

Nominated by Johnson

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  1. What can you expect from the SNP? Anyone in Scotland that believes that the SNP stand for a strong independent Scotland needs to look long and hard at the reality. The SNP intend to end Scotland as a nation, it will be an EU region if they get their way. Lefty cunts cannot be trusted.

    My view is tainted by question time polluting my living room again. Lefty cunts time. I hope e can get rid of the socialist left filth from our political system one day.

    • A cunter on this esteemed site often refers to a belt fed weapon. I can think of no better use for such an object than putting lefty cunts up against a wall and pulling the trigger of said object.

    • Would this be the SNP who took 56 Westminster seats (8.6%) with only 4.7% of the vote? Not so keen on democracy, after all.

      • I’ve got no time for the SNP but they are in favour of PR – the problem is the jock constituencies are too small

    • In fairness it’s not the left which is fucking everything up it’s “modern liberals” (or “old facists” if you like) who are fucking everything up.

      I would say that my views are right wing (which obviously makes me a thick racist) – in line with the Thatcher era, which were my formative years – a number of my mates are left wing but all of us are equally abhorred by the activities of the “modern liberals”.

      All of us voted out of the EU. Although right wing I believe in the NHS and it’s principles. Although left wing my friends are equally opposed to an open door policy on EU immigration – even though we are not opposed to immigration (when it is controlled, benefits the UK and we know *exactly* who we’re getting – as opposed to a bunch of bomb makers coming in free of charge via Frau Merkel’s disastrous open door policy for the whole of the bomb maker states via the Med).

      So there is a huge differentiation between being left-leaning in your social views on life and politics, and being a “modern liberal” which is basically to suppress democracy and shout down opposing views (just like the “old facists” did).

      Unfortunately as most “modern liberals” have IQ’s lower than their age – courtesy of their Generation Snowflake indoctrination – then this irony completely passes them by.

      Liberal is now synonymous with cunt. And chief liberal Wickle Timmy Farron is the biggest cunt of them all! He even has an award to prove it!

  2. Can`t get the fucking image to work.Owen Smith apologized on question time to refugees on behalf of the country on question time.Also that cunt Billy Bragg wants another referendum.

    • Jeez, your piss must be as boiling as mine. That cunt Bragg and Smith really need gelding with two house bricks. My telly is in great danger of ending up on the fucking pavement. What is it about the left who gripe and moan like fucking slugs in salt? I just checked up on celebrity net worth and the cunt Bragg is worth $5m – even if its 50% out the cunt is still worth a fortune. So Billy lad – how many can I put you down for? 3 kids? 4 kids? Whats that you say? Not your problem? No, thought not. Your kind of socialism is the best that anybody elses money can afford. Right – 5mg of valium now and that cats getting it 😉

      • Yea these cunts are very generous with other people’s housing, doctors places and school places.

        If they had to compete for housing and services they’d change their tune pretty quick.

    • Billy Bragg The cunt of Barking fuck, off back to your perfect little village you hypocritcal arsewipe and (oh bollocks cannot be bothered) just take a flying fuck you utter cunt. Owen Smith the Devil’s butt plug should be fisted with a type 45 destroyer (if they can get one of the fuckers to work)

  3. Also some stupid cow in the audience said I am 17 us under 18 year olds should have had a vote.

    • I will never fucking learn or maybe more people should watch the shite being spouted. Billy Fucking Bragg, what the fuck do you know about fuck all. Man of the people? Let me go on and give them my working class point of view.

        • Yes,
          I just came across this snippet about the Bragg bot, ne wonder he fucking brags.
          As Bragg’s neighbours received anonymous letters urging them to drive the hectoring socialist monster out of their sleepy Dorset village, everyone said, ‘who cares about that shit, look at the size of that bloody thing’.

          Bragg bought the house 11 years ago as a protest against living somewhere really pokey without a glorious view and an acre of expertly manicured left-wing garden.

          Tom Logan, a man who thinks New England is quite good, said: “I always imagined he lived in a terrace in a moderately gentrified part of east London, surrounded by people from a variety of cultures that he would ‘jam’ with.

          “And I assumed that he would keep just enough money to live a simple life and give the rest to poor people or small circulation magazines about struggles.

          “I have to say that the sheer heft of Mr Bragg’s house has come as something of a shock.”

          Helen Archer, a woman who’s having none of it, said: “I’m sure he’s done very well for himself – that song he did about having sex is very jaunty. But wasn’t he supposed to hand over most of his money in order to promote some notion of equality? Or did he think the government was supposed to do it for him?”

          Last night Bragg said he would have given more money to poor people if it was not for the extension and the double glazing and confirmed that anyone who noticed the size of his house was just an ‘old fashioned racist’.

          A proper cunt of epic proportion.

          • Racist racist!! can a man no longer label a cunt a cunt without being accused of being an old fashioned racist???? Is their anything worth living for if one can no longer abuse fucking retards like Bragg (sing along with Billy) The working class can kiss my arse I have joined the middle class.

          • My thoughts about how cold it was this morning were confirmed when I saw a socialist who had his hands in his ‘own’ pockets….

          • Genius!

            Like Maggie said: The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].”

    • She has a point though, if you’re old enough to join the army at 16 then you’re old enough to vote.

      • I’ve never understood that argument. There’s a lot of other things you can do at 16 but I still don’t see how that entitles someone to vote. And by law you are not allowed to serve on the frontline until you’re 18.

        • Doesn’t matter as soon as you are eligible to pay national insurance, you are old enough to vote

          • no taxation without representation. i left school at 16 and was working and paying tax and ni but couldn’t vote until 18 so theoretically I could be 23 before I got the chance to exercise my vote in a GE
            however, students shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless they’ve paid some income tax

  4. More typical whinging from the jocks. The whole SNP needs a good cunting for slowing down Brexit , that shovel faced minger Wee Jimmy Krankie and her no2 fat Jabba The Hut turd Salmon.

    Wish they had voted to leave rest of UK when they could, but like a mangy dog with anal maggots we’re stuck with them.EU wouldn’t care about Scotland , they would be just like a colder version of Malta with a shitter football team.

  5. Billy “the cunt” Bragg is now suggesting we all need to pay more tax. Well that’s not true is it Billy, the portion of people who work and don’t claim any top up benefits will pay more, that ever decreasing pool of people who pay in more than they take out. And now it’s shit on the President of the United States time.

    Billy may actually knock one out live on TV when he gets his go.

    • How the fuck did that fake commie concorde conked cunt Billy Bragg get to be a millionaire?!… He writes like a very shite Ewan McColl and sounds like Arthur Mullard with laryngitis… Surprised he wasn’t on that instantly forgettable Saint Jo Of Cox ‘tribute’ single alongside KT Cuntstall…

  6. Typical BBC shite on QT. 3 remoans v 2 leavers. Cunts. That Joanna (never lost me ) Cherry is a stupid deluded porridge wog. Some soft bitch in the EU is now getting their hopes up that the Jocko’s can stay in the single market. Can’t wait to see their faces when the Spanish stand up and say, Don’t fucking think so. Get a fucking life. Deadbeats.

  7. Haha on this week Andrew Neil referred to Diane Flabbot as Lady Mao.He can`t stop taking the piss out of her.Also feminists are cunts for claiming David Davis attempted to sexually assault Diane Abbott!

    • It would be like trying to sexually assault a gasometer. But less arousing. Less viagra, more LSD……

      • Remember in Flash Gordon (the one with the Queen soundtrack): when Flash nearly gets absorbed by that giant swamp blob thing?….
        That must be what it’s like to tub AbbottThe Hutt…

  8. I love Thursday nights on ISAC, there’s always something on Question Time to get the best out of cunters.
    Its like a live football match.
    All week is training, working up the anger muscles and getting fighting fit.
    Then comes match day Thursday.

    And no matter who you are up against, yous always win.

    • Aye, Owen took a pasting from Ann and the audience. He made himself look a total twat apologizing to man child rapefugees on behalf of the UK.

      What on earth is the cunt smoking.

      Sooner or later the penny will drop and these career politicians need to get with the program or lose their jobs at election time.


  9. I can’t be bothered with these SNP cunts, I saw them in holyrood yesterday on sky, utter shambles…
    Has A C GRAYLING ever copped a cunting on here?? If not he really should, the philosopher is referred to as ” the brain of remain” I’ve just seen him on you tube going head to head with Jacob Rees mogg on LBC , if you ever wondered where super Cunts like farron and co get their inspiration check out the clip..
    Grayling repeatedly states only 37% of British people voted to leave, apparently it was unfair as 16/17 year olds were not allowed to vote, he believes that EU nationals working in UK should have also been allowed to vote?? , Gibraltar too, unsurprisingly anybody that was guaranteed to vote remain but didn’t qualify to cast a vote!!
    The turnout was almost 73% and 52% of the people entitled to vote wanted to leave, both sides laid out the rules, as camercunt said if remain win by 0.1% that’s the result as we don’t need the neverendum !!
    Cunts like grayling seek to baffle the electorate with his massaging of figures, i.e. His figures are based on if onlys, ” if my auntie had bollocks she would be my uncle” it’s utter leftie tosh, Rees mogg didn’t stand for it, good for him…
    ” I think for their I am a cunt” suits Rhodesian born grayling

      • Its a sad state of affairs when a man of A C GRAYLING (supposed) intellect doesn’t understand that 37% ( actually 37.5%, but who wants to split hairs?) is still more than 34.7%, which is the percentage of the electorate who voted remain. The 27.8% who could not be arsed are not counted either way.

        This cunt wants to change the rules to make it more likely that he will win, same as the SNP did and they still lost.

        • I stand corrected. A poor choice on my part particularly as there are so many English cunts to choose from. Have you noticed the vast majority of cunts nominated on here are in fact English? What a shower of cunts.

  10. I’d like to give a good cunting to anyone who uses crowdfunding to stand in an election.

    What makes these sad cunts think that I’d want to vote for some pathetic cunt who can’t muster the few hundred quid it costs to stand in elections? If you’re so inept that you need to go begging strangers to fund your campaign then you’re obviously gonna be fucking usless, just like the rest bunch of cunts already in.

    “Pay me to represent you in politics” Fuck off you cunt!

    • I agree with you in principle. It costs £500 currently to stand as an MP, but £5,000 to stand in the Euro elections. Councils are free.

      The electoral commission is considering scrapping the deposit – which should liven things up a bit. The main cost is not the deposit, but the cost of things like printing leaflets and hall hire for hustings which can mount up a bit! The Royal Mail will deliver your leaflets as they do their rounds and there’s no charge for that.

  11. And check out the latest lefty remoaining hate filled libtardcunt to crawl out from under his stone. I give you his Lordcuntship Peter Hain. Apparently going to do all he can in the House of lord’s to block brexit, unless the bill is subject to amendments…. He may just become the House of Cunts equivalent of Far rong the cunt!

  12. A brilliant singer songwriter gets a residency at a jazz club despite having Tourettes and ADHD.

    During his set he performs a few of his own songs which include,
    ‘I fucked her up the arse and she loved it’ and ‘She sucked my cock like an industrial Hoover.’

    After he finishes his set he goes for a piss and bumps into his girlfriend and fucks her in the toilet, but when he’s finished, forgets to put his cock back in his pants and walks back into the club.

    He’s immediately collared by the club manager who says…

    “Two things, firstly…. can you tone down the langauge in the songs tomorrow night?”

    “Yeah, sure, no problem” he replies.

    “And secondly, d’you know cum dripped from your cock as you walked across the dancefloor?”

    “Know it?…..I fuckin’ wrote it…..

  13. Thought for the day….

    In Britain you are limited to purchasing no more than three lettuces.. But in Malawi you can buy as many kids as you like….Madogga for the Dead Pool…

  14. Like most people who have an inkling or more what working people believe, I know that if these labour /socialist free riding troughers who spout this liberal shit , actually asked their constituents what they think about immigration,islam,benefits, human fucking rights, they would hardly get any replies that would please them.
    Which is why they don’t ask , because their lofty view of the socialist paradise they crave is exactly the opposite to what most of us want.
    The twat pictured above belongs against the same wall as the rest of the total waste of good spunk in the lefty parties.

    • same with the bbc tho.
      when it was announced that britian was not taking anymore supposedly young rapefugees, they showed a protest group with their banners, about 20-30 of the leftie cunts. why dont they ask your normal, white , working, englishman? probably because we are sick and tired of our country being infested with scum and not having a voice. thats why brexit was a victory for england and if our close neighbors dont like that then have another vote and fuck off, freeloading cunts.

      • Billy ‘the Cunt’ Bragg can take some in….Plenty of room in his ‘man of the peoples’ working class mansion….The Bullshit Broadcunting Corporation have a snippet of him on their website, must have been from QT yesterday, the Cunt is asking what sort of country we want Britain to be…mmmm let me think for a second…. One without you in it, Billy…you champagne socialist fuckwit cunt?

    • Socialism needs a sound cunting itself if it hasn’t had one already. I grew up in a socialist household – my dad was a union shop steward. What a pain in the arse that was. You couldn’t even have a fucking biscuit unless everyone else had one and we were constantly reminded how oppressed we were. Even our TV viewing was scrutinised for capitalist propaganda (imagine being told that at eight years old!) It never works and never takes into account human nature and is an outdated dishonest load of old cunt.

  15. It was nice of Tom Jones to wait a while after his wife’s death to come clean that he’s been rooting Priscilla Presley for all these years.
    I wonder if he tells her that he knew Elvis ?

    When i was a kid, this guy was a joke. Not just in our house, everywhere.
    Fast forward, and he’s a national treasure, and an icon.

    He’s shite, and we all know it, so why is he getting more plaudits every day ?
    His last album flopped, yet he’s still at the top.

    Also, him and cunts like Tony fuckin Bennet and Cliff fuckin Richard used to sing groovy/easy listening songs back in their day, but when they got older, they covered rock’n’roll sings that were out at the same they were being cheesy as fuck.

    Cunts the lot of them, and Priscilla has a face that should stay clear of candles.

    Elvis connection #13267, Cilla Black.

    Christopher fuckin Biggins is “boycotting” the new version of Blind Date coz , er, Cilla’s dead.

    How the fuck did a “journalist” get that by an editor ?

    • I recall there was a terribly inauthentic ‘revival’ of ‘easy listening’ and ‘retro cheese’ in the 90s… Shite like Austin Powers and cunts like Mike Flowers and Chris Evans made it popular with Britpop knobheads and student cunts… I recall those three silly tarts off Flowers’ ‘Wonderwall’ video doing ‘easy’ versions of Oasis, Supergrass, Pulp etc on TFI Friday every week… It wasn’t even funny as a novelty… It was fucking shite…. And Richard Cheese is a fucking cunt (google the twat)…

      And Tom Jones is a cabaret act got lucky… What does me though is women threw their knickers at this cunt?!…. Still, he’s a step up from Engelbert Cuntberdinck….

      • And all that shite about ‘Sir Tom’ loving his late wife… He fucked more birds and had more affairs than we’ve cunted cunts… Then there are cunts who’ll say the affairs didn’t ‘matter’ and that he only ‘loved’ his mrs…. If I tried that with my bird, I’d be the one who was dead…

        • It’s not unusual for celebrities to be cunts.
          And it’s not unusual to see them cry.

          Not these days anyway.

      • That Chris Evans. He’s a cunt.

        Unlistenable on the radio in the mornings. Have you ever heard the start of his show? He plays a fucking ‘Tarzan’ hollering scream thing at 06.30, jeezus, the alarm has just gone off and this cunt is hollering away swingingthrough the jungle, calm it down you ginger cunt…I’ve just woken up for fucks sake….
        I’d rather listen to old Terry Wognan and he’s dead.

  16. A load of cunts getting high in Norfolk tonight, loads a coke washed up on the shores, I’m am sure some lucky cunt ‘lost a few’ before calling old bill. I fucking would have kept it all, rang up Gideon Osbourne and it would have sold within a few days. If the police are reading I know nuffink abaaaaht it.

    • I might go out to Norfolk to ‘help’ the police search for all this coke. Im sure they would appreciate Black and White cunts help, I’ll even try a bit to verify it’s the real deal.

    • Bails of hash/pollen wash up on the shores here all the time, I’ve unluckily never found any but it happens a lot.
      When a standup member of the public finds it, it gets handed in and they get the obligatory ” dog Walker finds” story in the local rag.

      When a descent pot smoking member finds it, he has to keep quiet about it and only distribute it amongst trusted stoners, in case the smugglers and/or polis hear about it.

      A mate of mine got a part of a brick last summer and was quite generous with it.

      • Isn’t it semi legal in Spain? There is a grow shop in town sells all the gear and seeds etc. and I’ve seen plants out on peoples balconies quite openly.

        • Its legal to have a couple of plants and also a personal stash at home.
          Nothing too big.

          I still get whiplash when i see a plant on a windowsill, and ye can sometimes smell it going by some walled gardens.
          Come harvest time, ye can see giant plant pots with the bare stem, sat by the bins.

          I’ve tried growing mine. It was fun at first, but became a chore and the end product was shite.
          Personally, i prefer hash or pollen.

          • “loads a coke washed up on the shores, I’m am sure some lucky cunt ‘lost a few’ before calling old bill”

            So thats what happened to Tara Palmer’s Coke shipment. If thats the case its probably stellar purity…. grade A stuff rarely circulated to low level dealers/Plebs as william burroughs would call it high end junk

      • Seen the film The Business Birdman? I think it’s set near Gibraltar. Love that film. Not that many people live in Gibraltar so I guess if you did find something it would get around amongst the locals quick.

        • The opening scene to The Buisness, is where i buy my hash.
          That’s how it looks. Even though it’s set in the eighties, they didn’t have to change a thing for the filum.
          Love that filum, too.
          I know a lot of cunters hate Danny Dyer, but i think he’s great.

          • Yeah love Danny Dyer, although Tamer Hassan steals the show. Apparently a sequel is coming soon.

          • Yeah, i like Tamer Hussain too.
            He was in Kickass, playing a baddie for all of three minutes, towards the end.
            He deserves better than that.

      • Ambergris, that’s the stuff. Solidified whale puke/vomit. Looks and smells like shit, but worth a fuckin mint to the perfume business apparently… It does in rare instances sometimes get washed up on the coast….. Perhaps I could get Dianne Flabbot to puke in the ocean?

  17. Watching House of Lords on BBC parliament , lord tunnicliffe is droning on and on and on!!, seriously pal shut up and sit down, as usual there’s row upon row of empty seats, mind you tunnicliffe has the appearance of a headmaster and the delivery of an undertaker…
    The House of Lords should be twinned with Madame taussauds…. both full of inanimate wax like objects who nobody recognises or cares about……

  18. The bit where the SNP Members sit in the House Of Commons should be named Cunt’s Corner. They’re sitting in a parliament that they don’t want to be part of. A bit like Farage in the EU. The voice for Scotland? My arse. A bunch of self serving cunts.

    I live in Scotland and if there’s another referendum I will boke.

  19. Being keen on pissing money up the wall, I see that the Scots Nasty Party are having a debate in Holyrood against triggering Article 50 despite being told it has no legal standing and that Scotland cannot block Brexit.

    Bunch of deluded cunts oop norf…!

  20. Can u believe this Scummy Nazi cunt. On last night’s Scottish leadership debate, a nurse asked Burney sturgeon why she had to use foodbank’s as she had struggled in the past. Then the SNP party machine went into overdrive, claiming the nurse was married to a Conservative councillor. All fucking lie’s of course. This CUNT orchestrated it, yet krankie McWankie back’s her. CAN U FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT! And this CUNT is still a prospective MP. People of Scotland. Wake up and smell the dog shit. DO NOT ELECT these traitorous CUNT’S into parliament. If u do, Scotland will suffer the hell of five more year’s with these CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS.

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