Cunt of the year 2016

It just occurred to me that when the site was changing admins we never conducted a cunt of the year for 2016.So if each one of you can nominate a cunt you think most embodied cuntitude in 2016 with a brief explanation as to why I will collate all the answers of the winning candidate in a separate post. I may even stretch to a photoshop of said cunt in a graphic sexual position complete with a crown if I can be arsed.Fill your boots. We Will allow nominations until 23:59 on 3rd February and will post the official result shortly after.

309 thoughts on “Cunt of the year 2016

    • Surely Tony B-Liar is worthy of a Lifetime Cuntcheivment Award. His special brand of cuntitude transcends all others.

      • Also, I’ve missed quoting yer comments to the missus, and when she asks where i heard that, i reply, Skidmark Eggfart, as if its a normal name .

        • Haha. Thanks, birdman. I got cheesed of not being able to call a spade a spade but now there are new moderators maybe that will change.

    • Good to see you back. Skidmark. I trust that your absence hasn’t moderated your views? :).

  1. I don’t think any of us are clever or educated enuff to vote for such a complex decision.
    What with us all being uneducated, racist northerners.
    Even the ones from the south.

    • Well be that as it may I am going to delegate my powers to you in this decision-making process.However this vote is only advisory and I reserve the right as an admin to disregard your results if I feel them unjust.And if you want to take me to court be my guest. George Soros has already agreed to pay my legal fees.:P

    • Fantastic response birdman – we should just nominate a mod to cunt on our behalf – we poorly informed uneducated cunters cant be relied on to make our own minds up on such an important subject.

  2. Robert de Niro…
    he was going to punch Trump in the face.
    He forgets he is only an actor who plays gangsters and acts the tough guy.
    Fucking libtard cunt.

    • Speaking of libtard cunts, I reckon that old smelly STD riddled kipper, Madogga, is already in the running for Cunt Of The Year 2017…. But, with any luck, she might keel over before the 2017 awards take place…

      • 6’2, not 6’4 (and don’t forget he’s carrying all that extra weight too…).

        It would be like putting Barry McGuigan up against a mid-1970s Elvis. I know who I’d put my money on.

  3. It’s a tricky one – either Cameron The Coward for running away crying before triggering Article 50 (even Corbyn was calling for it on the morning the result was declared) or the odious and grotesquely over-exposed Sue Perkins because 2016 was surely the year this talentless, witless, supremely pleased with herself (for no discernible reason) cunt was EVERYWHERE and I’m sick to fucking death of her. You couldn’t switch on a TV or Radio without seeing or hearing that supercilious speech rhythm that ex-Oxbridge types mistake for comedy.

    (Note to Oxbridge types – it’s the CONTENT of what people say that makes them funny; adopting the vocal delivery of Cleese via Deayton et al just isn’t enough).

    Given that ALL politicians of all parties are self-serving, hypocritical cunts to some degree and therefore their cuntitude is par for the course, I’m going to have to nominate Perkins who, in an ideal world, would just fuck off and hang herself.

  4. Why not cunt 2016 itself?
    1. Endless political bleating (fuck ALL of it!)
    2. We lost Bowie and Haggard.
    3. My pit bull got mauled.

    • Um what in the actual fuck?! because 2016 is not a person or a gender even Also pitbulls are horrible! pit bulls were bred to be violent, rude, arrogant cunts basically niggos in dog form.
      They also randomly attack people even children your lucky it got mauled before he mauled you Sorry for loss though even tho pitbulls are unpredictable cunts

      • Not actually true Ttitslapper, Pit bull’s are remarkably loyal dogs, they are not naturally people or dog aggressive, they have to be made that way. The problem with pit bull’s is they are incredibly tenacious and have a powerful bite. It isn’t the dog that’s the problem its the wankers that own them.

        These chav underclass cunts shouldn’t be able to have dogs, even worse they are allowed to breed and have orrible little feral cunts like themselves.

    • Sad to hear how yer loving pit bull was mauled, LA Cuntessa Durera.
      Pit bulls can make loving additions to a family, its the chav/ned cunts that treat them wrong, that gives them a bad name.
      Like the “master” of the dog that mauled yours.

      • I’m sure that not all Pitbulls are violent, unpredictable fuckers, but you gotta admit, they seem to be the breed that make the news the most often when a kiddies face gets torn off. I accept that it’s quite often down to the chav cunts that own them too, and that after years off being kicked and hit, the dog finally decides he’s had enough. Unfortunately, it’s often the kids that get the brunt of that.

    • Yep, she’s a posionous, cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit.

      That kraut Merkel runs a close second and I feel for the German people who’ve let this montrous woman infect their country with slimy no good tit swinging rapists and other imported foreign scum.

  5. I’m finding it hard, coz there’s cunts and there’s fannies.
    Some are dangerous and some are just shite on yer shoe.

    Miley Cyrus = Fanny, for her online reaction to Trumps victory.

    Islamic terrorists = Cunt, for indiscriminate killings, and not being brave enough to fight a square go.

  6. Impossible, literally impossible! it would have to be 100 cunts of the Year. Theres too many cunts to count but just to take the piss Merkel… my reasoning is shes trying to ethnically cleanse europe with her EU funded crazy haji plan from hell

    Also Merkel is fat and I would not have sex with her

  7. New Zealand Comedians.

    A bit of a scatter gun nom, and I know it won’t win, but it needs saying anyway.

    A bigger bunch of unfunny, cringe inducing cunts you will not find. Banal utterings, interspersed only by swearing, and some cunt resorting to a “funny” dance. Total bollocks. It makes Miranda look like Shakespeare in comparison.

  8. I’m going to pick that banana boat beauty Cunty Miller, sick and tired of seeing her smug ugly face all over the place. Had the cheek to claim everyone should thank her for what she was doing. Doesn’t think too highly of herself does she, fucking cowshit cunt. Apparently she has said that her and her family may have to move in 2017 due to my death threats, I mean death threats in general. I hope she fucks off as far as possible and she can take her 2016 Cunt of the Year award with her.

    • I’m with you on this nomination, and everyone else who’s nominated this cunt.
      If the gobshite needs to move then get on with it. Piss off back to Guyana where you belong and by all means take your fucking family with you.

  9. Though i think he may have won before nothing can take the cake from Spivy. Though seconding Fred Sue Perkins is a close second just under The queen of Cunts Hillary Clinton. Which she would no doubt love.

    • Top cunting King Cunt – cant disagree with Spivy – put me down for a portion of that. Oh – and can you spare a few quid to keep up his fantastic investigative journalism? He doesn’t know where his daughters next facial volcano is coming from and how to fund her next ten years in a barrier nursing institution. Just sayin

  10. My first thought was Cameron or Osborne for Project Fear. Then Sturgeon for her ridiculous Brexit posturing. Then there’s Corbyn for getting a vote of no confidence, standing for re-election and being elected by different people, then expecting the PLP to do what he tells them. Ffs!

    But the crown has to go to Farron who believes that there’s a vote winning strategy in defying the will of the electorate that should finish off the Lib Dems forever!

    And you can’t cunt Spivey because he’s no cunt. The cunts are the people who send him money through his shitty site. Incidentally, this site makes no money from anywhere…

  11. … So many Cunts …..
    I picture it as a sort of baton race, with Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon, Alec Salmon and Nick Clegg ….. in one never ending race, each picking up the baton from the last for the entirety of 2016 … and sadly looking like continuing well into 2017.

    Not to be forgotten are the shower of Cunts at the head of the EU who will be ‘dictating’ to the UK on how they let us leave them.

    • Yea geldoff. That’s a good one. He’s always been a cunt but in 2016 he managed cuntitude on a whole new scale.

  12. This is indeed a tricky one, normally we have a principal to be cunted then just let fly, this requires a cool head and some thought as 2016 was a vintage year.
    It was much easier back in the day , 1912 probably the captain of the titanic?, 1939 chambalain and his piece of paper?, 70.s Nixon?? 1997-2017 blair? Actually a strong contender for lifetime cunt award, history is littered with Cunts but 2016 condensed so much talent.

    Sue Perkins is a cunt and about as funny catching your cock in your zip, also she has that other half witted cunt Mel giedroyc to fall back on, whilst they fall around laughing at inane jokes maybe they should ask themselves this simply question ” are the audience as pleased with us as we are with ourselves??” NO WERE FUCKIIN NOT!!!
    I’m gonna go away and give my head a wobble and come back later, with so many Cunts to choose from it’s difficult…..

  13. Can we please have it in Oscars style.

    Musical Cunt – Lily Alen
    Theatrical Cunt – Ewan Mcgregor
    Political Cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    Cunt in a supporting role – Baroness Scotland
    Cunt Region of the year – London
    Lifetime Cuntidtude award – Tony Blair.

    We could have a big ceremony and all dress up. My local pub has a function room and does a great buffet.

    Any other categories please feel free to add.

  14. Oh I fuckiin like that!!
    There’s real scope there….

    Best newcomer ?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Lifetime disservice award.. ken cuntasaurus CLARKE……
    Endless possibilities… πŸ˜‚

  16. Oh, tricky. I hate with venom Russell Brand, would gladly punch over and over Jeremy Cuntbin, gladly dance on the grave of Tony ‘I am a cunt’ Bliar (although there will be a bloody long queue) and his cunt friend Gordon ‘I can’t do sums’ B ruin. But since it is just for the year my vote goes to Diane Abbottomus. A cunt of the first magnitude, as thick as a pile of pig shit and twice as messy, and one of the nation’s leading hypocrites.

    • She (?) didn’t even turn up to last night’s Brexit vote. Probably too busy weaving a new grass skirt with matching half coconut bra and fetching chicken bone jewellery. But then again it isn’t her country so why should she bother?


    Fellow cunters – this is a no brainer. As previously cunted, the ENTIRE Politcal class (on both sides of the Pond) instantly qualify.

    From Remoaners, to anti Trumpers, to the Jockenese, they continue to show their utter contempt for the voters – racists, ignorami and Deplorables that we are.

    They should be strung up in Parliament Square, under the watchful gaze of Oliver (In the name of God, go!) Cromwell.

    A belated Happy New Year fellow cunters

    Big Al

    PS Happy retirement Dio – thanks for your efforts. Best wishes to the new team

  18. For me, Theresa May. Having become our PM through fixing it that all other contenders dropped out, Sharia May has consistently prevaricated on doing anything. She could have triggered article 50 on day one but pissed around until the courts became involved. She has done nothing about the real enemies of the UK, the civil service, education and media sectors. Every Trotskyite cunt I know was over the moon when the countrys most useless Home secretary blagged the big chair, and we’ll all rue the day the cunt did.

  19. I’ll nominate Dick Fiddler for not having the balls to do a Guy Fawkes and at least make an attempt to blow ” The Mother Of All Parliaments” sky high.

  20. 2016 Cunts of the year…
    Political cunt…. farron
    Film cunt Niro
    Theatre Cunt…. Helen mirren
    Music Cunt …. lily Allen
    Best supporting cunt… Christine lagarde
    Region of Cunts…. London
    Talentless cunts… sue/ Mel Russel brand
    Best newcomer cunt.. Gina miller
    Lifetime Cunt award… ken CLARKE- tony Blair…
    after 20 years of total cuntish behaviour they are inseparable…,

  21. sir lord dame jessica double fucking barrel cunt ennis.
    you can tell she has some wog in her as all those fucking sports type niggers have to go cunting double barreled as they only know their fathers by the csa payment cards…if they are lucky enough to got anything off the scum fuckers
    also, can sir cunt lord ennis actually speak? just looks fucking gormless in the cuntish adverts

  22. 1.farron
    4.michael Moore
    5.russell brand

    Farron has to take the crown of cuntitude for now.

  23. I want to add that peado looking skid stain Verhofstadt to the list. Claiming that the UK will owe up to 600 billion to the Reich when we leave. It proves that him and his fellow bummers live on some far distant planet. That cunt certainly looks like it, a Dr Who creation without doubt. His fucking parents must be devastated at what they produced. Go and get your fucking teeth fixed with our money and then draw ya curtains on your head and fuck off far away. Low life untermensch.

  24. Agreed!! Farron is the premier cunt of our times but can he keep it going like old timers CLARKE and Blair?
    Personally I think farron will blow out and end up working as a supply teacher in some shit hole leftie academy school…πŸ˜‚

    • the odious cunt farron should be good until the next election, then hopefully he’ll disappear into obscurity

  25. That fat bag of shite,Diane Abbott,was conveniently “taken ill” before the Brexit vote last night. The bitch didn’t even have the guts to either resign and vote the way she wanted to,or to follow her leader’s instruction to back the Bill.

    Cunt of the Year? Quite possible,but I’m fucking sure that I don”t want to see it.

      • She’s a fucking disgrace and her fanny probably hangs there like a horses harness.

        Taken ill my ass.

        Probably at home eating fried chicken and water melon.

  26. I am tempted also to pick SPivey. His ‘forensic investigations’ are time and time again being shown to be the utter pile of shite sensible people knew them to be . This week it’s the Tunisian beach shootings , last week it was the Bath runaway lorry tragedy, you know the one where a four year old girl was killed as she crossed the road with her grandmother who lost both her legs, according to that numbskull it all never happened. The only thing stopping me nominating him is that most people are lucky enough to have never heard of him.

    • You mean succeeded? “tried” implies that he failed his task, someone I know(not personally) got his website taken down due to trolls. You don’t want to further anger these psychos they will blackmail you or plant cp on you if they dox you I’m not sure posting his address helped but I dunno… screwy situation shame it happened

  27. The Daily Express, for censoring articles on their website, preventing people from leaving comments on articles, particularly articles about Islam/Muslims and then whingeing that the government, aided by cunts like Max Mosely and Jug Ears Lineker, were trying to curtail the freedom of speech of the press. Last night, I found that they’re not accepting any comments that have the name ‘Gina Miller’. They’re fucking pathetic.

    • The guardian and the PC ministry of truth blind followers but I could say the same about the Beeb

  28. Got to be Krankie Sturgeon for services to imbecility.
    (Scotland to stay in single market or go independent. Both possibilities laughable and impossible. Bring on the second independence vote asap))

    • I would love it if/when a legal challenge to their independence vote meant that we all had to the chance to tell them to “get tea fuck”.
      Sturgeon and Salmon win for me. Pair of fat little malignant fuck-pigs

  29. Gina Miller. I know she’s been nominated a lot recently, but she fucking deserves it. Not content with sticking her oar into British affairs, and showing outright contempt for democracy, she’s now saying that she wants to work with the team negotiating our departure from the EU. Apparently, it’s so they can understand what Brexit means for people like her, investment managers, bankers, business owners etcetera. It’s also to offer alternatives to the type of Brexit that May says she wants. The type where we actually leave the EU completely. What an arrogant cunt she is.

    This is nothing but an attempt by Miller and her backers to take over the exit process and replace it with THEIR version of Brexit, a version which makes it pretty pointless to even trigger Article 50. I can’t say for sure who any of her backers are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Blair and Branson were involved in some way. Anyway, if I were PM, the conservation would go along the lines of:

    “So, you want to work with the Brexit negotiating team Gina? In that case, I have my coffee without milk and sugar. And I’ll have TWO bacon muffins, with smoked bacon, and a little brown sauce. What? You didn’t think I’d allow you to have any input in the negotiations did you? You’re a selfish, anti-democratic cunt! All you and your allies want, is what’s best for you. Well, you’ve got more chance of going down on Frankenstein’s monster than you have of being in that room. Now, bacon muffins, bitch. Oh yes, and once we’re out of the EU, your citizenship will be revoked and you’ll be on the first plane back Guiana. That’ll teach you to fuck with things you should be keeping your nose out of”.

  30. Violent Anti-trump rioters killed a man with a shovel, burned cars, broke windows, attacked passerbys Jesse Arreguin told police to stand down people are injured and dead because of the incompetentance of this Mayor

    Remind me again how Trump is the fascist?!

    • That’s lefties for you. Constantly demanding respect, tolerance, an end to bigotry and hatred etcetera etcetera.. Yet they are the most intolerant, hate filled, disrespectful, illiberal, bigoted, violent fuckwits that you will ever meet. On top of that, they are arrogant, smug, self-superior, self-righteous and dishonest.

      • Just like Rick: ‘There’ll be an end to all poverty and hatred…
        Get up, Neil! I hate you!’

        The National Guard should be wheeled out and they should go snowflake shootin’….

        • And then Cunt Stills Nash & Cunt could write a syrup drenched hippy dirge about how these snowflakes died for freedom… But actually ignored a democratic election result…

    • The incidents at Berkeley are getting zero coverage, and i mean zero coverage by the lame stream media.
      A major whinge on social media about Roots getting mentioned in Coronation Street makes headlines, but leftards rioting coz they don’t get their way, gets nothing.
      and Jesse Arreguin is very punchable looking cunt.

  31. And Gina when you’re finished with the food and drinks my dogs got some shit stuck around his arse hole , there’s a dear…..

    • I’d like to nominate Quislings as a cunt. I got a bad chest infection and when I laughed so hard at the last post it hurt bad. Cunt.

  32. Can the powers that be please have a thread Britains most punchable cunt???
    Please! please! pretty please!!
    I’m going early with nomination
    Booky wooky Russell brand…

      • Britain’s most punchable cunt?…..

        Tim Farron
        Steven Moffatt
        Gary Linekunt
        The McCanns
        Keith Lemon
        Lily Mong
        Russel Brand

        The agony of choice…. Is the aptly named Robin Thicke British or a Yank?… Either way, I’d love to punch that cunt…

        • Don’t forget Jamie Oliver, the biggest punchable cunt out there. Just watch out for all the tongue slavver though, best not to get that all over you.

        • He’s Canadian.
          The thing that got me was, he is a super duppa mega cunt, but his dad Alan Thicke was a pretty funny guy and took the piss out if himself all day long.
          He had a reality show called In The Thicke Of It, and it was excellent.
          Full of tongue in cheek stuff, and trying to play the “do you know who i am” and nobody ever did.
          Funny guy.
          He died a couple of months ago.

  33. I just got an email promoting the vile cunts latest, and I use this term loosely, comedy tour. If the cunt didn’t make me feel so violently sick just looking at it I would be tempted to go and BOO the cunt back to the stone age. Ugly cunt.

  34. So many contenders, but for me it’s Obama. Or to use his full and official title, Ex-President ‘divisive, race baiting, Marxist, Socialist, lying, morally corrupt, weak, inept, deceitful and delusional’ Barak Hussein Obama. Who’s married to a wolfman.

    Any ‘leader of the free world’ who’s been as big a shit bag as Obastard has been, deserves a lifetime achievement award for services to cuntitude.

    A quite unbelievably piss poor president whose abject failure at practically everything is eclipsed only by the twat’s massive ego.

    • I always thought that Mrs Obama’s face was used as a bakers template for their gorilla biscuits.

        • Probably still has one.

          Explains why Barack pauses so often when he speaks, his mind constantly flashes back to the fateful day when he first saw it and thought “Christ it’s bigger than mine”.

          Didn’t stop him though, dirty bugger.

          • Them scheduled fucking pauses.
            Worse than shitcom acting.
            Waiting for applauses.
            I hatehatehatehatehatehatehate that cunt.
            And he whistles when trying to pronounce an S or C.

  35. My nomination for cunt of the year is Michael Fallon MP Defence Secretary. I have just had the misfortune to read some of the cunts comments regarding Russia’s aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov as she transited the Channel on her way back from upsetting muzzis. Cunty Fallon called her the “ship of shame” because she caused lots of upset by “indiscriminate bombing” of the friendly branch of Islam or something. Paraphrasing the cunt, he carried on with “We will keep a close eye on the Admiral Kuznetsov as she skulks (kid you not) back to Russia. We are man-marking (really) these vessels every step of the way as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe. Fuck me this cunt is on a fucking acid trip or something. The only time the war in Syria actually got anywhere was when the Russians used real bombs not rolled up copies of the human rights act and benefit claim forms. That carrier has enough firepower to take out most of southern England has most likely more crew members than personal in the RAF for fucks sake. Two Typhoons and a couple of knackered frigates plus big John’s whelk dredger ain’t going to bother them much. Now do not get me wrong I was in the forces during the cold war and Russia and it’s allies, bad guys. Things have changed somewhat the bad guys are our own people!! Russian stands up to all the bullshit pc bollocks and I cannot help admiring that attitude. Anyway Fallon should be cunt of the year 2016 because he is a massive cunt. Thank you for reading.

    • Fallon is a cunt, without a doubt… Nice cunting there, Black Biscuit… Cheers…

      Nadiya Hussain is a cunt… More from the BBC’s sacred cow and pet project… Now going on about ‘how hard done by’ she is and how the UK is so ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’… And this from someone who wears mandatory headgear, will do everything ‘her man’ tells her to do, and is rubbishing the country that made her famous… Racist? Sexist? Wouldn’t you just know it… A ‘challenge’ to be a muslim woman in Britain?… Try being a white woman in Sweden or Germany, you cunt… That’s a challenge and a half… But the BBC won’t mention that, will they?… Oh dear me, no….

      Bake-Off?… How about ‘Fuck Off!’

      • When Beckham hooked up with Dog Spice that fateful day at Old Trafford, a well known figure at United was heard to say , ‘She will ruin him, and she is someone we will never, ever be rid of now…’

        Never be rid of…. Sounds like the BBC’s favoured child and cake competition winner…

        • If she thinks its a challange being a muslim bird in UK she want to try it in Afganistan or Saudi. They still stone women to death in Saudi for having a soggy bottomed victoria sponge.

      • If she thinks its a challange being a muslim bird in Britain she wants to try it in Afganistan or Saudi Arabia. I think they still stone women to death in Saudi for having a soggy bottom on the Victoria sponge.

  36. If this was a vote for “Cunt of the Year”2016 on Pornhub, I’d go for Sasha Grey.

    • Porhhub is a slow cunt.
      It can take me up to half an hour to download a scene.
      Xvideos is the same.
      I just stick with xhamster. That takes two minutes tops.
      And if you want to know who the filthiest is, heres my nominations.

      Filthiest Milf – Ava Divine
      Filthiest Gilf – DeBella
      Filthiest Girl – Chastity Lynn

      • Apparently a guy who was a victim of the Thalidomide drug is now a porn star.

        Rumour has it, he’s got an arm like a baby’s cock…..

  37. Just turned on sky news and Kay burley is talking about the Brexit white paper, she has the facial expression of someone who has stepped in dog shit….
    Kier starmer has the facial expression of someone who has swallowed dog shit!!
    FUCKIIN brilliant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Surprised Burley hasn’t melted under the Sky TV lights before now… There’s more plastic in her fizzog than there is in my blue wheelie-bin….

      And Starmer is a prize cunt… Suck it up, Remaincunts…

  38. I would go for Tony Bliar, because he and his cronies let a great many of these cunts off the leash.
    Pork-botherer Cameron second because he reminds me of Bliar, as well as being an odious, spineless, oily little spiv in his own right.
    Ted Heath third, even though the fat, pompous, treasonous, cabin boy buggerer (and much more allegedly) is stone dead.
    That Farron cunt.
    Failing that the suggestion of nominating the entire political class works for me especially if all the Media can be squeezed in too.

  39. A late entry for Cunt of the year!
    Human rights shyster lawyer Phil shiner has been struck off after being found guilty of drumming up false allegations against British soldiers in Iraq..
    Miserable prick should face a jail sentence……

    • It’s got to go to Izzard, when he was on Question Time playing to the gallery by shouting down Nigel the Great just before Brexit in his fagberry beret.

  40. I could easily spend an afternoon practicing my ‘keepie uppies’ with Owen Jones’ head…

  41. My pick is me old cunting, the deplorable Phil Shiner, now in the news once more because the rat faced leftie solicitor cunt has been struck orf. Now a proven hater orf our military lads who trousered vast sums orf public money to indulge his sick persecutions orf them. Never forget he ran a family firm “Public Interest Lawyers” and employed and paid them to aid his reprehensible conduct.

  42. I cant believe no ones mentioned this, and i have only found out after reading yesterday’s The Sun.
    The Missing Peoples Choir are to take part in Britain’s (Not) Got Talent.
    Whats the point of any other cunt taking part ?
    These cunts have already won.
    And if they make it to the finals, (they will), Kate McCann , who is “choir ambassador” may get more heavily involved.
    Not now though, only after the other ones have done the “graft”.

    Before anybody calls me heartless, a dear friend of mine and a father of a little girl has been missing, feared dead for nearly two years.
    My point is, get together, sing yer songs, but don’t go on a cheesy talent show.

    • She’ll need the money after loosing her case against that Portugese policeman who she and her creepy husband sued.

      Get ready for another public appeal for funds from the poor,tragic McCanns Perhaps another crocodile-teared stained book detailing the pain of missing Maddie so much.
      Pair of ghouls

        • Wonder what song the McCann cash-in choir are going to release?… U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’? Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’? How about ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’?….

          Or maybe their Milk Maddie Bandwagon would be best served by the rejigging of the Love Affair classic: They could re-do it as ‘Everlasting Lunch’…. C u n t s !

          • Priceless, Norman, absolutely priceless.
            I’m going to be smiling all day long now.
            Well , until i step outside, that is.
            Something always pisses me off as soon as i step outside.
            Cheers, Norman. lmao.

          • Maybe The Great Pretender by The Platters followed by a rousing rendition of Highway To Hell by AC/DC.
            I’m sure there wont be a dry eye in the house….well,apart from Gerry McCanns as he books a nice dinner out with his pals after making sure that his beloved kids are safely tucked up in bed.

  43. Please forgive me fellow cunters
    Hope could that FUCKIIN woman man woman raspberry beret wearing unfunny titanic cunt have slipped thru my net??
    Not only a complete cunt but a woman who it would actually be okay to flatten….. most free minded individuals would applaud and appreciate this cunt getting punched……..

  44. How😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  45. I think it has to be Cameron for his cowardice, treachery, brazen lies and soundbite approach. He fucked everyone over royally and there is only a small amount of pleasure in knowing he ended up being fucked over by us.

    Sadiq Khan will quietly slip under the radar here, but it is he who planted the message that terrorism is part of everyday life – I think we’ll see that mantra gain ground, and we’ll see the smarmy dwarf cunt attempt his ascension over the next couple of years. Let’s hope his lies and back trackings are his undoing.

    I would also happily see The BBC cunted roundly for their propaganda, bias, groupthink, screeching and lying by omission – a revoking of their charter would see me happy.

    2016 exposed the breadth and depth of cuntage in the UK and the world, beyond just finding people annoying / gobby / idiotic – awarding the title to a single being is a waste of cunts.

  46. Also in yesterday’s Sun, Emily Blunt , who has American dual citizenship has said Trump’s election had left her wondering if she had done the right thing, adding ‘I’m not thrilled about becoming American’
    Well get to fuck then.
    Imagine getting citizenship in a country that will make you more rich and famous than you would in yer home country, and then slag of the voters of yer new country and its leader.
    Deport the bitch for inciting racial ( it would be better if he was black) hatred.

    Emma Stone says ‘things are scary and need action’.
    What do these thick cunts think all this bleating will lead to ?
    Nothing , that’s what you doss cunts.
    And Dev Patel, listen up cunt, you are only welcome in Tinseltown when they need a stereotypical Indian guy.
    Think yerself lucky that you get a role every couple of years and shut the fuck up.

  47. There was a massive amount of cuntery in 2016 and most of the worst offenders have been proposed, but for sheer self-righteousness and stupidity (and for proving that you can’t keep a bad cunt down), the crown has to go to Rhodes Must Fall activist Ntokozo Qwabe.

  48. Mad Donna for me, god forbid she breeds with Brendan Rodgers, surely that would span the actual fucking Anti-Christ

    • And when Madonna was squeezing out the anti Christ , Brendan will be in the corridor telling the gathering media that mother and child are showing great character and Madonna’s pussy has been outstanding and he’s proud of the way she’s handling being a member of this great family, but to rebuild this great family, we may have to look to sign a couple of Malawian youngsters.

  49. Maybe we could have catergories for example

    ‘Most odious cunt that ever drew breath’ – Tony B-liar

    ‘Most useless little cunt that every drew breath’ – Tim ‘cuntish but dim’

  50. Has to be Tony Blair, like the turd that refuses to flush away, up he pops giving his unwanted opinion whilst trousering millions for himself and his odious wife and leaving us all thinking why don’t you just fuck off and die of arse cancer.

    He is only sore about Brexit as he watches his EU paid gravy train disappearing into the distance.

    Then we have the Blair kids to look forward to in the future joining in on the state funded largesse, helped up on the back this lying, treasonous self obsessed cunt.

  51. A new cunt of this year, the human rights cunt that accused our troops of abusing civilians in Iraq has been arrested for taking bribes of Iraqis. That cunt should be put up infront of those soldiers who’s careers and reputations he ruined.

  52. No mention of the Rotherham sentencing on BBC News at 10… Just anti Trump andBrexit propaganda… This is the disgrace that is the BBC…. Mind you, they have protected child rapists before, haven’t they?…. Cunts…

    • Who do you think supplies them?! this isn’t some small time gang these are hordes of them Huge coverup regarding these gangs various MPs are implicated I think. All I know is the powers to be don’t care

  53. I’ve done it again, I didn’t turn over before question cunt started.

    I know better than that.

    I am a cunt.

  54. Flexicunt,McLean might be a fenian cunt,but I hope he bags the winner for the mighty Baggies on Saturday…….Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  55. If it has to be a person then I vote for Tiny Tim Farron because he is a cunt!

    However for me the biggest cunt of the year has to be the BBC. As soon as Brexit was called they made it their soci-globo-libero mission to undermine that decision, show remoaners as the doyens of intelligent debate, and brexiteers as thick as pig shit racists.

    Their guesswork on the collapse of Britain’s financial stability has been proven wrong at every turn only for them to state that this WILL happen in a few months time, and when that anniversary rolls around again and is priven wrong (yet again) they restate this prophecy of doom, except it will happen in a few month’s time…repeat.

    Then we got to the Donald Trump election, again a result that didn’t suit their soci-globo-libero agenda, and so they believe it to be news to portray him in as bad a light possible, neglect to report on facts like he saved 1,000 jobs from being off-shored while still President elect (which was more than Barry did for the people directly in 8yrs in office), and, convinced Ford to keep their factory in the US rather than off-shoring it – while persisting the lies that he is banning Mexican immigration and – more recently – has banned Muslims from entering the US. No he hasn’t – please report the truth.

    The BBC is the biggest cunt of the year by misreporting or delaying the reporting of terrorist acts as being “peaceful” cunt related. Terms such as “Norwegian”, “French National” and “…not clear if it’s terrorism related…” – when it’s fucking plain as day WHO has committed these clearly TERRORIST acts, but they won’t for fear of upsetting “peaceful” cunts. A move which can only be explained by the fact that Auntie Beeb knows that within a couple of generations the UK will be predominantly “peaceful” and by appeasing the cunts now they’ll retain their Royal Charter (or whatever it will be called by then) as Al Jazera Light under the shariah rule of Ayatollah Khan!

    Finally the BBC is the biggest cunt of the year due to their double standards of reporting. Of the dozens of “peaceful” atrocities reported – both domestically and abroad – as a bit of “hijinks” by “misguided” individuals, when it came to the very tragic murder of Jo Cox, Thomas Mair was named as the murderer and was branded a Nazi/Nazi sympathiser long before her blood had even dried on the road where she was killed.

    For their obvious partiality and for only reporting the news they wish to, and in they way they wish it to be told – which may or may not be loosely based on reality – the BBC is by far the biggest cunt of 2016!

  56. As the clock runs down and excitement grows as to who will walk away with the coverted title cunt of the year 2016 I got to thinking about what makes a great cunt? I suppose it’s a bit like music in that anybody can be a one hit wonder much in the same way cunts come and go, in 10 years will we be talking about Gina miller? Shyster lawyer Phil shiner? Probably not, but looking thru the nominations for cunt of the year and other threads two individuals stand alone in perfect isolation on top of the mountain of shit that rises out of the festering swamp of utter cuntishness, day in day out, week after week, year after year they have put in the graft required to keep them at the top of universally despised cunts!!
    I salute the CUNTS that are tony Blair and cuntasaurus ken CLARKE….

    • It’s quite fascinating how Kilary has gone from the most despised woman in the world (now a position taken up by Banana Gob Miller) to virtually ignored nonentity…

      Honey G will fall into the ‘forgotten cunt’ category for 2017, I think… But what a fucking pathetic, talent-free, media whore, plug ugly, concorde conked cunt she really is though…

      • I had forgotten about the Honey G.
        How did that happen ?
        I love me a bit of Honey G hating.
        I used to get annoyed, now i find her entertaining, in a “let’s scoff at doss cunts” kind of way.

  57. some more wimmin for the list.

    nicole kidman…where do i start with that talentless cunt?
    holly willocunt..looks like the fucking joker
    ferne cunton…just a whiny hopeless cunt
    the fucking muzzie from bake off
    rachel riley..only on cuntdown for the afternoon wankers to pull their cocks over.
    i would rather do carol vorderman anytime, i like a mature cunt.

    • Neighbour of mine does security at Manchester Airport, and he told me that Kidman was one of the biggest and most obnoxious cunts tohave ever passed through the place…. Other airport cunts he mentioned were Madogga (there’s a surprise), Cilla Black, and Tom Wanks… sorry… Hanks… He also said Beckham was alright, but Dog Spice was a cunt… That’s what they were like when I met them…

  58. I see Theresa May is at a summit in Malta today, I seriously hope she offers that goblin faced cunt of a Maltese prime minister Joseph muscat out for a straightner in the car park!! That FUCKIIN political Pygmy hasn’t stopped threatening the UK since his elevation in the EU!.
    Since when was it acceptable for Malta ( pop 419,000) to start giving the UK shit??? That is one of the biggest problems with the EU in that it gives enormous power to absolute nobody Cunts like muscat, I bet he gets a hard on talking down to Britain… snivelling cunt!!

  59. That cunt behind Farage with his oh so clever little sign needs a pull through with a fucking Christmas Tree. Just imagine for 1 second if it had been the other way round. You’d hear the wailing and head slapping by all the ‘tolerant, beautiful, peace loving, don’t you dare try and rock my world’ faggoty cunts for fucking miles. Suck it up cunts.

  60. The shite is hitting the fan in D.R Congo.
    Yer usual run of the mill Africans about to chop up their neighbours, shite.
    When slebs, politicians and the media report in Africa, they love to portray them as down on their luck, loving people who just want to boogie.
    My view is that they are mostly murderous cunts who love a strop.
    The reason i bring this up is, i’m watching an old episode of Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters, and he’s in the Congo.
    He says that the Congo is the most dangerous place that he’s ever visited.
    The reason for this ?
    Congo’s bloody colonial past.

    I like the Jeremy, but he can fuck off if him and his producers are trying that shite.
    Just catch the fish and put them back. Give us the info on the fish and then put it back.
    But don’t, don’t try and hit us with some bullshite white guilt reason as to why in this millennium, these cunts remain savages.

    • Wogs like to fight, it’s tribal and in their blood to murder each other.

      The main reason? with food and shelter easy to come by they have fuck all else to do.

      I’ve been to the African continent once and I will never go back even for money. What people imagine is a continent full of fun, colour and happiness is a seething pit of crime, rape, murder, blame and self loating. The whole place also stinks of piss and deep shit, the smell of the place even gets into your clothes.

      The educated brothers in this country know the score and would never go back there.

    • I have worked in The Republic of Congo, that’s the good Congo not the bad one. But never the less they are still a bunch of savages who will kick off like fuck at the slightest opportunity. There are non of the verbals or pushing and shoving malarkey with these cunts, no sir. One minute it is calm and everybody having a drink and a laugh, next minute for seemingly no reason at all out come the machetes and it’s choppy choppy time. Zero to blood bath in 4 seconds flat.

  61. Chris Evans – exposed for what he is a gobby, sycophantic, talent-less, ginger, first class with honours cunt. Took top gear on the pretence he would add value, copied it, infused with his poisonous personality and got found out for what he is – total bell-end, who pretends he’s mid 20’s, cool Britainnia, locked in the fucking past, get on C list celebs and fawning all over them. How the fuck did he nail Billie Piper. what a stain on her life. Not far off kiddie fiddling that she was 17. A fucking CUNT.

    • Fucking hell I forgot about that TERRRRRRRWAAAAAAATTTTT. Maybe I was hoping the cunt had gone to the ginger cunt section in the sky. All that cunt has ever done is forced his way into the jobs he’s had by surrounding himself with thicko arsehole lickers. He must have trawled each corner of the land for boneheads that were capable of being brainwashed by his shouty shouty hysterical idiocy.
      What he did to Top Gear was take it backwards with his childish old hat squeeling cars around Leicester Sq type of shite. YAWN. Been done to death that son. I know Clarkson was much the same but at least he added a bit of racism and chauvanism. Wound a lots of the PC’ers up to fuck but you know where the channel button is. I put ginger toss muck in with Corden Blurrgh and whale impressionist Moyles.
      The talent pool grows ever smaller.

  62. can i nominate talksport for a right cunting?
    talkshit is what it is.
    only ever talk about the top six in the prem and always cunting off arsenal, i thought the media was supposed to be neutral in their opinions.
    most of the presenters are total fuckwits, with the exception of h and j in the afternoons.
    alan brazil needs a cunting on his own, pissed most of the time, eating on air, you can hear the fat cunt munching and slobbering his way through the show, 4 hours, of which 2 are shit adverts, news and poxy station trailers.
    the fawning over jose, rodgers, fat sam and the totally dodgy arry redcunt, almost sucking their cocks on air is sickening.
    the whole station is just a free ride for ex pro drunks, drink drivers, doggers and even horse botherers.
    bring back the old days when cunts like them just bought a pub and drank themselves to death/bankruptcy
    maybe i am the cunt for listening to the shit?

    • If there’s clutter
      In yer gutter
      Don’t me mad
      Don’t be a nutter

      Get yerself
      A Hedgehog gutter brush

      HEDGEHOG !

      Love the ad, but the rest is usually shite.
      Still better than BBC 5Live, though.

    • Hey Pirate – would have to agree. The only exception is The Two Mikes show which runs from 1AM to 4 AM UK time. It is classic. Those two are hilarious and well worth a listen. There’s a downloadable podcast each day if you’re not around in the wee hours.

      It’s odd that being on the radio, you really only have 2 things going for you. Your voice and personality, both of which are highly significant since it’s an audio only experience. Odd then that TalkSport choose to employ Jim White and Adrian Durham, both of whom have appalling voices, with Durham having a particularly odious personality. I really hate that cunt.

      I gave up on Hawksbee & Jacobs recently. Usually quite funny and informative, they started on about Trump by just repeating the stereotypical bollocks the left throws at him. Lazy, uninformed and completely ignorant bullshit. Couple of wankers!

      Check out The Two Mikes though. Quality entertainment.

      • I agree Yank. Durham knows Jack Fuck and the other 2 are doing the bandwagon. Parry and Graham are fucking hilarious.

      • i do listen to the two mikes. i live out in spain so its 2 til 5 for me,dont go to bed that early so catch an hour or so sometimes.
        i listen via tunein so i dont even get the fucking gutter brush ads as no proper adverts, only station idents telling me how good this pile of shit is…liars!!
        agree about h and j but i let their crap go as i find some of it funny and the clips of the week are always good for a laugh.
        not all live broadcasts now and they must repeat those same fucking 10 or so totally cuntingly boring my sporting life, highlights include hoddles mad period, john cunting barnes singing the anfield rap and twat cash climbing the roof at wimbledon. if thats their sporting highs then im glad im a fucking welder, highlights include doing a great dance with sparks down my boots.
        sporting cunts.

      • Delighted to see someone banging the drum for The Two Mikes. I fucking hate TalkSport, but these are two good cunts. Parry is a lunatic – but good value. Wing-mirrors on racehorses, atheletes eventually running the 100m in 1 second, Ferrero Rocher crisis…he does entertain. MG is a witty bloke charged with monitoring Parry as he’s released from his straitjacket 3 hours a day. Just a great show.

    • Have an Arsenal mate who is always listening to Talkshit and then moaning about the anti Arsenal bias. My reply ?
      Don’t turn the cunts on in the first place.

  63. Tony Blair , obviously , for being a cunt in perpetuity . He should be cryogenically frozen so that he can be re-activated every year and wheeled out to receive a lifetime/deathtime award for extreme cuntitude.
    For C o t Y 2016 I am nominating Tiny Quim Farron , just ahead of Vagina Miller.
    The corporate award goes to the BBC for pursuing their liberal/leftist agenda and also for providing a platform for a host of should be non-entities from the world of ‘entertainment’ who all share a sense of worth and self-importance that exceeds their ability by several million light years.
    Special mentions for Eddie L’izzard , Gary Arselicker , Lily the megacunt , Martin Freeload and his chum Benzedrol Wetpatch , Romesh Ranganathan and others like up and coming Nish Kumar who exercises his divine right as a comedian ,courtesy of the BBC , to espouse the kind of snowflake philosophy , open border shit , in a nasally strangulated , let me machete this little fucker, way. In common with the aforementioned panoply of shite , he appeals to the vocal left , and the kind of whingey anti-democrat enabling , terrorist apologists who form the demographic that seems to appeal to the BBC , so we’ll award Auntie the award for being the vehicle for such cuntery.

    • Can ye imagine Tony (lizard) Blair’s face cryogenically frozen ?
      That grin and them reptilian eyes, no thanks.

      Benzedrol Wetpatch , genius, Simon de Cuntdord.

  64. Those Cunts over at talkshite need to learn the difference between singular and plural😑
    I heard some useless bellend speaking the other day”” England look a good bet to win the grand slam with the likes of your robshaws, and your marlers, throw in ya Farrells and the likes of a ford ” it’s FUCKIIN insidious even the cricket fuckers are giving it some ” oh who wouldn’t like a Roy in their team to go along with likes of your roots”

  65. Cunt of the year is turning into a cliffhanger!! Who will walk away with This highly prestigious award….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • If any of you ever came across a cunt of a builder I sometimes have the misfortune to deal with you would all vote him in. A cunt of the highest magnitude. Self important, rude and shite. Typical wanker has about 6 jobs on the fucking go. Everything takes forever, no regard for each trade. CUNT. Customer:- Could we add a heated towel rail in that loo. Cunt:- Oh aye love, no problem that. Be about another 4 grand that love! Cheesy bell end.

  66. I would like to volunteer to rustle up a task-force to collect the worthy nominees ,with the necessary aids (straight-jackets and industrial strength anaesthetic) and convey them to a suitable venue for the prestigious award ceremony . May I suggest the London Olympic Stadium , which cuntishly masquerades as West Ham’s home.
    All we need to do then is notify the relevant US and British governments of the time , place and geographic co-ordinates so they can provide a fitting finale , eg selective drone strike , thus cementing the special relationship while providing us all with a good laugh.

  67. De cuntford that’s music to my ears, the only thing missing is an afternoons water boarding to set the scene…….

    • I’d like to cunt Trump. Yeah, I know that won’t be a popular opinion on here, but I don’t give a fuck πŸ™‚

      Is it because of the immigrant ban? Nope, I don’t blame him for that, I think we should do it here !
      Is it because of anything else he’s done? Nope, not really. I mean, there ARE better ways of handling things, like the immigrant ban was the right thing done in a completely amateurish way.
      Nope, my cunting is for the future. And I mean China. Yeah, the Chinese are cunts and they shouldn’t go taking islands that are 1000 miles away from their mainland and making them their own, but really, who gives a fuck if they have the albatross infested fucking things? Who really gives a shit? But Trumpy will, he’ll send the whole of the fucking Naval fleet in and then it’ll escalate and then its WW3 time. Probably think I’m talking shit? Even Steve Bannon, his right hand man thinks that’s what will happen. So lets see if everyone on here is busy cheering Trump’s name when the nukes are flying !

      • Ohhh, I should also mention how Trump was cunted not once, but twice, on this very site ! So before everyone starts calling me a cunt, try not to be hypocritical cunts yourselves ! πŸ™‚

        • The world was fucked either way, a choice between the tango terror, and the warmongering witch. She wanted to bomb Russia, so a war was on the cards whatever the vote.

          • I can’t deny that, Hillary would have started it with Russia………so we were bolloxed either way. But Hillary ain’t POTUS, so Trump get the COTUS vote !

        • For me Trump’s cuntish qualities will always be mitigated by his pissing on the Clinton and , by extension , the snowflake parade.
          If he does trigger Armageddon the crafty divil will have avoided nomination as C o t Y by virtue of the fact that we’ll all be tatey bread. Just the thought of the libtard/snowflakes’ abject terror in the face of their imminent annihilation would afford some compensation , and we wouldn’t have to hear them crowing about their being wight about the nasty man all awong.

          • Definitely. Watching her shrivel up like the witch from the wizard of oz was priceless. And, as millenials have not yet grasped the concept of democracy, seeing them spazz the fuck out at losing, on both sides of the pond has been most entertaining.

      • More chance of war under Killary.

        Wten Trump got elected that was the bullet the world dodged.

        Besides Trump is trying – in his own way – to extend a laurel leaf to both Russia and China. He may have committed a faux-pas by calling Taiwan while still being President elect but better him than the Killary machine who wanted to strain relations further with both Russia and China. And no doubt to the hurrahs of 50 million snowflake US libtards.

        Why is that? Well because the USA isn’t really doing much militarily currently and yet they have this massive military presence which costs a fortune.

        Moreover and – in the case of Killary – they’re not using many arms because their isn’t a lot of shooting going on in the world – where the US wants to be anyway.

        So – what Killary wanted – was a nice Mexican standoff (or “Scarborough Warning” as it’s termed up here) between Russia and/or China such that they don’t need to actually *use* the arms but will spend billions of US Govt tax dollars bankrolling the arms companies to basically make them happy because that’s where most of her and Billy’s kickback $$$’s come from.

        Trump may yet to be proven to be a buffoon but Killary is Satan incarnate, and let’s not forget, at least Trump is making good on his pre-election promises. When was the last time that happened? Churchil with the “We will fight them on the beaches…” speech? Maybe.

        I just wish all these cunts would just give him a fucking chance. The libtard masses are against everything and anything even moderately right wing and they see it their duty to oppose any decision Trump makes just to oppose it for opposing its sake!

        New liberals = old facists! Point in case here:


  68. At the start of the week Cunt of the year seemed to be a forgone conclusion , farron was the name on most people’s lips, but commeth the hour commeth the cunt!! Like Lazarus Blair has appeared to rise from the dead, like a fading boxing champion can he rekindle his magic for one more night?

    • Blair is for me, cunt of the century. Little Timmy bulbhead Farron is still my pick. He is the yardstick with which future cunts will be measured by. Such as, ten Linekers equal a Farron, there are four Farrons to an Abbot, and there are at least fifty Abbots to a Blair. You can get change for a Kinnock, two Izzards and a Lilymong, from a Hilary. Also, there are five Nadyas to the Sue Perkins. I did start wondering what a Corden was worth, then I realised it was fuck all, like a fake pound coin……

  69. A late nomination.

    Prince Charles for thinking that he is clever enough to lecture people on how to live their lives,

    The hypocritical jug-eared tosser gives his views on how the plebs should live,while he continues to believe that people actually give a fuck about him,his mercifully-dead ex-wife,his pot-boiler of a current wife,his spoiled brat of a son,and his Cuckoo-in-the-nest “son”.

    Hope you kark before “Mummy”,you cunt,and never get to inflict your unique brand of Cuntitude on an undeserving nation.

    • what is it with his son? the young hewitt ginger lad. thinks he is fucking 18 and down with the kids in that cuntish hat. pictured with that old tart, looking like she is his first bird. bet the only thing he has fucked is the butler

      • How do these old royal cunts live so long Dick? I’m starting to believe they tear the heart out of orphaned chilldren eat it while its still fresh and beating to replenish their lifeline Sick useless Cunts!

        • LIZARDS.
          Lizards, lizards, lizards, lizards.

          David Icke may be wrong 99.999999% of the time, but he is right about lizards.

        • Sheer fucking awkwardness, T.S.,that’s what keeps the cunts going….. they know the pleasure that I’ll get from their demise,and so, in typical selfish fashion,they plan to live forever.

          • They live so long becuase they’ve never had to do a fucking stroke in their life hence the stress level never goes above whipping the house boy.

            The Queen Mum (bless her wrinkly old ass) used to have her fluids changed every two days with the blood of virgins mixed with Bombay Sapphire.

            Why people put up with these spongers is a mystery to me.

  70. I’ve applied to join the US Secret Service team that protects Trump.
    Should a shooter step from the crowd, I’ll be the first person to scream, full volume, the name of a Disney character at the US president.

    Donald and Mickey running the show…..who’d a thought…

      • Too early for Trump, he’s only just started proving his cuntitude after inauguration.

        He’s a shoe-in for 2017 Cunt of the Year, close the phone lines now.

  71. Andy Murray gets my vote for King Cunt 2016.

    The ugly fucker has had a year any sportsman or woman would kill for. Titles, Grand Slam, world number one, SPOTY and to top all that (don’t forget how much fucking money he’s earns) he gets a twatting knighthood!

    And how does he react? By being his usual dour, Jock, ungrateful cunt of a cunt.

    What first attracted you to multi-millionaire tennis player Andy Murray, Mrs Murray? Was it his personality and mouth full of broken piano keys for teeth?

    At least Federer has the decency to stick with his fat little wife.

    Andy Murray is a first order, double fault of a cunt, and the crown should be his. The cunt.

    • True enough,TBR,but his mother is strangely alluring….. the pinched,disapproving face,the Headmistressly demeanor,the fist-pumping like she’s giving a particularly vigorous hand-job….it’s a lucky man who gets to feel the full force of her discipline after failing to sate her womanly desires.

      • I know what you mean about Judy, something dirty there. I would love to get her on all four’s and do her with the handle of my slazenger.

    • Nah can’t agree there. I love the tennis and at least he’s a winner unlike Tim “nice but” Dim.

  72. Gina Miller, without a doubt.

    Put it to the nation and that illegal immigrant sack of shit would get at least seventeen and a half million votes.

  73. It’s gotta be Blair!!! Like a Romanian at the benefit office he simply won’t go away …. πŸ˜‚

    • Well the mods sure have their work cut out for them the page is bloody filled! Briefly skimming through it I can tell you it will either be Gina Miller or Tony Blair and rightfully so, as they are both insufferable evil cunts

      • I’m down to a choice between Bliar, Gina Miller or that Phil Shiner scumbag. If the winner gets a photoshopped picture I’d suggest a Spanish Inquisition torture chamber “Pit and the Pendulum” inspired theme complete with a cackling Vincent Price…

  74. If lily Allen wins, make sure the technicians only give her ten minutes of Trump bashing, before cutting away.

    • Perhaps then being thrown to the followers of the ‘religion of peace’, so she can find out first hand how caring they are to their women?

  75. Those cunts who are squealing about their being a ‘lettuce crisis’ and ‘lettuce rationing’ are total cunts…. So some supermarkets are low on iceberg lettuce… So fucking what?… What sort of cunt eats salads in the fucking winter anyway?… And as for the hysterics (which the BBC tossers typically bigged up as a ‘ration crisis’): they make me puke…. My granddad was in a Japanese POW camp, and him and those other brave lads really did go without.. So any cunt who thinks that going without icecunt lettuce is something serious should have a pineapple shoved right up their fucking arse…

    • I hope lettuce dies out forever.
      I’m allergic to the stuff. One touch to the skin, and its welts and rashes.
      If I eat it, my lips swell up like Frank Bruno, after a fight.
      Toxic as fuck.

    • Yeah lettuce, broccoli, aubergine and courgettes are all in low supply. Must be a Southern shortage cos us Northern cunts only like one vegetable: tatties, cut up and deep fried. We called them chips or “chups” as me Glasgee family calls ’em! πŸ˜ƒ

    • C’mon Norman. This lettuce crisis is all our fault for not listening to Cameron, Osborne and the rest of our betters and voting out. Brexit is to blame. Wait until the price of camembert doubles, then we will be suitably contrite. You know it makes sense.

  76. Even though the results aren’t in yet, i choose not to recognize whoever the cunt is that wins it.

    Even though its a democratic vote, its my right to act the cunt and spit my dummy out.

    I’ve also noticed very few black nominees, AGAIN, this year.

    #notmycunt, #blackcuntsmatter

    • You fucking traitor! Next you’ll be posting on “Is a Twat” instead of “Is a Cunt”!

      I will respect the decision of the cunting masses m’lud!

      And we should invoke article cuntitude as soon as the result is in to stop anticunticratic fuckers like Birdman asking for another vote!

      (How’s the auld doob this evening Birdman me auld cocker? πŸ˜‰)

      • The doobs are great tonight.
        The missus is on nights, and the daughter is away at her pals.
        The dogs been out, the budgies are gathered up and there’s an Ancient Aliens marathon on the telly.
        Simple pleasures.
        I don’t know how Ancient Aliens comes across straight, but when yer stoned, it’s excellent.

      • You’re right there but when the cunt does die do you think that Zimbabwe will elect a truly democratic leader and try and sort itself out, or, do you reckon it will degrade into some civil war shite for the next 10yrs that the west will ignore for 8 of them (no oil or shit in Zimbabwe of any use and no money) until pressurised into acting and putting in a Mugabe #2 character?

        I’ve got a fiver on the latter.

    • Birdman, there have been quite a few black nominees this year. I noticed Barack Obama and Mo Farrah, plus the whole of Africa, so to help things along, I’d like to nominate all the people of colour (cunts) in South America, the Caribbean, Brixton, the USA, and many other places. Hope that meets with your approval.

      • I’ve just heard there’s virtual marches going on all over Australia coz you failed to nominate aborigines.
        Samantha Muamba is starting one in Dublin.

  77. Cheers for counting up the noms .Kept losing track.I am going to vote for Farron but there are so many honorable mentions and noms I will have to write up in the post tomorrow morning crowning the winner.

  78. Could it be a photo finish??? Has Blair still got it?? Or will the younger farron carry the day??
    Maybe a complete outsider will shock the more established cunts?? Very very exciting

  79. Will write up the results after a good sleep tonight.Apologies for being a lazy procrastinating cunt.

    • Human Rights,Queer,Vegan,Feminist,Slut? lol yeah its my human right to get fucked in the arse sure buddy.

      People like this is why Trump was needed the special snowflakes need to be put in their place or else society as a whole will fail. We just had a socialist moslem from kenya just give Trump a bloody chance 2017 is the Year of the shitlord Its a New current Year bitches! πŸ™‚

    • Truly an utter Cunt, however, my definition of a true Cunt is somebody who knows they are being a Cunt. This bloke would need to be told by others that he’s being a right Cunt. Lily Allen doesn’t realise it but it’s youthful ignorance that makes her a Cunt. … yet a Cunt all the same.
      Snowflake behaviour, again, youthful ignorance of Cuntitude.

      Tony Blair knows full well he is being an utter Cunt. He knows and has admitted he is the most hated man around British politics. This would make many others just stay inside and keep quiet, not Blair, he just tries to get more involved and promotes his own importance. Surely Cunt of theYear.

  80. Terrible News, Cunters….Lily Allen is going to boycott Presentation Night. Apparently Norman has made some slightly hurtful remarks about her…Oh well,hopefully Diane Abbott will recover enough to make it, we’ve always been pleasant about her.

    • That’s what Lily Liar wants us to think… She’s just thrown her toys out of the pram because Gina Miller is going to beat her to it…

      • You were meant to pick her up in a taxi, Norman.
        What happened ?

        Oh wait, ah, yeah, its all over twitter.

  81. Last pitch for Lily Allen.

    I heard this the other day, but forgot all about it.
    The Lily Allen is releasing an anti Trump “protest song”.
    It’s a cover, surprise, serfuckingprise.
    Anyway, she gets my vote , and anybody else left undecided, just think of her tits.


    Just about to post, then realised that my votes too late.

  82. Fellow cunters, I beg you, it just has to be Spivey. If you can bear it, have a look at his latest ranting. Please mods, please, there is no bigger cunt in the whole of christendom. Everyone knows that Blair et al are all cunts but this epic cunt deserves the highest accolade that cuntdom has to offer.

    • I was gonna nominate a comedian but there isn’t any. Because by definintion if they’re not funny they can’t be a comedian. If they are funny then they can’t be a cunt.

  83. J r. Cuntleys right is cunt of the year legally binding or simply advisory??
    Also due to the ambiguity of the question I’m not sure people have understood what they are voting for?
    I would also like to complain about something written on a red bus
    Although I respect the democratic decision of the site users I would seek a 2nd vote on cunt of the year just to make sure that people still agree with their democratic decision 2 years later on…. TF

  84. Late nomination for 2016’s top cunt, that jug eared shit stain Gary Lineker .
    His constant rants over Brexit & calling leave voters too stupid to know what they voted for. He clearly doesn’t know his Ali’s from his Akbars if he thinks grown men with beards are ‘child refugees’.
    And for those of you who havn’t seen it check out You Tube vid of Gary shitting his pants on the pitch at 1990 World Cup and trying to wipe his arse on the grass.

  85. A cunting for the Church of England

    “A Church of England theological college has expressed regret after trainee priests held a service in the antiquated gay slang language Polari.”

    The congregation was told the use of the lexicon was an attempt to “queer the liturgy of evening prayer”.

    Instead of the traditional “Glory be to the father, and to the son, and the Holy Spirit” the prayer offered was: “Fabeness be to the Auntie, and to the Homie Chavvie, and to the Fantabulosa Fairy”.

    Have these trainee priests been thrown out? No, they got told off.

    If the people running the CoE believed what they preach these fuckers would of been gone. This is pretty much on par with celebrating a black mass.

    I don’t expect to see anyone from the CoE in the press or on the media anytime soon preaching to me about morality and how many migrants I should finance or invite into my home.


    • Good Cunting S.V…..but,to be fair,I don’t reckon that the queer shite that they’re spouting is any more ridiculous than the normal shite that gets spouted in churches,mosques,synagogues,temples etc,, every day of the week. Complete load of hypocritical bollocks preached by a bunch of nutters.

      • I agree, my issue is the church then sits on judgement of us all and feels free to tell me to clean my house.

        If they stop telling me what they think I should do I will do the same for them.

  86. Yeh lineker is a cunt , worst of all a pseudo intellectual one, the BBC allow this “sports presenter ” to air his unsolicited biased shite all the time….
    Maybe when Cunt of the year in done we could have sports cunt of the year, I saw Mc Murray served up in a earlier post ,for me it’s Lewis Hamilton all the way…..

    • I think being a cunt to a degree is a prerequisite to being a winner. Hamilton and Murray don’t come close to the majority of super uber cunts cited on here.

  87. Fuckin” lettuce shortage eh?………..Mark my words,this is just the tip of the iceberg…….Baaaaaaaaah

  88. Have we had a result yet or is the Supreme Court still interfering with the will of the people?

    • It’s fuckin gina miller again!

      Soon she’ll be on here telling us that we should thank her.

  89. Kendo I agree somewhat as they are simply sportsman and are in a way lightweight cunts, maybe the competition should be titled sports most boring Cunt??? And I’m staying with my man Hamilton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • I am a Hamilton fan as a racer but I agree he has become somewhat uppity of late with all his bling and his cunt celeb music mates as well as his extreme disrespect and downright bad manners to some of the reporters trying to do their jobs. So that does qualify him on pole as a Cuntette.

      • I agree Kendo… Hamilton’ s a good driver, but he’s a ponce… A racing driver with diamond earrings and is a professional ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ celebrity/fashion ‘icon’… Ie: he is a cunt…

  90. Just been watching the 1st half oc Chelski v. Artemus and a late CUNT nominee is Martin Tyler.What an utter utter boring,drivel talking,trouble inciting Sky tv cunt he is.And, Martin and your fellow boring, “nasal” sidekick Neville….it”s a PASS,NOT an assist you cunts.One passes a football,you ignorant cunts……..Baaaaaaaaaaaah

    • And what’s all this ‘centre back’ bollocks?… A central defender is a centre-half…It’s like all the other shite these Sky cunts come out with : ‘Zonal Marking’ ‘False Nine’ ‘The Number Ten Role’… The most famous No 10 in the British game, Denis Law, was an out an out striker… All this foreign tactical shite has ruined the game… And that Pep Guardiola is a cunt and all…

  91. And it seems the cunt count for Beckham and ‘Brand Beckham’ has gone off the scale…
    Bear in mind it is The Sun reporting it, but I’ve been hearing this sort of stuff about Golden Bollocks around Manchester for years… He was once a seemingly down to earth and affable lad, then he he met her (or should that be ‘it’?) and he was fucked…. It makes hilarious reading for those of us who hate celebricunts, and harrowing reading for the many celeb worshipping mongs in the UK… ‘Sir Becks’ really does come across as a right cunt though, and he won’t sue… Just like he didn’t when Rebecca Loos blew the whistle after blowing him… I personally have no time for multi millionaires trying to get money off me every year when they’re only doing it for personal gain…. Cunt…

    • I hope that’s the end of them, i doubt it, but fingers and toes crossed.
      I’d say that’s the first time I’ve witnessed a human side to the cunt.

      If he is to sue, I’d get them for saying “football legend” and “fashion icon”.

    • Right out of the Smashy & Nicey school of charity work!

      “So David how’s being a charity shill for Unicef working out for you, tucking into a meal of two grains of rice and a plate of flies?”

      “Yeah wey’ull Vics didn’t eat the floies cos she’s stiwl on ‘er 20 year doiet and she says the roice was Al Dentee but oy knows it was Masimbu who cooked it, in’it!”

      “Doing it next year then David?”

      “Nah, wey’ull, Vics wornted me to loike get a knighthood so she’s can be lady Vics in’it bat the ungrateful cants only gived me an ohhb…”

      “You mean O.B.E.?”

      “Yeah that’s wot oy said, an ohhb, anyway, wey’ull loike Vics is orl disappointed an’ that in’it but oy’m actually quoite relieved really cos gettin’ abhart in a suit of armour all the toime would be a right cant in’it!”

      “Ah yes, always a silver lining where you’re concerned eh, David.”

      “Er no, it’s polyester oy fink. Oy’ll ‘ave arsk Vics in’it!”

      • Hilarious, Rebel without a Cunt.
        Especially the suit of armour.

        Get that printed up an distributed. It needs a wider audience.

  92. As a racer Hamilton is brilliant no doubt but how can a man that earns Β£30+ million a year , travels the world to some of the best locations, race at 200 mph!, be surrounded by drop dead hot fanny, poke some of the loveliest looking girls in the world ,buzz around in a private jet, cruise around on a private yacht and still against all the odds make it sound so utterly FUCKIIN dull??, that in itself is a rare talent…. My mate sells hearing aids and his life comes across as far more interesting…

    • I’ve got a mate who fixes windows and fits doors… And he has more birds per year than some showbiz cunts… Mind you, he does look like a young Elvis Presley…

  93. And even more worrying kimi raikkonen makes Lewis Hamilton sound like oscar Wilde, full of sparkling repartee….

    • Remember bring at Silverstone and before the race they were interviewing drivers and as soon as Kimi came on everyone laughed. Talk about a monotone cunt.

    • And I bet that every single one of them is a cunt…

      Lineker’s ‘love’ of Leicester City makes me laugh too… The cunt sold LCFC out and fucked off to Everton for big money (but won fuck all as Liverpool pissed on them)… Then after only one season at Goodison, the fine and upstanding Lineker pisses off to Barcelona for even more money… This pattern continued throughout his career (Spurs, Grandpa’s Eight in Japan) and he won one trophy in domestic football (and that was a stuffy result in 91)… Now the cunt is all ‘Leicester is in my blood’… Lineker’s ‘love’ of The Foxes is like Beckham’s ‘love’ for United… There when they’re doing well and when they get some press and publicity out of it… l never had time for that Green and Gold bollocks at Old Trafford… It was pointless and a total joke… But I just knew that cunt Becks would put one of the fucking scarves around his neck and lap up the media frenzy that followed…

      Lineker and Beckham… Two of football’s ‘nice guys’, but actually two cunts who aren’t that different..

  94. Just before any of you cunts start getting giddy at the thought of Tony Blair becoming cunt of the year ( sometime this year would be nice ) I hereby put you on notice I shall be demanding a recount on account of being an undemocratic cunt. Thank you.

  95. Blair greatness as a cunt is his longevity, many Cunts have come and gone but Blair has consistently performed at the highest level..

  96. I hope no fellow cunter is putting any pressure on the moderators with their nominations for Cunt of the Year. I think they are doing a great job and it is always their posts that I look for first and very highly entertaining they are. So when are you going to announce Gina Miller as Cunt of the Year, I have bought a new suit for the occasion as well as making placards for my protest outside my local chippy if she hasn’t.

    • I am planning a “Burn the Miller cunt” party. It’s all arranged. Banana starters then bananas for main followed by banana split (without the split). After the food partygoers will take part in. treasure hunt. Just one object: find the cunt miller.
      Whoever wins gets the chance to strike the first match once she has been trussed up and put on the bonfire Joan Of Arc style.

  97. away from COTY can i nominate all those feckin idiots suggesting we switch our energy supplies. what exactly is the feckin point? Npower have just put their prices up by 10% so we get the usual ‘ switch’ shop around. do they really think all the other companies wont be doing the same, so you switch from Npower to say SSE, then what happens? SSE put ther fuckin prices up of course. it’s a cartel, they take it in turns to be first. anyway if this switching bollocks really did work everyone would be with same company wouldnt they? the Lowest.. its all cobblers.

  98. I’ve a horrible feeling that the moderarors have “done a David Cameron”….disagreeing with the outcome,they’ve bolted. πŸ™‚ .

  99. Cunt of the year? Tony Blair, the fucking CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT is unchallengeable.

    • Tony realised he had competition for the prestigious Cunt of the year award. He got one of his middle eastern mates in a Fighter Jet to ‘get rid’ of the competition. The cunt took a fucking selfie moments later.

  100. James Robart is a cunt… So America is now a place where some leftie judge can ignore the orders of the President?!… Yet another bleeding heart septic snowflake who thinks more of the ‘peaceful’ types than he does about American people and their safety… It is a disgrace, it is siding with terrorism and rapists… And I hope Big Don is planning his response/revenge right now..

    • The president actually doesn’t have that much power, they aren’t even allowed to fucking drive during their term in office. Congress has the main power I believe.

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