A C Grayling

Has A C GRAYLING ever copped a cunting on here?? If not he really should, the philosopher is referred to as ” the brain of remain” I’ve just seen him on you tube going head to head with Jacob Rees mogg on LBC , if you ever wondered where super Cunts like farron and co get their inspiration check out the clip..
Grayling repeatedly states only 37% of British people voted to leave, apparently it was unfair as 16/17 year olds were not allowed to vote, he believes that EU nationals working in UK should have also been allowed to vote?? , Gibraltar too, unsurprisingly anybody that was guaranteed to vote remain but didn’t qualify to cast a vote!!
The turnout was almost 73% and 52% of the people entitled to vote wanted to leave, both sides laid out the rules, as camercunt said if remain win by 0.1% that’s the result as we don’t need the neverendum !!
Cunts like grayling seek to baffle the electorate with his massaging of figures, i.e. His figures are based on if onlys, ” if my auntie had bollocks she would be my uncle” it’s utter leftie tosh, Rees mogg didn’t stand for it, good for him…
” I think for their I am a cunt” suits Rhodesian born grayling

Nominated by Quislings

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  1. I’m going to preface this by telling you all that I am half english/half american and living in America. The amount of misinformation going around right now in the States about Brexit is ridiculous. Shit like “People didn’t know what they were voting for” or “Why are they deliberately destroying there own country.” It infuriates the fuck out of me, the amount of times I have had to tell people that euro-skepticism has existed since the eu’s inception and that many people in the UK have been unhappy with the eu for years is ridiculous. Cunts like Grayling and the like who keep perpetuating lies about Brexit are the scourge of the earth.

    • Absolutely agree. As a Brit in Australia I find myself fielding the same ridiculous questions. I’ve actually come across a few people who are genuinely disgusted that anyone could ever have the temerity to even point out some of the reasons Brexit might benefit Britain. In the eyes of many it bascally makes you a racist not even worth debating.

      The thing is, I still haven’t even made my mind up as to how I would vote. All I know is that, like Australia, Britain deserves to be autonomous. When I tell people this, they are completely flummoxed. A coherent, reasonable argument that has NOT ONCE been presented by the media.

      Meanwhile, in politics over here, the other week I saw a daft dolt on the news holding up a placard reading, “Australia is FULL”. Couldnt make that shit up.

  2. Yet another cunt that can’t accept the outcome of the only vote we ever had to be in or out of the EU. Yet another cunt who probably thought that we should never of had a referendum. These cunts don’t believe the plebs have enough intelligence to bear the responsibility of self determination. In other words a fascist cunt.

    Talk about hate speech, if proposing the theory the people should not be allowed to determine their own futures is not hate speech what is?

    Besides which the cunt is a Rhodesian by birth, we should send him back to Mugabe and let Rob decide how to deal with the cunt.

    • I couldn’t agree more SV. I tried to watch the clip of this condescending cunt telling the British they’re all wrong, but nearly threw my computer over the fence. Saying nothing about his native Mugabe regime, I hope he gets deported back to where he belongs and is boiled in a vat of his own piss.

  3. See what happens when people get lots and lots of ‘free’ money i.e footballers, pop stars, filum stars, politicians, bankers, religious cunts etc etc makes them think they are of superior class than the ordinary working people who, in actual fact are the driving force behind successful countries. This makes them think they have an entitlement to tell us what is right and what is wrong. This makes them thick cunts that deserve to be brought down with a fucking good kicking. Fuck em all.

  4. How many fucking times do you have to tell these Remoaners – YOU DON’T COUNT THOSE WHO DIDN’T TURN OUT TO VOTE, NOR DO YOU ASSUME THAT THEY MAY HAVE SUPPORTED YOUR SIDE IF VOTING HAD BEEN COMPULSORY! Therefore the majority for Leave was absolutely clear and unarguable.

    Now just imagine that the referendum had turned out differently. Do you think Remoaners would have any time for Brexiteers making the same kind of fallacious non-arguments about the referendum somehow not being valid, only being “advisory” or trying to misrepresent the percentages by including non-voters? Of course not. The cunts would be saying the same thing we are: YOU LOST, SO SUCK IT UP.

    • It would never had happened Fred. With the exception of Nigel Farrage the Brexiters would have accepted the result and all ordered our prayer mats from Amazon in readiness.

      • I would have drawn a line under the referendum if Remain had won on the 23rd and I vowed to do so before then as I was so fucking fed up with it.I would have been disappointed but would have gone on as normal the next day and not had a 8 month temper tantrum.

        • Me too. Didn’t stay up on the night but when I arose on the 24th Mrs Johnson told me I would be pleased.
          And I fucking was !!!
          Had I been told I would be pissed off then I would have said bollocks and got on with life. I certainly wouldn’t have been banging on about it (SNP fashion ) for months on end.
          Grow up you cunts. You lost, accept it.

          • What gets me about the cunt is that he says even after A50 is triggered and the 2 years has passed and Brexit is all sealed and delivered, he will STILL not accept it and campaign for re-joining the EU. Just fuck off, you cunt. Just go live somewhere else and let British people run Britain.

    • When a survey is conducted, they ask maybe a thousand people a question. If 520 people answer yes, then that would be put forward as 52% of people in the U.K. Say yes. And those thousand people that were asked that question may be from one area, sometimes on town or city. But, when 17.5 million people, from all over the U.K. actually vote for, not cast an opinion on, something, and achieve a majority, this result to these cunts, is meaningless.

  5. Grayling is an absolute Cunt!! Like chakribarti a person who the uk has educated and taken as their own who now spends their entire time railing against the country that they ran to for help after suffering from persecution in their own country ?? These ungrateful cunts should be deported!! Go home and philosophise in your shit hole country Cunts where nobody gives 2 fucks about your plight!!! , stop biting the hand that feeds you!! , and show some respect…………

  6. it’s amazing how many of these supposedly intelligent,well-educated people can’t seem to grasp the simple enough concept of losing. It must really boil their piss that their “enlightened” views aren’t worth any more than the average man in the street,who they seem to view with such contempt.

    It’s their sheer arrogance that gets me. The patronising way that they seem to think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is too stupid to understand the issues,and should just be treated like naughty children.

    Well, Fuck them. My “ignorant,uneducated” vote is worth as much as their “enlightened,educated” vote. Accept it.

    • That is exactly it.This class of liberal intellectuals have been getting their way for at least 20 years now and the fact that people less educated as them don`t lick their arse and do what they want really fucks them off.Weirdly enough it is these same type of elite leftists who think they stand with the common man despite thinking they are ignorant cavemen who are dragging society down.Hypocritical two faced cunts!

      • And those celebrity cunts are just as bad… Fucking actors, singers, TV presenters (and most of them not very good ones either) actually telling people what to do, how to think, and (most heinously) how to vote… Anyone who disagrees with them is ‘thick’ or ‘racist’, and if it’s a female celebricunt (like Madogga) they pull out the ‘sexist’ card when on the ropes… Since when did entertainers, tuneless mongs, has-been footballers and luvvie knobheads become political mouthpieces?… Of course, it’s all bulllshit and about them shamelessly raising their own profiles… But the list is endless (Lineker, Lily Mong, Cuntberbatch, Hairy Mulligan, Geldof, Fanny Izzard etc) and they need putting in their place just like the rest of the liberal ‘elite’…. Cunts…

      • I don’t think that they ever stood with or for the “common” man. They believe in some utopian paradise where all the “plebs”are ruled by a “benevolent” higher caste…..namely them.

        • Right on Dick most of these cunts would run a mile if forced to converse with the “common man” can you see this cunt in dirty Abduls kebab palace after 10 pints of wife beater?

          • When an ex-goalhanging in it for the money cunt like Lineker is telling the British people what to do then we are fucked… The big eared smear of smarm should have been sacked after his ‘racists’ comments about those who don’t want child-man ‘refugees’ filth here in Blighty… Aren’t BBC presenters supposed to be impartial?… They used to be… Look at how ‘neutral’ they were about Sir Jim’ll Frigsit… Nobody said a fucking word..

          • The rise of the cuntocracy, filling every little niche of public life with pc bullshit. Just because I do not want a 26 year old sex offender (as soon as they get the chance) pretending to be 15 in the country I am RACIST?? Lineacher you cunt fuck off.

    • And also why do these cunts think the only way a thick ignorant uneducated thug can vote is out , after all if you promise a child a treat they will do almost anything and when the debate was on the remain camp was all butterflies and sunshine while they told us the Brexit was a one way ticket to Mordor. So why vote for doom and gloom if that’s what Brexit is cos we know that’s not the reality and of course the exaggerated claims by Brexit didn’t make the majority vote leave cos they were just that exaggerated. I voted out on three points better control of migration , simplify the government controls i.e. Removing another level of pointless talking heads passing comment on rules and laws that govern my country and of course the big one not sending 100’s of millions of pounds a year to the fuckers to waste on shitholes in other parts of Europe and the world especially the tax avoiding Mediterranean countries. Anyway it’s always great to see Rees Mogg ripping these kind of cunts a new one.

  7. Can I recommend the youtube channel Rekt Feminist Videos.Shows the regressive leftists feminist self destruct one video at a time.

    • Spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon taking your advice.

      Funny as fuck!

      I can’t believe people like this even exist let alone get anywhere near the top of society.

      What deluded cunts!

  8. Just listened to the speech quislings referenced.What an utter utter slimy annoying pompous little cuntbag! God I really loathe this cunt.Knew of him but never heard him speak.An unashamed nasty little cunt.Can we deport him to his native Africa with their dictators seeing as he has such a contempt for democracy. Surprised Jacob Rees-Mogg didn`t smack him!

  9. We just had a student election at my Uni.One of those elected to the cabinet is a truly odious and pompous cunt in my view and many others.The leftists for once are in agreement with me on this.They are no predictably trying to oust him from his post and can`t understand why I am not joining them in doing so.It is called democracy and if you don`t get what you want you can`t just ask for a do over.Obviously with Professors like Grayling we know where they are getting their inspiration from.

    • I obviously make an exception in your case,but too many of the younger generation have never had anyone say NO to them. From childhood they have been the apple of their parents eye, spoiled and indulged . They act like brats who cannot accept that the world doesn’t actually revolve around them and their childish demands.

      No wonder that when they have to finally deal with the less than perfect world of work and responsibilities they have such trouble integrating.

      • I agree wholeheartedly.My parents and Grandparents were never afraid to tell me no or slap me down when I acted like a brat.Many of my generation though were pampered and told they were fucking special and the sun shone out of their arse.Great news though is all these leftist retards who are now having children are setting themselves up for their kids to rebel against their ideals.Can`t wait.

        • Agree entirely… Got a slap if I was out of order as a kid and we also respected the local copper (he was actually a good bloke, PC Davies)… Same at school… OK there were sadistic teacher cunts who enjoyed their ‘job’ too much, but when one acted like a cunt, one got leathered… Now we see kids actually coming it, because they know they are not going to get a clout… That little shitstick I mentioned previously saying to his mum ‘Are you gonna hit me? I’m only a kid!’ My sister’s best mate’s two lads never got a crack (and fuck knows they deserved it), now they are the most selfish and horrible cunts as young men… Generation Snowflake is the never been slapped generation… And now they are getting slapped over Brexit, migrants, Trump etc the spoiled cunts can’t deal with it…

      • Access to social media is equally at fault for forming the opinions of the up and coming generations.

        If you’re on Facebook and you don’t like a comment someone makes then you can “unfriend” them and then they and their opinion disappears forever.

        Twitter is the same. Disagree with a tweet and then you can “mute” them and then they and their opinion disappears forever.

        So in their little bubble on the interweb only their opinions – and people who agree with them – count. No one else exists because Mark Zuckerberg has allowed me to become a robot with a personality shallower than a cup of tea.

        The real bonus is that when these cunts eventually get a life and realise “Shit I need to earn some money!” and try to get a job, please know this, the first place *ANY* employer now looks is on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc., long before your CV is even opened.

        Legally (apparently) you’re not allowed to discriminate based on “online presence” but they all do it (because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors) and if you’ve been a shit online spouting bollocks then it will catch up with you, you cunts!

        It’s no surprise that the largest number of social media account closures are in the 23-26yr old age range, i.e., finished being a cunt at Uni and now need a job, mmmm, maybe calling Theresa May a Nazi cunt on my Twiter feed wasn’t a good idea.

        I know, I shall get rid of all my “modern liberal” rantings by deleting my accounts before settling down into my comfortable job, get a nice home, have my 2.4 children and vote Tory because we can’t have these liberal student types fucking up my comfortable, capitalist way of life.

        University based Generation Snowflake today = tomorrow’s two-faced Tory voters (A Cunt Who Cunts Cunts excepted o’course).

      • I think it would help if nearly every cunt,especially middle classes,weren’t encouraged to get a degree. My workplace is full of graduates doing basic admin work. Surely the point is to study for a career and then take up that career?. There seem to be too many degrees that exist for their own sake. When these people can’t get highly paid prestigious jobs they become resentful pain in the arse cunts.

        • I went to a Poly because I wanted to learn how to earn a living rather than pontificate about some theoretical academic bollocks. Got my degree free of charge (courtesy of Maggie) and have rewarded the system with 23yrs of better than “basic rate” tax and for the last 16yrs – in business for myself – paying high end tax and accruing VAT on behalf of HMRC.

          I would have thought that since Labour’s very own TONY “Cunt” BLIAR introduced tuition fees that that would have been a complete anathema to folk going to University other than those who knew their chosen professions would warrant such a qualification but no, if anything, there are even more cunts going to University than ever before.

          I never knew why this was until I saw what they were offering up as degrees! A degree in Beyoncè Studies. Harry Potter Studies. Football Culture. Jedi Studies. A Masters in Robin Hood (who – last time I checked – was a fictitious cunt).

          The list of bollocks and puerile qualifications out there is endless – and I thought Sociology and Media Studies were bad enough!

          When I was going to college and poly the decision was made like this: “What you good at?”

          “The Sciences and Maths Sir.”

          “Ok do those at 6th form. And what about you.”

          “English, History and Geology Sir.”

          Ok do those at 6th form. And what about you.”

          “Not much good at nuffin Sir, ‘part from metalwork.”

          “Ok here’s a form to fill out to get you into an engineering or plumbing apprenticeship.”

          That was it! Nowadays the conversation goes like this…

          “What you good at?”

          “Reading about Beyoncè and following her fashion.”

          ‘Ok give me 2 seconds I need to make a call…”


          “Yes Dean Cuntface please. Hello. Yes Brian have you got anything to do with that awful Beyoncè woman?”

          “No but yours is the 5th call this week!”

          “Well I’ve had 4 requests this month myself.”

          “Hmmm, I reckon there’s 28 of them in total. So 28x9000x3 is about 3/4’s of a mil. Yeah tell them we’re doing a Beyoncè Studies course and I’ll get the paperwork over to you asap!”


          “Yes Bianca the University of Bristol have just started doing exactly that.”

          Thing is, as you state Mary, when these cunts end up in some shite job with £40k debt to their name, having done one of these “degrees” well what the fuck did they expect!

          “Ahhh, Mr Jones, yes please sit down. So you’re here for the regional manager’s job here at Stuffy Bastards Inc. pharmaceutical company. I see you have a 1st class honours degree. Impressive. May I ask what it was in? Chemistry? Biochemistry?”

          “Er…it was Jedi Studies.”

          “Jedi what!?!”

          “So, er, do I get the job?”

          “Jedi Studies eh? I’ll tell you what, read my mind!”

          “Thought so. I’ll see myself out.”

          And 2wks later it’s a resentful: “Would you like fries with that?” – fucking idiots!

          • Agree with all you say,another problem is that it’s not the done thing to admit that some people are brighter and more able than others. The top 5% are the ones that should be headed for university. That’s not to say other kinds of occupation are any less needed or important. It starts in primary schools now,with phrases like “delayed success” being used.

          • In 2015, 463,700 UK students were accepted in to universities which is 61%. In other words university graduates will soon be 10 a penny. You are much better off learning a trade than you are going to university, unless you are studying something like law or medicine. How much do plumbers charge? Exactly.

  10. Who or what the fuck is this cunt. That fucking hairstyle immediately warns anyone close by that this cunt is most definitely a cunt, from what I’ve heard he is a cunt. The cunt.

    • That haircut screams, “I AM TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.”

      Nobody with a proper job looks like that.

      • He’s not the kind of cunt you would go for a drink with is he. Imagine you spot a couple of up for it slags, they would look at him and tell you to fuck off.

    • He is one of these old cunts who is very pleased to have got to his age with all his hair so is making the most of it. Growing hair and talking shite are obviously his talents then. What a useful cunt he is!

  11. Some cunt on Ebay has been trying to sell on of those nasty new fivers (with AK47 on the serial number) for… Wait for it.
    I watched it to see if any cunt bought it no surprise it had 0 bids. What a fucking idiot, I might send the fool a message through Ebay, not a long message. It’ll go something like ‘You fucking cunt, I’ll give £5.70’.

    • I fucking hate those new fivers… You know when you accidentally leave a note in your keks?… It goes in the wash and then the dryer, and it comes out all crisp and new looking…

      If one of these new fivers went into the tumbler, it would fucking melt…

  12. Can’t wait for tonight. It’s the British Film Academy Awards,hosted by Stephen Fry.

    Never has a programme promised as much wailing and gnashing of teeth as this one.A whole auditorium filled with outraged luvvies still trying to digest the fact that Trump won,and the British people voted for Brexit.

    I plan to get the beer and scratchings ready early,I don’t want to run the risk of missing any second of outraged tantrums and virtue signalling hysterics…..I do hope that someone breaks down in tears,that always makes me laugh.

    This promises to be the funniest thing I’ve seen since my Granny got her tit caught in the mangle.

    • Can’t stomach luvvie awards, actors masturbating each others egos televised by more luvvies for the masses. The way these cunts talk about each other you would think they did something world changing on a daily basis. Now they have introduced activism and causes to try and justify themselves.

      Self promoting bunch of useless cunts who should just be grateful to earn a fucking living for not a lot.

      I would like to nominate myself for the dramatic shit I took this morning, the emotion I managed to bring to the act was truly touching. I would like to thank the spag bol I had last evening and nominate my bog in best supporting roll.

      • I’d watch that! Did Benedick Cabbagepatch play your stool? I couldn’t think of a more appropriate shit-stain for the role.

    • I can’t stand the fucking thing but this year following Brexit and Trump I simply can’t wait to hear all the “ass hurt” and sideways put downs of the idiot racists who voted for Brexit and Trump.

      Anyone who dares intimate that both were democratic results and the belly-achers should just get on with it will deserve an immediate un-cunting.

      O’course I won’t hold my breath because I have a feeling that will be a nice “round” number!

    • Steven Fry? I’d rather put a mirror on the bog door and watch myself taking a shit. Self satisfied smug pseudo intellectual with no discernible talent who tried to get attention by pretending to want to commit suicide but really wanted some arse sausage.
      When they cut that prat open he will have ‘cunt’ written through him.

      • A right softarsed tantruming cunt and all… Storms off when somebody ‘upsets’ him on social media and, as you say, plays the suicide card for attention and sympathy… No talent whatsoever… In fact the only thing the fat fruit is probably good at is doughnut punching…

        • Lame even by gay celeb standards.
          Noel Coward or Quentin Crisp would have seen off fatty Fry with one raised eyebrow.
          “Oh DO fuck off, there’s a good chap”

      • And let’s not forget that the “Luvvies Prince” did bird for credit card fraud!

        • Let it be said recent poll asked europeans about the removal of terrorist moslems 55% agreed. The other 45% were moslems and their jihad protectors Fry is a out of touch poof cunt

          • Fry gets my vote for telling but hurt SJW snowflake cunts to get to fuck and for being pro-freedom of speech.

            I’ll get my coat……

  13. This bloke is a complete fucking bellend. Why would you give 16/17 year olds the right to vote on the most important decision in living memory? That trout faced Wee Jimmy Krankie tried it up north for the jock referendum & lost her trooosers.

    That’s assuming you can get them off their i-phones and & posting on twatter , none of these kids, uni students included have any life experience and will just vote on what cunt of the day like that wank stain Lineker or that pikey tramp Geldof is whinging about. A lot of them are doing arsewipe degree’s like sociology or media studies & spend their time obsessing over what toilet some gender fluid trans cunt should use.

    So no, they shouldn’t vote, leave it to the real adults and not some bunch of self entitled arrogant snowflakes.

    • This Grayling cunt and his ‘give 16 year olds’ the vote reeks of desperation and clutching a straws… Not unlike Hitler ‘recruiting’ 14 to 16 year old boys into the Wehrmacht near the end, as the Brits and the Red Army kicked Nazi arse… Besides, what does what the British people want and Brexit have to do with this African twat?…

      • Just so, Norm. Young minds are always susceptible to manipulation by minority extremist crackpots. The Hitler Youth, The Revolutionary Communist Youth League, The Khmer Rouge routinely used children and youths to fight as do warlords all over Africa to this day.

  14. Teenagers generally know fuck all, but think they know everything. That’s why their vote would be so important to shit wits such as the above cunt.
    Arrogant yet easily manipulated? Come join us friend….

  15. Unusually I’d like to nominate David Davis for a mega un-cunting. He was accused of sexually molesting The Flabbot in a Westminster bar when he attempted to kiss her on the cheek. In his own defence he said he was only whispering something in her ear and that he would not kiss her anyway as he “is not blind”. Thus he speaks for every man in the country ( but one ) who would not touch the bloated sack of month old jam rags with a very long barge pole.

    He is now being accused of misogyny. Presumably one should find every woman on Earth attractive and want to kiss them. But then again I recall Trump saying something along those lines and he was called misogynistic pig too. You just can’t win with some people, some people being wiminz.

    • I’ve only ever won once where my Mrs is concerned.

      The clincher was when I said: “Ok, ok, ok. It’s not your fault. So how fast was the wall going when it hit you?”

      Didn’t get a shag for a month after that one. Worth it!

      • To be fair to my missus I can’t really complain.
        Sometimes when I get in, I don’t have to do much, and she lets me put my feet up, which just goes to show how things have changed, because when we met I could only get a couple of fingers up…..

  16. A C Grayling. A man who has dedicated his life to answering the “big questions” concerning trees falling over in the forest. Yet he can’t work out that that 52% is more than 48%. Doesn’t say much for philosophy, does it?

    • My other half is 56 and studied philosophy at university back in the 80’s. He freely admits that he did it for his own interest rather than for a career but has not whined about this and has always worked. He does try to employ his degree in household arguments though,amusingly,and I counter this with employing my Low Animal Cunning. I also used this to overcharge pissed up Hooray Henry cunts who insisted on calling me wench and imitating my Bristol accent, when I was working in a pub years ago.

  17. Nancy boy poofters are whining about “homophobia” in football. Fuck off you queers, if you can take a dick up the arse you should be able to take a bit banter. Drama queen pillow biting cunts.

      • Sky news “there are no openly gay players in the premier league”

        Doh! Of course there aren’t, you fucking morons. If you have access to premium grade snatch, why would you be interested in some mangy disease riddled arse hole? Honestly, I fucking despair…….

  18. This tosser is a cunt of the first order. He is typical of the liberal cunts who we used to have in Rhodesia, who campaigned for “Black rule” only to jump on the first plane out when Bob came to power.

    We hated him and his ilk, and for those of us who fought against Bob in the Bush War, cunts like Grayling were a waste of a white skin.

  19. Got a hot tip for you fellow cunters, Lloyds Bank are in their amazing generosity are offering a savings account with an incredible 0.05% interest.
    I know your all rushing to open an account with the cunts after hearing this amazing news.
    What a pisstake.

    Banks are cunts.

  20. Vincent Price was taller than Katie Price and heavier than Alan Price.

    Got that from a Price comparison site…..

  21. Fuck Gabe Newell he is a little fat arsed lazy cunt recently he bitched that some of his employees couldn’t go home because of Trumps terrorist ban. I say good, Good! now your fat chubby arse can get back to making Half life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 and TF3 So fuck your stupid employees Gaben they all conveniently decided to visit their families round this time? Tosser!

    When the ban is lifted we will make sure that will never happen again as you will start hiring locally http://www.pcgamer.com/gabe-newell-on-us-travel-ban-we-have-people-at-valve-who-cant-go-home/

  22. He has to hire non US citizens because there are no developers in the whole of the US. Fat cunt profits by importing cheaper foreign labour then whines when the baggage it brings catches up with him.

  23. Fuck me, James May has let himself go, judging by that picture.
    Another total cunt who thinks he is a nerd playing with trains when in fact he is a cunt playing with toys. the prick

  24. Good Lord, just heard this fellow on the radio, introduced as an ‘intellectual’, although to be honest the only thing that identifies him as such is his prissy use of initials rather than a name. Mind you, if my parents had christened me ‘Appalling Cunt’ I’d probably go down the same path. As an authority on the EU, he gave the British people an E- for their leave decision, but took great solace in the fact that a majority wanted to stay. Yer what? Well, he’s an intellectual so he must be right. Needless to say, after hearing his little discourse on the follies of the imbecile British, I typed ‘A C Grayling, cunt’ into the computer, and ended up here. Cheers all.

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