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  1. Hipster glasses wearing cunts! , I tend to avoid people who wear glasses especially these phony intellectual hipsters. Most sexy news reporters nowadays all wear these hipster glasses to appear smart, well they are not!

    • I’ve had to wear glasses since I was about 9. Thanks to some shitty genes from good ol’ Mum & Dad, I have the eye sight of a lump of coal. Thanks Mum & Dad. Cu….no, better not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • A speccy cunt myself, since my mid twenties. Not much fun, trying to find a pair that don’t make you look like a mong or a tosser. A knob I worked with called me prof once for wearing glasses. I suppose compared to him I was. So, when I see cunts like these who wear them for fashion, it makes me want to start swinging a bat. Soap cunts.

  2. OMG! Here we go again. On the BBC Sports page, another re-telling of the tragedy inflicted on poor innocent Scouserpool fans by the evil Police who had it in for them from the start and showed no mercy as they deliberately took the lives of fans who hadn’t been drinking at all, were all perfectly well behaved and who all had tickets to the game.


    I also note that the Scouse bastard players will have “96” embroidered on their disgusting shirts next season. Just a mere 17 or so years after the event. Perhaps all the other Prem teams can have “39” embroidered on their shirts to remember the fans the Scousers murdered in the Heysel stadium. Just a thought. Cunts!

    • Living in the North West, I get this shit about fucking Victimpool on a daily basis. I had hoped that the end of the whitewash inquest would bring it to a dignified end. I forgot though, scousers don’t do dignity.

      • Oh no, QDM, there’s so much more mileage for the hub cap stealers to exploit from this event. Was it just me or was it unbelievably bad taste to grant the dead the freedom of the city? Still, giving something away that doesn’t cost anything seems about right for a bunch of thieving, grief jacking, permed, shell suit wearing, ‘caaam down caaam down’ filth.

        • It is bad taste, and completely pointless. How are they going to award them the 96 the freedom of the city? Dig them up, or tip them out of their urns?

    • Not going to allowed to rest in peace the 96 are they? Is it not time that someone thought about the dignity of the parted. Nothing anyone does will change the fact they are dead or give them back their lives.

      Maybe if the FA had relegated shitterpool to the lowest league possible and then banned them for 10 years like they should have after Heysel the 96 would still be walking around, at least most of them

  3. All soap opera actors are cunts with or without specs and so are the brain dead pricks who watch this drivel.

    A six figure salary for a part time job playing yourself. Money for old rope.

    • Like that fat bald cockney cunt, Steve McFadden, who plays that fat, bald cockney cunt, Phil Mitchell…

      That said though, I would shag Corrie’s Carla Connor until I collapsed from exhaustion…

  4. Myleene Klass on Countdown in dictionary corner wearing glasses, fuck off love, you have an IQ lower than your shoe size.
    Speccy bastards, that other cunt Will Young deserves a cunting for wearing a cravat and claiming to be a thespian,- NO, you’re a cock sucking, rear delivery taking poof, much like Stephen Fry, the peado with his 18 yr old civil partner.

    • Myleene is a supremely annoying cunt, I hate her stupid crap clothes selling face. It amazes me how much fame you can achieve from showing half a tit on that celeb jungle cunt programme.

  5. You lot must be fucking worried. Should Sheffield Wednesday get promoted to the Premier League, just imagine the overload of boo-hoo poor Scouse cunt coverage in the press when they play at Hillsborough. Enjoy that thought!

    • FFS Kiwi – I’d just about calmed down from the nauseating re-fried horse shit that is the grief jacking over Hillsborough, then you chime in. Go play with your sheep and Hobbit action figures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Have always taken scouse cunts to be Livvvverpooool oirish with all the defective genes orf that cunt race. Plenty orf speccy cunts among those mongs.
        Orn speccy actors me principle detestation is thesps and props. The cunts convince themselves it is “essential for the character” or else they cannot act. Hisssy Fits, blubbing in dressing room, calls to Equity, agents ect ect. Recall Olivier’s advice to Dustin Hoffman who had tried orn endless specs and was running aroinde in ’em wearing weighted boots to get breathless and exhausted for a scene. “Why don’t you just act it dear boy”. Problem is they can’t because they can’t act, the cunts.

  6. Danny Simpson needs a definite cunting. He gives his now ex-girlfriend, and is surprised when he ends up in court over it. He managed to dodge prison, being given 300 hours community service in a charity shop in Eccles instead. You’d think he’d be grateful at being shown such leniency. No. He went to court to get it stopped with 155 hours left, because the media had found out where he was working and were bothering him. Turns out the media had found where he was working, because the overpaid halfwit had been parking his completely unobtrusive LAMBORGHINI CUNTO around the from the shop.

    Fortunately for Simpson, he got one of the many limp wristed, loony left, soft ass judges, who don’t actually know what their job is. The judge granted his request to have the community service stopped, much to the disgust of his ex-girlfriend and her family, and instead gave him a curfew of 7pm to 6am, rather than the fine he wanted.

    You’d think he’d be grateful at being shown such leniency. No. Today, Simpson went back to court to get the curfew lifted, because he wanted to go out on the piss with his Leicester City team mates, claiming it was a work commitment. Surprisingly, the judge he got today seems to have had some sense. He threw out the request for a fine, saying that it would be meaningless to a multi-millionaire. So he threw out the curfew, and ordered Simpson to wear a tag, complete the 155 hours of community. Apparently, the judge also questioned the wisdom of driving to his community service in his Lamborghini Cunto, and asked why he couldn’t take a cab.

    I would imagine that Simpson is a pretty unhappy bunny this evening. His arrogance in believing that people like him should be allowed to get away with committing crimes, has brought him firmly right back to where he was when he was first sentenced. Well let’s face it, footballers don’t get paid for their intelligence. He should be grateful though, he did at least avoid prison.

      • Looks like the other guy is enjoying it though, perhaps its Jones calling card for a quick meet up in the shower? What do you think bout that then?

    • Great stuff, QDM… I know a few people who work at Old Trafford and Carrington, and they always used to say that Danny Simpson was a cunt… A little ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ thoroughly obnoxious and unpleasant little fucker… I also recall hearing a tale of a much respected first team player (clue: ‘He comes from Serbia! He’ll fuckin’ murder yer!’) chinning Simpson foe being a twat… And Fergie hated Simpson and his attitude… Ravel Morrison was another in the Simpson mould and Fergie got shut of him too…

      People can say what they like about Beckham, Gary Nev, Giggsy, Butty and Scholes (fuck Phil Nev)… None of them are perfect, but they worked their arses off and they knew what it meant to play in that red shirt (well, until Dave met that emaciated Spice Girl bitch, that is)… I hope Martial and Rashford are the same, but there are unfortunately lots of Danny Simpsons and Ravel Morrisons… Cunts who play a couple of reserve games, buy a ferrari and think they are George Best and Franz Beckenbauer rolled into one.. When they are cunts….

      • I had a mate who worked at OT, he said exactly the same about Simpson. A jumped up little twat, who really thought he was the SHIT!

        • Keith Gillespie was the same.;.. All the other class of 92 lads were sound (especially Becks… That bitch ruined him), but Gillespie was a total knob… At Newcastle the daft little twat foolishly tried it on with Alan Shearer… Cue Gillespie with missing teeth and a silent Shearer standing over him… No contest… The most one sided football fight since Remi Moses leathered Jesper Olsen at the Cliff….

      • My team has certainly benefited from Manure’s downturn in fortunes along with Chelski’s implosion (really enjoying that one) and Shity playing great one week, then crap the next – but – I must admit I miss ol’ Bacon Nose running things and bossing the Premier League. Seeing teams’ delight at being 1-0 up at Old Trafford in the 91st minute, only to see their heartbroken little faces when a minute later they’re losing 2-1. It was a joy to behold. The curse of Fergie Time!

        And no I don’t support fucking Leicester. They can take their one-hit-wonder antics and fuck off.

  7. Mylene Klass is a piano playing ladyboy looking cunt….All female Sky presenters wearing glasses should respectfully allow me to spunk all over them…..apart from dodgy hip cunt Eamon Homes although id gladly fire my beans up his wifes dirty shit box

  8. Soap opera actors are undoubtable cunts, the biggest cunting has to be reserved for people viewing soaps in their millions keeping these talentless grade Z luvvies in well paid un work.

    Worse still soaps are always on message delivering the latest PC toxin into your living room. EastEnders with it’s “realistic” representation of everyday east Londoners. BBC cunts. What part of East London is 20-1 white English these days. What borough of east London do you see solitary muslim women dressed is post boxes? What part of east London doesn’t have bunch’s of Black yuth stabbing the fuck out of each other?

    Where’s the Asian families where the ancient crusty grand parents don’t speak a word of English? Soap stars in glasses or not, cunts to the last.

    Remember soaps stars, your one script writer’s pen stroke for car park attendant as happened to Pete Beale nameless actor cunt.

    • I don’t know anything about these soaps because the channel is immediately changed should I hear the dreary opening titles.
      All I do know is one is about a northern community where their is a cat and no parking on a cobbled street and life expectancy is comparable with a low level Mexican drug dealer.

      The London one is loosely based on a square in Hackney where they now sell for five grand short of a million, so how how anyone can service that size of mortgage from a couple of shifts in the chippy is nothing short of amazing.

      • Eye fodder for window lickers. As for cockneys, you are probably more likely to hear one of them say ” allahu Akbar” than “apples and pears” these days. Not a big fan of those born within the sounds of Bow bells, but I’d rather them any day than the current majority there now, who seem to have been born within the sounds of the call to prayer from some backward cousin fucker shit hole.

  9. BARB deserve a good cunting.

    BARB have 5000, yes you heard that correctly, a mere 5000 boxes in supposed family homes in the UK. From this 5000 they claim to be able to extrapolate the viewing figures for the whole of the country.
    So when BBC quote a viewing figure of 10 million for the Bake-Off program what that actually means is about 900 of those boxes were watching it, never mind the fact that no one I know in my social circle watched it, but according to BARB 1 in 6 people in the UK did.
    You can guarantee those boxes are in the homes of major employees of BBC, ITV, C4 & C5.

    Fuck TV, but above all fuck the BBC

    • Fuck the BBC indeed. The only people shouting about how “vital” it is are the cunts employed by it. guardian-wanking-over CUNTS.

  10. Soap operas, indeed… About the ONLY real actor I’ve seen in a soap is Maggie Smith, who could do what actors are SUPPOSED to do, ie play characters other than themselves. She was great as the nasty, racist little Scotswoman in that film (fuck, the name escapes me) about some hotel in India. Other ones are just playing murderous chavs – no effort required on their part. Z minus minus list slebs…

    • “who could do what actors are SUPPOSED to do, ie play characters other than themselves.”
      Exactly I say this about most Telly and Film too many actors and actresses play themselves and its retarded . BTW The film your talking about is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie if I’m not mistaken…

      • sounds about right, JR !! And Jean Brodie was bloody good… Edinburgh before JK Rowlinginit bitched it up…

    • Jean Alexander was great as Hilda Ogden… Nothing like how she is in real life… I still remember her at the table with Stan’s glasses after his funeral… Another fine moment was when Hilda had a go at all the people in the Rovers Return for (wrongly) accusing Stan of being a peeping tom… Jean Alexander and Bernard Youens (Stan Oggie), but proper posh in real life) were great together…There have been other good actors in Corrie, but we’re talking from the 60s and 70s… It’s full of knobheads and gimps now…

      • Anita Dobson was good in NeverEnders too… They also had one or two good ones at the start, but now they have to dig up ‘Dame Babs’ to get noticed these days…

  11. Should Antony Cotton bring his greeeaaat talk show back to rival Rylan- Neal- BeeGee teef- Fudgepacker-Clarkes late night crap show?

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