I am cunting Google. The Olympian Messianic cunts have suddenly locked Safe Search on permanently on all Google searches. No discussion, no warning, thought police bastards. Matters to me because I always access ISAC through the search bar to keep search ratings for the site as high as possible.

Bastard search engine now pisses its knickers at isacunt and says it does not recognise the search term despite me having done it this way for years.Bollocks.

Much discussion orn line and despite options to turn Safe Search orf it is confirmed they do not work.
Consequently have kicked Google orf me machine and am using Bing (no problem).

Fuck orf Google. No block orn search terms like Suicide Vest or Bomb Making Materials (tried them) so what about a punter’s human right to view a spot orf porno? Hypocritical PC Cunts.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

24 thoughts on “Google

  1. The BBC are still cunts.
    Apparently their staff and so called “stars” may have their salaries revealed.
    Seeing as the license fee is staying and we fund those cunts surely we should have the right to know.

    Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

    • the bbc are worse than cunts-don’t know where you got that from? you are giving cunts a bad name in my opinion.

      • I will put this to you ….. who would charge the bbc poll tax in full to deaf people ? a cunt wouldn’t but the bbc would.
        who would charge people 74 years old the bbc poll tax in full ? a cunt wouldn’t but the bbc would.
        who would charge blind people half the bbc poll tax ? a cunt wouldn’t but the bbc would .
        who would employee paedophiles and murderers and insist all employees become either paedophiles or murderers or a lackies for them ? a cunt wouldn’t but the bbc would.
        who would put women pundits on football programmes ? a cunt wouldn’t but the bbc would .
        who would fix it for the most famous necrophiliac and paedophile known to the uk to have total control over a high security psychiatric hospital ? a cunt wouldn’t the bbc would .
        my list of terms in order from worst to best-note bbc is first.
        I think it goes like this :
        waste of space
        nice guy
        good guy

        you can probably tell I have thought about this before ?

      • oh and in the interest of public safety-I just want to say that im not saying ” hug a cunt ” I am just saying kill anyone you meet from the bbc …. if you care about disabled or kids or dead bodies or anyone who is vulnerable then its your duty .

    • The cunting BBC had a hissy fit when they were told that there would be a government appointed cunt on the committee there, as they would no longer be impartial. Didn’t seem to bother them that it is pretty much staffed by ex labour politicians and advisors. Another eleven years of the fucking license fee too, and it’s still a criminal offence not to pay it. Two billion a year for bollocks. As Peter Cook once said…..
      “There’s a load of cunts at the BBC……”

  2. Paul H and Merkel is a cunt, If you’re wondering who Paul H is? he is a moderate moslem gone aloof of course, he went and stabbed 4 people,with 1 dead in Munich shouting “allah ackbar”(God is great). Isn’t that bloody great and the merkel terrorist protecting cunts won’t release his name they refuse!.

    Everytime something like this happens the poofy liberals,and the refugee(rapeugee) protecting cunts remain tight lipped why is that you think? and the media comes out and says don’t worry it was “politically motivated” nothing to worry about here folks lol. This is fucking mental the politician rats should be held accountable for this treason.
    Also in recent news a Asylum-Seeking Terrorist Toured London Looking for Attack Targets so if you happen to get blown up don’t worry mates it was politically motivated attack, terrorist hijacking CUNTS! The good news is that this is an isolated incident and nothing like this will ever happen again.

    • Now don’t get me wrong when I say this, the majority of the peaple doing this shit aren’t right.
      They are known to police for drugs, fucking children, theft ect.
      However their religion only has one get out of jail clause, that is to die in holy war.
      Now due to my jaded past I am confined to helping old ladies accross roads ect, and maybe, just maybe, something nicer will happen when I leave this world.
      Where as they can do what the fuck they like providing they take a few of us out in their final action, ( jump the que to the eternal)
      Fortunately I know a couple of good muslims, who are pretty decent people and I can dine and speak to them without fear of my saftey because they do not need the get out of jail clause.
      (what ever happened to a couple of hail marys for rodgering a quire boy?)

      • “Fortunately I know a couple of good muslims, who are pretty decent people”
        @Lord Benny That’s fine whatever but when terrorist attacks, sexual assaults, sex trafficking, random bombings and other shite keeps happening almost everyday, its just enough already.

        If these Rats can’t guarantee us safety then these cunt politicians are traitors and should be hanged and forced illegal migration halted. This whole terrorist thing is like a perverted form of fear mongering thank the media for that also its tiring on the mind we as a nation sold our culture and heritage.

  3. For years I used Webcrawler as my SE, then switched to something else (Yahoo I think), then Google seemed to come out of nowhere and establish itself as the de facto SE, so I used that. Then I noticed that literally every fucking day, some mong at Google adds some pathetic moving graphic crap to their home page. Am I the only one who find this both extremely irritating and completely unnecessary? I tried all sorts of ways to shut that crap down, but no solution was ever really satisfactory. So I switched to Bing. It’s OK I suppose, but it’s – you know – bloody Microsoft again. Ugh! I just tried Webcrawler again, expecting it to be long gone and to my surprise it still exists. Problem is, it returns zero results for the search “is-a-cunt”. Bing, Yahoo and Google all find it OK. WTF?

    Still, for those stupid moving graphics alone, Google deserves a good cunting. I imagine it’s the same freak of nature who came up with that fucking paper clip character in Word a few versions ago. Remember that shit? Remember opening up a blank document and typing “Dear Mum” or something and that fucking cunt appeared in the bottom right hand corner of your screen with a speech bubble saying, “You’re typing a letter!”. I KNOW – I’M THE ONE DOING IT YOU USELESS ANNOYING BASTARD SCUM OF SATAN’S CROTCH”. I mean seriously, who was it at Microsoft who thought that was a good idea? Jeeeezus Christ!

    • What makes me laugh is that between Google and Facebook, who needs the NSA. My life is way too boring to put online for cunts to ignore, yet other cunts will put every fucking pointless detail of their empty existence on the net.

  4. Greater Manchester Police deserve to be cunted, for licking the arses of whingeing muslim parasites. Why? Because the authorities staged a training exercise at the Trafford Centre, which had an actor playing a homicide bomber who shouted;

    “Allahu Ackbar…or was it Admiral Ackbar” before heading off to meet his 72 virgins. Naturally, a number of muslim shitbags decided to whinge about it, claiming that muslims were being shown in a bad light. And so GMP went all limp wristed lefty and begged forgiveness from the adherents of the religion of the perpetually offended. Personally, I would have told them that;

    1, They should shut the fuck up and go fuck themselves.

    2, The risk of attack from the likes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda is far greater than the risk posed by the IRA. Though in the interests of diversity, the threat level for the possibility of attack from republican micks has recently been raised to ‘Severe’.

    3, in the past couple of years, EVERY self detonator has been muslim. A lot of them proved that by shouting “Allahu Ackbar”.

    4, They’re whingeing cunts.

    SKY news was brilliant the other day. They had a debate over this issue, including a whingeing mussie. The first news item after the debate was about that cunt in Germany who murdered an innocent person and wounded a number of others. Before launching his attack, he shouted “ALLAHU ACKBAR”. Game, set and fucking match you muzzie scum.

    • We shout Abra Cadabra in the same style, sounds similar, and the bag heads can’t moan, even though everybody knows what we are talking about. Try it, it’s fun! Some prick from a Muslim think tank (I’m not making this up! Think tank for fucks sake?) was whining on about it on radio four the other day, saying it brought shame on his religion. So, suicide bombing paedos are ok, but a guy shouting something in an exercise is bad. Cunt cunt cunt, you stupid fucking cunt…..

    • Spot on, QDM… The cunts who murdered Lee Rigby also shouted ‘Allahu Ackbar!’ As did the filthy wogs who committed murder at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris… As did the scum who killed innocent holidaymakers in Tunisia… Are these people who need ‘apologies’ fucking mad? What’s next? Daleks don’t say ‘Exterminate!’? John Cleese never said ‘And now for something completely different’? It’s a total denial of fact and pure PC madness… What has happened to our police? Would we have seen any British copper ‘apologise’ to any Paddy or IRA cunt in the 70s and 80s? Would we fuck….

      • As for the bleeding heart twats who say, ‘Why do you assume the terrorist would be Muslim?’ Ask the residents of Paris, London and New York, you excuse making, muzzie arselicking cunts…

      • Islamist apologists are absolutely brilliant sophists and can argue that black is white (they are so good that they can say wanking yourself off between the thighs of a six-year-old and fucking her when she’s nine, doesn’t make you a paedophile).

        The Manc police should learn from this and claim they are worried about militant Star Wars fans still angry about Jar Jar Binks. That’s why the actor shouted “Admiral Ackbar.”

    • Surely any anti terrorist exercise should appear as realistic as possible and based on experience and recent events, screaming “Allahu Akbar” looks like page one of your Muslim terrorist handbook.
      These apologist cunts are as guilty as the terrorist goat fucking paedo cunts.
      The cunts.

      • What a fucked up world eh? It’s mental to think that it’s actually worse for someone to pretend to be a Muslim suicide bomber pretend killing people than a real Muslim suicide bomber really killing people. Can I have a fucking refund?

      • I can imagine an episode of Life On Mars or Ashes To Ashes: where Gene Hunt would be told to apologise for a stunt terrorist shouting ‘Alluah Akbar!’ Hell would freeze over first and then he would arrest those who demanded any such apologies…

        Pity coppers aren’t like that in real life any more…

      • Storming Norman summed it up beautifully when he said :
        “These people believe if they die in battle then they go straight to heaven. It’s our job to help them!”

    As I stated before a friend of mine works for those cunts, he has worked on bargain hunt and other shitty shows like that (antiques road trip, etc).
    He told me that the BBC pay all their presenters their day rate via their agents.
    So, Fiona Bruce (for example) will get a minimum of £1,000 a day for presenting the BBC news at 6 (see her agents website)
    Her fees are £6,000 – £10,000 for a days works!
    No wonder the BBC can easily spend £5 billion a year!

  6. Sir Limpy, much as you are correct google are indeed cunts of the highest order, I just checked search and settings and no safe search enforcement for me. Google wants you or anyone else to be free to search for everything possible as long as it generates them income . Your ISP or of you were using a company machine (no that you would) might enforce safe search but not google.

    If you were searching for news about elderly perverts having extra marital same sex perverted group sex whilst filling out adoption forms for small boys that may of been blocked for legal reasons.

  7. There are a lot of comments cunting of the BBC and rightly so. I nominate the BBC for another cunting. Nonce central, wasting our money on uber talentless cunts like Chris Evans, Graham cunt Norton and many others.

    And they exhort money out of us with Bailiffs and the threat of a criminal record to do it. Ratner’s would still be in business if he had 5 billion a year in a de facto tax.

    Where is the apology for Saville, John Lydon was alluding to his crimes and it being common knowledge as far back as the late 70’s. What did auntie do? Let him front the two biggest kids shows on British TV.

    Time the BBC was killed off and it would be fitting if us cunts on here began the revolution against the demonic total cuntitude of the BBC.

  8. Fucking shit cunts. I put a website address into google and it comes up with something else. What is the fucking point of this piece of shit.

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