Rick Stein [2]


Rick Strin – a sloppy cook (he’s certainly not a proper chef) who micro manages his deranged empire whilst on pleasant sojourns in Mediterranean ghettoes.

Then mounts his fucking high horse lecturing us on why we should be using obscure ingredients only eaten by armadilloes and the fucking cosa nostra. Fuck off Stein.

Best one was when he visited his kraut relatives — that was a real toe curler when he met the family who mostly ignored the cunt. I recall it for his smacked arse face when his lad brought up the Padstein word. Priceless! He probably slowed cooked that moth eaten dog he’d hail around.

No wonder his missus fucked off, arrogant ignorant fish fryer.

Nominated by: Arsebiscuit

34 thoughts on “Rick Stein [2]

  1. I know for an absolute fact that a long serving employee who was quite a senior employee was given a cheap pen by this tight cunt when she retired after many years.

  2. Bet his food smells worse than his cheesey cock,and hes probably shagged his dog….maybe

  3. Chalky certain had that “he’s stuck his chipolata in my arse” look about him.
    All chefs are cunts, well with the exception of Keith Floyd who was constantly pissed from 1952 – 2009.

    Ramsay, Lawson, Oliver, Rhodes, Di Campo, Martin, Harriot, Smith – all monumental cunts, but the uber cunt of the lot has to be Heston “dog fart soup” Blumenthal.
    What a fucking wanker, with his aromatic ice cubes, regurgitated mushrooms in a catshit broth and prawn mousse. with a soupcon of ebola.

      • Who liked to tell everyone that his Godfather was Richard Burton. I can just imagine Burton’s response on being presented with Baby Worrall Thompson, (imagine Burton’s voice);

        “Ugly little cunt, isn’t he? Did your missus fuck a smurf?”

  4. Dont forget all them wine ponce cunts too,that fat cunt Matt Lucas lookalike and the Prince Charles lookalike….cunts

  5. Might be a bit of a cunt but he’s still more likeable then that twat Jamie Oliver and after his fathers suicide he at least made something of himself. Haven’t eaten at his restaurant but is it really that bad?

    • Also Jamie ‘Cheeky Cunt’ Oliver wants to enforce a sugar tax on the poor meanwhile more than 75% of his dishes are just bloody loaded with sugar. Hypocritical Cunt Stop trying to save the world Jamie and get back to your dishes you POOF!

  6. As much as I love my grub, and I really love my grub, I can’t watch any of these wankers cooking. Pretentious cunts, desperately craving acceptance for poaching a fucking egg.

  7. I’m off on a wild camping trip in a couple of hours. I own several acres of forest not far from my house, and there is a brilliant spot that is completely invisible to pretty much everyone. I know that, because I’ve been leaving some equipment there since December, some of which is quite expensive. It hasn’t been touched. It’s a clearing surrounded by thick hedging and bushes, and a large rocky outcrop with a small cave. Impossible to get into, unless you know the way. Anyway, I’ll be off site for a few days, possibly a week. I’ve got a load of scran stashed there, including joints of pork and beef. Pork and beef that have been spit roasted over an open fire are fucking awesome. Better than a Barbie.

    I don’t care that the weather is supposed to be turning shite. The camp I’ve built in my secluded forest man lair is more than able to withstand the shittiest of atmospheric conditions. The important thing, is that I will be away from the modern world, and the human race in general. If anyone gets stuck for nominations, I suggested Remainers, who have made a series of increasingly ludicrous claims about the disaster that awaits if we vote for our freedom. Harman has reared he head, after months of silence, to claim that leaving the EU will make British more sexist. I would suggest that it’s that fanatical old feminazi, Harman, herself, who is sexist.

    See you when I get back everyone.

    • Harman is a man hating cultural marxist psychopath…..have a great time in the man cave bro…..im well jeal……peace out!

      • Have fun QDM. Isolation can be a luxury in itself sometimes.
        And remainers are indeed scaremongering cunts of the first order…

    • Harman is a soulless cunt, along with that witch Cooper. Two cunts that should never again be allowed near power. Remainers say there is a risk of recession if we leave. Does that mean if we stay, there will not be one?
      Envious of the forest cave lair, if I had one I think I would just move in and go feral, beat the rest of Europe to it by about two years I recon.

  8. If there’s one thing I hate more than chef’s it’s food critics. A bunch of snobby, pompous cunts who can’t cook themselves moaning and groaning about what is probably a very good plate of food. “Ooh a grain of salt too many there, the carrots aren’t orange enough, the meat doesn’t compliment the table wine, blah blah”. Just get it down your necks you miserable cunts, it all makes shite.

      • It’s rumoured that chef jizz is known as “Winner’s Sauce” after a certain now deceased gobshite film director and restaurant critic.
        “Don’t you know who I Am? I directed three Death Wish movies, I am a personal friend of Charles Bronson and I demand more soup!!!”
        Waiter thinks… “What a cunt”
        Oh and Death Wish 3 looked like it was made for about 30 Quid…

      • But in a terrifying parallel universe you wake up and find Diane Abbott face-sitting you, and Cherie Bliar impaled on your porksword…

      • Sorry, I’ve been a cunt…this was meant for Smasher below, but it remains a potential universal nightmare, could happen to any one of us poor sods! Chuck in the aforementioned Harman-hag…oh christ, pass the sick-bucket…

  9. Id deffo jizz up Nigellas mucky piehole then get her to lick her own shite of me knob end…that seems reasonable

  10. Shed probably pay me in strawberry flans,which Holly Willoughbooby would then rub all over her big tits and peachy bottom….wed all settle down for a bit of lezzer action until Nigel comes home and tucks her in bed………then fucks her!!!!

  11. And whats all this progressive liberal shit about Punch and Judy being banned cos it symbolises domestic abuse……in the words of the great Rigsby”stop the world I wanna gerroff!!!”

  12. Steinway is by all accounts a red sea pedestrian….and his buying up half the businesses in a Cornwall town,you can bet on it.He practices tax evasion via his businesses in Australia.He is also a part time mattress muncher.
    Not a pleasant chap and extremely devious.
    As someone has already noted…these celebrity chefs are,to a man,a complete bunch of cunts…it is surprising that someone has not dropped one of the chief cunts…Gordon Ramsay….or wrapped a rolling pin around his head.Most likely like most bullies he chooses his victims for insulting….carefully.
    He called Anthony Wirral Thompstein…a “squashed bee gee”…and if you have ever seen the poisonous dwarf close up…it is a fitting description.An alternative name for him is Anthony Shoplifting-Thompson…he got caught nicking food and wine from a TESCO branch.

  13. Man is a cunt through and through. Moans about the lack of Englishness and how they have sold their soul to Asian food. Having seen all of his programes, (for which I am in theraphy for now), he states that how he is so angry at the loss of Englsiness, yet he is from Austraila He and his wife thretened to take me to court when I posted he is a passionate cook and hates foriegn influenced food but then all his dishes are Indian or Asian. In one episode he moaned about the loss of the English cuisine that it made him really angry, and how foreign food in particular Indian food is taking over. Then in the same episode he say now I ma going to show you my fav food, and Indian curry! Tow faced bastard! On his trips he slags of Indian food, Indian people Indian equipment, but then always goes to Sri Lanka, India and Asia. Is he there for the Lady boys or the young men who prostitute themselves. I would personally place him on the sex offenders list, and just offensive list! An Aussie who makes Indian food, slags it off and then employs Aussies and Kiwis in his restaurant. The people who like in Padstow where he owns nearly 30% id called Padstien. The locals hate him!

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