Kanye West [2]


Kayne west professional at being a untalented cunt and utter bellend wants more money but not just from anybody. He wants it from Mark Zuckerberg Mr.facebook cunt, Zuckerberg is famous for stealing the idea for FB from two university students. Begging for money from a unscrupulous cunt like Zuckerberg?.

Fucking comedy gold quotes like “Also for anyone that has money they know the first rule is to use other people’s money.(Blimey unbelievable), “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas”(he talks in 3rd person BTW) and “Yes I am personally rich and I can buy furs and houses for my family but I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world.” (Furs and houses for my fambly?!)

Lol oh fuck I can’t breathe from laughing so hard by the way what beautiful ideas has this cunt brought to the world? The cunt has a billion dollar supermodel wife sells his shoes & MOCO music to nigger chav bellends and he still needs more money. Slavery was abolished for this?

Nominated by: Titslapper

22 thoughts on “Kanye West [2]

  1. I’m surprised this twat has only been cunted twice. He’s such a twat I’d have expected him to appear a few more times.
    Supermodel wife? I’m going back to the NHS to make sure I got the right lenses for my cataracts, all I see is a massive arse, gaffa-taped tits and a lobotomy.
    Thanks for dredging up this uber cunt, for once I know who he is, I just wish I didn’t.

    • Spot on sir, he really is a massive fucktard a veritable one man goatfuck. People like him and his wifey make me think dramatic climate change is a good thing. He is and always will be MK 1 Mr Cunty (did not know he had tusks! does that change anything?)

  2. I nominate Peter Stringfellow, the leathery skinned grinning idiot. Anyone who’s Wikipedia page includes him being an assistant tie salesman (for 3 weeks) and being in an open prision for selling stolen carpets hss got to be a cunt of magnificent propirtions! The image of him his wirey frame water skiing on a current advert will haunt my nightmares for years to come. Oh shit now I’m thinking of the old fart coming in his 29 year old wifes arse!

  3. Methinks he should have a house call. 29 year old wife, I thought he was an Inca mummy he is rather lucky is he not. But totally agree he is a one man cuntfest and you know I thought he died in the Kings Cross fire. Must take more notice when I am out.

  4. Anyone else noticed now David Bowie’s dead the cheapskate advert making cunts have started nicking his music all and sundry…

    • the cunts cant even be bothered to use his real songs they use supermarket rip offs by talent-less fame academy fucktards.

  5. i would like to nominate ‘ designer sunglasses ‘ ( well designer anything really ). it seems that 90% of ‘designer’ sunglasses are made by 1 ITALIAN company and that includes RAY BANS. they are called loxicalli and the owner is a billionaire!. i’d also like to nominate the twats who pay the exorbitant prices and fall for all the hype.

  6. Its about time David fucking Camoron was nominated. His pathetic negotiations with his EUSSR pals and subsequent bollocks which he has spouted claiming it is a good deal for the country coupled with his cringe worthy frankly embarrasing display in the HOC today when he resorted to schoolboy abuse at Corbyn , ‘do up your tie, wear a suit and sing the national anthem’ . Pure Flashman cunt mode. All the more ironic considering he is selling the country down the river himself. CUNT.

  7. kanye= attention seeking loser,and probably gay or “down low” as the blacks say

    That reminds me do any of u cunts know when Allah’s snackbar is open? I’M dying for a halal bacon sandwich with extra bacon,praise da lawd!

    I hear the local muzzies chanting “Allah snackbar” the food must be great

  8. Kayne West is a cunt onion!, layers,layers and layers of cunt. He stole a sample of a song (21st century schizod man) from a band I fancy called King Crimson. He did not do anything amazing with it just glued it together in his shitty song making it sound like a musical abortion. Kayne west is the biggest joke to music he makes a fuck load of money doing fuck all. When hitler was talking about “Degenerate music” he must of been talking about kayne west and the shite thats somehow gets released and endorsed like freeflowing propaganda.

  9. I hate the cunt and his cunt wife and they’re cunt children and I’m glad his Ma is dead and I’m glad her step father had his cock cut off cos he doesn’t deserve it and I wish her cunt Ma had her head cut off and her cunt sisters were sold in sex slavery in Africa and they got aids an died a horrible slow death but other then that I don’t mind them really…..oh yeah and I hope his fingers fall off so he can’t use his computer anymore to steal people’s music the thievin golly cunt.

  10. I’m sorry I can’t agree with you that fuckwit west can’t be a cunt because cunts have to have some use good or bad but for the fuck of me I cunt find any use for him so from now on could everybody please refer to it as a useless turd

  11. ya know like Imma gonna tell yaz.Dis Nigga’s a jeanyaz
    here’s de wordz dat make him famaz.

    Seriously , there’s no hope for the future of mankind when a labial fuckwit like this can sell a million records and his fat arsed slut of a wife has millions of mindless followers.( me being one of them haha)
    Lyrics from one of his so-called songs are pasted below.If you can make any fucking sense out of them you’re a better man than I am Gunga Din ( and evidently this is one of the more erudite songs!)

    All I can hope for is that I’m around when she looks like ZsaZsa Gabor and he’s doing time with OJ

    It was all good just a week ago
    niggas feel theyselves and then Watch The Throne drop
    niggas kill themselves
    What niggas gon do Hov?
    This a new crack on a new stove
    I’m in the two-door, true that
    niggas tellin’ me “You back”
    Like a nigga ever left up out this bitch, huh?
    and if life a bitch suck my dick huh?
    and I bet she fucked the whole clique, huh
    By the way nigga, you should fuckin’ quit, nigga
    Just forget it, you talk it, I live it
    Like Eli I did it, jokes on you muthafucker and I get it
    No paper hoe, but you can have some more of me
    Or-gy, or are we speakin methaphorically
    Historically, I’m kickin’ bitches out like Pam, nigga
    Goin’ HAM nigga, me and Jigga
    and a nigga still young, wanna have no kids
    But I’ve been practicing with some actresses as bad as shit
    And a few white girls, asses flat a shit
    But the head so good, damn a nigga glad he hit
    Got em jumpin’ out the building
    Watch out below, a million out the door

    I’m about to go HAM
    Hard As a Muthafucker,
    Let these niggas know who I am
    I’m about to go HAM
    Hard As a Muthafucker,
    Let these niggas know who I am

    fuck y’all mad at me for?
    You don’t even know what I’ve been through
    I play chicken with a Mack truck
    Y’all muthafuckers woulda been moved
    I swam waters with great whites
    Y’all muthafuckers woulda been chewed
    I hustle with vultures late nights
    Y’all muthafuckers woulda been food
    fuck wrong with these dudes
    Try to walk around in these shoes
    See the shit I saw growing up
    And maybe you can take a peek at these boo’s
    niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like
    These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really
    I’m like really half a billi nigga
    Really you got baby money
    Keep it real with niggas
    niggas ain’t got my lady money
    Watch the Throne don’t step on our road
    Bad enough we let you step on our globe
    When my nephew died, daddy dead
    niggas took the price on my uncles head
    Nobody called the cops as my uncle bled
    So I feel like I would like to know my uncles bread
    Bow down, brother pay homage
    don’t spill hate all on my garments
    Commes Des Garcon, fuck your fresh
    head shots nigga fuck your vests
    fuck the pig, no pork on my fork
    Peace God cause you know a nigga just went Ham

    Hard As a Muthafucker,
    Let these niggas know who I am
    Yeah I’m ’bout to go HAM
    Hard As a Muthafucker,
    Let these niggas know who I am
    Yeah I’m ’bout to go HAM

    I hear he co-wrote it with Cole Porter! Fucking big headed CU next time!

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