Angie Bowie


Which rotten piece of woodwork did this old hag crawl out of? Yet another freeloading slag who uses her ex-husband’s more famous name, because no one will recognise her own… This old witch has just been on Celebrity Big Brother and basically dining out on the fact that she was David Bowie’s wife 40 years ago… How pathetic is that?

And the myth (put about by this old gluebag) about the Rolling Stones song ‘Angie’ being about her is bullshit… Keith Richards mainly wrote the song, and he stated that it wasn’t about anyone and it was just a name he came up with…

Some rock stars can be cunts (Lennon, Jagger, Page, Crosby) etc… But those who live off their fame, like Courtney Love and Angie Bowie, are even bigger cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

15 thoughts on “Angie Bowie

  1. Fucking hell, if that’s what embalming does I’m going for one of Sir Limply’s bargain basement funerals.

  2. It seems that Cameron does not like Corbyn’s style of workwear, and has told him to get a “proper suit”.

    Dear boy, please would you enlighten us as to where one should buy a pig-fucking suit? Gieves & Hawkes, by any chance, or is it some dodgy little guy in Smith Square…

    Cameron, you useless CUNT, fuck off and die, and in God’s name, fuck off NOW!!

  3. Yep bit of a cunt the fact she did the celebrity big brother bollocks doesn’t help her cause should have dropped the bowie name . Looks like the excess of cocaine added to her wrinkles too she used to be quite good looking in the 70’s-mid 80’s.

  4. gimps’r’us
    wtf i got told my comment was too short
    so much for brevity is the soul of wit or whatever the fuck it is

  5. She looks like Debbie Harry probably will in two hundred years time. What a ghastly visage – imagine walking into it around a corner – arrgh!

    • Debbie Harry is a cunt for making the 1st rap song rapture, Blondie was alright but nothing extraordinary IMO . The 1st album they had was alright but far from a masterpiece largely a overrated band

      • I thought the first white rock band to do a rap single was The Clash with ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ but Blondie did beat them to it by a few months… I like Blondie, but it has to be said that if it weren’t for Debbie (and how she looked) they would not have been as big as they were… Clem Burke was an ace drummer though…

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