Harley Riders


I would like to cunt Harley Davidson riders. Not the kind that roam the wide open roads of the United states, but the kind that think a quarter ton of under-engineered shit has a place in built up areas of the U.K.

The reason for wishing to cunt these closet homosexuals is because when I am trying to get a teething infant off to sleep, some fucktard rides past the house with a none existant exhaust system straight off the manifold.

I have clocked one of the inconsiderate cunts at 120db of what sounded like an amplified fart during the summer last year at 01:30 when I had the windows open trying to get some kip myself. I lifted about three feet off the fucking bed, couldn’t get back off to sleep and spent the rest of the night trying to get the nipper back off to the land of nod too.

You’re not big, clever or hard.

No fucker is looking at you thinking ‘Wow, that fat middle aged bloke in the open face lid with the tassled jacket is sooo cool’.

What they are actually thinking is ‘That fat balding cunt on the rolling midlife crisis needs to grow the fuck up and get a fucking life…..and a silencer for that exhaust’

Sad, sad cunts. The lot of you.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

24 thoughts on “Harley Riders

  1. I second that cunting!!!

    The 3ft out of bed make me fucking chuckle though!!!

  2. Ok, I’ve tried to ignore it. I’ve tried to resist the temptation. But I just can’t do it. I have to nominate GALA bingo and their fucking adverts for a cunting. We’ve all seen them. So vacuous looking bit part actor suddenly singing “GALALALA, GALALALA”. It’s inane, it’s insane, it’s fucking inducing homicidal thoughts.

    I want to see the ad agency cunt who thought of these adverts decapitated, and their skull fucked by an angry baboon. I want the actors thrown into a pool full of piranhas, and I want the Chief Executives of Gala forced to wrestle a thousand hungry lions. THAT is how much I hate those fucking ads.

    • The worst offender on the bingo cunt front has to be ‘Up your bingo’ with the two morbidly obese munters. I can feel a throat full of bile when I hear that jingle and feel the immediate need to throw faeces at the telly like an enraged chimp.

      Advertising agency motherfucking cunts!

  3. Agreed and that “Jackpot of Joy” advert featuring that old slapper Babs Windsor.
    In fact.. any fucking casio, bingo or other gambling shite that makes it onto our TV’s
    What gets me about these (shite) advertising campaigns (and they are shite believe me), is that they stopped advertising Tobacco on the screens, in response to the outcry by the healthy living brigade. Considering that Gambling destroys as many families as smoking or drinking, you’d think they would be up in arms about it but oh no..these cunts in the ASA have morals like an Alley cat on Viagra

    • That Kray shagging old witch, Babs Windsor should have been taken off the telly years ago… Beer is hardly advertised on TV now (unless it’s Guinness or some poncey foreign lager), cigs and cigars are never seen on the box these days (the ‘plain covers’ that now cover fags and baccy in shops are fucking ridiculous!), yet they feel free to encourage people to gamble their money away… The cunts even do it at half time during a football match…

      And don’t get me started on all the loan companies (ie: sharks!) that advertise all over the place… That Amiga one – with its friendly Play School presenter voice and plastercine men – cannot hide the evil fuckers that lurk underneath… Not even Ronnie and Reggie charged 50% interest…

      Another thing is the class distinction… Betting, poker and casino ads are portrayed as sexy and full of beautiful people and model types. Yet all bingo adverts feature stereotypical working class riff-raff and always a fat bastard or two… Let’s keep them all in their boxes, eh?

    • Of fuck, I absolutely despise that old slapper. That laugh is too annoying to adequately describe with words. I can’t even watch any of the Carry On films she was in anymore. It is odd that we can’t see ads for tobacco products, unless it’s a smoking cessation product, yet we’re encouraged to sign up to a shit load of online casinos, which as you say, are every bit as dangerous. More so in some cases, since a gambling addiction could, possibly, lead to financial ruin.

      I’m surprised they haven’t banned ads for McDonalds and Burger King. It’s probably only a matter of time before the ASA force them to carrying a warning saying, “EATING OUR PRODUCTS WILL MAKE YOU AS FAT AS A FUCKING HIPPO”. If that does happen, Subway should be forced to carry a message that reads, “WARNING, OUR MEAT ONLY COMES FROM ANIMALS THAT HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY HAVING THEIR THROATS CUT WHILE FULLY CONSCIOUS, BY SOME SAVAGE BEARDED CUNT WHO PRAYED OVER THE SUFFERING ANIMAL. ENJOY YOUR HALAL PANINI, YOU INFIDEL SCUM”.

  4. I like to see no one commented on the article , it just wouldn’t be a is-a-cunt article if it didn’t have people derailing the thread good job mates cunting good derail , i’ll say something about the bikers they are fucking CUNTS! waking people up at 3 am is just fucking bollocks and pisses me off , but i smile when i see how many of them end up in terrible bike crash that leaves them in a wheelchair or worse turned into A puddle of shit.

    • My wife asked me what I’d do after she died (cherry cunt!). I said I’m going to bugger off to America, get hold of a Harley and drive right the way across from East to West.

      Fuckin’ – A !!!

  5. Bikers are attention-seekers with an inferiority complex. They’re frightened to death of what people think about them and spend their entire existence desperately trying to compensate for their inadequacies, whether real or imagined. But mostly real.

    • Depends, I’ve ridden bikes for years, mainly because they’re cheaper to run than a car.

      It is interesting looking at some bikers though, when you see somebody on a big sports bike like a Fireblade or an R1, 9 times out of 10 it will be a 40 odd year old bloke having a mid life crisis

      • Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against your common or garden motorcycle rider. I had one myself in my younger years.

        It is the inconsiderate Harley riding pricks with the unattenuated exhausts that are a bunch of dribbling über cunts.

        How the fuck they get through an MoT is beyond me.

        Had one ride past my work place earlier and the guy I was talking to outside had to stop talking and cover his ears, such was the noise level……and we work in construction FFS!!!

      • Those of us who ride PROPER motorcycles (in other words vintage Jap or British bikes) commonly refer to Harleys as “Handbags” With the odd exception Harleys are purchased by well paid twats who spend a fortune on all the branded accessories and pre-faded denim and leather (made in China, as are many of the Harley’s components). I had the misfortune to work for a few months at a Harley/BMW dealership and all the punters were wannabe Peter Fondas (or Charley Boormans for the Beemers). And the finish on modern BMW bikes is shit too. Like Harley chrome, the paint falls off rapidly in British weather. My 40 year old Honda wipes it’s metal arse on them all!

  6. O.B. I couldn’t agree more with this one. The problem is just as bad if not worse here in the States. Most of these assholes are not riding the proverbial Open Road, they’re splitting ears around suburbia. These lard-assed faux Hell’s Angels might hit the road for their pilgrimage to mecca (AKA Sturgis) but many of these fucktards trailer their bikes and then put on their denims and leathers when they hit town.

    Police turn a blind eye (ear?) to it, as many of them are weekend Wild Ones.

    The problem here started about 20 years ago, when Baby Boomers were hitting peak earning- all of a sudden there were waiting lists and people were even selling places on waiting lists. It’s slowed down some, but there a far too many of these idiots blatt-blatt-blatting now the weather is warm.

    BTW, any idea what happened to CO?

    • No idea. Been out for over a week.

      In touch with others and they don’t know either.

      Not the first time this has happened. Usually server crash or serious maintenance required.

      • I’m hoping a server crash, or host switch…one of the innocent explanations. Living in the Land of Big Brother’s Watchful Eye, I was worried that a darker, more sinister cause was behind it LOL.

  7. The cunts have a life expectancy of around 6 months after they purchase a bike. Usually end up wrapped around a tree on Loch Lomond Side.

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