Nelson Mandela [2]


Of course they would they made nelson mandela a god and he was made into be some pacifist cunt who was non-violent. But really was a communist supported anti white cunt.

And his wife Winnie Mandela is a really evil cunt – just read her Wikipage on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tyres and petrol) by saying: “[W]ith our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.” Further tarnishing her reputation were accusations by her bodyguard, Jerry Musivuzi Richardson, that she had ordered kidnapping and murder.

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I’ve seen the statue of Mandela in Pretoria. It’s big and imposing. Really impressive…

…but what really impressed me was the pigeon shit dripping down the back of his head. Seemed to say it all!

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  1. Its a testament to the stupidity and blindness of the Western liberal left wingers that they chose to re-invent Mandela as a hero (and how overused that word is).
    Not defending apartheid in any shape or form here and its practice in South Africa, just like racial segregation in the Southern USA needed to be eradicated.
    No Martin Luther King, as the left wing media would have us believe, just a bloody handed terrorist who captured the imagination of the fuckwits who chose to ignore just what Mandela and the ANC actually did.

    • There’s a fucking great statue of Mandela in Pretoria. Huge it is. I found the pigeon shit running down the back of its head deeply symbolic…

  2. I loved that episode of Ashes To Ashes… Where Gene Hunt insists that Mandela is a terrorist and that the ANC are a terror organisation… You’re right, Lez: It’s amazing how the Provisional IRA committed their atrocities in the name of Irish independence (and they are rightly reviled for the crimes they committed)… Yet Mandela and the ANC got up to things that were just as bad, yet they are seen as ‘freedom fighters’ in a lovable rogues Citzen Smith type way by the western media and showbiz tossers like Bono and Annie Lennox….

    Not connected to Mandela or the ANC, but this reminds me of it:
    I was at a Stone Roses gig in Spain in 1989, and a journalist asked Ian Brown what he thought of Public Enemy… Ian replied, “We would never get away with the things Public Enemy do and say… Why? Because we’re white and English…”

  3. Has it escaped anyone’s notice that the statue is proportionate in pose to a classic crucifixion image of Christ?
    Surprised the votaries of Christianity are not howling “Blasphemy”.

  4. Good cunting mate good cunting indeed this mandela cunt and his wife are evil too the core, there anc was funded by marxist commie, and zionist’s , and that necklacing quote has gone unnoticed by MSM or anybody who can’t read a fucking book

  5. John (Scouse Bastard) Barnes and Sol Campbell are also cunts… They do nothing at all for race relations, whining cunts who expect a job because of colour, not competence….

    Barnes is now squealing about how black managers never get a second chance… Well maybe if you weren’t such a useless sack of shit as manager of Tranmere Rovers, you might have got another managerial job, Barnes, you knobhead…

    As for Campbell… Well, hello, Ducky…

  6. Sol Campbell used to be sponsored by “Donkey” football boots, they also had Tony Adams on their books.

  7. A good bloke deep down….like deep under at least six feet of soil.
    There were so many opportunities missed to liquidate him….and then his send-off attracted a huge crowd of sycophantic cunts aka world ‘leaders’ in one place….that was the single opportunity the world had to rid itself of 100% cunt scum with one almighty bang. Getting them all together was his single greatest achievement….he presented the world with a golden opportunity. It was missed. A retrograde step for the world that they were not vapourised together. Cunts.

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