Phil Collins


Phil Collins, that short arsed mouthy little cunt from Genesis, is a cunt.

I admit to liking Genesis up until I saw this twatty fucker singing ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ in an ill-fitting jacket on TOTP. I remember wondering who the fuck was on my TV at the time and on closer inspection, it was this cunt. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. I was so shocked and stunned by this unashamed act of disgusting blasphemy I’ve only just recovered thirty years or so later.

He has since gone on to more cuntery worthy of all Big Brother/ I’m a Celeb shitheads put together. The man is a crime against nature.

Nominated by: Sally in the Woods

22 thoughts on “Phil Collins

  1. Might I put in a pitch for Martin Freeman, set to star in an upcoming Labour party election broadcast?

    He’s more than your usual vacuous hypocritical Labour luvvie cunt. In 2013 Freeman, worth £10 million at the time, allowed his partner to go bankrupt, thus avoiding (evading?) a £120,000 tax bill.

    Bet the cunt doesn’t mention that in his broadcast.

  2. He is a cunt and deserves a good cunting on that basis, but also he has made a career out of looking at the camera and pulling a stupid face.
    See any episode of “The Office” for proof.

      • Like the vastly overrated and overhyped Sherlock… Freeman and Benedict Humperdinck have nothing on Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke from the Granada TV Sherlock Holmes…

        The Hobbit is shite too… A load of dwarves with bad perms… Serkis as Gollum is it’ only redeeming feature…

      • Freeman is completely miscast as Dildo Baggins. Then again, he’s miscast in most things. Miliband has obviously decided to ignore the bankruptcy episode with Freeman, because he’s promising to put an end to tax avoidance.

  3. As for Phil Collins, I think his wiki page just says “CUNT” in large letters.

    Someone please hold him down so that the rest of us can stamp on his smug face.

  4. Phil Collins has a face that only a lonely sexually frustrated lifer in a cell built for two could love

  5. Yes, Phil Collins is undoubtedly an interstellar cunt. But let’s look on the bright side here. He fucked off to Switzerland years ago.

    • Another freeloading cunt who has migrated abroad because being a multi millionaire is not enough for him, I hope the cunt dies counting his money whilst watching Buster on Netflix and streaming his own greatest hits album vi a iTunes, which incidentally would be silence as the cunt never had a great hit, the only great hit he deserves is one with a baseball bat

  6. Collins (and that other cunt, Banks) ruined Genesis and that’s a fact….
    They hated that Gabriel got all the glory (and the best birds). So one day Peter thought ‘Fuck this!: Then and Collins and Banks went from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway to Les McQueen’s Creme Brulee and Invisible Fucking Touch…

  7. I often get phil collins mixed up with that midget porridge wog midge ure or is it midge urghh ! Both a pair or baldy cunts that can’t sing.

  8. Mr D. I would like to cunt Arthur Askey, again. Tis no doubt he was a cunt of epic proportions. I would like to burn him, but unfortunately he was cremated. Arse.

    • I remember a spoof on TV when I was younger… It was supposed to be Arthur Askey singing all the rude Prince songs (Gett Off, Darling Nikki, Sexy MF). I hear Prince took offence at it. Maybe he doesn’t like Askey either…

  9. FUCK YOU!! sally in the woods you little cunt Phil is the man I really like early genesis too but phil’s genesis was just as good but usually better.

    Lets look at the cunts who made fun of Phil collins. Noel Gallagher (aka wankstain manc) and Liam gallagher=CUNT this maniac manc arsewipe has nothing on phil, oasis sucks and they only have roughly 10 good songs. South Park= CUNTheads this show was only funny for the 1st few seasons then it started to become a parody of itself. Paul Heston=BellEnd aside a few housemartin songs he is a right dipshit. John Lydon=Dumbshit a caturwaling cunt who sucks at singing and as bad as sex pistols was Pubic Hair LTD was 100 times worse. Billy Bragg= Vag/anal Douchebag a epic hypocritical cunt and a shitty musician Fuck that irish bastard. Roger Waters don’t get me started but hes less of a cunt then the rest.
    Shitehead Journalists Robert Christgau, Tim Chester,Frank DiGiacomo ,Caroline Sullivan are all dipshite cunts of epic proportions even a janitor has more pride and honesty then a filthy cunt useless journalist/music critic. If I ever find you in the woods ms sally I will solidify your name as such.

    • LOL oh god my sides are hurting so much from laughter,I agree too many people slag off Phil for usually no reason he’s a amazing drummer and great singer suppose he’s a easy target because he’s bald or whatever. Nice One TitSlapper

    • How did Lydon get to be a ‘national treasure’? The bloke’s a complete arsehole.
      I like ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ even if they didn’t play it themselves. It’s a bit of luck they didn’t do any more because that album stands alone as a perfect example of original punk. As for PIL, the cunt can’t even sing ion the same key and the music is pretentious rubbish.

      It’s not often I download orf Pirate Bay and then delete an album I didn’t pay for – but in PIL’s case I made an exception. Even for free, they’re still shite…

      • Lydon is the complete hypocritical cunt incarnate.
        Typical fuckin’ tory. Once he’s earned his filthy lucre, the cunt wants to bath in Anchor butter.

        Fucking prick.

        Sid is turning in his grave the cunt.

        Lydon is about as Punk as Michael Gove.

  10. Ah, I thought this was Phil Cool by mistake but then my fat sausage fingers typed in ‘Phil Collions’ which I reckon is more appropriate. Loins being the thing I wished the bald tory wanker had never sprung from, the cunt.
    You can keep Gena-fucking-sis with him in it, although ‘Wind And Wuthering’ is alright in places I’ll grudgingly admit.

    He once said he’d leave the country if a Labour government were elected.
    Shame the cunt never kept his promise the lying cunt.
    One day the uncle Fester lookalike will have to atone to the almighty for the endless copies of ‘No Cunt Required’ clogging up charity shop record boxes the length of our septic isle.
    Perhaps the almighty will banish the sweaty mini pork party sausage Collins to a specifically designed purgatory where he has to sort all the boxes of records from all the charity shops from the whole of the UK and price individually then catalogue every one of his shit LP’s that have been donated…………….the bald fucking cunt.
    Collins, you are a cunt. Now fuck off.

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